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Sheer Determination by dragoness97
Chapter 3 : Chaos In The Woods
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Ginny was at the councils table waiting for her war strategiers and council members. They would be discussing the matter of Hermiones disappearance and the attack that would soon take place at Zabini manor.

She checked her watch. The meeting was supposed to start an hour ago. 

No one showed up.

Something wasnt right.

Ginnny took out her people finder to see where everyone was.  No one was in the camp. It seemed as if everyone had simply disappeared.



Screams filled the air. Ginny looked to the west and ran. Her army had been lured outside of the camp and ambushed. That would explain why her people finder didnt work.

Scattered thoughts flung themselves throughout her mind. Panic soared through her nerves, but overpowering all  her senses was something called "ANGER."

It raged throughout her entire being. No one had known they were here. There was a betrayer in their midst, and she knew it. Someone she knew all her life betrayed her and her army, yet she didnt know who. Whoever it was though, would wish they hadnt done this to her.


Curses flung themselves throughout the atmosphere around her.

Many hit her, but she kept running to her friends. Everything that hit bounced off without any effect. It was truly strange. It was as if she was absorbing the power and casting off the actual curse.

She saw Luna and Cho up ahead. They were in fierce battles with Dolohov, Goyle, Crabbe, and Lestrange.  It was a two verses one case and scenario. Someone was bound to die without more backup. She kept running and shot curses at the four men up ahead. The battle became fair once one of her curses tore down Dolohov.

She joined the fray.

Lestrange went down. His screams were little, but his last words were,"The Anno Dimotroy shall be your and yours doom............."

Those words made no sense to her.  She didnt have the time to mull over what he had said either. She decided to research later. If their would even be an later for her.

But hey this is my story. Anything can happen.

 Luna recieved a curse to the head. She succumbed to a deep sleep full of horrid nightmares and demons.

Time stopped, or so it seemed.

Evereyone froze at her bloodcurdling screams of pain.

Many fell to their knees.

The deatheater who had cursed her, Anthony Fidelmoy,  fell too. The screams tore him to the core. It unleashed a little something called pity.

He pitied his victim, yet he didnt care. The curse would lift in two days, that is, if she didnt succumb to death by insanity by then. He had done his job. He had caused pain to the blonde who knew his secret. The secret that could have him killed. He stood up and left the battle clearing as if nothing had ever happened. He didnt know what he had done though. He had cursed his own sister. A sister he never knew he had......

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