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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 12 : Loopiness Equals Trouble
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Ah, tonight was the night. The night that the bride and the bridal party always looked forward to. No, I’m not talking about the reception after the wedding. I’m talking about the bachelorette party. Although, I won’t be able to get into the full spirit since I can’t have alcohol. Rose couldn’t either, though. But it was her bachelorette party. She would definitely be into the male stripper.


It had been such a fight to even host this party. Aunt Ginny was all for it, which is one of the reason that I love her so much, but Harry was a bit uncomfortable with the idea. But then Ginny confessed to Harry that she had her own bachelorette party and that it was such a wonderful send off into married life. Eventually, Harry caved. As for Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, they didn’t even know about this. I had a feeling that they would both flip out. They just think that we’re having a girl’s night.


I love Rose and Scorpius, and I have always loved the idea of Rose and Scorpius getting married, but right now I was trying not to vomit. This was the last time they would see each other until the wedding, and they were snogging goodbye. Unfortunately, this didn’t even help the already tense air between me and the man that was helping throw Scorpius’ bachelor party: Teddy Lupin.


Teddy and I were standing fairly close together, watching the happy couple act like they were glued together, and I felt uncomfortable. After our little incident a week ago, we hadn’t talked or even stayed in the same room for more than ten seconds. He had tried on several occasions to talk to me, but I just walked away. I didn’t want to talk about it. I was tired of riding the roller coaster. But being the amazing person that I am, I broke the silence.


“So, are you going to be staying at his bachelor party, or should I expect you home during Rose’s party?” It didn’t occur to me until after I said it that I sounded like his wife. He heard it too because he gave me one of those wolfish grins.


“I’ll be there for a bit, but I’ll be home well before Rose’s party is done.”


“Not in the mood for half-naked women?”


I meant this as a joke, and I’m pretty sure that he heard it as a joke too. But then he looked at me, looked right into my eyes, and whispered, “No. The only woman I’d want to see half-naked is you.”


Many women would’ve laughed because I’m sure that their male friends had said something similar to this during their friendship. But Teddy said it with such passion and seriousness that told me that a message was hidden under that. I didn’t get time to ponder on it though because Rose and Scorpius had finally broken apart. That was the signal that made Teddy move away from me and over to him. I couldn’t help but watch him as he walked away. This man was like a puzzle, and I only had a few of the pieces put together.


Scorpius and Teddy were about to open the door when James and Al came running downstairs. “And where are you two going?” I asked them sternly. Even though I had blonde hair, I hoped that I reminded them of their mother. They never messed with Ginny.


“We’re going to Scorpius’ bachelor party!” Al told me like I was some daft idiot.


I did my fake laugh. James’s smile dropped. He knew what that laugh meant. It meant that stern and stubborn Dom would be showing up soon. “James, you can go. But Al, you need to stay here. Your parents made me promise that I would keep you here.”


He was clearly blindsided by my response. “Dom, come on. Have a little sympathy. I’m his Best Man!”


Luckily, I knew how to stand my ground. Al and James had this puppy-dog look that melted anyone’s heart, but they only saved it for special occasions. Apparently, this was one of them. “You don’t want to see naked women anyway. It’s not as good as you think.”


James went and started to whisper something into Al’s ear, and I knew that James was making some snide remark. “Don’t even think about it, James.”


James held his hands up, trying to rid himself of any accusations and took off out the door before anyone could say another word. I turned to Al. “Why don’t you go hang out with Lily? Maybe you could play Quidditch.”


Al stomped his foot. He reminded me very much of an angry toddler. “Why won’t you let me go?”


“Your mum and dad made me promise to watch after you tonight. And even if you sneak off, you’ll be the one getting punished because they can take me at my word.” I pasted on my evil smirk just to be safe. Al actually looked kind of frightened. He nodded, and hurried back up the stairs. Sometimes, I really do love being me. But then as I watched Teddy disappear, I realized that it was not always lovely being me.



“Dom, you throw one hell of a party!” Roxie yelled into my ear over the loud music. Right now, there were some loud songs playing and the male stripper I hired was stripping down for a slightly blushing Rose. Pretty much all of the girls were whistling at him, and dancing to the music. And, of course, all except for the pregnant women were drunk. “Can I tell you a secret? I secretly like James.”


I froze while slipping some Muggle money into the gorgeous man’s thong to give Rose a lap dance. Did Roxie seriously just tell me that? Rose smiled a ‘thanks’ at me and returned her attention to the muscular, tan man that was making sure that Rose had a fantastic time. I, on the other hand, dragged Roxie away from the dancing.


“Roxie, did you just say that you had feelings for James? As in our cousin, James Potter?” I asked, eyes probably looking like they’re about to pop out of my head.


She downed another drink. “Yeah.” She confirmed.


Part of me wanted to vomit. “He’s our cousin, though. That’s just disgusting! That’s, like, incest!” Clearly, I was not handling this well. But at least I was not voicing every single thought that was going through my mind. They would’ve included some very interesting words that would’ve resulted in a severe punishment from my mum.


Even though Roxie was clearly still intoxicated, she sobered up slightly. She pulled me even farther away from all of the action in the party room of the Potter house. It looked like she was very hesitant about saying something. “Technically, James and I aren’t cousins.” If I was shocked before, then there were no words in the English dictionary to describe what I felt now. Maybe I’d have to make one up…


Once I was capable of finding my voice again, I requested, “Can you please explain this revelation?”


“Mum and Dad split up. Apparently, Mum had been pressuring Dad into having another child, but Dad didn’t want to. I guess it’s been a problem for awhile now. They officially separated last week. No one knows; they’re trying to keep it a secret until Dad serves Mum the divorce papers. It should be anytime now.”


I pulled my crying cousin into a hug, whispering soothing words while trying to process this information. Uncle George and Aunt Angelina couldn’t be breaking up! They were such a fun couple! And everyone thought that they were a perfect match. I couldn’t even imagine how this would affect the family. I bet that Fred was taking this really hard as well.


“That’s not even the last bit.” Roxie sobbed. “Apparently, they were also fighting on whether or not to tell me something. Finally, Dad told me that I was adopted. Fred is their biological child, but I was abandoned by my biological mother.”


Wow, and I thought that my life was bad. My problems were nothing compared to what Roxie was going through. I couldn’t help but hug her again. “I’m so sorry, Roxie. If it’s any consolation, I always thought that you and James would make a fantastic couple if you weren’t related.”


She giggled, wiping away her tears. “Thanks. I do like him a lot. But I’m going to wait a bit before I do anything.”


I nodded with a small smile.   “That’s probably a good idea.” I grabbed her hand and forced her back into the fun room. Near me were a bunch of drinks, so I shoved one into her hand. “Drink, and enjoy this night.”



I stumbled up the carpeted stairs, putting a large portion of my weight on the wooden railing. Bachelorette parties are terribly exhausting. Of course, I’ve only been to one, and I wasn’t even able to enjoy it properly. My head was too mixed with thoughts of Teddy, my baby, and Roxie’s new dilemma to enjoy myself. Plus, I was bitter about all of the alcohol around me and not being able to partake. Merlin, I must sound like an alcoholic…


As I reached my bedroom door, I sighed with relief and happiness. There was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to drop onto my bed and sleep. But, like always, life couldn’t give me exactly what I wanted. Teddy was sitting on my bed looking quite relaxed. Regardless of the fact that my head was telling me to leave, I went and laid down next to him on the bed. 


“So, how was the party?” he asked, not even looking at me.


“It was good. I feel intoxicated, though, just from smelling all of those drinks down there.” I chuckled. “Why are you in my room?”


“I don’t know.” He said kind of awkwardly. “I just felt like coming in here. No, I haven’t searched through your stuff.”


I laughed at him. It seemed like he could always make me laugh, kind of like James. “I know you well enough to not think that. Most of the time, you are a complete gentleman.”


“Thanks. I appreciate it.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “I’m sorry that I came in here. But for some reason, it’s kind of peaceful for me.”


“That’s alright. I think that my room is kind of peaceful—” I told him, but then I felt a sharp pain in my belly. Teddy sat up when he saw me touch my belly. I held my hand there for a moment, almost waiting for the pain to come back. It did. “Teddy, you’ve got to feel this.   The baby is kicking!”


Excitement lit up his eyes and he placed a hand right by mine. The baby must know its daddy because it kicked again. “Wow.” He breathed. “Our baby’s kicking. How do you feel?”


“Honestly, it’s great but painful.” I had to pry Teddy’s hands away from my belly so I could get some of my miracle pain killing potion. Eventually, I ended up chugging four of them. What could I say? This baby was a strong kicker. “You know, Teddy,” I said with a slur. “I feel really funky right now.”


Teddy stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders to hold me steady. “Dom, you drank way more of that stuff than you were supposed to. No wonder you feel bizarre.”


“I didn’t think that I could get drunk anymore, but I was obviously wrong. Although, I’ve only been drunk once. But I’ve wanted to do it again.”


Teddy looked at me strangely. I couldn’t read his expression. But that was probably because of the potion. My eyes drifted down to his lips. They were pink, and very kissable. I noticed that his eyes were now watching my lips as well. Normally, when I’m this close to Teddy, I have these walls that go up to prevent me from doing anything stupid. Of course, being doped up on potion kept those walls from forming. When he started moving closer to my lips, I got tired of waiting and crushed my lips against his.


Did I ever mention that being with Teddy is like bliss? I swear that his kisses could actually send me to heaven. Our kisses were so full of emotion, so passionate. Why hadn’t we been doing this the whole time?


Suddenly, there was a crash from downstairs. I’m pretty sure that a drunken Roxie knocked something over. Anyway, it was enough to snap me out of my Teddy-worshiping state, make my walls go up, and make me break away from him. I placed my hands on his chest as he rested his forehead against mine. I wanted to just cry. Why did things have to be so complicated?


“Teddy,” I whispered. “We’ve got to stop doing this. We keep having these moments.”


“I was pretty sure that you were enjoying them.” He smirked.


I sighed. “Yes, I was. But it’s wrong. I can’t do this with you. Not while you’re engaged to someone else."


Teddy’s face became expressionless. I hated when that happened. He was never afraid to show his emotions around me, but maybe that was part of the problem. He leaned into me again, but I turned my head so his lips brushed softly against my cheek. “Please go.” I said, choking up with tears.


I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t want to go. Thankfully, he obliged and I was left alone in my dark room with nothing but my thoughts and my tears.


A/N: Well, what did you think of that little twist in the plot with Roxie?  In the next chapter, Rose and Scorpius will get married...but will Dom finally give into her feelings?

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Flawed: Loopiness Equals Trouble


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