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Loosen Your Tie by Tashi Lupin
Chapter 2 : Wants
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Disclaimer: I am (sadly) not J.K. Rowling. And I will never be J.K. Rowling. On that note I only own the plot.


          A few nights after Remus’ parents died, Sirius sat alone in the kitchens. The room smelled strongly of vanilla, an open bottle of it was in his hand, and the clock on the wall indicated it was way past midnight. Yet Sirius sat waiting.

          After the shock of Remus’ parents being dead wore off Sirius realized what his poor little brother, Regulus, could be getting into.

          As the clock struck one Sirius got impatient. He took a swig from the vanilla bottle letting the bitter taste in fest his mouth. The tall, dark door opened. Regulus stepped in. Regulus looked at Sirius, then the vanilla bottle. He laughed “You’re so strange.”

                   Sirius ignored that comment. “Look Regulus, I want to talk to you.”

          Regulus looked confused. “Then why are you down here?”

“I know you Regulus,” Sirius teased “Ever since you could walk you would go get a late night snack every single night.”

          Regulus sighed. “Talk.” He took a pear from the pile of fruit on the table.

“I don’t like it Regulus.” Sirius frowned.

“Don’t like what?”

          Sirius made a low growling sound. “You know what I mean Regulus Black.”

          Regulus stepped back.

          Sirius banged his fist on the table. “Do you know what our uncle is Regulus? A Death Eater.”

          Regulus bit his lip. “So?”

“Do you know who Death Eaters are followers of? Voldemort.”

          Regulus’ eyes darted toward the door at the sound of the name.

“You know who Voldemort is right Regulus? “


“You know Voldemort and his Death Eaters torture and kill people just because they can. Innocent people. Sometimes because those people don’t have pure blood. You don’t want to do that Regulus. I know you don’t.”

“How do you know what I want?” Regulus shouted.

          Somehow Sirius had pinned Regulus to the wall. The tension between the two brother hung like fog in the air. “You. Don’t. Want. To. Kill.” Sirius growled. His wand was out threateningly, wanting to curse the thirteen-year-old before it.

          Regulus took out his own wand. He didn’t care that Sirius was three years older and his brother.

          Sirius took a deep breath. “Put your wand away Regulus.” He put his own wand back up his sleeve. Regulus did the same.

The brothers sat down. Sirius fished the old paper out of his bag. He pushed it across the table. “Page nineteen.”

          Regulus read, then looked up.

“Regulus see what they do?” Sirius asked His ocean-gray eyes were slightly puppy dogged.

“Yes.” Regulus stood up and left.

          Sirius put his head in his hands. “I still don’t know if he truly knows what the thing he wants really is.” he said to himself.

          They are his wants, not mine. Sirius thought. He wanted his brother to see the truth before it was to late. He really did want his little Regulus to be one the side that saw things the right way. He really did. Sirius silently made up his mind. When he graduated from Hogwarts he’d join the Order of the Phoenix. Fight for the right side. He thought. Deep down he hoped he’d set an impression on Regulus and get him to switch sides. Sirius left for his dormitory.

          Soon Sirius caught up with Regulus. A thought struck him. He grabbed Regulus’ arm. “Regulus you’re wrong.”

Regulus shook his arm free. “How?”

Sirius grabbed both Regulus’ arms. “You’re wrong to think it’s alright to think having pureblood makes you better than everybody  else. You’re wrong to want to kill muggles just because they can’t do magic. Everything we were taught when we were little kids is wrong Regulus. It’s just wrong.” Sirius let go of Regulus and walked away.

Regulus let the words soak in before turning around.

Sirius entered the dormitory. James was still awake.

“Where were you?” James asked. He frowned. “why do you smell like vanilla?”

          Sirius dropped his bag at the end of his bed. “I was drinking it.” He pulled off his shirt.

          James shook his head. “You’re so weird Sirius. So I’m guessing you were in the kitchens.”

          Sirius pulled his pants off. “You guessed right.” He slipped into pajama pants.

“So why were you drinking vanilla instead of hanging out  with your super wicked best mates?”

          Sirius got into his bed. “I was waiting for my brother.”


“He’s my only brother, James.”

“Why were you waiting for him?

“I was talking with him.”


          Sirius ignored James and pretended to be asleep.

“I know when your faking it.” James called.

          Sirius turned onto his side. “How?”

“You sit up when you sleep. Why did you talk to Regulus?”

“ ‘Cause he’s my little brother and, arg, never mind.”

          James rolled his eyes. “Okay.”

          Both boys fell asleep.  



 A/N: Sorry it's so short, but really do I need more for this? James is such an only child.




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