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My Heart belongs to Black... by Malfoylover01
Chapter 1 : The Story begins..
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discleamer I don't own any of these wonderful charaters they belong to J.K. rowling but the ain charater lucy is mine and the plot so please enjoy and review after thank :P :P






For god-sakes, I think I've heard this stupid argument about a million time over the 7 years, that I have known James Potter and Lily Evens. It always ends up the same, James ends up going to the hospital wing when we get to Hogwarts, but he never learns, and to be really honest I can't be assed with this right now. I just want a peaceful train ride to my last year of Hogwarts, is that too much to ask?








Oh did I forget to mention I have bit of a temper sorry, I get that from my mum maybe I should   introduce myself; my name is Lucy Pingilton, and I am in Gryffindor and normally my friends would say I was the quiet and calm one of our little group, who always keeps everyone under check, but after the summer I've just had who can blame me. Anyway I turn around to see all my friends looking at me in shock, they have all wanted to see me lose my cool, well except Peter who just look plain scared of me.




Remus put his hand on my shoulder and give me a worried look, I shuck it off and turned back to look out the window.




“Erm Lucy are you ok? You never normally lose your cool that easy before.” Remus asked.




I shot him a deadly glare.




“No Lupin I am not all right. We've heard this stupid petty little argument over and over again, and I for one am getting sick of it. I'm tired and I've got mind blowing headaches so I don't need this shit right now thanks.”




I had said it so mean that they all kind off moved away from me a bit, Sirius looked at me with a weak smile and want.




“Yea Lucy, we know that they always fight but it never use to bother you before what's changed.”




I really can't be arsed with this, so I got up and went to the compartment door then turned round to look a Sirius.




“What can I say Black things happen, people change that's just life.”




With that I slammed the door shut, and stormed up the train to get away from them all. I know it's wrong to push your friends away when all they want to do is be there for you but, I'm really not in the right place right now to deal with their drama, when I got to the opposite end of the train I found an empty compartment and thank god I could now get some shut eye, well that was until the door opened again.




“You really shouldn't have lost you cool back there; they’re going to figure out that there is something up with you.”




I turned around to find Severus Snape leaning against the door, I turned my attention to the window then back to Severus, he has a way of always making me tell him things, it's like he can control my mind or something.




“How did you find out about the argument?” I asked.




He just rolled his eyes at me and then took s seat next to me.




“I went to your compartment to see if you were ok and when I opened the door it suddenly felt like someone had died, Alice and lily were in tears, frank was trying to calm them down.” I winced but Snape carried on “and Potter, Black and Lupin all looked like some on had slapped them with a wet fish. Peter looked like well he just looked like Peter, shit scared of everything and what made it worse was when I opened the door, and I asked where you were they all looked even   more shocked and looked at me like I had grown three heads or something.”




That made me laugh a little, but only a little. I know I've hurt my friend’s feelings but I couldn't help it they were all doing my head in.




Snape knelt down in front of me so that I had to look him in the eye.




“I know you’re hurting Lucy, and I know what Bella did to you is unforgivable. But if I was you I would spend the time I had left, trying to keep the people I love close to me, because no one wants to die alone now do they!”




I was about answer him back but he got up and left. I was sat there for a while thinking about what he had said to, wondering if he was right , after about 15 minutes later I decided to go face my friends, when I got back to the compartment everything looked like Snape had described it. Except now James, Remus and Sirius look so down it kind of give the guilt for making Lily and Alice cry sharper teeth I stood there for about 10 minutes before I knocked on the door to get their attention when the all look up their eyes all most killed me they all look crushed I took a deep breath and want,




“Hey guy I'm I sti.....”




But before I could finishes they had all tackle me to the floor and took the wind out of me. I guess I'm forgiven for being a bitch.




“Erm guy I love you all to but you kind of crushing me to death.”




“Oh sorry” they all jump up I could help but laugh about the looks they were giving me I must of really scared the shit out of them when I yelled. Remus just smiled and leaned down and give me his hand to help me up, I grabbed it so he could pull me up and sit me down next to him I leaned in to his side this is what I loved about Mooney he was the brother I always wanted and made me feel so safe.




“Erm Lucy I'm so sorry I know me and James can get carried away with our argument I didn't mean to upset  you” Lily said looking down at the floor like she was ashamed of what she did, I just smiled and want




“It ok Lil it my fault too I shouldn't of lost my tamper so easy it just I don't feel so good I know you and James didn't mean any harm”




I smiled and Remus rubbed the upper part of my arm, I just look up at him and smiled. It want quiet for a while then everyone else started having the own little conversations and I was looking out the window until Peter ask me a question.




“Erm Lucy don’t shout at me but why did Snape want you? He came round before after you stormed out.”




“Yea Luc” Remus said looking down at me but before I could answer James interrupt me.




“I have some good new curses to use on Snapey boy.” everyone started laughing except me and Lily I pushed off Remus and glared at James.




“If you dare even try and hurt  Severus this year James in any shape, way or form you have me to deal with and that goes for the rest of you too.”




That shut them all up.




“B...But Snape a slimy Slytherin Lucy why would you care.” Peter whispered




“So what Pete I don't care Sev in Slytherin he's help me through a really painful thing this summer and where was all of you oh yea getting pissed at James and ignoring my letter so leave him alone.”




I throw myself against the chair and stared out the window again I really have to calm down; I don't want to lose my temper again.




“Erm Luc” but before Remus could finished the door opened, I turned round to see Snape standing at the door smiling at me.




“Hey Lucy I forgot to ask you before did you finishes that book I Give you the other night? It just Goyle want to read it if that ok?” he just kept looking at me like there was no one else in the room glaring at him.




I just smiled and reached in my bag and handed him the book.




“Yea sure Sev I was meant to give you it this morning but I forgot sorry.”




“It ok Luc I forgot to ask you so it ok well see you later”




“Yea sure bye Sev”




He walked off and I turned my attention back to the window well till Sirius yelled at me.








I turned to look at them bored and shrugged this is giving me another headache.




“His mum and my mum use to be best friend in school and his mum ask if he could stay at our for the summer while she had to work why do you care.”




“We care because we love you Luc and we don't want him to hurt you” Remus said dead calmly he is looking at me like he is trying to read my mind or something, I just rolled my eyes.




“He not going to hurt me Mooney he not as bad as you all make out.”




“Yea right I still think he's a git” Sirius said in a huff




I just smiled Sir is always good at acting like a 5 year old when he want to be, I got up and walk over to him and sat on his lap and made him look me in the eyes he can never win me if he has to look at me straight in the eye I have so much power over him when he does.




“Sirius the no need to act like a child everyone make new friend over the year can't you just except it please” I said dead sweetly everyone laugh cause they knew I would win in the end. Sirius just glared at me and then just sighed.




“I hate when you do that, you know I can't say no to you when you all sweet and girly with me you cheated.”




He hugged me tighter than and a shiver went up my spine, well I have to say that never happened before what the hell I jumped up so fast it made it look like he shocked me or something, everyone except Sirius who just look confused, look at me with a smile like they knew something we didn't I turned around and went back to sit next to Remus.




“It ok Padfoot I forgive you.”




“So Luc.” James said smirking I knew he was going to start trouble again.




“Are you and Snapey boy dating or something? Cause you two look to close for my liking.”




This made me laugh and James too but everyone else just looks like someone had slapped them Sirius look like he had stop breathing, which made me giggle even more.




“Sirius breath come on you know James is just messing, Sev and I are just friend ok.”




That made him feel better and some colour went back to his face, which just made James laugh harder.




“What made you think I'm joking?”




“Shut up James before you give everyone a nerves breakdown.”




He just winked at me.




“So Luc what was it that Snape help you through this summer?”




Remus said everyone turned to stare at me wait for an answer, this wiped the smile off my face, It not that I didn't want to tell them it just I wasn't really ready right now but lucky the train came to a stop and saved me from telling them.




“Erm look like we stop so let hurry up and get a carriage.”




“Luc” Remus said serious grabbing my arm as I got up.




I just huffed and turned to look at him.




“Not now Mooney I will tell you all but not now ok please come on I bet you have something you don't want people to know.”




I was  pleading with him now, Remus let go off my arm like I shocked him or something and James, Peter and Sirius all looked like I knew something I shouldn't, I knew Mooney had a secret but he wouldn't  tell anyone so I guess he kind of understood me a little now.




“Ok Luc when you're ready to tell us we listen ok.”




I smiled and nodded that another thing I love about Remus he never pushes you in to do something you didn't want to do, I turned around and look at everyone




“Come on guys before were late and we have to walk up to Hogwarts!”




Everyone just nodded and got up to joined me, I could already tell that they're going to be a lot of trouble this year more then I needed but It wouldn't be Hogwarts if there weren't a little drama.




so that chapter 1 done and sorry if people don't like it i've made Snape kind of nice but I love him but don't worry he will be his same mean self to everyone else that won't change anyway plz review and tell me what up think and what you thinks gonna happen nexts and it might take awhile be for I can posted another chapter becasue I started collage again :P :P xx

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