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The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn by pirette08
Chapter 1 : Why Do I Keep Counting?
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A/N: So here I am with another story. I got the urge to write this while writing "Journey To The Aisle". This story has nothing to do with that one however, it's completley indiviudal. I hope you will like this one as well, for I have alot of great things planned with this one. It starts off very close to canon but pretty soon, you will start seeing my twist on things. on with the story and please review, also I made the banner? could I make it better?


Chapter 1

Why Do I Keep Counting


Am I strong enough? To be the one?

Will I live to have some children?

If I only knew the answer
And If all our days are numbered
Then why do I keep counting


-“Why Do I Keep Counting?”- The Killers



          It was a balmy summer night at Privet Drive despite the appearance of the neighborhood. The usually crisp green grass was parched and brown due to a severe drought. All the lawns were in a severe state, with the exception of house number four. It had been a week ago that a tall and lanky redheaded teenage boy and a short frizzy haired brunette of  around the same age had come to stay at number four. For a while, the inhabitants of Privet Drive had been suspicious by peculiar events that occurred within the household. For the most part, The Dursleys‘, the family that lived in number four were as normal as could be. All except for the skinny be-speckled teenage boy that was Petunia Dursley’s nephew named Harry Potter. Ever since he came back from whatever boarding school he went to, the grass had been completely restored to its previous state, making the lawn look brilliantly green against the neighboring brown patches of the other houses.                                

      Harry Potter was lying on the grass, staring out pensively into the periwinkle blue sky. He was listening to a sound that even the neighbors had grown used to during the time they had been there. Harry’s best friends who were also romantically involved with one another, were rowing once again, as usual.


“I can’t believe you!” said Hermione Granger shrilly.


“It’s a book, if anything you should be proud that I’m studying up.” Ron Weasley retorted.


“You shouldn’t need a book to understand me you just should!”


          Harry stood up laboriously, he wasn’t in the mood to settle another dispute but it seemed it was down to him before the neighbors pressed their ears against the windows.


“What’s going on now?” he asked.


“Harry, would you tell her there’s nothing wrong in a bloke getting a little advice from a book?” Ron demanded.


“And would you tell him how insulting it is to hear that someone you supposedly know for six years resorts to a book to,” said Hermione angrily. “and listen to this; charm a witch. It’s despicable.”


“Let me see if there’s a chapter on how to calm down a barking mad girlfriend.” said Ron ripping through the pages.


“Okay!” said Harry intervening as Hermione was about to kick Ron in the shins. “That’s enough.”


“Now,” said Harry. “would you please slow down and explain what’s going on?”


“Fine.” said Ron disgruntled. “Do you mind if I go first?”


“Go ahead.” said Hermione through gritted teeth.


“Okay, well Fred and George gave me the Seven fail proof ways to charm witches book.” said Ron. “Really nice of them really, since I told them about how I had made so many mistakes sixth year.”


Ron looked back at Hermione, thinking the last statement would’ve softened her. He was wrong.


“You are so full of it.” said Hermione.


“Hermione, why are you so upset with the book?” asked Harry. “I don’t see the harm.”


“The harm is that he clearly doesn’t care enough to know me by now.” said Hermione. “I know what makes you upset, I know what can cheer you up.”


She looked at Ron.


“You know how I know that?”


Ron shrugged, looking down at the floor.


“Because I’ve been around you for six years.” said Hermione shakily. “ I don’t need an aid to understand either of you. It feels like you two are completely unaware of all the important subtleties.”


Ron looked over to Harry but he too was at a loss for words.


“Don’t lose the book Ron, you might need it for the next girl.” said Hermione seriously.


“Chapter nine might be about how to have some tact. You’ll need that.”


And with that Hermione walked away into the Dursley’s kitchen.


“Sounds like your girlfriend just dumped you.” said Dudley’s drawling voice. “Mind if I have at her ginger?”


“Why don’t you find seven year olds to beat up Dudikins?” Harry said, holding Ron back.


“This is my house if you haven’t forgotten Potter, I can kick you and your freaky friends out.” said Dudley.


“I like to see you try muggle.” said Ron pulling out his wand.


Dudley shrieked and hid behind the door.


“You can’t, you’ll be expelled.” said Dudley.


“No, I am not underage. I can do magic when I want.” said Ron. “ and I wont be expelled from a school I’m no longer going to.”


“Forget it Ron, it’s not worth it.” said Harry as Dudley ran to upstairs.

Ron sagged his shoulders and threw the book into the flowerbed.

“I never should’ve done this.” said Ron. “Us getting together was bound to be a disaster.”


“Don’t say that Ron, it’ll pass” Harry reassured him. “You guys always get through this.”

Ron sagged his shoulders.


“No, this is all getting ridiculous.” he said grimly. “I’ll see you later.”


            Harry slumped back down on the lawn chair he had been sitting on before. He had thought that with Ron and Hermione getting together, despite of how lonely the idea made him feel, he would  no longer have to hear their bickering. However, it had only gotten worse. Hermione took almost everything to heart and Ron was always to hotheaded to petty things go. He looked up to his bedroom window where both Ron and Hermione were staying, Hermione was looking out of it, resting her head on her hands. With a heavy sigh he got up and made his way up to her, he loved his friends but this whole ordeal of their fighting was getting tiresome. Hoping to reconcile them again, as he always ended up doing, he made his way upstairs.

            Once he was there, he cleared his throat firmly, making Hermione turn around.


“You want to talk about it?” Harry asked.


“That’s okay,” said Hermione wearily. “You’re probably as sick of this as I am.”


“It’s no problem, honestly.” said Harry genuinely. “You always helped me when I needed help with Cho and Ginny.”


“How is Ginny taking the breakup by the way?” Hermione asked curiously.

Harry shrugged.


“Don’t know, I’ll probably find out when we go to the Burrow.”


“Tomorrow then.” said Hermione. “Ready to leave Privet Drive forever?”


Harry nodded his head.


“I’m ready.” said Harry. “Nothing here left for me to miss.”


“It’s amazing, a house that looks so warm and inviting can hold such a sad story behind its walls.” said Hermione pensively.


            They stood in silence for a few minutes before Harry spoke up again.


“I’m going to go sleep.” he said .


“All right, I probably should too.” said Hermione. “Do you happen to know where Ron is?”


“I think he might’ve apparated to the Burrow.” Harry replied.


            Apparating to the Burrow was something Ron had resulted to doing whenever he rowed with Hermione. Harry had noticed that when he reappeared, he seemed much more calmer and oddly happier.


“Oh…” said Hermione.


            She was certainly not fond of how he ran away when things got rough between them. That was one of the MANY flaws he had that irritated her. She was starting to realize that maybe she had mistaken her feelings for him, you were certainly not supposed to be constantly annoyed by someone you fancied.


“In that case…I’ll just go down to the garden.”


            Harry assumed she was most likely going down to wait for Ron and talk things out. Deep down, he was secretly wanting them to break up. He hated seeing how they hurt each other. It was very different seeing them fighting as best friends than as a couple. He was also becoming increasingly aware of how rude Ron was with Hermione and he did not like it. He shook it off to it just being his overprotective brotherly feelings for Hermione. Yet, he also knew it wasn’t just that. Prior experience with Ginny was enough to it was slowly becoming something more. He got mad at himself because it was one thing to develop feelings for his best friends little sister, something completely different to have them for a best friend. It just did not seem right.


        He walked over to his old wooden dresser and pulled out some pajamas he had bought some time ago in Diagon Alley. They were old and worn and they would not be replaced any time soon. This was it, the final hour.

      Tomorrow, he, Ron, and Hermione would be heading back to the Burrow with the help of the Order. He would finally be leaving Privet Drive, forever. However, where he would be going after Bill and Fleur’s wedding still uncertain. He was still holding out for Ron and Hermione to back out at any minute , but he knew they wouldn’t. He appreciated their solidarity, but he would’ve felt better knowing they were safe, however “safe” a person could be in a warring world. With a heavy heart and frantic mind he went to sleep on one of the sleeping bags, he had left the bed for Hermione since both he and Ron were taking notes on chivalry. It took several tries but eventually he fell asleep, hoping that for once he would not be visited by haunting dreams.

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The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn: Why Do I Keep Counting?


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