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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 16 : Love: It Just Happens
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      So I know that I’ve never done this before, but I guess I should. I don't own any of Jk’s characters, just Kiersten and the other cool people you recognize!

     Happy reading! And I think that I spelled Pollyjuice beware you grammer watchers!



      I woke up the next morning later then I normally would have. I rubbed my eyes and groggily looked at the clock. It was almost ten. I sat up slowly letting the past night come upon me with a rush. It was hard to believe that it had all happened within ten hours, from when I got in that damn crash to when Potter and I made up. 

      I reached for the bottle of potion and measured what I had to take gulping it down while cringing at the horrid taste. I then pulled the covers off of me and stepped out of bed and walking towards my trunk. I pulled a pair of sweatpants and a red t-shirt out of it and then turned the mirror around to look at myself. 

      I was almost me again. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail and sighed, this was as good as it was gonna get. There wasn’t that many bruises left, on my face my cheekbone was only a little bit redder then the other, and the ones going up my arms had faded considerably. 

      “It’s time to face it.” I said to myself staring from the mirror to the door. I was stalling, and I knew it. But I had already faced Potter, could the others really be all that much worse? “Yes.” Well, I had to tell myself the truth…

      I shook my head at my refection and walked over to the door, sighed, and then twisted the knob. I could hear noises coming from the kitchen, slowly I made my way over. When I entered all talk stopped. I put my head down and sat at the table next to Lily and Louis. Fleur was even silent, all you could hear was the crackle of the frying pan. 

      “So—as you were saying Al?” I heard James say not looking at me, but instead at his brother. He was acting as if nothing had happened. For this I was extremely grateful. 

      “Oh yeah,” Albus said evidently coming back to planet earth. “So I think that Deerey really is partial house-elf.” It seemed to be a weird conversation to enter upon. 

      “He’s just short! He looks nothing like an actual house-elf.” Lily said catching on to what they wanted. They wanted pretend normalcy. It wasn’t really convincing, but at least they were trying. Well, at least the Potter’s were trying. 

      “See here Lil,” Albus said reaching across the table to her. “He has really sallow skin, he’s 5’1, and he’s wrinkled.” 

      “Oh shut up Al, he’s just an old short man that doesn’t get enough sun.” 

      “He might have had an issue with a shrinking potion.” Potter said grabbing some more eggs. I had yet to eat anything let alone pick my head up. “I mean, he is the Potions master.” 

      “I know!” Albus said suddenly picking up his fork so fast that eggs splattered on Victoire who started to curse him under her breath and gave him the finger when Fleur’s back was turned. “Oh, sorry Tori,” He attempted to wipe some off of her. 

      “Don't. Touch. Me.” She said pushing him away with a dangerous look in her eyes. He took the hint and backed away sliding much closer to Dom. 

      “As I was saying—I know what’s wrong with him! He tried to take Pollyjuice Potion and it defected leaving the reminisces of a house-elf!” 

      “So your saying that he wanted to turn into a house-elf then?” Lily asked buttering her toast with a feint smile. 

      “Yes! He must have needed to sneak into the kitchens or something one night and figured that he may as well just be one of them to get more food or something like that!” 

      “That—is the stupidest thing you’ve said all morning.” It was the first thing that she’d said since I’d entered the room. Slowly I looked up. Not really that surprisingly she was staring at me instead of an affronted looking Albus. I locked eyes with her hoping that somehow she would be able to read my mind if I concentrated hard enough. Too bad Dom failed the entire Olocmency section of Defense Against the Dark arts last year. 

      “Agreed with Dom.” Lily said oblivious to the obvious tension in the air. Suddenly Dom got up rather forcedly and stalked away from the table with an angry look in her eyes. I looked down again. Fleur sighed and shook her head after her.

      “She’ll come around.” Victoire said not looking all that concerned. “Dommy just loves a good catastrophe to get her feathers ruffled in.” 

      “Do not say zese mean things about your seester Victoire.” Fleur said crossly grabbing her wand and making the dishes start to wash themselves. Victoire just smiled a little and mumbled something about it being true, her mother was in denial. 

      “Dom just has an odd way—of expressing her feelings?” Lily looked to James to see if it was a good comment. Victoire laughed and threw her head back. 

      “Dominique has the emotional range of an ant. You piss her off she explodes, there’s no warnings. So Lily, no, she doesn’t have a different way of expressing them, she was a deranged way of expressing them.” Victoire said still giggling. I didn’t see why it was all that funny.  

      I got up from the table suddenly and left the room knowing that I had to find and talk to Dom now, because Victoire was right, she would kill me in an explosion later. I heard them whispering as soon as I left but didn’t really care, right now all I had to worry about was finding Dom, and then protecting myself from her. I heard loud noises coming from her room and I knocked on the door softly. “Dom?” I asked quietly. 

      “Leave me ALONE!” She shrieked. I heard something shatter on the other end. 

      “Dom, please its—”

      “GO AWAY! I don't want to talk to ANYONE right now!” 

      “Dominique I—”

      “I said go AWAY!” 


      In the middle of my rant the door peeked open. It was all silent, I guess this was her way of letting me in. Slowly I walked to the other side and went into her room. I shut the door softly behind me. 

      Dom’s room is a vision of pink. She has hot pink walls, a pink shag rug, a pink comforter, the ceilings even a light shade of pink. It’s a lot to take in when one first entered, and I’ve been in this room numerous times. 

      She sat across from me on her pink bed, stepping on a shattered pink piggy bank on the floor. “Reparo.” She muttered to it causing the piggy to fly back together and back to her desk. 

      “Dom—I—I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I said not knowing how she was going to react. You never know with her. 

      “Me too.” She said before coming over and hugging me hard, so hard that I was knocked back. “Oh Keri! Why the hell didn’t you tell me! Why didn’t you tell me?” I hugged her back fighting tears, but they might have been happy tears this time. 

      “God Dom I wanted to! But I just couldn’t!”

      “Yes you could have! Your crazy!” She let go and laughed a little at me. “Your fucking crazy!”

      “I know,” I laughed with her. “I know I am.” 

      “I swear, you must have been dropped at birth or something! Why the hell would you go back there year after year?” 

      “I don't know! I just did!” 

      “Was that—was that a normal—like—a normal night?” I knew what she was getting at, but I didn’t really want to talk about it now. I shifted uncomfortably for a moment before shaking my head no.

      “It was much worse then usual.” I looked down to my feet. 

      “He’s just a bastard Kiersten.” She sighed and patted my shoulder. “Don't worry, he’ll pay for it all one day.” I highly doubted this, but I just nodded anyways. “If you would have just gotten over your stubborn ass and came home with me none of this would have freaking happened!” 

      “I know.” 

      “Let’s promise to tell each other everything from now on!” 

      I gave her a look with one eyebrow raised. “Okay, well everything life threatening?” 

      “Sure.” I smiled to her happy that I had Dom back in a non violent way. Too bad I cant say the same thing for the piggy bank. He was now frowning, oh, what magic can do to things…



      “Ouch! Dom, stop touching me there!” 

      “Shut up Lou, you know you like it.” 

      “I feel very violated right now…”

      “So do I! I haven't been kicked there since I broke up with Weston Burch two years ago.” 

      I sat on Dom’s bed, watching amused as Dominique attempted to comb Louis’s hair. I have to say that this is a failed attempt on her part. The boy’s hair was no way going to lie flat, but Dom’s a madwoman with a comb and gel in her hands, so I sat by and enjoyed the show. 

      I’d been at the Weasley’s house for three days now, and somehow it felt as comfortable as my own home. Maybe it was even more comfortable. Everyone was treating me normal now. It turns out that the Weasley’s are even closer then I thought. Though I hadn’t seen Lily, Albus, or James since that morning at breakfast, I had managed to see just about every other member of the family. Fred and his sister Roxanne came over last night with Angelina and George, Molly came for lunch two days ago, Lucy came for dinner two days ago (they have to take turns so they each get enough attention, at least that’s what Fleur said), Rose and her mother stopped in for a couple minutes before going to some famous author’s signing, and Bill’s brother Charlie seemed to be here all of the time. Needless to say I felt as if I was part of the family. 

      “If you come near me with the comb again Dom I swear I’ll shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!” Louis screamed running behind me and crouching down. 

      “You mean your ass? God Lou, everyone else could say that by the time they were fifteen, why cant you?” She attempted to get around me but he squealed and ducked. 

      “if you hurt me I’ll send Kiersten after you!” 

      “Like hell, Keri works for me Mr. Tumbles.” 

      His ears reddened as he mumbled something about being seven and a weird haircut. “Whatever Dommy! You’ll protect me wont you Kiersten?” He looked so hopeful.

      “You have to go through me to get him Dom.” I said smirking at her bemused face. 

      “Traitor!” She laughed and side jumped around me landing on Louis. I jumped on her and we all just rolled around, somehow with Dom ending up on the top. 

      “OUCH!” Louis screeched as Dom and I cracked up, I was sandwiched between Louis and Dom on her pink carpet laughing so hard I was in pain. Now I get the there’s such thing as good pain saying. 

      “I really hate to break up this little love fest,” Victoire said smirking at us all leaning against the door. “But we’re leaving.” 

      “Your in my room!” Dom screamed suddenly getting off me and Louis. 

      “I am not! I’m on the wood over here see smarts!” Victoire said rolling her eyes. 

      “Your touching my frikin door! You know what this means…” Victoire got red as she said this. “Vicki ate an ant once when she was nine!” 

      “Really Dominique! I was nine years old! And Teddy dared me to!” 

      “When Vicki was twelve she made out with Austin Fallon in the boys locker-room!” 

      “C’mon Dom! I didn’t even go into your effing room!” 

      “You made up the goddamned rule in the first place! Whoever the hell goes into the other’s room gets two fucking secrets spilled!” 

      “God Dom, who taught you to talk like that?” 

      “Your boyfriend.” 

      Dom happily waltzed past Victoire out of the room. “Well,” Victoire glared at Louis and I. I just realized that I was on top of him still. “Are you two going to stay there all day or can we go?” I hastily got off and followed her from the room. 

      “Aren’t they a pleasant bunch to live with…” Louis mumbled to me as I snorted. Victoire looked back to us and rolled her eyes. 

      I had gotten close to Louis in the short time that I had been staying with the Weasley’s. He was actually a pretty cool kid when you got to know him. He wasn’t stuck up like Victoire could be, or obnoxious like Dom always is, he’s the poor child who had the unfortunate fate of being normal in a family of weirdo’s. 

      I grabbed my coat and made my way to the group of people huddled around the fire place. “Ees everyone ere now?” Fleur asked looking around and counting heads. “Alright, now I want perfect behavior from all of you zees evening, ar we clear?” She was mostly staring at Dom. “Good.” With that she grabbed a handful of Flu powder and threw it into the fire before stepping in. “Ze Burrow!” 

      “You next Tori.” Bill Weasley said smiling at her. 

      “The Burrow!’ She shouted before disappearing into the green fire. Dom didn’t wait to be told who was next, she grabbed the powder and went ahead anyways. Bill just shook his head at the fire-pit. 

      “Sorry about her,” He said to no one in particular seeing as it was only me and Louis left. “You can go now Kiersten.” I nodded and stepped into the fireplace. 

      “The Burrow!” I said before feeling the green flames engulf me. I was spinning, spinning, seeing fireplaces wiz by me, before finally I landed into a large pit breathing heavily. 

      “Here.” A voice said holding out a hand. I smiled up at Potter and took it gratefully dusting myself off. 

      “Thanks.” I said realizing that I was still holding onto his hand, quickly I let go. I looked around noticing that people were watching. I smiled at him one last time before going over to Dom.

      “Lucky you,” She said in a pissed off tone. “All I got when I landed was laughing at the weird position my legs were in.” I snorted and followed her into the kitchen. 

      “Hello, it’s nice to meet you again Kiersten.” An elderly woman said from behind the countertop. 

      “You too Mrs. Weasley.” I said smiling awkwardly hugging her after Dom had. I had only met her once at a family gathering when we were in fourth year. 

      “Nana,” Dom said staring at a odd looking pudding as if it was a time bomb. “What the hell is that?”

      “Language Dom,” Mrs. Potter said coming into the room beaming at me and then shaking her head at Dom. “It’s not attractive when you curse at your grandmother.” Dom waved her off and rolled her eyes as Ginny ruffled her hair, “How are you Kiersten?” 

      “I’m good Mrs. Potter.” I said feeling some sort of strange gratitude towards this woman. I think it’s because she was the only one who didn’t look at me like a was partial Martian that night. 

      “That’s great,” She said turning from me and going to hug her brother Ron. 

      “To answer your question Dom,” Dom’s grandmother said crossly. “It’s a special pudding that your father simply adores.” Dom made a gagging face and moved away from the table. 

      “Happy Christmas eve!” Albus Potter said to no one in particular as he bounded through the room with Louis and Hugo. I looked over to Fred and James in the corner with Rose.

      “Your such a daft.” Rose said glaring at Potter. “I swear it’s a miracle that you made your way to seventh year.” 

      “Just because you’re a brilliant child Rosy doesn’t mean that you have to rub it all in my face you know.” Potter commented leaning against the wall with perfect balance, what? I couldn’t help but notice. 

      “Scorp is coming on New Years!” She said joyfully as Potter and Fred just groaned. 

      “You invited him?” Fred asked her shaking his head. “Why on earth would you do that?” 

      “I didn’t invite him! Your father did James!” 

      “My father—what? He hates Draco Malfoy.” James said rolling his eyes at Rose. “No way he did.” 

      “Well, I hate to burst your bubble hotshot, but he was invited, and Scorp is coming whether you like it or not!” 

      “We’d better hide now James,” Fred said in a sarcastic tone. “We have evil McRosy on our tail.” Potter chuckled as Rose mumbled something about immaturity. I made my way over to them. Potter instantly straightened up, Fred snorted and Rose smirked in a knowing way. “We were just talking about how mature James is.” Wow Fred, I had been standing a foot or so away, and I have ears. 

      “Sure,” I said flashing him a smile. “What’s happening on New Years?” 

      “It’s the big bash at the Potter’s. Oh don't tell me you’ve never heard of this one Kiersten.” Fred said looking at me in awe. 

      “Oh yeah,” I had heard of it, it was that big thing for the ministry. But I didn’t figure that kids were there. 

      “Everyone will be there, well, everyone with parents in the ministry will be at least.” Rose said in a know-it-all way. 

      “It’s so sweet Kiersten,” Fred said staring off. “There’s everybody and free booze that we can drink legally now that we’re all seventeen. Mind you, it was hard to sneak when we were only fifteen, but now it’ll be the best we’ve ever had!”

      “You’ll come if your with Dom’s family, they come every year. Drew will be there, his father works for the magical games and sports department.” Potter said leaning back against the wall again. 

      “It’ll be fun!” I said actually surprising myself. I, as a rule, hate parties. Especially ones with alcohol. They all looked at me uncertainly as Dom came over looking very disgruntled. 

      “I freaking hate our family.” She said kicking a chair rather hard. 

      “That’s nice,” Fred said fixing the chair. “Could you go and get me some soda?” 

      “Get your own damn soda!” She said angrily looking at Rose for a brief moment before looking back to me. “C’mon Keri, I have to talk to you out back for a minute.” I gave them a look to ask what this was about but they seemed as lost as I was. So I shrugged and followed Dom. Surprisingly enough Rose followed too. Dom opened the back door and Rose and I went out back. “Toodles.” Dom slammed the door. 

      “What the hell?” I looked to Rose for an explanation. 

      “She doesn’t want to be the one to tell you,” Rose paused for a moment and gestured for me to sit down next to her. “You know Dominique, she’s highly temperamental.”

      “Tell me what…?” I asked slowly not knowing where she was coming from. 

      “James likes you Kiersten, it’s as simple as that.” She said it so bluntly. It was so easy for her to speak what really goes on in her genius mind. 

      “Okay--and why are you telling me this exactly?” 

      “I volunteered. It turns out that the rest of my female cousins are either too chicken, too scared of you, or don't know you well enough.”

      “But why do I have to know? I mean, why do I have to know this from you?” 

      “You just have to promise me that you wont hurt him Kiersten.” She looked into my eyes with her big brown swirly ones. “You don't get that he’d do anything—and I’m being serious—anything just to get your attention.” 

      “Why do you think that I’d hurt him?” 

      “Your so restless,” She looked away from me and to the ice covered ground. “You cant stay in the same place long enough to get settled it seems.”

      “I wont hurt him Rose.” I was being sincere too. “I don't know exactly what I’m feeling for Potter right now, but you can trust that it’s not anger towards him.”

      “I’m not talking about now Kiersten! I’m talking about a couple months from now when you’ve gone all the way and there’s no next step.” I grimaced and took the seat beside her.  

      “First off, that’s gross coming from his cousin, and second off, you have my word Rosy, I wont hurt him.” 

      “Well, alright—but he’s more sensitive then he looks Kiersten, just know that.” 

      “I know,” Even though I didn’t really know. Potter is one of the few people I know who doesn’t really give a damn about what people think. “So about Halloween—did you ever find out who did that?” I was regarding our prank. 

      “I’m starting to think that it may have been Scorp’s friend Demetrius in Slytherin. Her face got all red and her eyes narrowed. He’s always had it in for me. I sleep with a flashlight helmet on at school, did you know that?” 

      “Oh?” Well, someone has an extreme case of paranoia. 

      “Yes, I turn it on so that when I wake up no one can jump out at me. I snorted but masked it with a cough. “So this way I’m ready if anyone tries to take my diary again.” My heart sank a little. It was our faults that she was like this. I’m not saying that Rose wasn’t messed up before we intervened, but I think we made the damage permanent unfortunately. 

      “It’s always good to take caution…” I trailed off not knowing what else to say to that. It was an awkward topic to begin with. 

      “I know.” She got up and went to the door. “Just go talk to him will you? If you don't he’ll just stare at you and not be able to carry on a logical conversation.” I gave a wry smile. 

      “It’s that bad?” 

      “You don't even know.” With that she sighed drastically and opened the door. I followed her in and went straight over to Potter and Drew. Potter instantly straightened up again. 

      “I’m gonna go get a drink.” Fred said winking at Potter and leaving us alone.

      “Damn Dom,” I flopped back into the chair she had kicked earlier. “She tells me she has to talk to me about something outside and then locks me out with Rose.” He shifted uncomfortably. 

      “D’you want to go outside for a walk?” He asked abruptly. I stared at him strangely. 

      “It’s cold out! And I was just out for five minutes with an awkward Rose—”

      “C’mon McCabe, just a couple minutes.” I heaved a sigh dramatically. Potter rolled his eyes and patted my back. “Good girl.” 

      “I’m not a dog James!”

      “I know.” He smiled, I think because I used his first name instead of calling him Potter. I’ll have to watch that. He opened the front door as I walked out. It was cold and I wrapped my arms around my chest. I had on a plain red dress that was unfortunately sleeveless. It was the least extravagant thing that I could find in Dom’s closet that fit me. Well, it was a little bit shorter on me, it came to my knees, but it still worked. I followed potter to the shed onto the side of the house.

      “Why are we going here?” I asked him shivering while stepping over the icy grass. I followed him around to the back of the shed. 

      “I’ve always liked it here,” He said leaning against the wooden side. “I would constantly hide here when we would play hide-and-seek.” I stared at him for a moment taking in how perfect he looked, Dom was right, Potter was gorgeous. 

      “So how many other girls have you shown this to?” I teased him nudging his side and chuckling. I noticed considerably while next to him that I was actually quite smaller compared to Potter. He was one of a very few guys who could make me feel small.

      “You’re the first, unless you count my grandmother.” He smiled down at me and then looked back up into the night. I looked up too slowly taking his hand in mine. I couldn’t help but smile when his entire body got stiff next to him.

      “C’mon Potter,” I got closer to him so that our shoulders were touching. He looked down to me with an unsure look in his eyes. “Your nervous.”

      “I am not!” He sounded childish, and I laughed stepping in front of him instead of beside him still holding his one hand and taking the other one too. 

      “It’s okay to be nervous.” I was whispering now. 

      “Your beautiful.” I blushed looking down at the ground. He took his hand out of mine and turned my look back to him. Our faces were inches apart at this time. “I’m going to kiss you now McCabe.” His voice was barely audible, but that was alright. Slowly our noses touched and he leaned in meeting his lips with mine. He was kissing me slowly, something I had never really experienced before. I think he didn’t want to hurt me anymore, or better yet, he wanted to take it all back. 

      I kissed him harder putting my arms around his neck as he slowly leaned me onto the shed wall. I smiled against his lips as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. We stayed like this for a couple minutes before he suddenly pulled away grabbing my hand suddenly. “C’mon! I want to show you something else!” I ran with him unsure of what was really going on, all I knew was that I liked it. 

      We were running through the woods now, and we abruptly stopped at a tree. He leaned me against it and kissed me for a few moments before pulling away. “Let’s carve out initials.” He was gesturing towards the tree. 

      “Why here?” I asked laughing. 

      “Why not?” I shrugged and took out my wand carefully pointing it to the tree. I slowly carved out James Potter + Kiersten McCabe = A disaster waiting to happen. He laughed kissing me lightly. “Nice one McCabe.” I just smiled and stared at my good carving job with pride. “Take me somewhere.” 


      “I don't know, anywhere. Show me your spot.” I shifted uncomfortably not sure if I should take him or not. I decided I would, but we would be careful. 

      “Okay…” I said holding his hands and concentrating hard on my backyard at home. I felt myself being sucked down the tube unable to breathe before coming back onto the street. “Here it is, 31 Fenbrook Way.” I whispered getting the chills, good thing it was cold out and I could get away with it. 

      James held my hand and stared up to the small house that looked like every other one on the street. “See that?” I grabbed his hand harder and motioned to the wrecked car still in the driveway. “I did that.” I was proud, I realized this as I stared at the house that had caused me hell for so many years. “C’mon.” I took him around to the side of the house where the old swing-set was. I sat down in the swing and Potter sat on the other one. “My mum bought this when I was four. I wanted it so bad.” I laughed. 

      “It’s totally original.” He said teasingly. 

      “Completely…you see up there?” I motioned to my windows, the ones on the far right in the back. “That’s my room.” He grabbed my shoulders and I shuddered. 

      “Your cold.” He said suddenly giving me his jacket. 

      “It’s fine—”

      “No Kiersten, take it.” I accepted grudgingly smelling Potter all over me. I sighed happily. “Your very brave you know.” He was kicking the dirt on the ground. 

      “Really? I don't think so. I ran away didn’t I?” I stared off into to darkness of the house. 

      “But you’re here now.” He kissed me carelessly. “Your ready aren’t you?” He was referring to leaving, and yes, I was. I nodded as he apparated back to the Burrow, back to reality.




      Frank McCabe was celebrating Christmas Eve by himself. It was all the better, he thought taking the last swig of his beer and opening another one. He didn’t like being around people, and people didn’t like being around him. 

      He’d been drinking more ever since Kiersten left. He couldn’t really remember what had happened, he had been wasted. He just remembered the car, and then the surge of anger, and then she was gone. He had hurt her too badly this time. 

      It’s not like he had meant to do so, he just couldn’t really control it anymore. And every time he looked at Kiera, he thought of her. Her face had come to haunt him whenever he looked at his daughter these days. He remembered his mother saying to him once that she would be all grown up before he knew it, and she was right. Kiera looked like her mother did after she had had her. 

      He shook his head staring out of the window and taking another long swig. He looked harder unable to believe his eyes. She couldn’t be outside…his heart plummeted as the boy reached in and kissed her. He felt a surge of anger as he watched her place her arms around his neck and pull him in closer. He furiously stumbled to the door, he had to get outside, to make her pay. She couldn’t expect to come back here after all of these years, no. It was too late for Lori to come back. The damage was done. 

      But by the time that Frank had gotten outside there was no one in sight. He checked everywhere, but she was gone, just like his life. He went inside about an hour later suddenly realizing. He threw his empty beer bottle to the ground as it shattered into a million tiny shards. 

      It hadn’t been Lori outside tonight, it had been Kiersten. He ran his hand through the little hair that he had left. Who was the boy—why had she been kissing him? Kiera was still too young to be kissing boys, she was only fourteen—or maybe she was older, like fifteen or sixteen. But she couldn’t be seventeen. That would mean too much time had past when nothing happened in his life. He didn’t know his daughter at all, all he knew anymore was his bottle. 



            Well...IT HAPPENED!! Yes, we are here! I know, it was soon, and it was kind of all of a sudden, but I’ve had this all planned since the beginning. I know that this is going to be hard to comprehend…but Kiersten McCabe + James Potter = together! If they had facebooks they would have in a relationship. Yes, that was slightly weird and completely off topic, but hey, I’m really happy right now! And I’m probably writing comma splices like crazy cause I tend to do that when I get excited as I write. 

            So I just wanted to thank all who have been with the story from the beginning, what you’ve waited for is finally here! I don't think I built it up that badly did I? I mean, there was the rare almost kiss that I put in like twice over sixteen chapters, but that’s not that bad. I have the next chapter semi completed, but updates might slow down quite a little now that my school has started up again ;( Good tidings to all! Please review and thanks so much for reading!


                        --Izzy xoxo


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