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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Chapter 3 


I sat down on my leather couch in the flat I’d bought two months before I finished school.


Being twenty two years old and single, my flat was empty and rang with an ominous silence.


Sighing, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, the Daily Prophet clutched tightly in my hands.


Four years ago, right after Rose left, Rodolphus Lestrange broke out of Azkaban, a mental raving lunatic. Many people connected the break out to Rose’s sudden disappearance, saying that she must have been a part of it.


I connected the two too, but on the entire other side of the stick.


I’ve always said that because Rose left, the breakout happened. Like, somehow, her presence had kept England safe.


And it seemed true. The longer she was gone –missing- the worse it got.


It was the dark days all over again. The ones from when our parents were teens. Dark and cold, with murders being reported everywhere. It was always foggy now, dreary, rainy, grey. There wasn’t a whole lot of happiness left.


But I still believe Rose will return.




I thought it was the thunder that startled me awake. I jerked to the side, causing my newspaper to fall to the floor, the headline concealed as it slipped partially under the couch.


Getting up, I wrapped the fleece blanket around my slimmer-than-natural frame, trudging over the prophet on the floor and into the kitchen.

Setting the kettle on the stove top, I sat at the kitchen table, my head in my hands.


I was about the only one left who still believed Rose would come back. But she’d said she would. Rose never breaks a promise. She'd rather die than risk breakings someone's trust. She's forever loyal.

But it’d been years.


Many thought she was dead, killed in the uprising that was happening. But I knew she wasn’t. For one thing, Rose wasn’t the type of person who would die easily.


Many speculated the reason she’d left, wondering desperately if she was one of them under the black masks that had been brought out once more. But I knew she wasn’t. Rose was probably more against evil than Dumbledore had been. And she detested those masks, the ones that symbolized pain, grief and death. The ones that ripped apart our family, among thousands of others.


I knew there was a reason that she’d left. And I knew that she’d return and somehow magically save us all.


I just have to wait a little longer. 


The kettle whistled vibrantly, shocking me out of my mind, just like every other loud noise in the world. 


Slowly getting up, with the enthusiasm of an eighty year old rather than a twenty two year old, my joints cracked and I trudged to the stove listlessly.


Flicking open the spout, I turned off the stove and pulled a mug down from a shelf and shoved a pouch of tea into the porcelain mug and pouring the steaming water over it.


A rumble of thunder covered up what sounded vaguely like knocking, and I moved back into the living room, setting the cup on the table and sitting back down on the couch, staring at the blank t.v. screen. 


More thunder.


I bent down and picked up the paper, still avoiding reading the headline. If I was completely honest with myself, I would say it’s because I’m afraid of what I’d read.


But I’m nearly never honest with myself.


A knock on the door startled me once more, and it hit me that this is what I’d heard the last two times.


Jumping up, the blanket still around my shoulders, the prophet in my hand, I all but ran to the door before stopping and accessing danger rates.


What kind of death eater knocks?


I opened the door cautiously and slowly looked up the person at the door, from her feet to her hair.


And my mouth fell open in shock.


Rose?!” I gasped loudly, standing there, my blanket falling loosely around my body, not really held by me anymore.


 “Hey, Luce. It’s been a real long time.” She said, looking slightly sheepish. 


So, again, it's been a few more months passing. Um, I hope you liked it? Rose is back, obviously, what's going to happen now? Who knows who's Callie's father? I know it was a short chapter, but it ended so lovelyily, and I'm hoping that you lot who are extending excessive amounts of patience with me will forgive me and still review. :D


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Vanishing Act: Chapter 3


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