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Accio Love by DefyingLily
Chapter 1 : Happy
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Christmas at my house, the burrow, is never calm. It was so many years after my best friend defeated Lord Voldemort. The table seemed more full than usual. My sister was dating Harry, so he was there. (But, he would be there anyway, because I’m his best friend) I was dating Hermione, so she was there. (And again, she’d be there anyway.) My brother George had his fiancé, Angelina there. Percy and Audrey, his fiancé, were there. Bill and his wife Fleur, with their child Victoire. was there. I thought to myself, I’ll soon be one of the guys with the fiancés. I was so excited, I was going to propose to Hermione tonight.

I was jumpy, but I had to stay calm all through the turkey/pudding dinner that Mum cooked. Then I got even more excited after a slice of the apple pie. When Mum insisted on putting out another pie, I sat, thinking. I planned out the whole night. After she opened her gift from me, I’d take her on a walk to the gazebo where my Dad proposed to my Mum. Then I’d propose there. It sounded perfect.



After pie, we all went to sit under the large Christmas tree to open gifts. First everyone gave Victoire her gift. Mum and Dad’s gift was a beautiful doll that walked and talked. But everyone else’s gift, including mine, faded into unimportance besides Bill and Fleur’s. It was a very expensive necklace, and fit perfectly around Vicky’s dark neck. After that, everyone exchanged gifts. When it was my turn to give Hermione his present, she held up a hand and said, “I think I’m going to hurl.” She rushed to bathroom and distinct barfing sounds grossed me out. I hurried after her and she said, “I’m so sorry Ron. I think the pie made me sick.” She told me to return to the group, and I sat down quietly. After fifteen minutes, Ginny stood up and went to go check on her. 20 minutes passed….. 30 minutes. Finally, she came back. “You okay, Mione?” I asked. “Yes, sweetheart. Would you like to go for a walk?” she asked. I laughed and replied, “Took the words right out of my mouth.”



So step one of Master Proposal Plan didn’t exactly work the way I had hoped, but we were still walking. It was dark, but I managed to get her to the little lake in our backyard. “Would you like to sit in the gazebo with me?” I asked, and she nodded. We walking calmly until I tripped on a damn branch and fell into the lake. I was fine, but she had fallen in also. She gasped and fell in. The next thing I knew, she completely unconscious. My eyes widened. At first I thought Now how am I going to propose?, but then I realized that that wasn’t the issue at hand. I grabbed her waist and her under her legs started running towards home. When I burst through the door, Harry said, “What did she say?” But Mum’s screams drowned him out. “Arthur, get the car.” Dad ran out of the room to start the new car the Ministry gave him. Harry and Ginny got up and helped me carry Hermione out to the Ford. We loaded Hermione into the back seat, laying across Harry and my laps. Ginny got in the passenger seat and Dad flew the car to St. Mungo’s. Harry and I carried Hermione in and Ginny and Dad hurried to the front desk. They immediately got a room for her and we sat outside in a family lounge. “Ronald, what happened?” Dad asked. “Well, we were on a walk towards the lake, and we both tripped on a damn root and she hit her head.”

Two long, long hours went by. George and Angelina showed up, and Angelina went bonkers when she heard what happened. The nurse finally came out and said, “She’s awake, but she has a broken ankle and a broken arm. I can mend bones in a second, but since she was unconscious she must stay overnight. If anyone wants to visit, I’ll let two at a time.” George nodded to me, but I shook my head. “You can go.”



After 20 minutes, they came out. “Oh Ron, she’s fine. She says she misses you,” Angelina said, looking relieved. Then Harry and Ginny went in. They stayed longer, about a half an hour. Ginny came out, crying. Harry was smiling. “I just proposed to Ginny.” “And I said yes!” Ginny exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. I must have looked sad, because George told me to go in.



She looked tired, but happy. “How sweet!” she said, referring to Harry and Ginny. “I’ll say. I’m so sorry Mione.” I reached for her hand and she squeezed mine. “Oh shut up Ronald. It’s not your fault.” I leaned into kiss her, but she pushed me away. “I smell like barf and medicine.” “I don’t care,” I said, smiling and kissing her. “Hermione, I was going to propose to you tonight. But now I can’t. The whole night is ruined!” I said. “No it’s not Ron. You’re here with me right now. And if you don’t to propose now, that’s okay. As long as you don’t dump me.” she giggled.

“No, I’m not going to dump you. I love you, Hermione Weasley.”


“If you’ll take me.”

I got down on one knee, got out the wet ring case and opened it.

“Will you marry me?”

She started crying, harder than Ginny.

“Yes. I love you too.”


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Accio Love: Happy


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