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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2* A Midsummer's Nightmare
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Chapter 2* A Midsummer's Nightmare

*A/N: This chapter is in 3 parts, Harry's, Ron's and Draco's starting the next morning after Hermione's disappearance. Enjoy and please review!

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June 21...The Burrow

"What do you mean Hermione's missing? I heard from her yesterday! I thought she was being guarded!!!" Ron yelled as he paced the floor of the living room at the burrow.  His mother was sitting on the couch with his father and two aurors where standing next to the fireplace. The two were family friends but at this point Ron was so upset he didn't care who they were, they failed and his Hermione was missing...missing!! And thought to be in the hands of the death eaters. What could be worst than that?

"Ron, we are so sorry. Her family was settled for the night and we were guarding the property in circles. We don't know how they got through our wards." Kingsley said crossing the room and settling into a chair by the window. He looked outside, deep in thought before he continued. "We know that she was taken by death eaters and we'll find her and bring her back. They won't kill her, they have no reason to."

"NO REASON TO!!!! THIS IS VOLDEMORT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT! AND SHE'S A MUGGLEBORN!!! WHY WOULD THEY KEEP HER ALIVE?!?!" Ron screamed as he turned and collapsed on another chair. He pulled at his hair and tried to calm down. He looked up with tears in his eyes and whispered, "I can't lose her, not now...I love her too much..."

The room went silent with Ron's declaration. Everyone knew that Ron and Hermione would be together, but they didn't know things were serious yet between the two of them. Molly went to Ron and pulled him into her embrace. Her comfort broke Ron and he cried into his mother's neck. She held him whispering soft comforts to him until he pulled away wiping his face and turning red.

"Thanks Mum." He murmured as he pulled away and stood up. "I need to talk to Harry. We might be able to come up with something to save her." With those final words, Ron quickly walked out of the room and the people left looking after him heard his soft cry to "Harry's room." They looked at each other until Moody broke the silence.

"Well, at least we don't have to go to those muggle's home now." Moody got up stiffly and slowly walked to the door. "Kingsley, we had better get back. Hopefully we'll hear something soon." With those final words, the two aurors left, a faint call to the ministry of magic was heard and then nothing. Molly and Arthur looked at each other, knowing bedtime was a far way off. Neither of them would sleep until Ron was home.

"I'll go make some tea." Molly sighed as she got up and left the room.

"Please keep my boy safe and the girl he loves too." Arthur said into he darkness and slowly got up to join his wife in the kitchen.


June 21...Privet Drive

The fireplace the Order of the Phoenix had insisted Harry have in his room sprang to life and Ron came stumbling out. He caught himself on the dresser and stood up, dusting himself off. Harry looked at the clock on his nightstand. It read 3:28 am. He looked back at Ron, noticing for the first time his disheveled clothing and his blood shot eyes. He stood up and walked towards his best mate.

"What's happened? Why are you here?" Harry exclaimed taking Ron by the shoulders and shaking him. Harry knew something was wrong. Ron wouldn't be here this time of night if there wasn't something wrong. He liked his sleep too much.

"Ron, what's happened?" Harry said more calmly, taking his friend by the hand and leading him the the chair he just left. "Is everything okay? Did something happen to your family? IS IT GINNY?!?" Harry yelled the last point, not caring if he woke up his aunt or uncle.

"No, they are all's Hermione..." Ron said, his voice catching at the end when he mentioned Hermione.

Harry looked at him with disbelief. What could have happened to Hermione? She was safe in muggle London. No one knew her address except for the Order of the Phoenix. Harry looked in disbelief at his best friend, a million questions running through his head but only one he could croak out.

"Voldemort?" Harry whispered, fearing the truth that was confirmed in Ron's eyes.

"They took her late last night from her backyard. We don't know for sure it's Vol..Vold...He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but they are leaning that way. What would he want with her?" Ron replied quietly, not trusting his voice above a whisper. "He's gonna kill her, why else would he take her?" He finished with tears in his eyes thinking about his sweet know-it-all girlfriend and the situation she was in. "Harry, I can't lose her...It took to long to make her mine..."

Harry looked at his friend and didn't know what to say. He knew in his heart Hermione was taken because he cared for her. There was no other reason.


June 21....Malfoy Manor

Draco looked up at the knock on his door, having no idea what was to come. He rose from his desk, his mind going from Hermione as he answered the door. MacNair was there waiting. Draco knew he was being summoned by the Dark Lord. Otherwise his father would be there for him. He entered the great hall where Voldemort has set up his throne and looked towards the dark lord where he was waiting for him.    

"Draco, you have failed your mission. Therefore you will be punished." Voldemort said in a calm voice. "It has come to my attention you have feelings for a certain mudblood at school. Your new mission is simple, you must break her spirit. Bend her to your will and all will be forgiven."

Draco looked up in fear and disbelief. How did Voldemort know about his feelings towards Hermione? And how did he get her? The Order said she would be safe.  That was the only reason he agreed to being a spy. They were obviously wrong. He couldn't let Hermione die. Even if she never knew how he felt. Draco knew he was being punished. He has loved her since 4th year when she punched him to protect that oaf Hagrid. He smiled at the memory. To hurt her was the worse thing they could do to him. If he refused, he knew that they would kill him. He had to do what his lord said or they would both die, and he couldn't stand it if he was the reason she was murdered. He would do as he was told, even if his heart was breaking from it.


June 21...Malfoy Manor

Hermione woke to the sun shining on her. She started to stretch before her muscles rebelled and reminded her how hurt she really was. She sat there for hours, waiting for someone to show up with something to eat. Finally Draco showed up with some bread and cheese. He set it down on the table closest to the chair she was sitting next to and crossed the room and sat on the couch. He looked at her with an emotion in his eyes that she couldn't distinguish. Hermione finished her crude meal and looked at Draco with a question in her eyes. 'What was next?' her eyes seemed to ask. Draco just looked at her and winked. That little gesture meant the world to her. He raised Hermione's hand to his lips and gave it a gentle kiss. He knew his father would be mad, but he just wanted to bask in her happiness before he ruined her life.


Draco woke up the next morning with a migraine and no memory of the night before. The last thing he remembered was looking at Hermione and after that everything faded away. He sat at the breakfast table waiting for his parents before he broke his fast. Thirty minutes later his father finally made an appearance. With a slight glance at Draco, he took his seat at the head of the table and told the waiting house elf what he wanted. Lucius sat back looking at his son, noticing the dark circles under his eyes, knowing what had happened. All the death eaters were forced to watch.

"You have made the Dark Lord proud last night. Remember that son. Remember your place and we will survive this." Lucius said as he ate his meal.

 The Dark Lord had chosen Draco's mate, just like he picked Narcissa for Lucius. He Didn't understand why her, but he would not question it. He sighed as he looked at his son, wishing he had chosen a different path for his family. Lucius stopped that train of thought before it could be reported to the Dark Lord. There were spies everywhere, and your thoughts weren't even safe. Lucius smoothed out his robes and walked down the hall, knowing he had a mission to carry out. No one disobeyed the Dark Lord and lived to tell the tale.


July 30... Malfoy Manor

Hermione sat by the window, all thoughts of leaving had left her mind. After 5 weeks of regular torture and little nurishment, Hermione knew she would never get away from the life she now had. She was a battering ram and a guinna pig for the new and horrible spells the death eaters invented. She had seen Draco cry after the bouts of torture he subjected her to, but somehow she knew he was being punished. And his punishment was to hurt her. She didn't fight it anymore. What was the point? If she refused Draco, Voldemort sent in someone else. They hurt her more than Draco. With Draco it was bearable because she knew he hated hurting her. Hermione sat back against the wall counting the day since she was captured. If she was right, tomorrow was Harry's birthday. She wished she was back at home getting ready to leave for the festivities at the burrow, knowing this was Harry's 17th birthday made so they could finally celebrate with him. Hermione smiled as she thought of the gift she had gotten for Harry and lost consciousness.


*A/N:  Thanks for reading! Please review!


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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger: Chapter 2* A Midsummer's Nightmare


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