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An Object of Interest by loopyluna
Chapter 18 : Of Sugar, Spice and Everything Not So Nice
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Zoe Taggert



I tore down the castle curtain, uncovering a fifth floor window. The curtain rail landed with a crash and grazed the wall on its decent. A dent damaged the once-white paint, with dark blue streaks down the walls. The wall was a literal view of my mind. My thoughts had been scraped and my brain, dented.

I had partied until midnight, the countdown. Finally, I was sixteen. For sixteen years I have been Ettie Blythe, for sixteen years I have been living in my parent’s world. It has all been a lie. For the first time, I have been able to see it.


After several minutes of intense explanation and bickering, it was Damon who pulled me aside. He gave me the orders, the promotion, the secrets. I was finally of age. I wish that I wasn’t. I wish to be five again, five years old and playing on the swing set, dirtying up my ball gown and running it to the wash before mama and papa found out.


I wish that them finding out what the most dangerous thing. I would give anything for it.


For almost two years, I had been raising an army. I had been training my friends and my family to become the monsters that I thought were gone. Not once had I ever considered that I was one of them.


But everything came crashing down around me, and I’m not talking literally about the curtain rail.


I wiped the mascara away from my eyes, smudging it down my cheeks. My hair was twisted elegantly, and the corset on my upper dress suddenly seemed to be choking me. I couldn’t breathe.


I can’t breathe.


I stormed towards the fifth floor stationary cupboard. I narrowed my eyes in disgust as the noises of which is should have confined alerted my ears. I yanked open the door.


“Is this really necessary?” I asked. “Get up.” I pulled Bonnie from Kevin’s grasp, ripping his hand away from under her skirt, if it could really be defined as such an item of clothing. His other hand cupped her waist.


Bonnie gasped. “Ettie.”


“Just get out.” I muttered with fake cheer. She grabbed her jacket and ran from the cupboard.


After a moment passed Kevin chuckled. “I was rather enjoying that, Etts.”


“I could distinguish that from your incessant groaning.” I said with a pleasant smile, the smudges on my face told a different story. His face softened at the sight of me.


He smiled triumphantly. “I’m guessing Kellan told you?”


“Damon did.” I muttered with a shake to my head. “Kellan was ‘detained’.”


Kevin furrowed his brows. “That’s not like Kellan. For something so important, he would be here.”


“Usually,” I snarled. I took in his demeanour, smirking, ruffled. His hair flew in many directions and his shirt was a part way un-buttoned. His smug expression contrasted greatly with mine. “And you’re okay with this?”


He continued to smile cheekily. “I wasn’t at first, but then I thought about it – becoming a Death Eater, would it really be so bad?”


“Yes,” I snarled. “It would; you kill innocent people Kevin.”


He appeared flawed by my logical decision of the situation. “But, it’s not all like that. Yes, it’s a downside-“


“A downside-“


“Just hear me out Ettie?” he pleaded. “It’s a family. You of all people know that. You are its mother, it’s Queen. Without you, there would be no elite. You’re the only one who can run it. Nobody can run it like you; you’re the best. If you quit, we would fall apart.”


I narrowed my eyes. “And I’m ashamed of that, Kev.” I reached out my hand and he took it, wiping away my mascara with his thumb. “I raised you all to kill.”


“No you didn’t,” he shook his head, his thumb still stroking my cheek. “You raised us to lead, to take charge, to be strong.” He smiled sweetly. “It’s up to us what we want to do with it.”


I widened my eyes innocently and smiled a little. “You think?”


“I know.” I laughed. Only he would be such an obvious dork. “Ettie, you did us all good. You were the best friend, leader and person that any of us could have wished for, not like power-hungry Taggert.”


I smirked. “She really is demanding isn’t she?”


“I thought that you were going to take her under your wing?” Kevin questioned, his dark eyes widening. “To teach her everything that you know.”


“I did,” I said flatly. “I taught her how to be a spoilt brat.”


“But she can’t lead.” He gave me a cold smile.


“I know,” I smiled thinly. “That’s not what I want her for.”


He patted me on the back and pulled me out of the cupboard. “Now that’s the Ettie I know, the one with the ulterior motives.”


I sighed and shrugged one shoulder. “Not motives…just plans.”


“Same thing.” He growled pushing me in to the wall. “Now, what was this thing that you want to ask me?”


I snapped my fingers and pushed myself away from the wall. “I have a request, more a favor really.”


“When do you not?” He shot back.


I gave him a similar cold smile in return and began to examine my manicured nails. Kevin was the only one of the boys to have seen me out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. “I want you to leave at the end of this year, I wish for you to join a year early.”


He flushed a little and did a double take. “What? A minute ago you were-“


“Completely against the idea, I know. However you were also right when you said that I had ulterior plans, or motives, how ever you wish to phrase them.” He ran a hand through his light brown hair; I fingered a curl in mine. “I will request this from Annabelle as well, you will not be alone.”


“What are you on? Alone?” He questioned, doing up his shirt and straightening his tie. While many students partied in the sixth year tower at my party, Kevin and I resumed bickering. “Ettie, you’ll be leaving too; it’s the rules.”


I shook my head. “I’m not doing anything of the sort.”


“Georgette,” he said flatly. “Please do not do anything stupid. Give it a week and then rethink!”


I laughed coolly. “You know me well, Kevin. My mind is made up; there is no way of changing it.” He gave a sympathy smile. “As your Queen I forbid you to mention this to anyone.”


He nodded. “I wouldn’t anyway, Etts. I will stand by you, no matter what you choose to do.” Two shadows appeared behind to grow bigger upon the wall; two figures would be walking up the corridor, towards us. “Even if it is betrayal. You have many of us here that would follow you to hell and back if you asked.”


“Thank you,” I said my voice suddenly hoarse. I placed my hand on his shoulder. “What I am asking you to do is despicable. I could take you with me, but you could get hurt. Asking you to join them is actually the safest thing for you to do right now.”


He chewed on his lip. “You’re running away aren’t you?”


“No!” I snapped. “I would never abandon you, I am not a coward!” he seemed to regret his words, an apology would be spoken through his eyes in a second after the words spoken. It flashed quietly across his pupils. I gave a simple nod. “I am taking Kellans’ advice.”


“What advice?” I pulled my hand away and folded it across my chest, my rage forgotten.


“He came to see me a couple of weeks ago, told me to do something for him; he is my pre assessor, I have to listen.”


No matter how much I didn’t want to.


My mind was a battlefield, split up in to armies. One wanted to fight for freedom, to run, to keep going and to never stop. It wanted to fight back, to make sure that the only thing left behind of the elite, of the Death Eaters was dust. But another part wanted to cause pain. How could I have been so easily deceived? So easily persuaded? My friends knew the truth and they played me like a fool. I wanted it to end.


I am Ettie Blythe, I am not a puppet on a string, and if anything I am its controller. I popped my lips and straightened out the bottom of my skirt.


The tribes in my head began to band together, the one wanting destruction stood by the one for freedom, suddenly they were ally’s. However one stood alone, stood stock still. It had no intention of moving. My wish to stay; I had plenty of reasons to never move. To face my future as it is.


I would be a leader, a Great one. I would make history. But wouldn’t it be on the right side?




I laughed coolly and looked over Kevin’s shoulder. Bonnie stood, disheveled, dragging a puffing Zoe by the arm. She had been at the bar, the dance floor and then the bedrooms. It amazed me how she could still walk.


She brushed her black hair from her eyes and sent me a smile. “Ettie, you’ll never guess. Damon said that he was looking for you, I think that you’ve pu-“


“Finnish that sentence and you will never walk with us again.”


She was silent at my threat; she knew it would be followed through. I never promised anything that I couldn’t keep. “Sorry.” One nod. My forgiveness.


I looked at Bonnie; her tight red curls framed her face with precision. “And what makes you think that I want to see your face yet?” She struggled to find air, let alone words. “Get gone.”


Shrieking in frustration she took off down the corridor, stamping her feet.


Kevin smirked. “Little harsh?”


“It had to be done.”


Zoe looked at me coldly. “Bonnie was really upset.”


“Taggert,” I scoffed. “You’ll soon learn that other people’s happiness isn’t as important as your own.” I lied. “Get with the program.”


“Get with yours.”


I stopped at her voice. Six years! For six years of my life, no body had once spoken to me with such distain. My cheeks slowly colours with rage. “Excuse me?”


“I said, ‘Get. With. Yours.” She spoke slowly, as if communicating with a child. “You think that you’re all high and mighty. But face it, Ettie. You’re just not as popular as you once were. Not since I got here.”


“Oh yes,” I chimed. “You’re a real threat to me.”


“That’s not what your smudged make up says.” She whispered patronizingly. She stepped closer to me, using her height as an advantage. “I think that you’re intimidated by me. I think that you’re jealous.”


“What?” I questioned, scrunching up my nose. “That you made friends with Bonnie and moved to Beau at the right time?” She blinked. “Oh yes, I’m jealous.”


“What do you mean, ‘moved at the right time’?”


I ignored the crack in her tone and stepped forward, she didn’t step back. “I mean, I was looking for another member. I would have invited a house-trained monkey if they were the next student in to the school.”


I didn’t see her flinch, she usually did. “The words of a desperate little leader. Admit it Blythe, you’re loosing your touch.”


I noticed Kevin walk back down the corridor, probably to catch up with Bonnie. Brushing it off, I batted my eye lashes. Pressing a hand to my ‘wounded heart’ and another to my forehead, I spoke. “Oh yes, you’ve got me. I feel so bad about everything. I’m just going to walk away right now.”


“I wouldn’t be surprised.” She said coldly. “After all, they do tell me more than you. I would just consider it a…natural betrayal.”


I cocked a brow. A tense silence hung in the cool air. “They don’t tell me more than you.”


“Are you sure about that?” She shot back.


I nodded.


“Tell me, Ettie. Do you know where your brother is at this moment?” Her tone was cold, empty, but her eyes pierced with fire. I shook my head. My guess would be with a woman, it was an educated guess. “Neither do they.”


“Oi!” Somebody called from the end of the corridor. Damon. “No! Ettie don’t listen to her!”


He ran, his blue suit fit snugly to his chest, he seemed like a father in a child’s costume. It was always how I had considered him; to see him plead with such desperation seemed entirely out of character. Kevin followed, Annabelle not two steps behind.


I smiled coldly. “Why would I?”


He stopped, a pace or so infront of me, Zoe, three behind him. “W, well, you wouldn’t.” he stammered. “But I just thought that I would reassure you that you-“




He jutted his head forward. “I’m sorry.”


“You stammered.” I said. “You don’t stammer, Damon.” He shook his head and reached forward of me. “Where is Kellan?”


His eyes narrowed to mine desperately. The vast height difference between us suddenly became evident. “It’s your birthday.”


“That’s no excuse!” I shrieked. “As your Queen, as your friend…as a birthday wish, I order you to tell me.”


He looked to the floor. “I can’t.”




“I mean that I can’t tell you, because I don’t know.” He began to examine the floor tiles; he couldn’t look me in the eye. “They took him.”


“And you’re one of them.”


He gave one nod. The reoccurring image of trust. Broken.


I sniffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Kellan and I were supposed to work on this together, my leader, my King. He was gone, and I was surely and purely alone. I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them.


He was gone.


And they had him.


A dim sunlight streamed I through the old windows of the Defence Against the Dark Arts room. Langley’s speech had gotten old; my ears agreed and turned themselves of, my eyes darted to the new class mate.


I refused to revel in the scent of old parchment, to run my fingers through my hair, to drum them on the desk. They were habits that I usually loved, but I would never show Taggert something that I loved; I wouldn’t give her the opportunity to possibly ruin it.


I sat up straight in my seat and crossed my right leg over my left; Russ was beside me, drawing smiley faces on to the corner of my parchment. Congratulations Russell, you have finally reached the age of six. I pulled my skirt over my knee a little, only for it to slip back up again when I moved.


“Blythe,” The Professor said. “Are you listening?”


I sent him a small smile. “Intently sir.” He knew as well as I did that I could not recall a word that he has said this lesson.


He braved a blink. “It’s a wonder that you pass this class.”


“And I do it with flying colours.”


“And a song in your heart,” Zoe sneered, she wore a smirk on her features.


My eyes flattened with cold irony and I smiled. “I wouldn’t keep that expression for too long, darling. It makes you look like a goblin.”


“A goblin?” She echoed.


“A goblin,” I repeated. “One who also happens to be homeless and dying of dysentery.”


She returned my innocent grin with a leer. While Langley stared though knitted brows and folded arms, Russell grinned like a maniac. When people had found out who the ‘new’ student was, it was all puppies and rainbows. Infact, it was frowns and despair. James hadn’t said much, he had tried to stay out of the way of her, out the way of many. I hadn’t questioned it, merely joined him when he requested it, or sent him a smile when he didn’t wear one. The girls, on the other hand, were brilliant. They wanted her dead with a passion, I was happy to oblige to it.


I hadn’t seen Josh, but due to the pained expression he currently wore. I don’t think that he was happy about it. Zoe sat with a small Hufflepuff blonde, one who wore a cement load of foundation. She would actually pass for a wotsit.


“Slut,” she spat.






I stifled a grin and clicked my tongue. “Bitch.”


“Your highness.” She mocked, bowing in her seat.


I bit my lip and blinked. Coolly I stared back, no one dared speak and Professor Langley seemed too amused to stop us. “It’s good to know you still realize your position.”


Her nostrils flared. “You’re kidding right?”


“I don’t kid.”


Her eyes were as wide as gaping saucers. “You are such a tr-“


“Now, now,” I interrupted. “I agree, we had our problems in Beaubaxtons, but the ones that we did have shouldn’t follow us here, truce?”


She blinked. “You’re kidding right?” I shook my head. “You just called me a homeless goblin.”


“With dysentery.” Russell added, knocking my knee under the table.


“With dysentery.” I repeated.


She was silent.


“Ladies!” Langley intercepted, finally accumulating to his required role as Professor. “Wait until after class – or Friday night, when everybody can enjoy a good cat fight.”


I followed his eye line with a somewhat discussed gaze to my left, where I met Zoe’s eyes and enraged frown. She looked horrendously pretty with her big green eyes; unfortunately I knew what was behind them. It was only hate.


Russell however didn’t look hateful or anything of the sort, if anything, he looked quizzical. He was in search for some sort of answer on mine and Zoe’s past and odd antics.


I smiled at him observantly, trying to prize his emotions from his mind. To my disappointment, I only saw intense humor. He wasn’t affected by out spat at all, only amused.


“You know,” he whispered, as Langley began to talk once again. “I think that you were a gift from Merlin.”


“And why would that be?” I question with an amused smile.


“Because we have been waiting for many years for somebody to silence her, you managed it in about two minutes.”


Upon closer inspection, he looked as if he was thinking too hard. He was confused, not amused. I shrugged and sent him a smile. “You know me.”


“Apparently not as well as I thought.”


My eyes snapped back to him. “What does that mean?”


“It means,” he said. “That I have to add Superhero to my list of what I think of you, it can go after blonde bombshell but before motherfigure.”




He nodded persistently. “I can always count on you. Just like people can count on their Mums – well, not like you and me, because our parents are dicks, but the stereotypical ones…like in the cartoons.”


I didn’t know where to be touched, or to be worried that he had resorted to comparing our lives to cartoons to make them seem caring and average.



I took a left by the main wall, grasping on to my books tightly, any tighter and I would have ripped the covers off. I then proceeded to take a deep and satisfying breath before having my arm wrenched back uncomfortably by a certain prevailing Ravenclaw.


“Josh!” I hissed. “What are you doing?”


He held me straight. “G, you need to calm down.” I seethed through gritted teeth. “Taggert ruffles your feathers more than she does mine.”


“And this speech should affect me, how?”


“Because, we victims of hers need to stick together.” he said matt of factly. “She is very manipulative.”


I gaped. “I don’t know whether to be a little unnerved by the fact that you didn’t think that I already know that or by the fact that you think I’m her victim.”


“Well, aren’t you?”


I shook my head. “Taggert reacts to offense differently to us.” He raised a brow. “I know what she did to you, Josh. Trust me, she won’t forget it. However, while in France, I ruled the school, she tried to turf over my territory.”


“Did she succeed?” He asked.


I choked back a scoff. “Only because I let her.”  He gave an insignificant cough and I smiled. “If she hadn’t been part of my over-all plan, she wouldn’t have made it a week in that place.”


“You sound just live a super villain.”


I laughed quietly. “I kinda do, don’t I?” I gave a potent sigh. “She just knows what to say to me. Taggert and I have a past, one that if I can even admit it…is worse than the one between you and her, and James. I can’t just let it slide, and neither can she.”


“Are you two talking about me?”


I turned at the callous voice with a small leer. Josh stiffened, I simply rested a hand on to his arm. “What makes you think we’re that desperate to resort to you in conversation?”


“I heard you talking about super villains.” Zoe sneered. “I assumed that you were reminiscing about your days as royalty.”


“The worst days of my life.” I admitted truthfully.


She raised a brow, hand on hip. “Well, you seemed to be enjoying them, then.”


“I was,” I nodded. “Before I realized that the whole crown thing just wasn’t for me.


“Was this before or after you made my life a living hell?” She derided.


I crossed my arms across my chest and Josh laughed. “Georgie made your life hell?” I nodded. “I didn’t think that anybody could do that!”


“I deserve a medal.” I chimed. “I am rather good aren’t I?”


Zoe snorted. “Yeah, that’s what every guy over the age of 12 at Beau said too.”


“You should join forces with Nott,” I recommended. “You both have this fascination with wanting to peruse this idea of me being a whore.”


“We’re only saying what we know is true,”


I placed my hand on to my heart and sniffed with a mocking demeanor. “You know, that one hurt. I am going to go to my bed and cry!”


Josh snorted as I grabbed his arm and walked in the other direction, pulling him behind me and howling sobs as we went. A group of Slytherin third years looked up from their group and scowled. I stopped howling and cocked a brow towards them. They returned to their business.


“Hang on, Blythe!” She called, storming up the corridor, bursting through the group of children instead of just walking around them. “I bet that one hurt didn’t it, having to walk around people rather than just having them jump out of your way.”


“It’s an awful burden,” I admitted sarcastically with a shrug. “But it’s one that I can live with.”


“Now if you’ll excuse us.” Josh said, leaning between the two of us.


“Not likely,” Taggert snorted. “You really have it sorted here don’t you, Ettie?” I furrowed my brows with confusion. “You have replaced us all.”


“How so?”


She ignored the question in my tone but answered it with superiority, the kind that I used to obtain. “James is your Kevin, Molly is your Annabelle, Fred and Rory are Wesley and Gaspard.”


“Stop,” I spat.


“Josh is your Damon; Hollie is just like Bonnie in every way.” She smugly announced, folding her arms over her chest. I literally bit my tongue. “Then Russ is Kellan.”


My eyes flamed. “Now that’s where it stops.” I spat. “You can parade around here like you know me, like you know what I went through but you don’t.” She seemed generally taken back by my tone. I seethed my words through my gritted teeth. “You can tell me that my friends are like my enemies, but infact they’re anything but. However it’s another thing entirely to tell me that Russell is anything like that scum that I call a brother.”


“He was all you spoke about in Beau,” she said irate.


Her irritated expression was nothing compared to the steam blowing from my ears in fumes. “That was then….this is now.”


She turned her upper lip in distain. “Exactly, and look what happened to you.” I clamped down my fists in to my pockets. “You were at the top, then one day you decided to move to England; you passed it on to me.” Her words seemed to prick me harder than I had expected. “You gave me the crown; you left the elite to me.”


“Yes, I did.” I said crossly. “And I had a good reason.”


“Because I’m beautiful.”


I cantankerously snorted. “Because you would fail.”


As if I had slapped her, her expression turned sour. She pushed her fringe from her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, she covered up her disbelief quickly and with a small glance towards Josh, she popped her hip. “What’s that’s supposed to mean?”


“Wouldn’t you like to know.”


She groaned. “Tell me.”


“Why should she?” Josh tried.


Zoe shook her hair to its natural position. “Out of respect.” Her voice softened. “She owes me that much.”


I would admit this with complete reluctance. I would trap my traverse opinions and remarks to the bottom of my stomach and keep my emotions to myself. I did this. I fixed the fold that had become noticeable on the collar of my robe and turned to look Zoe in the eye, she was curious.


“You’re power hungry.” I explained. “As much as it didn’t look like it, being Queen was about giving, nothing was for yourself; you wouldn’t live up to that. You would take everything for yourself.”


She shrugged. “And? It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t run the elite!”


I surpassed her stomping foot and brushed off Josh’s arm. “If that’s true, then what is the meaning of it?”


“I’m sorry?”


“The elite,” I repeated as if I was talking to a child. “What is its meaning, it is created for something. When you’re sixteen and a suitable member, you find out what.”


“B, but I’m seventeen now.” She stammered. “They didn’t tell me.”


I crossed my arms and drummed the fingers on my right hand against my bicep. “Then I guess that you weren’t suitable.” With an airy wave I linked arms with Josh and began to walk away. “Salut.”


“But that’s not fair!” She hissed. Josh stopped us both, I had no intention at first, but then I caught her expression. Vulnerability.


I did something that I hadn’t done in a long time. I took advantage.


“Life is never fair,” I said nonchalantly with a shrug. “Get a hard hat and move on.” I carried on with no signs of stopping. My tone was dark, slick, sharp. “There are qualities that make a person who they are. Yours; however seem to be anything but sugar and spice. You’re a child, an incapable one at that.” She stammered to find words, a little bobble in her throat moved as she stammered slow breaths. “Don’t act so immaturely and you won’t get treat like it.” I cracked a smile. “Go back and play on your swing set, Taggert. You’re nothing like I had expected.”


“And what was that?” Josh asked. He wasn’t happy. “What did you expect her to be when you befriended her?”


I blinked. “Strong, capable, a reasonably nice person.” I snorted. “Just look how wrong I was. You’re weak, Zoe. You have never had anything going for you.” She tried to swat my arms from their folded position; I simply lean back and raised a brow. “Honestly? You’re resulting to slapping now. You said it yourself you’re seventeen, not five.”


“That’s not fair!”


“We’ve been through this, chéri.” I mocked. “Life isn’t fair.” I took a step forward; her height advantage over me seemed suddenly insignificant. “I needed the elite to stop, I needed a way out.”


She threw her hair over her shoulder; a pitiful attempt to regain the ounce of pride that she had left. “What does that have to do with me?”




Gaspard turned slightly, staring at Zoe from the corner of his eye. “Are you seriously going to do this Ettie?”


I nodded slowly. “I want you to understand,” I tried. “I am doing this for you, for you and Wesley. For everyone actually.”


“She’s going to ruin what we have.” He said.


I snorted in quiet laughter. “Yes, that’s the plan.”


“You’re acting strange, Ettie.” Wesley said, laying a hand on to my shoulder. Out of us all, he was the one who was different, he was a nice person. He is, still to this day, my best investment. “Since Kellan disappeared actually.”


I shook my head. “He didn’t disappear, they took him.”


“Who’s they?” Gaspard asked. “You keep mentioning them, but you never say who they are exactly.”

“The people that I am protecting you from.”


The amount of times that I had covered this with them, with the others; it seemed ludicrous. Not all of them knew, for example, Bonnie couldn’t keep a secret from anyone and Zoe…well, Taggert was the main pawn in the plan, she could never find out. If I played my cards right, and Gaspard stuck to his orders, things would fall in to place.


He was known to be a trouble maker; he was going to stir up just the right amount of push Taggert over the edge when he presumes is right. I can trust him. Besides, I need her to fail, and he is the only chance that I have. The elite needs to stop; if they do, then the Death Eater count will slow for a while, maybe just enough for the Auroras to catch them. But if they caught them, they will catch me.


My mother and father have finally gone their separate ways. They have not lived nor seen each other for many years; however they have finally put it to paper. I will live with my father in England. It was my escape. In time, Damon would follow – when Kellan is free of course. He refused to join them, it’s just the type of thing that he would do. As a refusal, the penalty if death. But I refuse to believe that. Not until I know for sure.


If he is, I couldn’t bear the thought.


Wesley meagerly smiled at me. “Ettie, if you need somebody to talk to.”


“I’ll be fine, darling,” I said pulling his weedy shoulders in to the crook of my arm. It’s one of the reasons that he meant so much to me, he was easily broken. In the elite, he would never be shot down. “I just need you to stay firm.”


I walked away from the youngest members, dating down the corridor. I ha softened up, but my reputation still proceeded me. Taggert noticed me, along with Bonnie. Together they bowed their heads slightly. I did the same. “Zoe Taggert. I request your undivided attention.”


She nodded. “Your request is granted.”


Gaspard merely smirked from behind the two girls. I shot a glare of warning. “Zoe, you’ve proven yourself to me as the perfect material for leadership.” Her eyes lit up. She knew what was coming. “And because of that, I grant you the thing that you have wanted since you saw it.”


I pulled the necklace from its clasp and it transfigured in to a delicately crafted bracelet. A new era, a new form.


Usually the ceremonies would have been big, frivolous affairs. But I wasn’t in the mood for a ball, nor an affair of any sort. Bonnie squealed happily, pretending that she was glad for Zoe. She cared more than she let on; she has had her eye on the necklace for many years. She has perused many years of arse-kissing; yet, it has all gone to waste.


The odd student that stood in the hall way gaped, they would never witness this again, nor would they ever expect to have done. I clicked my tongue unprofessionally. “So are you going to take it or not.”


She snatched it up without a second thought, clasping it around her wrist and squealing in a window-breaking worthy voice. I smiled for her before giving her a ‘congratulations’ and walked past, back to the two young boys.


Wesley merely linked my arm while Gaspard stood still. “I still think that you’ve made a mistake. Think of how disappointed your mother will be.”


“My mother will not find out.” I snapped. “For you see, what I did to you was disgraceful.” He bowed his head in shame. “Gaspard, I’m going to rectify it, I promise. Taggert deserves that crown. She’s going to get everything that she’s had coming to her.”




I stared up at Zoe, the bracelet was nowhere in sight. “Think about it. It’s not hard to figure out.”


With a smug grin latching on to my features I turned, Josh following nervously. It wasn’t until seconds later that I released what I had done, who I was. And it wasn’t until I looked up in to the eyes of James that I realized just quite what I had just said.


He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Molly was stood at his side; her expression was the opposite of his. While he looked a little shocked, disappointed, she looked triumphant, amused.


“James,” I breathed.


He looked down to me. “Should I call you Georgie, or Ettie?”


I bit back a small gasp. “That’s not fair.”


“I believe that you have just covered that with Taggert,” he snapped. “Life isn’t fair.”


I ate my own words humiliatingly. I had no response. He was right in everyway.


Molly smirked. “If it’s any consolation, I thought you were brilliant.” She brushed off James’s glare as if it was water off of a ducks back.


“G, I’ve never seen you act like that,” Josh said quietly. “That was harsh.”


“Incredibly,” James agreed.


Molly did a double take. “You two are agreeing with each other?”


James looked at Josh as Josh looked at James. “I guess we are,” James said.


I turned back to where I had just been; Zoe had gone. It seemed that a crowd of Hufflepuffs stood there instead. I looked back to James, I wouldn’t plead to forgiveness or sorrow; I hadn’t done anything wrong. I wore a nonchalant expression and shoved my arms in to my pockets.


“What I can’t believe is that it’s you two that are sticking up for her,” I said. “If anyone, you should be the two condemning her to death.”


Josh shook his head. “If we did that then we wouldn’t be just as bad as her.”


He took this opportunity to walk away. James turned and followed. “McCartney, wait up.”


Josh seemed just as shocked as I did at this, Molly’s jaw dropped to the floor. “James!” I called.


“Talk to me again when you decide to grow up.”


I took these words as an indicator. I was just as bad as Zoe.


An: Sorry for the wait! I had no internet access, but I am back now and I bring you another chapter!


What did you all make of this one? A little more of the Zoe – Georgie banter was shown in this :) Plus some of Russell, I absolutely love him to bits!


The next chapter is called ‘Of Announcements and Notes’. It’s a Scorpius and Albus filled chapter – I have had a few requests for one of them. And you all know how much I love to write those two :P


I sent a look of desperation towards the boys. “I hate girls.”


“Really?” Scorpius asked. “I like them.”


I hope that you liked this chapter! Thanks for the reading, don’t forget to leave a little review!

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