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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 18 : Chapter Eighteen: Say Yes
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Chapter Eighteen: Say Yes
By Chaos


It’s a Love Story Baby Just Say Yes

The morning of December 31st found James pacing back and forth in front of the Gryffindor fireplace. He had not slept all night. James had not been at dinner the night before and had asked Remus to cover for him for rounds. Sirius had tried to find him, but James had locked himself in the Room of Requirements. Once the others came into the common room James quickly exited before anyone could ask him what was wrong. Remus and Sirius knew what was bothering him, but there was nothing they could do to make him feel better.

"Remus" Sekhmet pulled Remus aside after James had not shown at breakfast, “So what the hell is wrong with James?" Sekhmet asked.

"I don’t know." Remus mumbled.

"Yes you do, now tell me!" Sekhmet demanded.

"I can’t." Remus mumbled.

"Hey Sek!” James came running up before Sekhmet could integrate Remus any further, “can I borrow you for a sec? I need your help." James asked.

"Sure what’s up?" Sekhmet asked.

"Not here." James grabbed Sekhmet’s hand pulling her away from Remus.

With James still acting weird Lily was getting very worried. In an attempt to keep her occupied Isis took Lily to the library to work on the rest of their winter break homework. No matter how hard Lily tried she just could not concentrate.

"I can’t stand how weird James is acting!” Lily slammed her quill down “Do you know what’s going on with him?" Lily asked Isis.

“Um no I don’t,” Isis was taken aback by Lily’s sudden outburst, “I’ve noticed though. I can ask Sirius what’s up with him if you’d like." Isis suggested.

"That would be great I’m really worried." Lily buried her face in her hands.

"Don’t worry you know that boy is head over heels for you." Isis said subbing Lily’s arm.

"I know I just can’t help it. You have to admit this is weird even for him."

"This is very true. Why don’t I go find Sirius and ask him? I’m sure it’s nothing, maybe the boys are planning a surprise or something."

"You’re probably right."

Isis got up put her books in her bag and headed for the Gyrffindor common room. Isis found Sirius lounging by the fireplace and James was nowhere to be found. Walking up to the couch where Sirius laid Isis could not tell if he was sleeping or not.

“Morning love.” Sirius’s eyes opened and he gave her a sleepy grin.

"Morning to you too. How are you?"

"Contemplating food since I missed breakfast."

"You really were tired.” Sirius nodded his eyes closed again. “So what’s up what’s up with James? His attitude is driving Lily crazy which, in turn, will eventually drive me crazy.”

"Sorry Love no idea what you’re talking about." Sirius said his eyes still closed.


"My lips are sealed Love.”

“I can take care of that.” Isis smiled before leaning down to kiss him.
About an hour later Isis returned to the library to find Alice had joined Lily. Isis sat down next to Lily taking her time to take her books out of her bag. She had managed to get Sirius to tell her what was going on and she was not about to spill the beans to Lily.

"Took you long enough.” Lily sounded exasperated; Isis had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"Sorry you know Sirius."

"Who doesn’t’? So what did you find out?"

"I know what’s going on and I’m not telling.” When Lily opened her mouth to protest Isis held up a hand to silence her, “I will say this though you don’t have to worry at all."

"Are you sure?” Lily was not sure if she believed her.

"I’m positive."

“Good afternoon girls.” The girls looked up to see Remus walking towards them.

"Hello Remus." Lily smiled.

"Come to join us in working on the rest of our Christmas break homework?" Alice asked.

"Actually I’ve been sent by Sek."

"Really? And what does my dear sister want?" Isis asked.

"She has decided to throw a big New Year’s Eve bash for all of the students who are here over winter break in the astronomy tower. Everyone is to arrive by 10pm and the attire formal or cocktail."

"Is that all she said?"Isis asked knowing her twin rarely kept things that simple.

"No I paraphrased, I didn’t think you needed all of Sek’s finer details, that she elaborated with."

"I’m sure we can imagine." Lily laughed.

“I’m sure, it really isn’t all that hard." Remus agreed.

"Alright ladies I’ll see you later, probably not until the party though because i don’t think Sek will let me get out of helping.” Remus sighed.

“Good luck.” Isis commented.

"Bye.” Lily and Alice waved as Remus headed for the door.

Once Remus had left Alice and Lily, mostly Lily, tried to get Isis to tell them why she had such a smug look on her face, but Isis refused to say a word. Lily was beyond frustrated. Now both her best friends were in on some big secret that obviously involved her, but she could not figure out what it was.

"She’s planning something big isn’t she?” Lily asked finally accepting defeat.

"That’s obvious since it is in the Astronomy tower.” Alice commented.

"I don’t know, do you think we should be worried?" lily asked

"I’m actually excited.” Isis smiled while Lily scowled.

Up in the Astronomy tower Sekhmet was giving out orders like a well seasoned army general. She had managed to get several students including all the Marauders, a couple of others, and several House Elves to help. The tower looked like a winter wonderland out of a fairy tale. Table encircled a white dance floor were covered in alternating white and ice blue table cloths, sliver plates sat on the tables and in the center were three descending square votives made of ice with candles inside, they were enchanted not to melt. Snow fell from the ceiling but disappeared before the flakes could hit the tables.

"So do you think we’ll be able to… umm…pull this off?" Asked James joining Sekhmet out of the balcony of the tower.

"Ah yeah.” Sekhmet answered as she tried to determine the best spot for the fireworks as they were a big part of the night.

"Good.” James watched as Sekhmet leaned over the edge, “What do you think you’re doing?" James asked.

"Trying to figure out where I wanna mount the fireworks...” Sekhmet answered not really paying attention.

"Well get back in here before you fall out the window." James pulled Sekhmet away from the edge.

"Ok ok." Sekhmet followed James back inside pulling a clipboard out of nowhere. "Alright so I have the food and drinks being delivered by the house elves thirty minutes party to set up. Than I’ve gotten a DJ, whose sadly in the Sytherin house, but he owes me one, so hell behave, I’ve got a couple of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws helping me finish the decor, they owe me too. So all together I’m calling in a bunch of favors for you, so yes it’ll rock.” James attempted to say something but Sekhmet kept going, “I even talked to Dumbledore and the other Professors and got their impute on a few details, the ok to set up fireworks on the roof and because of your situation, and we can stay out well past curfew without worry about detention. So pretty much everything’s taken care of, now go relax, throw up a few times, get ready, and don’t worry about anything. All you have to do make sure you’re here on time.”

"Alright thank you for your help Sek." James said a little in awe.

"No prob, now get outta here." Sekhmet pushed James out the door with a wave.

Isis, Alice, and Lily worked on their homework in the library up until they had to go back to the dorms and get ready for the party. They had no idea what they were supposed to wear they had nothing with them that was the attire that Sekhmet required. Upon entering the girl’s dorm they found garment bags on each of their beds with a note on Isis’s.

My dearest sister and of course best friends,
I took the liberty of getting you ladies dresses and shoes for this evening’s party that are sure to be stunning one you. See you at the party.


"Well that takes care of the outfit problem. Shall we get ready?” Isis asked.

"Yeah probably should." Lily shrugged. She had not seen James since that morning and his attitude was still bothering her.

“She defiantly out did herself this time.” Isis marveled holding her dress against her body. Her dress was black and floor length with a slit in the side, spaghetti straps that crisscrossed down the back.

“I think she was aiming to kill Sirius.” Lily laughed as she opened her bag, “And James. This is gorgeous!” Lily dress was deep royal blue one shoulder number that was reminiscent of a Greek goddess, fitted around the torso and loose and flowing at the bottom. “I have to give your sister credit she has amazing taste in dresses." Lily spun around admiring her dress.

"Yes she does." Alice admired herself in the full length mirror. Sekhmet had given Alice a simple, light gold, strapless, floor length dress that fit her like a glove. “Sekhmet really does want to kill these boys.”

"My sister the man killer by way of fashion.” The girls laughed as they headed down to the common room.

"I have to say I am excited, but I hope the party doesn’t get to crazy." Alice commented. Most of Sekhmet’s parties over the years tended to be a little on the wild side.

"I doubt it.” Isis said, “My sister would never have this kind of dress code for that kind of party. Though why so formal I have no idea, ah look here are our escorts now.”

“Good evening love.” Sirius, like the others, wore a black suit, “May I have the honor.” He held out his arm for Isis to take.

“Well don’t you look handsome, in fact you all clean up nicely. I take it this is Sek’s doing as well?” Isis asked Remus.

“Yes. We found these with a note from her.” Remus answered

"Remus I’m surprised to see you. Shouldn’t you be with Sek?" Lily asked attempting to ignore James’s continuing weird behavior, and thankfully missing the looks both Isis and Sirius were giving him.

"She kicked everyone out including me. You know her love for flare and dramatic entrances.”

"Oh goodness. Well let’s get this party started." Isis asked

As they made their way to the astronomy tower Isis, Sirius, and Remus attempted to ease the awkwardness between James and Lily, but James did not trust himself to speak and therefore just nodded in response to any comments made. Lily confusion was turning into irritation. Everyone was thankful when they finally reached the tower, they had been afraid the redhead’s temper was about to explode.

As they entered the astronomy tower they were marveled by the transformation it had undergone at the hands of Sekhmet. Lily was so amazed that she managed to forget her anger towards James. The enchanted snow fall from the ceiling created a magical atmosphere in the room. There were trays of food being passed as well as drinks and couples were dancing out on the dance floor. There were lights hanging everywhere giving the room a soft while the DJ played and mix of upbeat and slow romantic music.

"It’s amazing in here." Lily commented as they made their way to where Sekhmet stood.

"Sek’s really outdone herself this time.” Isis smiled proud of the work her sister had done.

"She really does know how to throw a party." Sirius agreed.

"Why thank you Sirius." Sekhmet said as she walked up behind them with a drink in hand, wearing a silver strapless dress with a slit up the side that reached the floor.

"You did an amazing job." Remus said before giving her a quick kiss.

"Thank you. So there’s food, and drinks, sadly Dumbledore would not all me to serve any of the good stuff, and dancing. The big show starts at midnight." Sekhmet pointed out the window, “I have a killer fireworks display for midnight. Now go have fun!” Sekhmet shooed them away while Remus lead her to the dance floor.

“My sister did all this for you?” Isis asked James quietly well Alice had Lily distracted.

“Yes, though I had no idea it would be this elaborate.”

“You do realize you owe her a lifetime of servitude right?”

“I figured as much.” James caste a nervous look at Lily.

“Listen if you keep acting the way you are she will kill you before you even get a chance to ask her.” Isis warned, “Now go turn on that famous Potter charm and ask her to dance.” James gave a nod then went to steal Lily away from Alice.

“What do you say Love, shall we show these people how real dancing is done?” Sirius wrapping his arms around Isis.

“Sounds like fun. I’ve always been the better dancer.” Sirius led Isis out onto the dance floor.

The party was a huge success as was Sekhmet’s music selection, unless they were resting or eating no one was sitting down. Every time a slow song played Sirius, James, and Remus attempted to out dance each other, in the end the girls were just impressed that the guys knew the dances since Sekhmet had mixed in several classical dance ballads. Isis’s warning to James seemed to have worked; he no longer looked like he was going to throw up, and Lily no long looked like she was going to throw him off the tower.

"Can I have your attention please!" At five minutes to midnight Sekhmet got everyone attention. "It’s almost time for us to ring in the new year,” A few cheers went up, “ and I have to say getting to this point has been crazy a year full of failure, success, joy, sadness, and, well, more craziness. Some of us have just begun our journeys here at Hogwarts while some of us are approaching our beginning of our journeys into the real world." Students began noticing that the professors had joined them.

"To mark the arrival of what I am sure will be another crazy year; I have, with the full support of our wonderful Headmaster Professor Dumbledore, set up a treat for us. Now if you would go either out on to the balcony of gather around the windows we will begin the countdown in less than a minute." Sekhmet set down the microphone and nodded to James who had positioned Lily and himself in the exact spot Sekhmet had shown him earlier.

"Lily I’ve been chasing you for a long time now, and the second you finally gave me a chance my life changed for the better, you made it better. I’m the luckiest man on earth because I have you love and I love you more than anything in the world and I want to spend every day with you by my side. You complete me Lily. So what I’m trying to say is,” James turned Lily to face out over the grounds as the first of the fireworks lit up the sky forming the words ‘Lily, Will You Marry Me?’ in gold.

A wide eyed Lily turned to face James who was now on one knee holding an open ring box, “Lily will you do me the honor of being my wife?” James asked so everyone could hear.

"oh my... Yes!” James stood as Lily jumped into his arms the fire erupting in a magnificent display behind them. Everyone cheered as James slipped the ring that had once been his Mother’s onto Lily’s figure.

"Congratulations Mr. Potter and Miss Evans!" Dumbledore shook both James and Lily’s hands while McGonagall could not resist giving them both hugs, much to James’s surprise. “Now everyone enjoy the rest of your New Year’s celebration. I only ask that you please be in bed by three.” Dumbledore waved goodnight as he and the other professors exited the town while students rushed to congratulate James and Lily.

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