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The Book of Secrets by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 1 : Expectations
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American Ministry of Magic  April 10th 2010.


Hermoinie POV


It was my first day. I had just moved from London to start my new carrer as a psycholgest of magical elements. I was not expecting what i found. 


My Office was so big. I was expecting something small and muggy. No. 


It Literally was like its own small office building.  


You walk into the office from the 5th floor or the American Magic Ministry, and you step immediatly into a waiting room. It has 5 cozy leather chairs, three oak tables, a soft, fuzzy beige carpet. The lighting is dimmed. The walls are a deep peach color. 


There is an open wall space to the right. It leads into another room aligned with toys in every direction. A Childrens play area. 


To the left of the waiting room is a door that  leads t a large office. The Carpet is a fuzzy, snow white, color. The Walls are a light Blue. The Sign Reads Dr. Hermoinie Granger Office, restricted access. 


There is large bay window. It Has a view of almost the entire Los Angelos city. Near the window is a tall oak desk. ehind it ia a large leather, revolving chair. On the Desk is a computer, a phone and a lamp.


To The Left there is a French glass door that leads to another room. It is a much smaller room with a small desk and chair with a computer and chair. on the wall next to the door it says Secretary office.


And Last but certanitly not least, there is a door, a siple wooden one, that leads to yet another office. There are two leather chairs, sitting ontop of a blue carpet. The Walls are Sapphire Blue. The sign on that door reads Patient Center office.




No this was deffinatly not what i was expecting.




"Yoo Hoo, hi there!" A Feminie voice called from behind me. I whirled around.  A short, blonde woman stoo there.


"Can I help you?" 


"No, but I can help you." The woman said.


"Excuse me?" Who did she think she was.


"I said, no, but i can help you." She called her high pitched voice getting louder.


"who are you?" I asked Dumbfounded.


"I am Drew Manderson."


"And what can you help me with?" Geez did i have to pry it out of her?


"God, they really don't tell you anything around here do they? I'm Drew Manderson, Your New secretary." 


"I see." I muttered still dumbfounded.


"Are you unhappy with this arrangement" Drew said icily. 


"I was under the impression i would be choosing my own staff."


"Oh You will be, when the Departmen expands in a month." 


"Who Hired you?"


"I've worked for Departments here for 100 years now." An Immortal? I just realized hoe pale her skin was and sharp her blue eyes were. And when she flashed a smile at me i saw the hints of two fangs. Not Just an immortal, a vampire."


"I see. and why are you working for me?"


"Lets just say i come highly recommended." Drew said simply and got down to buissness.


"Here is your appointment book. It magically will right in all your appointments. My job is to answer phones, get you what you need, and take messages." 




"This is a charmed room so all you need do is say my name i'll know. Also you can mentally control lights, windows, music, and tv here. i Can't only you can. Well not quite yet." she said priking my forehead with something sharp.


"OW! What was that for?" i yelled.


"Now you can." Drew Replied and vanished.


What the Hell?


I Guess that my expections were far below what i was recieving. 




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