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Together as one. by Potter_Princessx3
Chapter 1 : Four together as one
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Today was the day which would change Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione's life's forever. Today was the day of there wedding. Being best friends they deiced to have there wedding on the same day, same time and same place. Ginny and Hermione were thrilled about the plans but Harry and Ron found it kind of awkward, especially for the fact that Harry was marrying Ron's sister right in front of him. But Ron would have to deal with it. Besides his sister and wife were happy right?

It wasn't the warmest day of the year, nor was it the coldest. It was slightly windy with a few clouds in the sky but somehow the sun managed to break threw them. Harry smiled as he and his soon-to-be-brother in law walked up the turning stone path towards the small little church in Godrics Hollow. Even though Harry and Hermione had visited it on the hunt for Horcruxes so long ago to Harry it looked the same. It still had the bright stained glass windows and wooden front doors, along with the kissing gate which lead to the graveyard which was his parents final resting place...

Ron nudged Harry in the ribs. Harry jumped, he was still thinking about when him and Hermione had visited the church and found his parents grave...
"What was that for?" Harry snapped back at Ron. Now rubbing the side of his black and white dress robes.
"I can't believe this is actually happening." said Ron. "I really can't believe it." Ron's face was blank staring at the wooden front door which were not opened yet.
"Me either." said Harry as he stopped rubbing his ribs to pull the heavy wooden front doors open.

Nobody was inside yet. Harry and Ron walked inside.

The church was magically decorated. It was perfect, Harry had never seen anything as beautiful as the church now looked.

All around the room the colorful stained glass windows shined into it, making it unusually bright unlike outside the church walls. The rows of seats were golden and looked oddly firmailar... On the walls gold and sliver ribbons streamed left and right, up and down. At the front of the room a sign was floating in the air which read in fancy swirly writing;

                               Harry and Ginny Potter; united together as one.
                                   Ron and Hermione Weasley; share hearts.
                                                  Four together as one.

Ron looked around the church. His facial expression still oddly blank. Harry figured he most be thinking hard, or hardly thinking. Ron kept muttering quietly "I can't believe it... I can't believe im actually getting married."

Eventually the church began to fill up. The guests took there seats in the golden chairs. Harry and Ron walked up to where the sign was hovering. "I love magic." Ron whispered leaning towards Harry's ear. "Me too." Harry replied looking into the crowd. He saw many faces he recognized; Hagrid who took up two chairs and kept waving at Harry. (Harry waved back with a smile) Mr and Mrs. Weasley who were sitting beside each other beaming, Harry thought he saw a tear roll down Mrs.Weasley's cheek. Next to Mr and Mrs Weasley sat Hermiones parents. Mrs. Granger was tearing up, but seemed to be trying not to cry and Mr.Granger however was looking widely around the room probably looking for his daughter, but instead he caught Ron's eye and smiled with a nod. Ron smiled and nodded back, afterall Mr.Granger was going to be his father-in-law anytime soon. While Harry continued to look around the room which he saw many other relatives of Ron's (Bill, Fleur, Fred, George, Charlie...), a few who were Muggles and had to be related to Hermione and out of the corner of his eye he saw Kreacher and Professor Mcgonall who was dressed in all black.
He turned his head to the other side of the room and saw some of his friends; Luna Lovegood was sitting beside one of the stain glassed windows looking around dreamily next to her husband Rofl, Neville was there too... Even Dean and Seamus!

It was all hitting Harry now. Like getting splashed in the face with a cold bucket of water. He was actually getting married. Today. With Ginny Weasley...well Potter.
Harry knew how Ron felt. Was this really happening? Or was this all just a dream?

Out of nowhere classical music began to play... All the guests stood up from there seats and looked towards the churches oak front doors.

They slowly began to open. Harry could see to pairs of feet. One pair in white heels, the other in simple white flats.

The oak doors opened more and Harry and Ron's jaws dropped.

There soon to be wives looked gorgeous. More perfect then the church was decorated.

Ginny was wearing a beautiful knee-length ruffled dress with a V-neck, her flaming stunning red hair fell curly slightly past her shoulders.

Hermione one the other hand was wearing a long strapless flowing pure white dress with the simple white flats Harry had saw underneath the oak doors with Ginny's. Hermione's hair was in a perfect up doe and was defiantly not busy.

The two of them began to walk up the aisle, each holding a different colored bouquet. Ginny held red roses, Hermione; some type of light purple flowers Harry had never seen.

Even though Harry had never been to any wedding beside Bill and Fleur's he was sure that there was suppose to be a flower girl, a few brides maids and maybe even a maid of honor?
But this wasn't a normal wedding. Who cared anyway? The wedding was perfect the way it was. And Harry liked it.

His and Ron's wives began to walk closer towards there soon-to-be husbands. Hermione was smiling and crying at the same time. Ginny's head was held high smiling, but Harry could tell she was keeping her tears back just like Hermione's mum.

Ginny reached Harry's side. The two stood closed and turned towards the crowd.
"Me 'ittle 'Arry! 'Me 'ittle 'Arry!" Hagrid sobbed blowing his nose into his bright orange hackercief.
Harry looked into Ginny's bright brown eyes. She smiled, turned slightly red and turned back towards the guests.
Harry looked to the other side of him and saw Hermione standing right beside Ron. She was crying very much and kept wiping the tears away with the back of her hands, Ron noticed and wiped a single tear from Hermione's cheek... Then she took a deep breathe smiled and stopped crying.

Out of nowhere a little short plump wizard walked out from behind Ron and Hermione and tottered between the two couples underneath the floating sign. Harry recognized him as the man from Albus Dumbledore's funeral and Bill and Fleurs wedding aswell.

The short plump wizard began to talk, he talked for a short time but to Harry it felt long. Next the man walked up between Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. He then said what the floating sign said which he was just under.

"Harry and Ginny Potter, united together as one. Ron and Hermione Weasley share hearts. Four together as one." the little wizard looked at both the couples and then said. "Harry Potter do you take Miss.Ginvera Weasley to be your wife?" Harry heard Mrs.Weasley sob. "I do." Harry said.
"And do you Miss.Ginvera Weasley take Mr.Harry Potter to be your husband?"
" I do." replied Ginny. Harry looked up at her, she had began to cry. Mrs.Weasley and Hagrid sobbed louder.

Next the stump of a wizard turned to Ron and Hermione and asked them the same thing he had just asked Harry and Ginny. Ofocourse each of them replied with "I do."
"You may now kiss your brides." said the wizard.
Before Harry could lean into kiss Ginny, she had her lips already on Harrys. The kiss was better then the one on Harry's seventeenth birthday.
Hermione and Ron seemed to be enjoying themselves aswell.

When the two couples broke apart the guests began to cheer along with cry tears of joy.

Harry took his wife's arm, Ron took Hermione's arm... And together the four of them walked out the churches oak doors... Joined together as one.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, I had fun making it even though it is kinda of boring... Oh well. I'd love your feedback so please leave a review! And don't forget to check out my other fanfictons please. (:

 - Autumn


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Together as one.: Four together as one


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