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Being Lucy by prettywishes
Chapter 1 : Of Fights and Forks
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A/N: So this is my new story, and I've been working on it for a few months now (and have completely re-written this chapter 15 different times). It's something very different for me, and I hope that you like it! Just about everything but the plot isn't mine! 


 Despite the fact that it was Christmas someone was going to be murdered.

I know, you probably think that I’m being dramatic and blowing things way out of proportion, but in all seriousness there was going to be a death at the dinner table. I’m not sure how yet, but death by fork was a good guess, although I suppose that a killing curse would also suffice. Everyone at the table knew it too; I could tell by the way that my aunts and uncles were glancing nervously at each other that they were just counting how long it would take. It wasn’t that they feared anyone breaking in, rather it was the invited that they were worried about. After all, it was the first time my parents had been in the same room since the divorce.

That was ten years ago.

This was the first year that one of them didn’t have some work excuse to miss Christmas dinner, my mum being a coach for a professional Quidditch team and my dad being the head of some department at the ministry, but everyone was wishing that someone had had a conflict. Sure, it was nice to spend one of the best holidays with both my parents, but I feared it was going to move from the Burrow to St. Mungos.

“Lucy, could you pass the potatoes?” My mother asked, causing me to jump just a bit. The chatter at the table seemed to silence for a moment, which was impressive considering how many people there were, as everyone located the potatoes which were right next to my father. Taking a deep breath, I prayed that this would pass without incident.

“Erm, dad can you pass me the potatoes?” I questioned, nodding towards the overstuffed dish that was placed before him. He glanced at me for a moment, before looking at my mother, then back at me.

“You have one on your plate.” He stated, gesturing to the half picked at potato that I had been eating. I slowly nodded and then bit down on my lip, wishing that I could have a normal family for once. Or wishing that I could have just waited to eat the potato.

“I know that dad, but mum wants one.” I supplied, chomping down on my lip as I waited for a reply. I knew that they weren’t the wisest choice of words, but it wasn’t as though he was deaf, he knew who asked for them. Quickly glancing from parent to parent I could tell that this wasn’t going to be simple. My father wasn’t going to pass those potatoes without a fight.

“Well if your mother wants a potato, she can come and get one.” He retorted childishly. I could tell that everyone at the table was wincing, just counting down the moments until a big fight would break out.

“For Merlin’s sake, just pass me a potato Percy.” My mother countered, actually being the bigger of the two for the moment.


“Oh! Grow up Percy and pass me the fucking potatoes!”

“Audrey, watch your language there are children here!”

“And you’re one of them!”

“You can’t be serious, if anyone’s a child it’s you.”

Glancing around the table nervously, I could tell that everyone felt just as awkward as I did. Uncle Harry was talking to Uncle Ron quietly, trying to figure out if he should just pass the potatoes down the table. Although at this point I doubted it would make a difference. Catching Molly’s eye I tried to figure out what we could do, seeing as they were our parents. The girl was a professional at avoiding eye contact though, and I sighed as I realized that I was going to have to do something about it myself.

“Dad- just pass Mum a potato okay, it’s Christmas…” My voice trailed off as I realized that it was absolutely pointless. The two had raised their voices to absurd levels, and they were now fighting over whose fault it was that Molly had fallen off a broom when she was six. In other words, things were not going well.

“DAD! We erm, we need to go!” I burst out, trying to break up the fight. “We left the kettle on and the house is going to burn down if we don’t leave right now!” Glancing over to Molly, who was still acting as though nothing was wrong and eating her meal, I wished that she had been a better big sister. She was going to leave me alone in this battle.

Jumping up from the table I rushed around the table to my dad’s seat, noticing that their shouting at returned to the potatoes. Reaching his side I began tugging on his hand, my attempts proving to be useless as he hardly seemed to realize that I was there.

“I JUST WANT A POTATO!” My mum suddenly roared, not wanting to give up the fight. Letting go of my Dad’s arm for a moment, I glanced around the table for a sign of what to do, noticing that various members of the family looked ready to jump in to stop it.

And that was when it happened.

My mother picked up her fork and threw it across the table, causing multiple people to move suddenly, and one of my cousins to duck under the table. I was floored, and I stood there with my eyes wide, unable to believe that my Mum had actually throw her fork across the table at my father. I knew that they didn’t get along, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I tried to figure out if a fork could even do any damage, if she had thrown it hard enough.

That was when it hit me. Literally.

The next few moments followed in slow motion, and I watched as my father began yelling at my mum for impaling me, which only caused her to cry. Uncle Bill led him out of the room, and Grandpa followed after him, muttering about how nothing was ever simple. And I stood absolutely still, my eyes never leaving the piece of silverware that was stuck in my arm.

“Oh goodness!” Nana Molly quickly jumped up from the table, and pulled me into the kitchen, Aunt Hermonie following behind. I was pleased to see that they were paying enough attention to tend to my arm, as I knew I could have stood there all day long. The shock seemed to be holding off the pain as I only felt a dull ache.

“That woman is absolutely insane.” Aunt Hermonie muttered under her breathe as she pulled my arm into her hands. While she wasn’t a Healer, she knew enough about spells to be able to take care of the wound without having to file any reports. A trip to St. Mungos would only make everything worse at this point, and I was glad that it missed my eye.

“I’m sorry that you had to get caught up in it.” She muttered, pulling out her wand and tapping it against my arm. I watched as Nana Molly searched the cabinets of the kitchen, clearly looking for something. “Now, hold still, this bit is going to hurt.”

 I grit my teeth as I waited for the pain to come, not sure what to expect. I’d never been impaled with an object before, and though I knew it wasn’t deep as the fork was nearly falling out on its own, I knew that it was going to hurt a lot.

“ARRGEEOH!” I shouted; pressing my eyes shut as there was a rush of pain. Aunt Hermonie let the fork clatter to the fork and pressed something Nana Molly had passed her onto my arm before mumbling a few spells. As quickly as the pain had come on it left, and I thanked Merlin for having a family member that was so skilled with spells. If this had happened at home I would have had to wait with the fork in my arm for a few hours until the argument ended.

“That should do.” Aunt Hermoine muttered, placing a bandage that Nana had passed her onto my arm. I glanced down to see that besides a ripped and bloody shirt, everything looked as it was supposed to. That was a good thing, considering the last time I had glanced at my arm a fork had been in it.

Grabbing a cookie off of a platter that was in the kitchen, ignoring the fact that it was clearly supposed to be intended for later, I wondered how long I could get away with hiding in the kitchen. Aunt Hermonie had returned to the dining room, probably to make sure that everyone else was still alive, but Nana Molly didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t leaving. I was still slightly fearful that if I walked through that door I’d have something else thrown at me.

“Poor dear, your father always has been a stubborn man, but those two need to work it out.” She sighed, giving me a hug before returning to the table. Taking a deep breath I prepared myself to return to the others, reminding myself that it would only be a few more hours before they would leave, and then everything would be great. I was going to spend the night with Dom and her family, and I wouldn’t have to see my father or mother until the Easter holidays. Besides, there was no way that things could possibly get worse.


My father’s sudden arrival into the kitchen caused me to jump and nearly slam my head into a cabinet. His face was stern, and it was clear that he wasn’t pleased in the least; coming over to my side he inspected my injury before opening his mouth again.

“Your mother is a mad woman, and I’m suing for custody of Molly too, I don’t want her injuring anyone else.” His statement surprised me, causing my eyes to widen.

“Dad, Molly’s of age, you can’t sue for custody of an adult!” I countered, figuring that I was wrong about the fact that things couldn’t get worse. I watched as my dad realized I was right, and his face simply grew red enough to match his hair. I held my breath as I waited for him to talk, when he was this upset there was no chance that he would simply let everything go, he was going to come up with some way to get back at my mum.

“Well, then I forbid you to have anything to do with your mother! You can’t see her, you can’t write to her…you-you can’t even fly. I forbid it!” He decided, slamming his hand onto the counter.  I bit my tongue, resisting the urge to yell back about how none of it was fair, that it wasn’t my fault he decided to go get married to some woman that he’d end up hating. But I knew that the more are argued with him the more he’d take away, and he’d end up banning me from Hogwarts or something equally as ridiculous.

“Yes dad.” I sighed, knowing nothing in our family could even be simple.

We were Weasley’s after all. 

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