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Black Rose by macerinut
Chapter 8 : Table Talk
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There was silence.

Complete. Utter. Silence.

My beautiful grey eyes widened and I cocked my head to one side. The damn hat was gently extracted off of my black curls and I stood up.

"You know," I said wryly, "it would be lovely if even my little brother would clap for me. Is that too much to ask?"

"Clap, clap, clap," said Al in the silence. All heads turned to look at him. I giggled softly as his face grew bright red and he slumped in his seat. Jules patted him on the back.

"Thank you Bibby!" I called and blew a kiss at him. There were snickers.

"Bibby?" Al looked positively horrified. "You crazy-,"

"Nuh uh!" I am not crazy. No, I’m not. Nuh uh. So not crazy.

There are also no visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

I turned my attention away from the Slytherin table and made my way to the Ravenclaw table. Said table greeted me with stares and open-mouthed (literally) disbelief. I sat down and flashed them my most charming Malfoy smile. However, that smile quickly turned into a frown as my new house mates shuffled away from me.

"Glad to see you all know who your betters are," I sniffed pompously. "Now why don’t you all keep shuffling away from me until you’re off the table and out of my wand range. Okay?"

"You tell ‘em girlie!" shouted Sirius from my pocket. I rolled my eyes and grinned again at my now totally freaked out house mates.

"I have a miniature army that can kill in less than a second that lives inside my pocket. Fear me and hail me subjects!" Well, you know what they say. If you can’t win them, beat them. To a pulp. Liquify, pulverize any and all who dare defy.

"Sure you do," snorted some blonde girl sitting on my right. "You’re such a nut job!"

"At least that’s a real job. Compared to your- what is that? It kind of looks like a nose but one that should be on a pig. Did your doctor mistake you for a pig that needed a nose job or did you try to do it yourself?"


"Ugh, you freak!" she screamed and lunged at me. What is it with blonde Hogwarts students and insulting and trying to harm me? I flicked my wand and she rebounded back, causing a huge mess of students to fall off their seats.

"Watch it Blondie," I warned, my grey eyes steel. "Or else."

"That is enough Miss Malfoy! Control yourself!"

I looked at the professor who had spoken before breaking out into a grin. "Of course Auntie Luna! But you never told me you were going to be working here!"

Luna shrugged. Her blues twinkled and she let out a charming laugh. "Dear girl, it was meant to be a surprise as well as the fact that I’m your new Head of House."

"Shall I let you introduce yourself then Professor Lovegood?" MacGonagall sounded amused. Luna cocked her head in acknowledgment and stood up.

"Hello students," she said, her voice clear. "My name is Luna Lovegood and I shall be teaching a new course of my creation called Mythic and Mystery. I am also signing on as the new Head of House for Ravenclaw, the House that I belonged in when while I was a student here. I will be accepting applicants for my M.A.M. course for the next two days. Fourth years and up are welcomed to join. There will be a brief meeting in my office on the third floor tomorrow at lunch for any interested. Thank you." There was applause and Luna sat back down, smiling.

"Alright, quiet down. Now we shall being the first years’ Sorting!"


I could feel them watching me. I ate my chicken carefully and as haughtily as I could. How dare they stare at me! Just because of who all my parents are, were, have been, er... anyways, just because of them, it doesn’t give these Ravendorks the right to judge me. It’s either I make them fear me or respect me. Fear is more fun but it might bring out my inner she-devil and add some truth to their deranged speculations. On the other hand, respect takes a long time to gain.

I’m a very impatient person. Emphasis on the very.

"Would you all please quit staring at me as if I’m a gorgeous statue on display?" I asked as politely as I could. "I know I’m beautiful and all, but you’re all going to be the death of my modest and pleasant nature."

"Freak." I glared at the guy who spoke, sitting down a little ways from me. He looked as if he was a fifth or sixth year and had a smug look on his face.

"Lemon." Heh, bet that’ll confuse him.

"Lemon?! What do you mean by that?" he shouted angrily, standing up. I looked at him innocently.


"YOU FREAK! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!" he screeched. Dear Godric, he had a set of lungs. "I’LL-,"

I stood up. "You’ll what?" I hissed, staring him down. He paled and sunk back into his seat. "If I hear another comment from you of a negative or hurtful nature about me or anyone else, I’ll personally do the women of this world a favour and hex your favourite appendage off. Understood?"

"Y-Yes," he stammered, his face bright red. His mates around him sniggered and whistled at me. I rolled my eyes and sat back down. I looked around the room and let out a sigh. All of my friends were with each other while I had no one. I caught sight of Teddy laughing over at the Gryffindor table. He was sitting next to a cute sandy-haired boy with gorgeous light blue eyes. I wondered who he was...

Well, whoever he was, he was very good-looking.


"I missed all of that?"

"Yeah, you did mate." Teddy grinned at his best mate who just shook his head ruefully.

"I can’t believe it," Tristan Weasley moaned. "The hottest girl ever arrives in our school on a damn motorcycle and you just think to tell me that you happen to be related to her and that she hates everyone in my family."

"Not everyone," piped Lily. "She likes me and Al."

"For some reason she does," Laurel agreed, helping herself to some more salad. "I’m not entirely sure why, no offence."

Teddy rolled his eyes. "Me neither. I just wanted to talk to her and now she’s set on making my life a living hell."

"Don’t flatter yourself, Lupin," Laurel scowled, "Ceci just... well, she likes to enrich other peoples’ lives with her humour and personality." They all stared at her and she scowled again. "See? None of you have lives!"

"Anyways," Lily coughed, "Tristy, do you want me to introduce the two of you?"

"You’re my fave cousin Lils!"

The two stood up and Lily nudged Teddy. "Coming?" she prompted.

"Enh, do I have to?"




I have discovered something amazing. I stared at it, fully entranced. It was beautiful, simply beautiful. And yellow.

I, Cecilia Rose, shall now obsess over lemons.

If you’re wondering why, don’t. There’s no rhyme or reason. Strange food obsessions actually happen a lot. A few months ago, it was sushi. Now, it’s lemons. They’re just so... YELLOW! I started grabbing them, one by one, until I possessed all the lemons on the table.

People moved farther away from me. The lemons moved closer.

"Hey Ceci!" said Lily cheerfully, as she slid in beside me on the bench. "There’s a cousin of mine I want you to meet. Well, he wants to meet you. Personally, I think he’s a- Mmph!"

"Thank you Lily, for those wonderful compliments you were about to give but I tihnk I can take it from here." Hot-Gryffindor-Guy removed his hand from her mouth and sat on my other side, smiling charmingly. "Tristan Weasley, at your service."

Focus on the lemons. Nothing but the lemons. Eyes are not watering, I repeat, eyes are NOT watering!

"Er," hot guy looked confused, "is she alright?"

"Who knows?" moaned Morpho-Boy Quacker. "She’s insane... Ow!"

"You do not insult the Lemon Queen," I said calmly, as my pile of lemons began assaulting my unfortunate cousin repeatedly, "or the lemons will come to get you. Countess Cherry, why is your other, more attractive, cousin staring at me with his mouth wide opened?"

"That’s how he kisses. No girl’s ever wanted to kiss him so he practices on dolls and the air." Lily smiled sweetly as her cousin went Weasely red all over.

"LILY!" He turned to me, panicked. "I am an amazing kisser!"

"That’s not what he said," Lily muttered. I burst out laughing. Tristan glared at the both of us.

"I am not gay. I like women. Preferrably with dark, ebony curls and gorgeous silver eyes."

Oh dearie... a charmer... Just what I need.

"Ceci, why is your face all red?"

"Oh, do shut up Lily!




Author's Note- So I have lost almost all interest in this story, I am very sad to say. I'm not sure where it's going anymore and anything about it is lost. However, I will still do my best to keep it going. I am working on a new Dramione which I shall not post until it's completely finished. I am about five percent done. But it should be out soon!

Please review and leave any comments or ideas!!!


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Black Rose: Table Talk


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