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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 15 : Of Robe Torching, Wrackspurts, and a Honeymoon
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Brief Author's Note: Sorry for the semi-long wait. I had to validate two other chapters for other stories :) Enjoy :)

Chapter 15

            “Wait for a sec.” Ron said, holding his head. “Did you just say you were going to marry my sister?” He said.

            “I said I was going to ask her.” Harry said. “Who knows if she is going to say yes.” He said. He began to look at Ron, who had begun to pace.

            “I mean, you know I’m proud for you and everything. But you know how I am. Protective, crazy, and sometimes just downright insensitive.” He said, explaining his obvious character. “Like I said, you just have to promise me you will take care of my sister and will do anything to make her happy.” He said.

            “Ron, I think I’ve already said that. I’ll jump in front of a bus for her, I’ll die for her.” Harry said. “My life, isn’t my life, without her.” He said.

            “That’s all I needed to hear. Now all you need, is my dad’s permission.” Ron said.

            “I totally forgot about that.” Harry said. “He’s already given it to me, but it doesn’t hurt to ask again.” He said.

            “When were you planning to do it?” He asked.

            “I don’t know. I just have the ring right now, had it for a while. I don’t even know if I’m doing it soon. I might wait a good four months. And whatever you do, do not tell your wife about this” He said. He felt it was weird to say wife instead of Hermione to Ron. Very strange to him indeed.

            “You have my word.” Ron said, pulling Harry into a manly hug and slapped his back.

            “Hey Harry.” Hermione said, walking into the room. “I need your opinion on something.” Harry walked into the bedroom, which was vacated because Ginny was talking to Ron.

            “Did you just say what I think you said?” She said, a smile on her face.

            “What do you think I said?” Harry asked, hoping she didn’t know. Hermione, at times, could be an open book. A piggy bank. A terrible secret keeper. You get the picture.

            “You know what think you said.” She said.

            “I really have no idea.” Harry said, terribly acting. “Fine. You heard me.” He said.

            “Yes, I did hear you, and Ginny did too. I would’ve thought that Ginny would know first.” She said.

            “What?” Harry asked, very confused.

            “Ginny’s pregnant.” She said. “The news is that she is pregnant.” She said.

            “No she isn’t. I know she isn’t, because she just began yesterday.” Harry said. Hermione was confused by then, confused about everything.

            “So what’s the big news then? Since clearly neither you nor Ginny is pregnant, what is it?” Hermione said. Harry had to think of a good lie. A really good lie. He couldn’t tell her the truth, which would be bad. But Hermione could tell when someone was lying, because she took something at Hogwarts about how to read people. Harry then began to think about possible theories. ‘I’m dying’ No. ‘I got a promotion.’ No. ‘I got a raise.’ Bingo.

            “I got a raise at work.” Harry said.

            “Oh my god! I’m so happy for you!” Hermione said, hugging Harry. He then sighed in his head, and then put on a smile. He took a glance over at the clock and realized that Ginny would want to be asleep.

            “I have to bring Ginny back to our apartment, so I wish you good luck with all the honeymoon stuff, and make sure you take pictures.” He said.

            “I will, see you when we get back.” She said.

            “See you.” Harry said, walking out of her room, and began to look for his thankfully sober girlfriend. He found her in the living room, passed out on the couch. He walked over to her, and gently began shaking her. He kept shaking and shaking her, but she wouldn’t wake.

            “That ain’t how you do it.” Ron said, throwing Ginny on the floor. She then woke up and glared at her brother.

            “What the hell is wrong with you? Can’t you at least wake me up nicely?” She asked.      

            “Guess not.” Ron said.

            “See you later Hermione.” Ginny called out to Hermione.

            “See you.” Hermione responded back.                       

            “Have a good honeymoon.” Harry said, biding Ron goodbye and brought both him and his love to their flat. She then walked into the bedroom, and landed on the bed with a thump. She instantaneously fell asleep. Harry showered, got dressed, and then joined her.


            “Mum, I’m seventeen. I can do this all by myself.” Ginny whined. Ginny and her mother were in Diagon Alley, shopping for new robes. Ginny’s robes had been torched by Ginny, who never wanted to see them again. Mrs. Weasley, however, wanted her to have robes always handy.

            “It doesn’t seem that way if you were smart enough to not light yours on fire.” She said. “Now, we have to find out how tall you are.” She said, taking out a measuring tape.

            “Why can’t we do this magically and I already know how tall I am.” Ginny said.

            “You grow a lot these days honey.” Mrs. Weasley said. “And I have wanted to do this the muggle way for years. You needed some, so I will make you some.”

            “I’m five foot seven and a half mum.” Ginny said, cocking her hip. “And why are in Diagon Alley if you are making them yourself?” Ginny asked.

            “Because the fabric is here dear.” Mrs. Weasley replied. She was really starting to get on Ginny’s nerves. And most of the time that wasn’t a good thing.

            “Ok mum.” Ginny said, finally deciding to listen to her mother. She spread her arms to have her mother measure them, but her mother began to measure right below her breasts. “Mum!” She said.

            “I need to know how big to make them sweetheart.” She said, trying not to get mad at her.

            “But couldn’t you measure somewhere else?” She asked.

            “No.” Mrs. Weasley replied, as she triple-checked Ginny’s height. “Now to see how much you weigh…” She said, making a scale appear.

            “Mum. It doesn’t matter how much I weigh when you are making me robes.” Ginny said, growing impatient.

            “If you want them to fit you do sweetie.” She said, putting on a smile. Ginny also put on a fake smile, and continued to work with what little her mother was giving her


            Ginny got home, very frustrated with her mother and happy to see her loving boyfriend. She walked into the kitchen to find no Harry, but a Luna sitting in her kitchen.

            “Hi Luna.” Ginny said. “Might I ask you how you got in?” 

            “Harry let me in. He just left because Seamus invited him out for drinks.” She explained. “I just came over to tell you that Harry might have a problem with him.” She said.

            “What do you mean?” Ginny said, taking the seat across from her.

            “He has too many wrackspurts in his head. If anymore get in, his head will implode.” She said. “It’s not good for the mind.” She said.

            “Oh yeah. That’s terrible.” Ginny said, pretending like she cared. She sort of did. “We must get him to the doctor immediately.” She said.

            “Oh no. The doctors have no knowledge or belief of Wrackspurts. You have to dunk his head in a tub on ice water for thirty minutes and the wrackspurts will die when the cold water hit them.” She said.

            “What about the dead ones? What do we do with those?” Ginny asked, pretending along with Luna.

            “Oh those will just fall out of his ears while he is sleeping. No need to worry. They’ll just lay there and be dead until someone decides to get rid of them. I like to keep them myself as a collection. If you don’t mind, could I have Harry’s?” She asked.

            “Ummmm, I’ll have to check with Harry on that. After all, they are his wrackspurts.” Ginny said.

            “Oh look at the time. I really must be going, the Crumpled Horned Snorkacks are going to be breeding tonight.” She said, walking out.

            “It was nice talking to you Luna.”  Ginny said, as Luna walked out of the apartment and left. Ginny was now alone. Officially alone. Luna had left, Ron and Hermione were on their honeymoon, Harry was out probably having a few fire whiskeys. There was no way she was going to visit her mother after she had repeatedly stabbed her with needles while fitting her robs earlier that day. The only other possible person that she would even barely consider talking to, was her team. But it was the team’s day off, and they didn’t want to hang out with another teammate. Like they did every other day.

            Ginny just then, walked out the door, and began to stroll down the streets of London. She had become used to the muggle life without magic. She had cooked a decent meal without burning it (Tenth times a charm) and she had some muggle money, so she could go and buy muggle things. She had her hands in her jacket, and walked down the street. She passed big department stores, and got a coffee at a local coffee shop. She still was walking when she saw something in a store window, catch her eye.

            It was a journal. Ginny had been fascinated by the fact that muggles, kept their secrets in this little journal. She had always wanted something like that, but with magic, there were counter curses and it was easy to open a lock with Alohomora. So she had opted out on the magic diary. Ginny walked in the store, and there was an entire room full of journals. Tiny journals, big journals, pocketbook journals, regular journals, out of the ordinary large journals, and Journals with keys. She looked around for one journal that she had seen before somewhere, and she had seen it in a dream. Maybe she could find something close to it, something that reminds her of it.

            Nothing. All the journals were too girly or too muggle-ish to her. She wanted to find this journal so she walked up to the counter.

            “Um excuse me.” She said. A lady with blonde curls and blue eyes turned around from making a journal.

            “Hi.” The worker said. Ginny looked at her name tag, and the girl’s name was Kellie. “How may I help you?” She asked.

            “I was wondering if you had this one specific journal. I’ve been looking for it everywhere.” Ginny said, lying.

            “We’re the place to go for journals. Now what color would this specific journal be?” She asked, and Ginny told her the works. Color, size, any decorations, stuff like that. They couldn’t find anything. They walked back to the counter, and Ginny said thank you. She walked out of the door, and then realized that she had seen the journal, but just passed through it. She walked back in, got the journal, and put it on the counter.

            “This is the one you were looking for. See I thought of something else.” Kellie said, scanning the journal.            “That’ll be nineteen pounds please.” She asked, getting the receipt as it printed. Ginny took the journal, bid Kellie goodbye, and walked out the shop door. She continued to walk on, until it was almost time to start cooking dinner. She walked home,   wrote in her journal, and then made dinner.

Two Hours Later

            “Ow Ginny. Please don’t.” Harry said, as he walked into the bathroom. Harry had been pushed down the road by a drunken wizard, who absolutely had to ‘accidentally’ push Harry down the street. Harry had scraps all over his body, and most of them had started bleeding. “Why is there ice water in the bathtub?” Harry asked.

            “Luna told me something and she wants you to put your head underwater for half an hour to kill all the wrackspurts. At least do this for me.” Ginny said. “I don’t want that cute head of your to blow up now do I?” Ginny asked.

            “Do I even have a choice?” Harry asked, completely ignoring what Ginny had just said.

            “No. You don’t now, there’s the bubble now go sit in there for thirty minutes.” Ginny said. “And when you are done, I have some spells in the spell book to help your wounds.” She said walking out. Harry got in the bathtub, and was shocked how surprisingly warm he was. Ginny must’ve put a warming charm on him. He sat there, with his head fully submerged for half an hour, and then Ginny came in.

            Harry got out of the tub, and wrapped himself with the towel. “Now what happen to the ‘dead wrackspurts’?” Harry asked sarcastically, quoting words using his fingers.

            “They just fall out while you are sleeping.” Ginny said. “Now come on. I have to get those scars off now.” She said, holding out her hand. They both walked to the bedroom, and Ginny took off all the scars off his upper body. Except for the lightning scar, which would always stay. Ginny then motioned for Harry to do something and Harry didn’t understand.

            “What?” Harry asked.

            “Take off your towel. You have other scars you know.” Ginny said. Harry then dropped the towel, leaving him baring no clothes.

            “I don’t have any more Gin.” He said.

            “I know.” Ginny smirked, and then kissed him.


            “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you look in this picture?” Ron said, as they went through photographs of their honeymoon.

            “Yes.” She said, kissing him. “Multiple times.” Hermione said. “That’s a good one of you.” She said, pointing out a picture of Ron in a beret.

            “Yeah sure.” Ron said, looking through other pictures.

            “No, really it is!” Hermione said. “Look. It really is a great picture.” She pointed at everything.

            “Whatever you say ‘mione.” He said, kissing her cheek. Both the couples then continued to embrace each other’s love, that very same night.

Author’s Note: This is not some random stuff that I just stuck in here. It has a meaning, and you will find out that meaning later :) As always, I like reviews! And thank you all SO much for the response on the last chapter! I was going through a rough patch in my life and you all made it better :) And check out some of my other stories ;) just sayin :)


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