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The House Tournament- Weasley Style! by LoopyLoonyLuna
Chapter 1 : Pre-Tournament Hype
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"Lil! Lil! Lily Luna Potter!" A loud voice came from behind me, and before I knew it I was grabbed impatiently and spun around.

"Roxi..." I groaned, glaring at my overzealous cousin. "What is it?"

"Well, you didn't answer!" she said, showing her true Weasley colours and trying to get out of trouble by making it seem like my fault.

"Rox, you didn't give me a chance to." I replied, closing my eyes slightly. "I suppose you want to find a compartment?"

"Well, duh! Why else would I be here?" She sighed at my slowness and began pushing her trunk along the train. I sighed and followed her, just keeping sight of her long black hair as people milled about. Finally, she stopped.

"Excellent! There's only Hugo in here!" she beamed, wrenching open the compartment door and hurling herself inside.

Everything Roxanne does is dramatically over exaggerated. She's so full of energy and zeal, she just can't help it.

"Hugo, scat!" she said firmly, staring down at the cousin who is technically 4 days older than her. Of course, Hugo left immediately, just for the simple life more than terror of Roxi ( but try telling her that.)

"So, Lily." she said conversationally. "How'd you like my new hair?"

"Rox, I've seen your hair a lot over the summer. I've told you I like it every time you ask. I thought you might have got the message by now."

Recently, Roxi has become obsessed with Muggles. She made Grandad Arthur very proud by becoming the only Weasley other than him to take Muggle Studies. After a year of it, she'd found out a lot about muggle names and things. After discovering her name was a popular name for fictional Muggle rock chicks, she'd immediately magically dyed her dark brown hair pitch black, with a red streak in the front. She insisted the red was for Gryffindor, which I suspect was the only reason Aunt Ange let her keep it.

"Yeah, well, d'you think it matches my uniform?" Roxi asked.

"Well yeah, duh!" I replied. "You're so lucky. My hair clashes with my uniform. Red and red... ugh."

I was only being sour. I actually loved having Weasley red hair. All the Weasley's red hair was different.  Mine was long, poker straight, and a bright, rich  shiny red, not like the carroty mass of Rose's or the auburn waves of Louis.

"Aw, Lil, you know you love it..." teased Rox, who knows how I really feel. The thing about Rox and me is, we were brought up together, so we're really close. Unlike Rose and Lucy, who had let the year difference break apart their friendship, Rox and I had the advantage of being in the same house, year and dorm.

"Oh, Lily... can you believe we're old enough to compete in the Tournament this time! this time!!!!!" yelped Roxanne. The last time the Tournament had been on, we'd been "ickle firsties" as Peeves calls first years, sharing the angst of the rest o the Weasley-Potter-Delacours who weren't able to compete. This year, we all planned to enter. Except maybe Molly...

"You know, only one of us will be a champion... if that." I reminded her. I really wanted to compete. But so did Roxi. And James and Lucy and Albus...

"True... and it's gonna be me!" Roxi teased, but she had an edge of competitiveness to her voice. That edge was the first sign...

The rest of the journey passed in a blaze of passing Potter-Weasley-Delacours, all with the same message- "I'm so gonna be champion of Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw/Gryffindor! (Not a Weasley-Potter-Delacour in Slytherin at all.) Oh, except Molly, who came by and said, "I hope you're not thinking of entering that outrageous Tournament, Lily, Roxanne. I'm Head Girl this year and I plan to suggest to Proffessor McGonagall the abolishment of it."

Roxi and I giggled as the sombre Ravenclaw left, wondering how the cheery, mischeivious Luce could be related to her. Wonders will never cease...

Anyway at the feast, McG made all the usual announcements- plus the one about the Tournament. But the deadline for the Goblet had been shortened till...

"Tomorrow!" shrieked Roxi. "We find out who get's in... tomorrow!" She wasn't the only one who got all hyped up. I saw Lucy practically disco dancing with her friend Ayesha, and Hugo was jabbering excitedly with his best friend Henry at the Hufflepuff table.

"Quiet down, please!" said McG in her strong Scottish accent. "Yes, the chaapions will be drawn tomorrow at dinner. Now, off you go to bed! Goodnight!"

“So, are you going to put your name in tomorrow?” Roxanne asked me as we walked up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room.

“Course I am!” I replied, surprised she even had to ask. “Aren't you?”

“Well, duh!” she said, then she smiled. “But James or Al will probably get it.”

“True.” I acknowledged the superiror magic skills of my brothers. “So, Hufflepuff- Hugo or Fred?”

“Fred, definetely.” Roxanne answered without a monets hesitation.

“I dunno, Hugo has some pretty decent tricks up his sleeve.”

“Yeah, but Fred has some pretty good tricks full stop!” Roxanne defended her brothers skills, “But Ravenclaw is a tough one.

“I know!” I agreed. “I'd say Dom is the least likely. She is skilled, but Rose and Louis are supreme.

“Yeah, it's definetely between those two. But Dom could easily contend too. She's actually really good at Charmwork.”

“God, it's so cool, though, isn't it! I mean we actually have the chance to compete!” I said.

“Well, obviously!” said Roxi, but I could tell she was excited too. “I can't wait! It's gonna be so cool...”

“Ah, little children, discussing the Tournament?”

“James!” Roxanne and I said in unison.

“Yes, it is he.” said my smug big brother. “You are looking at the Gryffindor champion- James Sirius Potter!”

“You?” said Rox sceptically. “If anyone, I'd say Albus.”

“Albus? Albus? Ha! He'd never enter...”

“Actually, James, he would...” I said. “He's changed a lot. He's in Gryffindor. He's brave. He will enter.

“I hope you're not thinking of entering?” James said, changing the subject rapidly. “You're far too young, Lily!”

“What, and Roxanne isn't?” I said acidly. “The Tournament premits students of 4th year and above the compete.”

“Don't you dare, Lily! No, don't argue. Dad would kill me if you enter.”

“And Mum will kill me if I don't.” I replied.

“Lily Luna Potter, I want your word you won't enter.

Roxanne was just watching this whole exchange. I was quite surprised she hadn't jumped in to defend me, then I realised. If I couldn't enter, that would be one less person the compete with.

“James, I'm not three. I'll enter if I want to.”

“I want your word Lily.”

“Fine.” I sighed. “I, Lily Luna Potter, swear not to enter the Tournament.”

“Good. Bye.” My arsehole of an older brother stalked off, probably to terrorise some innocent first years. How that boy got made a prefect is beyond me.

“Aw, Lil, now you can't enter!” Roxanne said sympathetically. But there was a telltale glint of victory in her blue eyes.

By that point we'd reached the common room, passwordless.

“Er...” I said, as the Fat Lady looked at us knowingly.

“Felicitis Silverias!” A voice announced proudly from behind us.

“Ah, thank you Mr Prefect!” I said to my favourite brother as he beamed at me.

“No problem!” said Albus cheerily, as Roxanne and I stepped through the portrait hole. “Has james tried to stop you entering the Tournament too?”

“Don't tell me he tried that on you too?” I said. “James clearly really wants this.”

“Yeah, he made me swear and everything! But-” he held up his hand “- I crossed my fingers.”

Roxanne had drifted away to talk to Lucy. I leant up and whispered in Albus's ear- “So did I.”

“Well, I really hope one of us gets it then!” Albus said. “G'night, Lil.”

“'Night, Al.”

Roxanne was still talking to Lucy. The kept glancing in my direction. Rox was probably telling Lucy all about how I couldn't compete. Sucks to them, I thought as I climbed the stairs to my dorm. I'd get into that Tournament...

The next day, I left the dorm later than Roxanne and Freida, our dorm mate. I carefully wrote my name in red ink on a slip of parchment, then slid it into my pocket.

Much to my dismay, I saw that Roxi and Frieda had stayed back and were talking to Lucy and Alysha.

“Lily! What took you so long!” yelled Roxanne. “Frieda and I are goiong to put our names in the Goblet- we thought you might want to come.”

“Yeah, sure.” I agreed. “Is Lucy...”

“Yeah.” The girl herself answered. “Aly and I are. Roxanne told me about that super irritating thing James said. That must be super annoying.”

“Yeah, I'm super annoyed. I so gonna super kill James. He's such a super arse.” I replied. God, that girl annoyed me.

“Oh, of course Molly forbade me to enter, but she's so super straight-laced. I'm entering anyway. It's gonna be super awesome!

“Super.” I said sourly. Lucy used to be fun, like Rox and I. Me, her, Rose and Roxi used to have so much fun pranking the teachers. Sometimes even Dom joined in. But then Lucy became “Super attractive” and “super popular” and left Rox and I in the dust. And Rose too, of course.

We all walked down the staircase together. Roxi kept taking out the parchment with her name on it and looking at it, then looking at me pityingly.

"Oh Roxi, scared you'll lose the slip? me too. I'm super scared. I mean, what if something goes super wrong? Anything could happen. I mean..." Lucy jabbered on, with Roxanne listening attentively. At leasy, she looked attentive. I could tell her mind was miles off, by the vacant expression in her eyes.

"Rox- door." I hissed, as she almost walked into one. Lucy looked up, surprised she'd been interrupted.

"Hm?" Rox looked confused for a second. She dodged into the door, then clocked Lucy's stern expresssion. "Oh, yeah, I totally agree, Luce."

"You agree... that Lorcan Lovegood... is  super cute?" Lucy sounded surprised, and a little put out. Rox looked terrified.

"NO! Well, yes..." she said, after Lucy glowered at her.

"Oh well,least there's two of them.!" said Lucy, referring to Lorcan and Lysander Lovegood, the twins.

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The House Tournament- Weasley Style!: Pre-Tournament Hype


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