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A Light In The Dark by _Keeper_
Chapter 9 : When Times End and Others Begin
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Fleur looked beautiful as she walked down the isle. I couldn’t help at smile at the look in her eyes when she first saw Bill. Whenever I went to a wedding I loved to see how the bride and groom looked at each other – only then could you see how they really felt about the other.


They were in love; it was so clear in their eyes.


I smiled as the pastor started the ceremony, it was beautiful with the usual vows but it had to have a hint of magic – it was a wizard’s wedding after all.


As the bride and groom kissed a white circle lit up around them as the people began to clap.


They walked down the isle hand in hand, just as happy as could be.


People started to stand up and follow after the bride and groom towards the reception area.


I sat down for a while, waiting for the crowd to die down a bit, and just staring at the alter.


I sighed and tilted my head a bit; I don’t think I would ever have that. I thought back to the night Draco left, and the rose. My fingers gently touched the flower in my hair, a simple spell kept the flower and bright and as fresh as the night I had received it.


I stood up and looked around; I was alone in the room. I sad smile spread across my face – no one even noticed that Looney Luna Lovegood wasn’t with everyone else, no one.


I moved down the isle of chairs and stopped when I came to the bride’s walk way. I turned and walked up to the alter, my fingers gently brushing across the gold and white flower bouquets tied to the chairs leading up to the grand sight.


The alter was covered in gold and white roses, the circle that was created when the bride and groom had kissed was still there, just slightly faded.


I stepped into it and slowly turned around as I looked at it – it was like the tail of a Patronus, bright and magical.


I smiled and ended up facing the alter straight on.


‘Luna?’ I turned around to see Harry standing by the entrance, a confused look on his face, ‘You coming?’


I smiled at being remembered and quickly skipped over to meet him, ‘Yes.’


‘So, how are you doing Luna?’ Harry asked, caution in his voice. His hand played nervously at the back of his neck as we walked towards the reception area.


I smiled, seeing clearly at what he was trying to get at, ‘I’m fine Harry, its been almost three months.’


‘Yeah…I know…’ He trailed off, not knowing where to go from there.


I sighed and twirled the skirt of my strapless yellow dress this way and that, watching as the lacy red tips of the dress flowed in the wind.


‘You look beautiful.’ Harry said off handedly.


‘Thanks.’ I turned to him and smiled and then the silence fell once more.


‘So how are you Harry?’ I asked still playing with my skirt.


‘I’m good. Well, as good as I could be.’ Harry was worried slightly; Hermione, Ron and him would have to leave soon to search for more Horcruxes. I couldn’t blame him for being scared.


 ‘Everything will work out fine.’ I said, taking his hand and giving it an encouraging squeeze.


Harry’s smile lit up his face, ‘Thanks Luna. That means a lot coming from you.’


I smiled and dropped his hand as we came to the reception area and took our seats with Hermione, Ron, and the twins.


‘Where have you two been?’ Hermione asked under her breath.


Harry leaned over to her, ‘I went to find Luna.’


Hermione nodded and turned her attention to Bill and Fleur who where swaying gracefully to the music playing for their first dance.


‘Isn’t it beautiful?’ I sighed, Ron turned to me with a brow raised.


‘I guess.’ He said, giving me that usual odd Ron look he had.


I nodded and slowly swayed my head side to side with the music.


I opened my eyes to see couples joining Bill and Fleur on the dance floor. I smiled and continued to hum with the music.


‘Um…Hermione?’ Ron’s voice cracked a bit. Hermione turned to him, her head tilted slightly.


Ron swallowed a bit, ‘Would you—you like to dance?’


Hermione’s face lit up as she nodded. Ron stood and took her hand and led her to the floor. I watched as Ron tried, very awkwardly mind you, to find a place to put his hands. He eventually settled on her waist and Hermione, giggling slightly, wrapped her arms around his neck.


Harry laughed from my side, I turned to him and he pushed himself back a bit so that the front legs of his chair were off the ground, ‘About time for them, don’t you think?’


I smiled and nodded, ‘Agreed.’


The song ended but a new one began up right after it. The sun started to set and bright pinks and violet clouds filled the sky. I looked up at the stars just beginning to appear and smiled, reminded of times spent in the Astronomy tower just gazing at them and making wishes on shooting stars.


And as if my thoughts were a pray a star shot across the sky.


My mouth feel open a bit in a amazement and Harry chuckled a bit at my side.


‘Well, go on, make a wish.’ Harry said when I turned to him.


I turned back to the stars and closed my eyes. I could wish all I want, but it would never come true. But a small piece of me wouldn’t believe that no matter how many times I said it.


I opened my eyes and kept looking up to the stars.


‘What did you wish for?’ Harry asked, taking a sip from his water.


I smiled and turned to look at Harry, ‘I can’t tell you, it won’t come true then.’


Harry laughed, ‘That is the most ridicules thing I have ever heard, who even came up with that bloody notion?’


I turned back to the stars and sighed, ‘Maybe the same person who came up with wishing on the stars.’ I close my eyes once more and let the breeze gently brush against me.


‘Luna, would you like to dance?’ Harry stood up and shifted his cloak a bit before offering me his hand, ‘I’m not perfect but I can at least sway without stepping on your toes.‘


Harry’s boyish grin was spread across his face, and no one could ever say no to it.


I nodded and took his hand. Harry led us to the floor and placed his hands on my waist as I placed mine on his shoulders, the song was slow and gentle, almost as if it was the song of the wind.


I looked up to Harry and smiled, ‘Thanks for asking me to dance, you are a great friend.’


‘My pleasure.’ Harry took my hand and gracefully spun me around before we fell back into our original way of dancing.


‘Very smooth.’ I said with a slight laugh.


POP! The people closest to the sound turned towards the east, the same as Harry and I had.


‘Probably someone just late.’ Harry said, looking down to me. I nodded in agreement and we kept swaying back and forth, letting the music fill us. I rested my head on Harry’s shoulder, memories filling my head, as tears budded in my eyes, as my heart wished it wasn’t Harry that I was dancing with at this moment in time.




Draco cringed at the sound. He knew Apparating was loud but he hadn’t thought about it – he just knew he had to get here and fast.


Death Eaters where on the way and he knew she would be here.


Draco walked carefully towards the reception, taking great care not to be seen. When he got to the outskirts of it though he wasn’t happy with what he saw.


There were hundreds of couples on the floor but one caught his attention immediately. His nails dug into his hands in a quick fit of jealousy, but he quickly dismissed it the best he could.


He knew she deserved better and he had been the one to leave – she had a right to move on. But part of him had wished she wouldn’t.


Draco sighed a bit before turning his focus to the task at hand, as Harry turned Luna around Draco stepped out a bit – enough to catch the wizard’s attention.


Draco smiled devilishly to himself, now he would keep her and all she cared about safe and break up her little dance with Potter.




I finished turning and moved back to take my place but noticed that Harry was stock still, his mouth slightly open.


‘Harry, what’s wrong?’ I turned around but saw nothing so I turned back to him.


‘I—I need to go look at something, but I’ll be back, alright?’ Harry looked down at me with curious eyes.


I nodded and watched him go with confusion. He weaved in-between tables and slowly made his way to a curtained off area.


Curiosity budded up inside of me and I started to follow. Harry reached for his wand just before turning the corner, I followed suite just in case, but stayed hidden behind the corner.


‘What are you doing here?’ Harry’s tone was harsh. Slowly I edged my way around trying to see who he was talking too, ‘You weren’t invited.’


Harry was talking to someone standing in the shadows; I huffed and blew my bangs from my eyes. Who was it?


‘I asked what you are doing here.’ Harry said, his wand slightly raised.


‘Relax Potter. I’m just here to warn you.’ I thought I was dreaming, a gasp escaped my lips as I saw Draco step from the shadows. He was wearing all black like the last time I had seen him, but he wasn’t so well groomed, his hair fell around his face and deep, set circles where under his eyes.


‘Draco?’ I said barley above a whisper. I wanted to run to him, fall into his arms. But I couldn’t get myself to believe that what I was seeing was real.


‘Warn me about what?’ Harry said, not letting his guard down a bit.


Draco still held his head haughtily, even though he looked like he had been through hard times, ‘Death Eaters are on their way. They know a bunch of the Order is here and want to wreak havoc.’


‘How do I know you aren’t lying? That is isn’t a trap?’ Harry asked, taking a step closer.


Draco sneered, one thing I admired about him most what how cool he could stay under pressure, he never let an emotion slip, ‘You think I’d risk letting them hurt her?’


‘Oh, you already have. When you left to join them.’ Harry said, his hand tightening around his wand.


A flicker of pain crossed Draco’s eye, but if you didn’t know him like I did it would have been completely lost to you, ‘Just trust me on this. Get everyone out. Now.’


Draco started to leave but stopped and turned back around, ‘And Potter.’


‘What?’ Harry was ready to throw a spell at a moments notice; he never let his guard down around Malfoy.


‘Keep her safe,’ Draco looked down, not wanting to show his emotions to Harry. He looked up quickly though – fire in his eyes, ‘But keep your hands off of her.’


Harry smirked, ‘Saw that didn’t you? And you know she deserves better.’


I shook my head, still not believing this was true, but wanting it to be. I slowly crept from my hiding place, my wand pointing to the ground.


‘Draco?’ Both of the boys turned around to me, startled by my presence.


Harry looked from me to the Slytherin, ‘I’m going to go tell the Order. You better not be lying Malfoy.’


‘I’m not.’ Draco snapped. Harry ignored him and ran past me, I smiled as he did – he trusted my decisions and that meant the world to me, because I knew he was protective over me and the last thing he wanted to do was leave me alone with Draco – even if he had to go alert the Order to the news.


‘Draco, don’t run away again.’ I said as Draco started to make a half turn.


I walked over to him, and stopped a couple feet short.


Draco kept his eyes on the ground, not wanting to look at me.


‘Ho-how have you been?’ I asked, shifting from foot to foot.


Draco smirked and turned to look at me, ‘How have I been? That’s all you’re going to say?’


I took a small breath, ‘Well—’


‘You aren’t going to yell or throw something at me? I left; I left to be you to be on their side. You can’t possibly have forgotten that.’ Draco said, his eyes hurt and annoyed.


I shook my head from side to side, ‘No, I can’t but you came back. You came back and told Harry what was going to happen…you’re not bad Draco, you’re not one of them—’


Draco took a couple steps closer to me and pointed at his chest, ‘I’m a Malfoy—’


‘A name doesn’t make you bad, Draco.’ I looked from my hands that were twisting nervously to his stormy grey eyes, ‘You came back.’


Draco huffed, his hands ran through his hair as he turned around and walk a ways away, ‘I’m going to leave again.’


I took a step forward, ‘And I’ll be here when you come back again.’


Draco smirked and turned around, ‘What makes you think I will?’


I took a deep breath and looked at him directly, ‘I know you. You will. And I’ll be here.’




Draco and I both turned slightly, people where running out and Apparating away.


Draco sneered, ‘Looks like Potter the Great has gone to work.’


I turned back to him, ‘So when is it your turn?’


‘I just did, I was the insider to tell he what to do.’ Draco said, a slight jealousy of Harry was clear in his eyes.


I shook my head, ‘No, when is it your turn to live? You’re good Draco, and I won’t stop believing that.’


Draco turned towards me, his eyes harsh, ‘I have to go.’


I put my hands on my hips and just stared at him, ‘That façade doesn’t work on me and you know it.’


Draco started to turn and annoyed look in his eyes.


‘No, Draco wait.’ I ran over to him before he could complete his circle.


He wouldn’t look at me and just kept his eyes down. I walked over to him and placed my hands on each side of his face, causing him to look at me.


‘You will come back, and I’ll be waiting.’ I let my hands drop to his forearm and slowly I pushed up his sleeve, shifting my eyes a bit as I did so. I didn’t like seeing the mark on his arm, it was their attempt and making him one of them, but I needed him to know I cared about him. No matter what.


I looked back up to his eyes, ‘I still love you.’


Draco shook his head slightly ‘Luna—’


‘Luna?’ We both turned to see Harry standing at the opening of the way, ‘We need to get you away from here. They are here.’


I looked back to Draco, whose eyes where filled with terror, and slowly pushed his sleeve back down, ‘I will be waiting.’


I let go of his arm and stepped back, our eyes stayed locked even as Harry came up and grabbed my arm to drag me away. I watched as Draco turned and was gone with a small pop.


‘I have to get you some place safe.’ Harry wrapped his arm around me and Apparated, I barley noticed for my eyes where still on the spot I last saw the one I loved.


I stumbled slightly and Harry caught me before I fell. My head was spinning and Harry helped me so that I could sit on the floor.


‘W-where did you take me?’ I asked once my vision started to clear.


‘You’re in Grimmauld Place; Tonks will come to get you. You’ll be safe here, I have to go though.’ I could see the hurt in Harry’s eyes, he didn’t want to leave me alone.


I smiled and traced my fingers across his cheek, ‘Go, I’ll be fine.’ I leaned up and brushed back his bangs before I placed a small kiss on his forehead, ‘Stay safe, all of you, we will get through this.’


Harry gave one last smile before he squeezed my and stood, with a turn he was gone and I was alone with the quiet of the old house.


I wrapped my arms around my knees and looked at the darkness around me. But to my surprise there was a ring of light around me, I turned my head towards a window on the wall. The moon was full and shinning in all of its glory, stars where scattered across the sky like diamonds.


I watched, trying to remember all the constellations I had learned the year before. One constellation which I could never forget stood out the most to me though – the serpent, Draco. It was July, the time of year that the stars in serpent where at their brightest.


The tears started to fall before I could even try and control them. I lied down on the cold floor and let my hurt just pour out. Sobs making my throat dryer and dryer as I cried.


My heart was broken again, and it sure wasn’t to be the last time.


The peaceful times where ending, darker ones where coming.


I’d keep my promise though and wait, the light was sure to come again – the morning would dawn, but for now it was dark and all I could feel was the pain and sorrow and how truly alone I was in the world.



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