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Always by SeverusLove
Chapter 1 : Always
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter obviously does NOT belong to me since you may recognize that a sentence or two are taken from  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Book which clearly belongs to the brilliant J.K. Rowling.



He was panicking. Thoughts were rushing around his head but it was hard to organize them. He had failed. No, he had to hold out. He had to get up and find him. Extreme pain was coursing through his body. He had to find him or all those years of work would result to nothing. He had failed. NO! He was going to hold out. For Lily. But unfortunately, he couldn’t think much any longer. The pain was too strong. He felt like he would die soon. But doing his very best in the face of Death, Severus Snape held on. He wouldn’t embrace Death yet. He couldn’t face Lily if he didn’t finish what he had set out to do…but how to finish it? As though an answer to his desperate thoughts, Harry Potter was suddenly before him. Harry Potter, the boy he loathed. And it was then that he actually pondered on why he detested Harry Potter. And it was also then that he realised that he didn't really hate Harry.

It was only because Harry Potter was the son of James Potter who had tortured him in school and stolen his one great love that he had despised Harry. It was because Harry Potter had a “Potter” attached to his name. And it was because Harry Potter was such an arrogant, attention seeking, Quidditch Seeker toe-rag just like his father.

He didn't really hate Harry, no. He just hated the similarities between father and son, James and Harry. He detested the fact that Harry was a symbol and proof of the love of Lily to James. He abhorred the fact that Harry was fruit to that love. He did not loathe Harry, just the idea of why and how he existed. Harry had his own good factors. Like his love and loyalty to his friends. Oh, and those eyes…eyes so much like hers, like Lily’s.

Harry bent over Severus and Severus seized the front of Harry’s robes and pulled him close. It was now or never, he could finally rest in peace. A terrible rasping, gurgling noise issued from Snape’s throat.

“Take…it…Take…it…” ‘and I pray you understand.’ He added in his thoughts. There was so much more he wanted to say…like “don’t you dare put my efforts to waste” or “your mother was a wonderful witch but your father was an arrogant toe-rag”. But, it hurt too much to speak. Harry filled his flask with Severus’ final and only gift to him. A long-lasting gift not unlike his mother's: Protection. Severus struggled to speak. He just had to see it.

“Look…at…me…” he whispered. Green eyes found black and Severus, filled with peace and love, finally gave in. His last thought was on the original owner of those green eyes, Lily.

Death embraced him and he felt peace. He had finished what he had set out to do. His task on earth was done. Severus opened his eyes and found that he was in the same place that he had died. Somehow, he knew what to do. He felt his feet rise off the ground, and passed through the roof as though transparent. He looked down at himself and found that he was not ghost, nor solid but that didn’t matter. Nothing mattered now. His eyes shot back up and watched where he was heading. He had just passed the roof and past the trees. He stood quite still now. Or rather, flew quite still. He blinked and was surprised to see that mist covered all over him. He was not in the Shrieking Shack now, no. He was at King’s Cross, where three figures stood to greet him.

The first he recognized to be Albus Dumbledore, an old wizard with long silver hair and beard.

The second, he saw, with a mixture of grief and joy, Lily Evans, a young witch with dark red hair and kind green eyes.

And the third, he saw with a sudden rush of anger and hurt, James Potter. James Potter, his nemesis. James Potter, Lily's love. But just as fast as the anger had come, it was suddenly gone. Because after all, more than 15 years was far too long to hold a grudge and besides, he had a peaceful life now. A life where he coud see Lily, where he could feel her, talk to her, and love her.

Silence threatened to overpower them as he just stood there, staring at Lily with his signature expression, lips curled down and emotionless eyes. Suddenly, she broke into a smile and for once in as long as he could remember, he smiled back.

“You have done well, Severus.” Albus Dumbledore, spoke softly.

“Thank you, Snivellus.” James said. But the nickname didn’t have the usual contempt, no. It surprisingly had a fond edge to it. And for the first time, they shook hands, unsmiling, but not frowning either.

She did not speak. But she didn’t need to. Her eyes spoke for her. It said that she was glad of what he had done. It said that she was proud to have someone like him...even if it was only as a friend. And it said one more thing, the most vital thing. The thing he had most wanted from her: Forgiveness. Forgiveness shone in her eyes. And suddenly, all his efforts on saving and protecting Harry seemed nothing…nothing compared to how happy he was now. He had done it. He had loved her always…no, not “had”, but “is” and for sure, “would”.

And together, the four walked towards the train. For the longest time, he forgot how it felt…this. Happiness. They had lots of catching up to do. And he was looking forward to a better, more peaceful life. And perhaps, an unlikely friendship with James, Sirius, and Remus. But more importantly, a life with Lily. Always.


Yes people, it is my first HP Fanfic. Do tell me what you think. I just had the sudden urge to write this when I finished reading the whole HP Series. Severus' story is  just so sad. I actually cried. And I'm very proud to say that I have believed in Severus even when he killed Dumbledore. Well, when he did, I actually cried for him, feeling sort of betrayed...but when I learned that it was for a good reason, I was proud of having believed in him. (sighs) Anyway, enough of my rambling, what do you think?


EDIT: credits go to Lauraf68, Curiosity is not a sin, xtinjsc, VeniceLily, Jenna822, schoenemaedchen, MajiKat, and all the other reviewers (I wish I could mention all your names, but there's just too many to mention. :D) for your reviews and pointers on how to improve my story. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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