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Hogwarts Gone Wild by SilverCloud
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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K, here's numero two!

Disclaimer: SilverCloud:*Calls JK* "Can I have Harry Potter?"
JK:"No." *hangs up* Oh well...
---------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Two

Two days later, a Sunday, The trio were sitting in the Common Room, enjoying the warm evening. They had just finished dinner and Dumbledore was acting a little strange. It seems his Healer gave him some potion to help his memory, but the side effects make him think he's a thirty year old woman taking care of her children. He talked to his "children" the whole time, who were imaginary. Hermione, Harry, and Ron were still laughing about it. Then they heard a pop.
SilverCloud:"Hiii!!" *waves*
Ron:"Who are you?"
SilverCloud:"I'm SilverCloud!" *smiles*
Harry:"Is that your real name?"
SIlverCliud:"What do you think?"
Hermione:"No Harry, it's a pen name."
SilverCloud:"Thanks Herm! Anyways, I'm here to invite you all to my birthday party!" *smiles*
Ron:"Um...OK. When is it?"
SilverCloud:"Right now." *grabs Harry, Hermione, and Ron and pops and they all dissapear*
It was a sunny afternoon. The house and backyard was crowded with guests. Adults, teens, and little kids were to be found having a good time. On the grass in the middle of the yard, four figures appeared out of thin air. (A/N: FYI- This story takes place in June.)
SilverCloud:"Well, have fun!"
Ron:"Wait a minute. Isn't it night time?"
Hermione:"Ronald, didn't you notice her accent? We aren't in England, obviously."
Harry:*looks around* "I think we're in America."
SilverCloud:"Precisely. The east coast in fact. It's about two in the afternoon here. Well anyways, have fun!"
Trio:"OK." (A/N: Trio= Harry, Ron, and Hermione)
SilverCloud:"Let me show you around first. That's the trampoline, pool, and where the food is." *points to each place*
A short girl from the trampoline comes running up to them.
Girl:"Hey! *talks to SilverCloud* What are they *points to Trio* doing here? I had enough of them at the movies last time we went!" (A/N: movies= cinema)
Harry and Hermione:"Cinema?"
SilverCloud:"I...uh...*ponders* she forgot to take her medication this morning." *fake smile*
Girl:"Lala." *gives SilverCloud a weird look, then runs off*
The trio are confused so they head over to the pool.
Blonde Girl:"Hi!"
Blonde Girl:"Oooo look. Cake! I'll see you around."
Ron:"Cake!" *runs off with blonde girl*
Harry and Hermione: *sigh, and follow Ron*
SilverCloud:"Having fun?"
Ron:"It's boring."
Hermione:"We don't know anybody."
SilverCloud:"That's okay, we can go somewhere else."
SilverCloud:"I'm not sure yet." *grabs Trio and they dissapear with a pop*
Thanks for reading, please review if you want chapter three!

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