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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 11 : Snapping Knickers
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There was no getting around it.  I was uncomfortable.  All of my clothes were tight on me, so I had to wear fat people clothes now.  Needless to say, I was not happy about it.  But I was trying not to dwell on it.  Besides, I was trying to plan the last minute details of my best friend’s bridal shower.  And it seemed like things were falling apart right before my eyes.


“Well, can we switch the food at this point?” Lily asked worriedly.


Roxanne snorted.  “Of course we can.  We’re witches.  We can just whip something together with our wands.”


Lily pursed her lips.  “Correction: only you two can wave your wands around.  I can’t yet.”


However, all debates stopped when James suddenly plopped into the dining chair next to mine.  I looked at him amusedly.  “Do you want to help us plan this little girly party thing?”


He just smirked at me.  For some reason, it was irritating.  “It just sounds like you ladies are troubled and stressed.  I could never deny help to damsels in distress.  So give me some details.”


I watched him for a moment, debating on whether or not he was serious.  Nothing said otherwise, so I let him the conversation.  “Rose’s shower is in two hours.  Right now she’s getting an exam, so we’ve got to hurry up.  We’re doing an around-the-clock theme.  We still have to get decorations up and now we’re trying to change our menu.”




Roxanne leaned forward.  “The more we thought about it, the more we realized that finger sandwiches and tea weren’t exactly Rose’s perfect match.”


James chuckled.  “That is certainly true.  How about we have Belgian waffles?”


Lily sighed.  “That’s more of a breakfast food.  I don’t really want to have it in the afternoon, but it’s really up to Dom.  She’s the final decision maker.”


At first, my mouth watered as I pictured a huge plate with waffles stacked high and strawberry sauce dripping off of them.  But then I felt my stomach churn.  “Um, my baby is telling me that waffles are a big no-no.”


“We’ll just have to think of something else.” James announced, and sat in what looked like deep thought for a moment.  “Rose loves cheeseburgers.  How about we have that?”


I nodded, not being turned off of the idea.  “But there’s one problem: I’m pretty sure that none of us have made cheeseburgers.  It’s not exactly the most popular food among our family.”


He pulled out his wand and arrogantly twirled it a few times.  “It’s a good thing that you have me, ladies, because I have made cheeseburgers before.”


I was impressed to say the least.  I didn’t realize that James could cook.  I knew he could eat the food that was cooked (believe me, it was almost scary to watch), but I didn’t know that he could make the food as well.  I opened my mouth to tell him this, but I felt a snap by my waist and a shot of pain.


Apparently, I visibly looked like I was in pain because I had Lily, Roxie, and James all beside me in a second.  “What is it?” James implored, looking terrified.  “Is it the baby?”


I grimaced.  “Guys, don’t worry.  That was just my last pair of knickers snapping.”  James, Lily, and Roxie breathed sighs of relief, but then it really hit me.  My last pair of knickers from my skinnier days was gone.  Before I could do anything, I felt the tears coming.  Everyone looked surprised.  I quickly stood up and ordered, “Go get everything ready.  I’ll come down when guests start arriving.”


And with that, I stomped up to my bedroom, ignoring the stunned expressions of my friends’ faces.






Life was so wonderful.  I wasn’t pregnant.  Teddy was standing just a few inches away, looking as handsome as ever, and he was leaning in slowly.  I leaned in towards him, puckering slightly as I waited for the moment of bliss whenever his lips met mine.  But it didn’t happen.  I opened my eyes, and Teddy wasn’t in front of me anymore.  He was a few feet away, and he was kissing Vic.  I screamed loud, and suddenly I was surrounded by my unlit room.


“Wow, that was intense.” I whispered to myself, sitting up and pulling the covers.  My shirt and shorts were soaked.  I didn’t realize that I could sweat that much in my sleep.  And no, it wasn’t a pleasant dream, but it was far from a nightmare. 


Feeling gross and sticky, I pulled off my shirt and my hands paused on my belly.  I loved this baby so much, even though it was complicating life.  I put on some fresh clothes, washed my face, and went to open the door and head downstairs.  However, Rose opened the door before I could reach it.  She was grinning from ear to ear and had the glow of an expecting mother.


“What’s put you in such a good mood?” I asked, hugging her fiercely.  I couldn’t help it.  She was so happy that it made me happy.


“I went to see my Healer today, right?” I nodded.  “Well, he said that my babies are just fine.”


At first, it didn’t occur to me what she was saying.  But she was clearly waiting for some type of outburst.  Finally, it hit me what she announced.


“You’re having twins?” I squealed.  She nodded, and we pulled each other into fierce hugs again.  We were there for a few moments when I whispered, “You know, this probably isn’t good for our babies.”


Rose obviously agreed with me because she let go of me and just smiled.  “Our babies are going to have such a blast growing up together!  Maybe your kid and one of my kids will get interested in each other.”


“They’ll be second cousins!  Isn’t that weird?”


“Hey, if my one of my kids wants to marry your kids, I won’t say no.  Your kid is probably the only one I’d trust with my kids.”


I chuckled, and secretly wondered how I would react if something like that happened.  “Now come on, Rose.  I’m sure that you’ve seen your party, so let’s party.”






I had a list of moments in one of my journals that had specific moments during which I had wished to not be pregnant.  This happened to be one of those moments.  Why?  I really wanted to down some Firewhisky.  Maybe it would add some livelihood to this party.


My train of thought was broken when I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder.  I actually had to force myself to not shiver from the pleasure of his touch.  I missed his touch, and it was at this moment that I truly realized it.


“So, Maid of Honor, can Vic and I steal you away to go get some dresses?” Teddy whispered in my ear.  It was like he was my savior.  Could he tell how bored I was? 


I was actually kind of relieved when Teddy and Vic came to fetch me from Rose’s party.  It was honestly one of the most boring parties I had ever attended.  It was probably because it was a bridal shower.  Thankfully, Lily and Roxie agreed to take the reins and keep everything under control.


I was honestly happy to leave that boring place, but I was also kind of disappointed because I was going to find Vic’s wedding dress and my bridesmaid dress.  This means discussing the wedding.  This also means that Teddy and Vic will be all lovey-dovey and make me throw up on her new dress.  But I would try and restrain myself.  Apparently, Uncle Harry was already here trying on his dress robes, so I’d have his support.


Vic turned to me excitedly as we reached the dress area.  “Okay, I want to find your dress first.  Harry actually liked the dress robes that we picked out, so he’s home right now.”  I was incredibly disappointed.  “So, we’ve decided that you will be wearing a light green color.  And I trust your fashion taste, so you can pick out your dress.  Just run it by me or Teddy when you find one that you like.  I’m going to go find my dress right now.”


I nodded, and went searching through the many dresses that were surrounding me.  I did notice one thing, though.  When Vic left, Teddy stayed with me.  Why?  Why me?  I turned to him.  “So, what kind of dress do you think would look the best on me?”


Teddy grinned.  “Well, actually you look fantastic in no dress."


I playfully pushed him.  “Good luck seeing me wearing that again.”


He just continued to grin at me.  I wanted to hex him.  My eyes trailed over all of the dresses.  I didn’t know what I had in mind, but I knew that when I saw a dress that I loved, I would try it on.  Luckily, it didn’t take very long.  I saw a lovely green satin dress that probably fell to my knees and was strapless.  I was so excited as I pulled it to me and hurried off to try it on.


This fabric felt so fantastic on my skin.  I didn’t realize how wonderful satin felt!  I felt like such a luxurious goddess or something to that effect.  It even made my baby bump basically invisible.  Of course, it couldn’t be completely invisible.  I was almost five months along.


I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world, and was brimming with self-confidence went I left the room to show Teddy.


The combination of this dress and the way Teddy looked at me made me feel like there was no woman as wonderful as me.  I hadn’t seen him look at me like this for a long time, at least that I know of.  He was honestly looking at me like I was the only woman in the world.  I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster.  He took a couple of steps so that we were only a few inches apart.


“Have I ever told you just how beautiful you are?  And that every man would kill to be with a woman like you?” he breathed, looking intently into my eyes.  His gaze was so intense.  I couldn’t help but be entranced.  His hands sneaked around my waist, pulling me right up against his body.  I felt myself leaning closer to him.  His lips were so beautiful and so close, and I didn’t think of anything except how much I wanted this and wanted him.


“Oh goodness, Dom!  You look stunning!” my sister suddenly said, appearing near us.  Luckily, Teddy and I pulled away from each other before she could see anything.  I felt flushed, and that the room had warmed up at least ten degrees.  “This is perfect.  Go change, and I’ll pay for it.  They had the dress that I ordered in my size, so I already paid for that.  I’ll try it on at home sometime."


I nodded, and obliged her request.  When I came back out, I handed the dress to her, and when she was gone, Teddy and I looked at each other.  He opened his mouth to say something, but I couldn’t take it.  I couldn’t handle this seesaw.  I just looked him over once more before I walked away, not letting him say what he wanted to say.


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Flawed: Snapping Knickers


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