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The Last Day on Earth by xxpetrapan
Chapter 1 : The Last Day on Earth
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The day he died will forever haunt me, because I could have prevented it. Everyone tells me there is no way I could have saved him. It was too quick. I watched the former Death Eater run toward Scorpius, yelling that his father was a traitor and Scorpius would pay for it. I knew that I screamed as he raised his wand and that I fainted when the green light hit my love, killing him.




It has been a month and I still can’t sleep. When I close my eyes I see his cold, lifeless body and his face contorted in fear. I cannot eat or even get out of bed up. My family had to help me with my most basic needs. I feel sorry for them but I am too paralyzed to function on my own. Most of the time I cannot tell what is happening around me. I know that people come and see me, but I don't know who they are or what they say.




My body cannot take it anymore. I need to sleep or I will be in serious mental trouble. I close my eyes and suddenly I am standing on a shaky ground under a dark sky. Someone is walking towards me. For a moment, I am scared but then I see the golden halo of hair and the chilling gray eyes and, my body instantly begins to grow warm. He smiles at me with the smile that I could never forget.




Scorpius walks to me and grabs my hands whispering, “Dom, look down.” I look down and see that we are suspended in air on a patch of brown dirt and then I glance up and see the tiny specks bursting into flames. I realize that it is the last day on earth and it is the last day of the world and he has come back to me in my dreams. I look back at his handsome face and see he is still smiling at me.




“Oh ...Scorpius, I have missed you,” I breathe, touching my hand to his face. It is soft and damp, like he has been crying.




“I have missed you too, but I am watching you from heaven. Dominique you need to get up, everyone is worried about you,” he replies, setting his hand on mine and running the other it though my strawberry hair.




“I know, but I am just so tired,” I say shyly, feeling chills in my body at his touch.




“You have been in bed for months,” He says with a small smile dancing on his lips.




“I know but I am weak and depressed Scorpius,” I say looking down at me feet.




“Dominique Weasley is not weak and never gets depressed,” He replies pulling my face up so I have to look into his grey eyes.




“I could have stopped that guy from murdering you, but I just stayed where I was,” I sob.




“Dom, my love, you could have done nothing he would have killed you too and I could not let that happen, it was the guy’s fault no one else’s, ok?”




I look at him and I can feel the guilt being lifted, his face makes me forget everything, I smile and he kisses me so passionately.




I sigh as he holds me, closer then I can ever remember being held before. I lay my head on his chest and smile for the first time in months. I look up again and see that between the dust and debris there is a light surrounding us.




“Dom, this is the last I can visit you but you will be fine. You are strong. Remember, I am watching you from heaven, my love,” Scorpius rubs my now damp cheeks, smiling.




“I love you!” I yell as he backs away.




“I love you too Dominique Emilie Weasley,” He smiles before disappearing.




When I wake up repeat our conversation over and over in my head until it feels like a hallucination, but I know it was real. Scorpius is my guardian angel and that knowledge gives me the strength to get up.


My legs are very weak but I try them out for a bit before going down the stairs. I stop outside of the kitchen and hear Victoire and Teddy talking.






 “Dominique still sleeping?” Teddy asked.




 “Yes.” Victoire responded. “Teddy, I’m worried about her. It’s been a month. I know she loved Scorpius”


His name still makes me ache inside.




“- but still, I’m worried. What if she never gets out of bed?”




“She’s strong, Victoire, she’ll be okay.”




I stumble into the kitchen and Teddy runs to me, helping support my weight, as my steps were still shaky.




 “Dom, how are you?” my sister asks. She sounded worried and was looking guilty about talking about me.




“Been better,” I give her a small smile to let her know I’m not mad. “I am sorry to take you away from Teddy, but can you help me take a shower? I feel gross and I don't think I can manage by myself.”




Teddy smiles as my sister replies, “Of course.”




She walks me to her bathroom and sits on the toilet, as I wash.




I let the hot water run down my body and I think about Scorpius. H is gone but I know he has not left me. And he never will.




I will always love you Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.







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