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A Light In The Dark by _Keeper_
Chapter 8 : Patience
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I was laying on the stone ground of the tower, looking up at the stars. A couple weeks ago Draco would be here with me but that time had ended. I had barley seen Draco in the past week or so since I got out of the hospital.


And it hurt.


But I couldn’t blame him. I had heard what he said, he didn’t think I deserved him, but whenever I tried to find him to tell him otherwise I would get a only a glimpse.


He was in a hurry for something, I just didn’t know what.


I closed my eyes and let the silence engulf me as the breeze picked up.


Come to think of it, Harry had been pretty busy these past couple of weeks as well.


I shrugged it of and continued to listen to the silence.




I practically jumped up from where I was, I had my wand out and ready just in case.


‘Hello?’ I called moving slowly towards the towers door, ‘Is anyone there?’


I slowly opened the door, just enough to sneak by.


‘I have to do this! I have too! Otherwise they will kill everyone I love.’


I turned my head up, ‘Draco?’ I whispered, I found a spot where the floor boards where broken so that I could see through them.


‘Draco, you don’t have to do this, let me help you – you don’t want to be like them, like him.’


I scrunched my nose a bit in frustration, who was that second voice?


All of a sudden a high pitch laughter came out of no where, causing me to jump back a bit, ‘Do it Draco. Go ahead, do it.’


A voice that I know but couldn’t place and an evil woman. This wasn’t good.


I pulled up an old stool I found and stood on top of it. I gasped at what I saw.


Draco held his wand towards Dumbledore, the women stood behind Draco egging him on. Other people where gathered around as well, none of them pleasant to look at.


I pulled my wand up high – if I could just get one spell off—




I turned around so fast I fell of the stool; luckily for me Harry was there to catch me.


‘What are you doing here?’ He hissed.


‘I-I was out side and I heard a crash and—’


‘Aren’t you going to do it Draco?’ Both Harry and I turned to look out the small window.


‘Snape?’ We said in unison.


Dumbledore’s voice sounded weak, sickly, ‘Severus…please…’


‘Avada Kedavra!’ Green light hit every dark place in the Astronomy Tower. Harry wrapped his arms around me to try and shield me – but nothing could comfort me from the pain I felt right now.


‘Harry…I saw Draco…’ The tears rolled down as if they were rain. My heart ripped and I didn’t know what to do.


All of a sudden the door upstairs crashed down and random spurt of light shot this way and that.


‘The Order.’ Harry whispered to me.


I nodded and pulled away form him to look out the small crack.


The Death Eaters where fighting back hard, but so was the Order.


‘Draco.’ My voice was barley audible as I saw the young Slytherin run towards the door – Snape and the women practically pushing him out.


I shoved past Harry towards the door.


‘Luna where are you going?’ Harry said taking a strong hold on my arm.


I turned around to face him, ‘I want to know what is going on. Let me go.’


‘Luna, its dangerous, you could get hurt.’ Harry said, pulling me closer so I couldn’t leave.


‘Let go. I need to see Draco.’ Harry loosened his grip just enough for me to pull away and take off down the stairs.


‘Luna!’ I heard him call my name but I couldn’t focus on that I needed to get to Draco.


He wasn’t a killer, I wouldn’t believe it.




It seemed like an eternity to get down the stairs, the fighting was going on in the flight over so I had a clear shot but never had I thought there were this many stairs.


I jumped down the last few and took off out the door. The grass was wet as my feet hit against it but I didn’t care. All I could think about was that I needed to get to Draco.


My breathing was ruff and only now and then could I make out the silhouettes of those fleeing from the fight.


‘Draco.’ My voice cracked as I said his name, I was so far away. I was never going to make it. I had to get him to stop.


‘Draco!’ I tried again, only louder, ‘Draco!’


One of the figures stopped and turned to look at me, I kept running towards them.


‘Draco!’ I was with in yards now but before I could react a bolt of red light flew at me. I fell on the ground and screamed out in pain.


I couldn’t see anyone or think about anything except the pain. A thousand burning knives would have felt better then this.


‘Bellatrix enough.’ I turned over onto my stomach and panted, waiting for the dulled pain to leave.


‘She deserved it. She should have been minding her own business.’ That was the women from the tower, Snape called her Bellatrix.


‘Enough.’ Snape’s voice was hard, indifferent.


I heard other feet running over but the pain was still there I didn’t dare try and move.


‘Luna?’ I darted my eyes up, looking for him. I knew it was him, the pain wasn’t playing tricks on me – it couldn’t be, it just couldn’t. I knew his voice. I needed it to be him. That was Draco, that was my Draco.


‘What did you do to her?’ I tried to look up but my vision was blurred.


‘The Mudblood got what she deserved.’ The woman’s voice sneered.


Draco’s tone was harsh, ‘Don’t call her that.’


‘We don’t have time for this squabble we must go. Come along.’ Snape turned and the woman followed.


‘No…Draco…’ I tried to hold myself up but couldn’t and collapsed once more. He couldn’t go – I wanted to understand, I had to. I didn’t want to hate him.


‘Draco…’ I was about to give up when I felt an arm around my waist starting to help me up.


‘Luna that was so stupid of you.’ I stood still for a second, trying to focus his face, ‘What were you thinking?’


Finally I saw his deep grey eyes, they looked so sad, so hurt, yet they there was a part of them that was brighter. It was a light in the darkness.


I moved my hands up to his arms to steady myself, the feeling of his arms secure around my waist made me feel stronger as if I could do anything because I knew he would catch me and keep me safe.


‘I—I need to know what’s happening.’ I finally managed to say.


Draco sighed, ‘Luna…’


I started to shake my head, tears beginning to fall, ‘Draco I love you, and yes, yes you do deserve me.’


Draco cocked his head a bit, ‘How did—’


‘I heard you in the hospital wing, I wasn’t asleep. Draco…please, stay, we can fix it. Together we can fix it, please…just don’t go. Stay here….with me.’ I was just pleading now, I didn’t want him to go. Not like this.


‘Luna I can’t—’ I could see he was torn, he was told to do one thing but his heart wanted something else.


‘Draco, I love you.’ I put my hands on his face, making him look at me, ‘Nothing will ever, ever change that. Nothing.’


Draco’s eyes hardened a bit, ‘Nothing what about this?’ Draco pulled his arms away from me and I felt alone once more. Draco lifted up his sleeve and I gasped slightly, ‘Can you love me with that on my arm?’


I looked up to his eyes, he was daring me. He expected me to say no even though that wasn’t what he wanted me too, he had a look in his eyes as if he was waiting for the pain to come.


‘Can you love someone with this thing on their arm? This black mark that will never go away?’ Draco continued, he was getting riled up, his façade was back up. He was putting on a show for those around him – I knew him better, he was trying to hide from what he was feeling, ‘This is me, and it won’t ever change.’ His voice softened a bit, almost as if he hated what his life was becoming. He was that hurt little boy that I saw the first time we met.


I squared my shoulders and held back the tears as I looked strait back at him, his sad grey eyes preparing himself for a no which he thought I wasn’t going to give, ‘I still love you, Draco. Nothing will change that.’


A mix of confusion and enjoyment crossed his eyes, ‘Why?’ His voice cracked slightly.


‘Because it’s your heart I love not your skin. But your eyes are very nice though.’ I added, looking away with a slightly blush.


‘Draco?’ We both turned to look at Snape. He stood with his hands behind his back and his nose high, ‘We need to go.’


Draco looked down at me with one last look, a look of longing before letting go and running into the woods.


I stood paralyzed. He left. And my heart went with him.


I don’t know how long I stood their just staring at the place he left, praying he would come back. I didn’t feel the cold breeze as it blew around me or the rain that started all I could feel was the thing that I lost.


‘Luna!’ Harry’s voice didn’t even register till he was right next to me, ‘Luna, it’s freezing, let’s get you inside.’


Harry threw his cloak around me and practically pulled me inside, the entire time I was looking over my shoulder, playing over what had just happened in my mind.


I still couldn’t believe what had just happen. I had experienced one of the three Unforgivable curses and had my heart broken. I sounded like a bad wizard country song.


Harry walked me up to my common room and stood with me awhile, just hugging me and telling me everything would be alright.


‘Thanks Harry.’ I wiped my nose with my sleeve and started to hand him back his cloak.


Harry shook his head and smiled, ‘Just give it back next time you see me. You need something warm until you can change.’


With that he bid me good night and I answered the question to get inside.


Again, no one noticed as I walked in even though I was wet from head to toe. Quietly I made my way to my room thankful that none of the other girls where there.


I walked over to my trunk and quickly changed into a warm pair of cloths before falling onto my bed, I turned this way and that till a shot of color caught my eye on my desk and I sat up to investigate.


There on my desk was a single yellow rose with red tips, and a small note wrapped around the thorn less stem.


I jumped off my bed and quickly snatched up the note.


            I’ve fallen for you. I’m sorry. You deserve so much more then I can give you.




Tears started to flow again I held the note tighter as I walked back to my bed and curled up.


‘My life is a bad song.’ I cried and laughed at the same time, for I knew my heart was broken but life would go on.


And I knew, maybe it was wishful thinking or maybe it wasn’t, that Draco would come back to me someday, somehow.


I just had to wait a bit longer for him.




Two chapters in a day man I am on FIRE! Hope you guys liked this one I very much enjoyed writing it and I hope you guys enjoy reading it just as much, no worry there is more to come – this is not the end. I don’t write angst endings


Oh and for those curious ones of you a yellow rose with red tips means friendship that turns into falling in love (yellow means friendship and red means love put them together and what do you got?) and also a single rose means simplicity or gratitude and thorn less means love at first sight. Just if any of ya’ll wanted to know = ) I find rose colors very romantic and special.

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A Light In The Dark: Patience


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