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Playground Nut by WhatAboutRegulus
Chapter 7 : Hogsmeade
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Chapter 7

I sat in my usual seat in the Gryffindor common room, a comfy red arm chair located in the far corner with book cases surrounding it. I pretended to be reading my book while I looked at the boy sitting at a table working furiously on his potion’s essay. Not that I knew it was a potions essay, I wasn’t stalking him. I saw him glance quickly at me while smiling. I raised the book over my face while blushing. Daniel Fletcher looked like a statue carved by the gods. He had a thin face, but it also seemed chubby and was a fifth year Gryffindor where as I was a fourth year. His dirty blonde hair fell into his brown eyes as he lowered his head still smiling back at his essay. I used this time to cast another quick glance at him. I had recently started crushing on him every since he bumped into me in the hall and said 'I think you dropped this'. Mary says I have been stalking him, but I don’t like to put it like that. I like to call it studying the human species, AKA Daniel Fletcher.

I jumped out of my day dream about him as I heard a rustling of papers. He got up and put his books in his bag and swung it over his shoulder. Usually swinging a bag over the shoulder was a rough awkward motion, but somehow he made it look graceful. I sighed. With my temporary fascination of him swinging a bag over his shoulder I didn’t realize him walking over to me. I quickly covered up my face with the book and tried to look like I was doing some in depth reading. I was really listening to his footsteps which were slowly drawing closer to me. I heard them stop in front of me and I moved the from my face.

“Hey,” he said in an unbelievably cute voice.

“Hi,” I said weakly, a little nervous.

“I was wondering maybe this weekend… it being the Hogsmeade weekend… if maybe you wanted to come with me?” butterfly’s started fluttering wildly in my stomach. For a few moments I couldn’t speak, still processing that he was actually talking to me.

“Yeah-yes! Of course!” I said in a too loud of a voice.

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow them. Nine o’clock in front of the Great Hall?”

“Sound’s great,” I said once again in an overly loud voice. He smiled and walked out the portrait. I cursed under my breath. He probably thought I was some tone deaf skrewt! Just as Daniel left James Potter walked in, he scowled at Daniel and then started walking over to me. I pretended I was reading again, hoping maybe he would get the hint and leave me alone.

“What was Fletcher so happy about,” Potter said while a looking back at the portrait hole.

“He got a date to Hogsmeade,” I said while the butterfly’s started up again in my stomach. I was going on a date to Hogsmeade with Daniel, the reality of this situation still making me smile. I saw Potter look around and then back at me.

“With who, no one else is in here except for you?” he said confused.

“Don’t be so thick,” I said while closing my book and getting up. “He is going with me,”

“Wha- he is going with you?” he said with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Yup,” I said in a cheery voice and sprinted up the stairs to the girl’s common room but not before hearing Potter curse loudly and slam his bag onto the ground.


I was ready for this; I talked to Mary last night about it all. She gave me tips and helped me pick out an outfit. After going through half my wardrobe I settled on a green long sleeved shirt, bell bottoms and a brown jacket. I ran a hand through my hair trying to get it to its full volume and rubbed my lips together to make sure that the lip gloss Mary put on me was still there. Mary had a field day when I said yes to her doing my makeup. I walked nervously around the last corner that led to the Great Hall. From the distance I could see Daniel standing there his back to me. I made my walk faster, but when he turned around and saw me I slowed it down a little so it didn’t look like I was too anxious. I stopped in front of him and he gave me a heart melting smile.

“You look beautiful,” he said while looking me over.

“Thank you,” I said while blushing. He smiled again at me. I was always a softy for boys who smiled a lot.

“Ready to go?”

“Yeah definitely let’s go,” he held out his hand to me, I hesitated for a second before grabbing it. Mary told me not to make it easy for him. I contemplated for a minute and decided to grab it, but before I could he put his hand that was moments ago being held out for me into his pocket. I sighed as we headed out towards Hogsmeade.

“Lovely day isn’t it, perfect day for Hogsmeade,” he said as we left the grounds. Mary told me if he asked about the weather it was a good sign so don’t blow it.

“Yeah, but some kids just waist these days playing Quidditch,” this had to be the first thing to pop into my head.

“I’m playing Quidditch today,” he said awkwardly. How could I forget that he played Quidditch! I am so stupid, here I am practically saying how stupid Quidditch is and he loves it. I quickly scanned my brain for a good response that would hopefully make my other words a distant memory.

“Er… Yeah it’s just that Potter is on the team and I don’t really like anything he likes,” I almost just hit myself in the head. Really Lily, this is the best you can do to get out of a sticky situation. Look what you have done; you made the conversation awkward again.

“Right,” was all he said and then it went quiet. We walked for a few minutes in silence.

“What’s your favorite subject at Hogwarts?” I asked, uncomfortable from the silence.

“Hmm… I like transfiguration a lot I guess,” he said while shrugging. “What about you?”

“I would say potions,”

“Of course, Slughorn has you down as one of his favorites,” he said in a mocking voice. We laughed and that broke the uncomfortable silence. We talked for a few more minutes about Slughorn and then started talking about the upcoming exams. Eventually we entered Hogsmeade. There were students everywhere bustling in and out of shops, while other’s just sat outside enjoying a cup of butter beer.

“Do you want to go to the Three Broomsticks?” Daniel asked me.

“That sounds good,” I said and we made our way through the crowd towards the shop. Once in there Daniel ordered two butter beers and we sat at a small table in the corner of the shop.

“Very busy in here today isn’t it,” he said.

“Yeah, lots of Hogwarts students,” I looked around the shop. I saw a few Ravenclaw girls huddled around a table in the corner and a few more Hogwarts students making their way through the tightly cramped spaces to vacant tables. Me and Daniel soon became in deep conversation about how Peeves had thrown dung bombs at Filch and half the other school while an exam was in session. I found myself yelling and asking what he had said because the shop was become even more crowded and voices louder. I had just finished laughing at a joke Daniel said which wasn’t entirely funny but I laughed anyway when the Marauders decided to take the table next to us.

“Ah, Lily fancy meeting you here? Oh and with Fletcher! I had no idea,” he said with fake enthusiasm.

“That is utter nonsense Potter, you knew I was coming here with him,” I said gritting me teeth together.

“Did I? I don’t remember,” Potter said while rubbing his hand under his chin.

“ANYWAY’S,” I said trying to get Daniel’s attention. “As I was about to say, did you know that…”

“Fletcher, shouldn’t you be studying for your owls?” Potter interrupted.

“Er… yeah I suppose so,” he said while looking over at me nervously. “So what were you saying Lily?”

“Did you…” I stopped again when my butter beer tipped over and landed all over Daniel. Black and Potter started laughing. I glared over at them while taking out my wand and casting a cleaning spell that cleared Daniel of all butter beer.

“Potter, why would you do that?” I asked getting angry.

“I don’t know, I guess my wand hand just slipped,” he said while holding his wand vertically with his finger tips. I glared at him.

“You know what Daniel; I think it is getting too crowded in here? Want to go somewhere else?” I asked with a creepy sense of happiness.

“Yeah sure,” he got up just as quickly as me and we made our way awkwardly towards the exit. Once out we decided to go to Honeydukes and get some candy.

“Would you like some chocolate frogs?” Daniel asked while laughing as I gagged from a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. I stretched my hand out to grab it but then the wrapper opened and the frog started hopping away. I bent down to try and catch it, but then the bad Daniel was carrying full of sweets burst opened spreading all throughout the shop. I heard distinct laughing from outside the shop which belonged to the Marauders. My hands balled up into fist as the angry ran through me. I marched out of the shop and straight up to Potter.

“What do you think you are doing?” I said while shoving him hard in the chest causing him to topple over a little. “Seriously act your age and stop acting like an immature prat!” I shoved him again, but this time he was ready for me and steadied himself.

“I was just having a laugh,” he said laughter still filling his voice.

“Well have a laugh somewhere else and leave us alone!” I said while grabbing Daniels hand. Potter’s face fell into an angry expression. Daniel however looked extremely uncomfortable and looked as if he would rather be somewhere else.

“You’re not even having a nice time though!” Potter yelled at me.

“I am having a perfectly relaxing day out at Hogsmeade with Daniel, I am having a nice time!” I said not sounding calm or relaxed at all. I felt Daniel shift on his feet as I squeezed his hand, I quickly relaxed it. “Now if you will excuse us, we are going to go and enjoy the rest of our Hogsmeade trip!” I yelled while dragging Daniel away from the scene. We sat down on a bench a little ways up from the scene.

“You ok?” Daniel asked.

“Yeah I am fine, it’s just Potter he never leaves me alone. I don’t know how much longer I can take it!” I said releasing his hand and balling my fist up again. He put his hand on mine and put an arm around my shoulder.

“He’s just jealous that you are here with someone besides him,” Daniel said.

“There is nothing to be jealous of, he knows I hate him. Yet he continues to ruin my life,” I said while sighing heavily trying to contain my anger. Daniel grabbed my face and pulled it so I was facing him.

“I’m sure he’ll grow out of it soon,” I couldn’t respond, Daniel had slowly moved closer to me. I froze, alright Mary told me that if a guy moved closer to you that it usually meant he was going to kiss you. I starred at Daniels lips as he moved closer. Then she said something about not panicking, I think? He moved closer… closer…closer. It felt like hours but I knew that it had only been about three seconds. Just before he was about to close that final distance between up a snow ball had hit Daniel hard in the face and he threw himself back.

“Potter!” I screamed knowing exactly who it was.

“Oops, sorry Lilykins! Didn’t see you there!” he yelled while throwing a snow ball at Sirius who was laughing his barky laugh.

“I have had enough of this! Lily if this is what’s gonna happen when we go on dates, I don’t think I can handle it!” Daniel yelled while gesturing a hand towards Black and Potter. I stood there a little taken back, I was about to yell something at him when Potter cut in.

“Don’t you talk to her like that Fletcher!”

“What are you going to do Potter, jinx me upside down like you do everyone else!” Potter’s face grew angry, and before I could stop him he punched Daniel in the face.

“Potter! What the bloody hell did you do that for?” I yelled rushing over to heal Daniels bloody nose.

“He yelled at you Lilykins! I wasn’t just going to stand by and watch!”

“I can take care of myself! I don’t need you to involve yourself in my fights all right!” I helped Daniel up and we headed back to the castle. I dropped him off at the Hospital Wing and headed back to the common room. Mary was lounging on the couch reading a magazine when I entered. She looked up and saw me.

“How did it go!” she said. She had obviously been waiting for me to get back.

“I don’t think I’ll be going on anymore dates with him,” I said shaking my head.

“What? What went wrong? You had the perfect amount of makeup on, the perfect outfit and perfect hair. It says right here in this article,” she said flipping through the magazine frantically and pointing at an article. “that you should have had a 100% successful date!”

“That article doesn’t mention James Potter,” I said in a cold voice.

“Oh no- what did he do this time,”

“Ruined any chance of me getting another date this year with Daniel. Maybe even anyone in this school if they saw!” I said. Mary had been trying to get me a boyfriend for two years and I could tell she was not taking this news well.

“He just ruined all my hard work! If I ever get my hands on him!” she said threateningly.

“I hope you do,” I said smiling as I thought about what Mary would do too him. I got up and headed for the dormitory. I took a shower and changed into comfy clothes, I then headed down towards the common room with a book in my hand. I opened up to where I left off and began reading. An hour passed when the portrait swung open. James Potter came in out of breath.

“Did Mary find you yet?” I asked. He turned his head quickly to me obviously not noticing me sitting in there.

“I just escaped her,” he said leaning against the portrait trying to block it. “Listen Lily about today, I’m sorry-”

“Don’t worry about it, he wasn’t my type anyway,” I said while looking back at my book.

“Good because you should have seen him yesterday, he-”

“I said he wasn’t my type, that doesn’t mean you can talk about him behind his back to me,” I snapped at him. He always took it one step too far. Potter smiled.

“Just for you Evans, I won’t do it,” and with that he went up the stairs to his dormitory. I watched him leave, a smile forming on my lips when I heard his door slam.

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update! I was in the middle of writing my other story :/. So what do you guys think of this chapter and James ruining Lily's date? I would love to hear your feedback!!! Oh and I think I will continue this little chapter into another chapter. So you can think of this one as a part 1 out of 2!


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