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Lonely Lily by life_writtendown
Chapter 11 : Glitter and Glitz
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 I own nothing you recognize here


God, Roxanne, how could I have ever forgotten Roxanne? I guess maybe I never remember she exists because she’s such an insane person, that I try to block her from my memory. Roxanne the absolutely terrible Weasley. She brands her wand like a knife and she struts around in her stupid Slytherin robes like she’s Merlin or something. Roxanne is everything that I hate about the world all combined in one. Of course she has her moments, though these moments tend to be when any of the parents are around. She and Louis are the best of mates. Louis of course is of great value to anyone due to his mesmerizing cuteness. No one at Hogwarts could ever be prepared to handle the beauty of Dominique, Victoire and best of all Louis.


I would explain some of Roxanne’s dangerous schemes, but honestly they would all end the same way. Louis would sit and stick out his lower lip and his eyes would start to water and whichever professor had witnessed the illegal act would slowly start to regret any sort of punishment and an overwhelming feeling of guilt would overcome said professor until they forgot what had been so terrible in the first place. That’s why Roxanne was the worst. She never earned things fairly. She cheated on every exam and worst of all, still managed to stay ahead of her class. Yes, the monster, Roxanne is at the head of her 6th year class.


Maybe that’s why I despise her so much. I work my ass off to be the head of class the right way, while she’s off vandalizing and shagging until five in the morning and she’s still in the running for Head Girl. Not to mention she is only sixteen, SIXTEEN!!!! The thought of my baby cousin drinking, smoking and having inappropriate relations with bartenders (thirty year old bartenders) made me want to ship her off to a Nunnery. And the pure blonde and angelic Louis, who is only in his 5th year mind you, already has the discipline record of an Azkaban prisoner. He couldn’t charm himself out of permanently transfiguring the ancient relic that is Mrs. Norris into a dog. You wouldn’t believe Filch’s unbelievable rage. He almost murdered Louis; seriously, the Avada Kedavra spell skimmed his ear. Filch of course was fired, but Louis earned himself a years’ worth of detention.



To prove to you the severity of Roxanne’s naughtiness, I’ll tell you this; Uncle Fred doesn’t approve of her actions. Uncle Fred approves of all sorts of frivolous rule bending. In fact, he passed down the Marauders Map to Freddie for “fun excursions”, like swimming in the lake at night and letting loose a bunch of cute pixies in the Great Hall. Who knew that Uncle Fred would highly disapprove of underage drinking and being caught running naked on the path from Hogsmead at four o’clock in the morning? Who freaking knew Uncle Fred would threaten to Crucio his own child if she was ever caught again with a bottle of Firewhiskey in her school bag.


The reason I’m bringing up Roxanne and Louis instead of trying to do my best to forget about them is that a rather hung-over Roxanne just fell into a seat across from me in the Great Hall. Her tangled hair and blood-shot eyes caused the surrounding Gryffindor’s to raise their eyebrows and shift as far away as they could from her stench.



I narrowed my eyes, trying to clearly communicate my disgust with her present state and she managed to throw back a sarcastic grin, aware of my discomfort.



“How are you this fine morning, my dearest Lily Flower?” Roxanne snorted at her own joke and reached clumsily for the pitcher and poured herself a large cup of black coffee. She seemed to drift off into some haze while filling her cup and I had to snap my fingers to stop her from spilling the coffee all over the table.



“Quite alright Roxanne” She twitched slightly when I used her formal name. To everyone else, she only answered to Roxy.




“I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation with the waffles, but your mother gave me a task to complete and you know I could never turn down a challenge.”



My mother resorting to ask Roxanne for help with her own daughter, maybe that pig I saw yesterday was actually flying.



“My task is to take you to Hogsmead for a makeover of sorts.” She said.



“Of sorts?” She gulped down a sip of coffee and reached into her pocket and pulled out a ripped and torn square of parchment.

“I’m only supposed to do what’s on the list, but if it were up to me, I would accomplish a few more things.”

Her deep brown eyes surveyed me critically and my cheeks flushed a deep pink


I peered down at the list and it was easily 15 or so items long. I saw frightening words like ‘waxing’ and ‘skin peel’. Roxanne obviously disapproved of the lack of items on the list so, against my mother’s orders, started adding things to the list with her own quill.



I really couldn’t see myself escaping such an expansive and probably expensive ‘makeover’, so I conceded a reluctant sigh; Roxanne sighed as well into her coffee.



“Good, now I won’t have to drag you down there, it’d be so much more pleasant if you were conscious.”



“So when are we going?” Roxanne sat up abruptly and reached out her manicured hand.





I don’t want to bore you with the absolute torture my body endured over the next five hours, so I’ll sum it up in a few words. I lost at least 5 layers of skin, gained a mass of curly locks, and purchased a couple thousand of galleons worth of sexy and definitely not school appropriate clothes. The shopping Mistress Roxanne even started to tire towards the end of the day, but we still had to make the most important purchase, my white couture ball gown for the ceremony. This was the type of dress that would never be found in such a peasant town as Hogsmead. Roxanne had to get special permission to floo to Paris to buy the ball gown from the world renowned French Wizard Designer, Michel Croix. I didn’t even have to pick out the dress; apparently, Monsieur Croix just knew the perfect one for me.



We accessed the store through a glitzy elevator in a Parisian Hotel and I stared in awe at the glossy rows of dresses that lined a massive and decadent room.  Roxanne marched proudly onto the floor and I obediently followed her. Throughout the day I learned it was far safer to just not speak at all in Roxanne’s presence. When I started to protest plucking my eyebrows she took her Muggle handbag and swung it into my stomach, showing me exactly who was in charge.



Roxanne peered down the aisles looking for the famous designer.  Then I felt a sudden tap on my lower back and I let out a piercing shriek. I turned around to see a rather petite man drenched in pink glittery gauze standing right behind me.


“Ahhh Miz Lilly, what a pleasure to be seeing you!”


I coughed an impolite hello, because I still was rather frightened from his abrupt greeting. This of course disgusted Roxanne so she just scoffed and buried herself in the racks of clothes pulling out random items that she would probably purchase with her Fathers galleons.


“Vee only ‘ave fifteen minutes so let’s get to it!”


Monsieur Croix scampered off behind the racks and I struggled to keep up with the man who was half my size.


He pulled out my dress and then shuffled off down some random white corridor. Did I mention everything in this place seemed endless? I would walk to the end of an aisle and then turn around and find myself in another aisle completely. Not to mention whenever Croix snapped his fingers a new doorway appeared.  So after at least 10 minutes of walking pointlessly through white sewing rooms, white boxing rooms, white powder rooms, we finally arrived in the white fitting room.


Croix told me to take off my clothes. I looked around for a more private room to change, but he just tapped his foot impatiently so I quickly took off my jeans and shirt. I stood bare in the white and cold room, with just my bra and underwear. Not to mention Croix’s eyes provided an uncomfortable heat. His eyes were unbelievably critical; I didn’t feel sexually uncomfortable, more like physically uncomfortable.


He could see my soft stomach and my legs, which were just a little too big. Luckily, I had been groomed enough that my skin and hair easily passed inspection.  But still, I couldn’t help but to feel so flawed under his eyes.



“Voo are 36C?” He stepped a little closer while unzipping the garment bag containing my dress. “Am I correct?”



“Yes, I guess.”  Croix handed me the dress and I slipped into the silky material.



The dress fit like a glove, but was a little tight around my chest. I felt a little bit better about him asking for my bra size when the dress was actually too small at the top.



“Ahhh von’t worry mah dear, with a flick of my wand it vill all be better!”


Croix reached into his outfit and withdrew a pink bejeweled lengthy wand. I couldn’t help but to giggle at the crazy wand.


When the dress was properly adjusted, I gazed into the mirror at the dress.


I used to think that white dresses were only wedding dresses, but Monsieur Croix proved me wrong. The dress was entirely made of silk and stayed tight to my body. It looked more like a lengthy cocktail dress than a couture gown. I looked back at Croix who had a satisfied grin on his miniature face. However, he motioned for me to step closer to the mirror.


When I stepped closer, I saw the true beauty of the gown. The thinly woven silk was soaked with a glowing silver dust that made the dress just radiate under the soft white lights.


I heard a loud gasp come from behind me and I knew immediately it wasn’t Croix. Roxanne had stumbled into the room with a mountain of clothes, but when she saw me, she let them all fall to the floor.


“Lily, you look good!” She grinned. This pleased Croix so much that he clapped his hands with glee.


This coming from Roxanne was an incredibly rare compliment.


I guess I could see what she meant. My new glossy brown hair was evenly layered so it just floated around my shoulders. My skin looked fresh and dewy and most of all, an air of confidence surrounded me in this gorgeous dress. I felt like I could take on the world. Maybe this Debutante wouldn’t be so bad after all. I wouldn’t mind being presented to the wizarding world looking like this!

Hello! I must say I've been a little disappointed with the lack of reviews for this story, but I decided to just push on an keep writing despite that this is one of my most least popular stories, but I really enjoy writing this, so I will keep on writing!


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Lonely Lily: Glitter and Glitz


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