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First Impressions by lilylunapotter26
Chapter 1 : Out of Control Trolleys
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The leaves had just started to turn and the weather was cooler as Lucy Weasley and her family made their way into Kings Cross. The sky was a clear blue. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for the start of a new school term. Lucy trudged behind her family, dragging her trunk along with her. She couldn’t believe that she was finally coming to Hogwarts. She had been waiting for years and now her dream was coming true.

“Lucy could you make any more noise?” Molly asked tiredly

Lucy thought about it for a minute. “Yes, I can.” She answered. She continued dragging her trunk behind her, but to add to the noise she started singing All the Single Ladies by Beyonce at the top of her lungs. Molly chuckled

“Lucy Weasley, stop that racket this instant.” Her father Percy snapped. He was a great disbeliever in pranks and noise. He like quiet perfection while Lucy loved being loud and silly.

Molly sent Lucy a grin. Lucy grinned back at her older sister. One point for me she mouthed to Molly.

Sometimes they played a game at who could annoy their father the quickest. It was very enjoyable for the girls, but their father despised it.

Molly and Lucy couldn’t be any different than their father. He never joked around, was loud, or got into trouble. The girls loved pranks , being loud, and got into trouble more times than they could count.

They made their way past a ticket booth. Lucy caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her brown red hair was plaited neatly down her back and she was sporting a jumper and her best pair of jeans. Her hazel eyes peeked out from underneath her long bangs.

She was almost a spitting image of her older sister. The only difference was Molly’s deep brown eyes.

King’s Cross was busy at this time of day. People were everywhere Lucy’s eyes went. How witches and wizards went unnoticed by Muggles was a mystery to her.

“Lucy!” Molly said, snapping her finger’s in front of her sister’s face.

Lucy looked up. “What? Was it really necessary to snap in my face?” She asked in an annoyed tone

“Yes it was necessary. I called your name a million times and you didn’t answer! Are you going to go through first or do you want me to?” Molly asked referring to the wall they were standing in front of.

Lucy stared at the brick wall. She had heard about this wall. In order to get through to the Hogwarts Express she would have to make it through to the other side. Her cousins James and Fred had told her many stories about people who had died going through.

Lucy tugged on her sister’s sleeve. “Molly?” She whispered into her sister’s ear. “Am I going to die when I walk through?” She twisted her fingers nervously.

“Of course not, you dolt! Who told you that?” Molly exclaimed placing her trunk and tawny owl on top of a trolley.

“Fred and James.” She mumbled meekly.

Molly snorted. “Why would you ever listen to them?” She scoffed.

A blush creeped over Lucy’s face. Molly noticed her sister’s obvious fear and embarrassment. Her face softened.

“Don’t worry. No one has ever died going through. They were just pulling your leg. You know how they like a good laugh. You’ll be fine.” Molly soothed.

A wash of relief flooded over Lucy. She let out the breath she hadn’t noticed she had been holding.

“I’ll go first.” Molly said. Lucy nodded and made room for her sister to go by.

Molly started sprinting towards the brick wall. Lucy wanted to close her eyes until it was over, but half of her wanted to watch. At the last minute Molly jumped up into the air and slapped her bottom. Than she disappeared through the wall.

Lucy’s mouth dropped open. She could just imagine her father’s face right now. He was probably the famous Weasley red. She most definitely didn’t want to feel her father’s wrath.

Giggles were bubbling up inside of her, but she didn’t dare to laugh. Laughing would probably be the worst thing she could do in this situation.

Without bothering to grab a trolley Lucy followed her sister through the solid wall in a fit of giggles. She broke through the wall and she laughed even harder when she saw her sister. Molly was sitting on her trunk grinning.

“One point for me!” She laughed, shaking her red pony tail out of her face.

“Dad’s going to kill you!” Lucy said, once she had calmed down enough to talk. Molly just shrugged and waved to one of her friends.

Lucy looked around at her new surroundings.

Her trunk fell from her grasp. It landed with a ‘Thud’. Thick steam billowed from the scarlet train, covering the floor and air. The steam swirled around Lucy’s feet making them non-visible.

Her first impression was that she was standing on a cloud with a train that would take her to a place that was like Heaven on Earth.

The train was sitting still as families dragged trunks and pets onto the train. Lucy couldn’t believe she was finally here. She remembered two years ago when Molly started. She was so jealous that Molly was going, and that she had to stay home for another two years. She remembered waving sadly to Molly as the train left her behind.

She had cried the entire way home. Her mother had tried to make her feel better by baking Lucy’s favorite cookies. It didn’t help. She felt the only way to make her feel better was to go to Hogwarts herself.

Now, two years later it was her turn. She would be getting onto that train and her parents would wave to her as the train pulled away. This year she would get to watch the hills and houses roll by as the train sped down the tracks.

“MOLLY WEASLEY!” Lucy heard her father say sternly. Lucy whirled around. The grin on Molly’s face had melted away.

Her mother walked through the wall and started talking in a low voice to her father. Molly seized this chance and sped away to find her friends. Lucy, not wanting to stay behind, picked up her trunk and wandered.

She watched the people around her. She was fascinated by the different families that surrounded her. She talked with her cousins, aunts, and uncles that were at the station too. After she had said hello to everyone she knew she tried to find her way back to her parents.

Out of nowhere a stray trolley smashed into Lucy’s trunk. Causing her to fall forwards and land on the cold concrete. The trunk had landed on her right leg, so there was no way that she could move.

Tears pricked at her eyes as her leg throbbed under the weight of her trunk.

“Hayden, you prat! You hit a person! What if you killed her!” A girl’s voice shrieked. Few people heard the girl’s cries because of the noise.

Two faces peeked over the top of Lucy’s trunk. Lucy could hear them whispering, but all she could see was the gray floor. She was lying on her stomach. “Um, could I have some help please?” She asked propping her head up on her hands

“Oh right! Hayden help me please.” The girl’s voice said.

After a minute of struggling, the trunk was pulled off of Lucy’s leg.

Lucy dusted herself off and stood up. The leg still throbbed dully. The girl and her brother were standing next to her trunk. They looked guilty.

They were both blonde. The boy had thick curls that curved in front of his eyes. His eyes were a chocolate brown. His sister, who Lucy took as his twin, had wavy blonde hair and big brown eyes. They were like perfect replicas of each other, except for of course, their gender.

“Hi! I’m Lucy.” Lucy said putting her hand out.

The twins looked at each other. “Your not mad?” The girl asked nervously.

“Of course not! Yeah, it hurt a little, but that was bloody hilarious!” Lucy laughed.

The boy and girl looked relieved and small smiles spread across their faces.

“I’m Hayden. I’m sorry I trampled you with my trolley.” The boy apologized shaking Lucy’s hand.

“I’m Hallie. I’m sorry my twin nearly killed you. I told him to be more careful.” The girl said also shaking Lucy’s hand as she threw a glare at her brother. He grinned sheepishly at her.

“It’s fine! I can not wait to tell my sister! She’s gonna love it! Is this your first year too?” Lucy asked the two.

Hallie nodded excitedly. “Yes! I’m so excited!” She squealed. The train’s whistle blew causing people to scatter.

“Lucy! Honey, the train is about to leave!” Lucy’s mother called through the crowd.

“We’ll save you a seat!” Hallie called to her new acquaintance.

Lucy wave to her and pulled her trunk over to her mother. She gave her a big hug.

“Mum. Will I like it there?” Lucy asked her mother quietly.

Her mother bent down to Lucy’s level. “Of course you will! I thought you were looking forward to going to Hogwarts.” Her mother replied pushing Lucy’s bangs off of her forehead.

“I am!” Lucy promised. “I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.” Lucy squeezed her mother into another hug.

“I’ll write to you every week!” Her mother said planting a kiss on the little girl’s forehead.

“Will you write twice a week?” Lucy asked.

Her mother smiled. “Of course.”

Lucy ran over to her father and gave him a quick hug and kiss before scrambling on to the train.

The train was crowded and noisy. Lucy searched the train until she found the compartment with Hayden and Hallie in it.

“Your dad put your trunk in here for you.” Hayden said, gesturing up to the rack with all the trunks.

“Oh goodie! I though he forgot and than I would have had to wear the same clothes all year.” Lucy laughed. The twins laughed along with her.

The train lurched and started to move. Lucy, Hallie, and Hayden ran over to the windows and waved to their parents as the train pulled away. They waved until she could no longer see their smiling faces.

Lucy plopped herself onto one of the seats and laid her head back onto the worn seat.

“I hope we’re in the same house! Then I’ll have a friend, I have trouble making friends sometimes.” Hallie finished quietly.

Hayden placed his  hand on her shoulder. “You’ll make plenty of friends.” He said encouragingly.

Lucy smiled warmly at Hallie. “I’ll be your friend no matter what house your in.” She said smiling.

A smile spread across Hallie’s face. “This is going to be a great year!”

Hattie and Lucy squealed. Hayden rolled his eyes at the two, but a grin spread across his face.


Lucy flipped to the next page of the scrapbook she was looking through. It was a picture of Hallie and Lucy on the train. It was their first year and they were playing around with Hallie’s camera.

“Do you remember how we met?” Lucy sighed looking up at Hayden. She was lying with her head on Hayden’s muscled chest in the Gryffindor Common Room. He’d grown up a lot since their first year. He no longer was little and scrawny. He’d grown into a muscly 7th year Quidditch beater. His blonde hair still fell in front of his eyes.

Hayden placed a quick kiss on Lucy’s forehead. “Yeah, didn’t you run into me?” He said, playing absent mindedly with Lucy’s flaming hair.

“I’m pretty sure you ran her over with your trolley you prat.” Hallie snorted, looking up from the wizards chess game she was participating in.

“No!” He exclaimed, slapping Lucy playfully.

“I have the scars to prove it!” Lucy cried innocently, lifting her leg up so that Hayden could see it.

A long cut went down her calf, where her trunk had pierced her skin. It wasn’t until after the sorting that she had noticed the gash in her leg. She had to stay over in the Hospital Wing while it was cleaned and healed.

“Oh, now I remember. You were stuck under your trunk and Hattie and I just stood there until you asked us to help you.” He stated, a look of remembrance dawning on his face.

“That was a start to a great friendship.” Lucy sighed dreamily, snuggling closer to Hayden and looking up into his eyes. Hayden kissed her lightly on the top of her head while Hattie just laughed.

Hi everyone! I hope you liked my one shot! It's my first ever one shot! I made it for AngelEyez3954's Journey From Platform 9 3/4 Challenge. Tell me what you think. Thanks for reading!


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