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Loosen Your Tie by Tashi Lupin
Chapter 1 : News.
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Disclaimer: I am (sadly) not J.K. Rowling. And I will never be J.K. Rowling. On that note I only own the plot.




Chap. 1: NEWS

          At breakfast one stormy Tuesday, all the marauders were crowded around the syrup can at the end of the Gryffindor table.

          The marauders were sixth year Gryffindors at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Their names, you may be wondering now, were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.

          An owl swooped down in front of the four boys. It was bringing the Daily Prophet to them. The boys took turns paying for the newspaper. It was Remus’ turn.

          Remus gave the owl a knut and read the headlines. He always did before sharing it with his friends.

          Next, to Remus, Sirius was drowning his waffles in syrup. He always did.

          Across from Sirius sat James. James was trying to catch the eye of a certain Miss Lily Evans. He was very keen on asking her out.

          Beside James was Peter. Peter was reading a letter his mum sent him. He got letters almost every day.

          Remus’ face fell. He quickly tucked his newspaper in his bag and left, face still petrified. Remus’ eyes darted from person to person and his hands shook.

          Sirius was the first one to notice Remus’ absence. He dropped his fork and followed Remus. Sirius put his hand on Remus’ shoulder.

“Mooney, what’s going on?” Sirius asked. Mooney was Remus’ nick-name.

Remus shook off Sirius and didn’t respond.

Sirius stepped in front of Remus and grabbed his arms. “Remus, tell me.” Sirius growled. He was being serious. He never called Remus by his real name.

James and Peter caught up to them now.

Remus made a sharp wolf-like movement and was out of Sirius’ grasp. He started toward Gryffindor Tower.

James, Sirius, and Peter followed him. They didn’t let Remus be alone.

“Rumble Roar.” Remus muttered as he reached the Fat Lady. The painting swung open and Remus clambered in. His friends were close behind him.

          Remus ran up the stairs to his dormitory and slammed the door behind him. He took the photo he had taken so long ago of his mother and father in front of their cottage off of it’s perch on Remus’ bedside table and Remus sat on his bed. He pressed the photo to his chest.

          The day he took that photograph was the last day of summer before his first day at Hogwarts. His father had given Remus his camera ‘…to take pictures of all the adventures he had at Hogwarts.’ Remus had taken this picture of his mum and dad in front of their home ‘…so he could show where every thing started.’ Remus had been so proud of his first photo. Later he had it magically developed so it moved.

          Remus let himself cry, because he was alone.

          Sirius slipped into the room. Remus pulled his act together. Sirius sat on the end of Remus’ bed, back facing him. “You know that we just want to know what happened, right Mooney?” Sirius said gently. “You’re paler than you are around full moon.”

          Remus was always terribly ill near full moon.

“Look.” Remus whispered as James stepped into the room.

          James went to Remus’ bag and pulled the newspaper out. He flipped though the headlines until he found it. “Sire, here have a look.” James said flatly as he passed the paper.

          Sirius read the article.

          Remus was suddenly angry at Sirius. He leaned close to Sirius and… punched him.

          Remus realized that he had hit Sirius. Sirius was wiping blood off his mouth with his sleeve.

“You have every right to hit me.” Sirius shrugged. “My uncle killed your parents. Hit me again.”

          Remus hit Sirius’ mouth again. It had so much blood dripping from it. Sirius nodded at James.

“Again.” James said.

          Remus punched Sirius’ nose this time. The flow was falling onto Sirius’ lips. Sirius wiped his face and nodded.


          This time Remus hit Sirius on the cheek bone. A large purplish bruise remained. Sirius walked out of the dorm.

“What would you say to the followers if you could?” James asked. He had a funny way of getting you to talk. It wasn’t sensitive, but it was comforting.

          Remus spat onto the floor. “No hard feelings death eaters,” He looked irritated. “Just hatred.”


          More often than not, now, Remus eat in the kitchens with Peter.

“I don’t know what I should say.” Peter said one morning. “About your Mum and Dad.”

          Remus sighed. “Ask me if I need a hand with it all.”

“Need a hand with it all?” Peter asked.

“No thanks, Wormtail, not at the moment.” Remus said as he left.

          Peter followed Remus out of the door. Seemly instantly James and Sirius were next to them.

“Let me guess, the map?” Remus said showing the barest trace of a smile.

“Yep.” James grinned. “You’re smiling again Mooney, that’s good.”

          Remus let out a breath. “Promise me you won’t think I’m an idiot.”

“I can’t promise you that.” Sirius said.

“Promise me.” Remus pressed on.

“Fine, fine.” Sirius sighed.

“Alright.” James straightened his shoulders.

“Okay!” Peter squeaked.

          Remus looked at his feet as he spoke. “I’m a bit afraid now.”

          Remus Lupin, the boy who had faced issues none of the other marauders could even imagine having, the boy who was full-forward with every thing he did, was afraid.

          James shrugged.” I’d be really afraid too if my parents were dead. To tell you the truth I’m afraid of the You-Know-Who business anyway.”

“Me too.” Peter squeaked “I’d be really afraid too. I’m already afraid.”

Sirius stared at Remus. “I wouldn’t care if my parents were dead or not.” He said truthfully.

“Well, your parents might as well be dead, Padfoot.” James said “They hate you and you hate them.”

“But, yeah.”  Sirius said. “I’m afraid of the You-Know-Who stuff.”

          They all turned toward Remus. “This is going to be a really crappy line.” Sirius warned him.

“We’re here for you.” James said. “Gah, this is getting to deep. I’m gonna go prank some first years.” And he left.

Shortly after the marauders heard a loud explosion and screaming.

Remus left for Charms.


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Loosen Your Tie: News.


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