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Flawed by Mrs_Sirius_Black_4eva
Chapter 10 : Jealousy is an Ugly Beast
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There was nothing like a hot summer day.  Especially when there’s a Quidditch game going on in the Potters’ backyard.  I wished that I could play, but no one thought that it would be a good idea.  So now I was sitting here in a lawn chair, sipping an ice cold sweet tea.  Rose was sitting next to me, surprisingly.  I thought that she’d play one final Quidditch game before she started to show.  Honestly, I think it was because I was sitting out on the fun, and she didn’t want me to feel too bad..


It was the Potter family against anyone else that wanted to play.  The other team was Teddy, Victoire, and Hugo.  It bothered me that my sister and my former lover were playing together, but I was happy for them deep down.  But it wasn’t a crime to watch an incredible looking man that was currently sweaty and shirtless.


I couldn’t keep my eyes from trailing Teddy.  When he landed like a feather on the ground, he glanced at me, flashed me a smile, and winked.  It was like he knew what kind of effect he had on me.  Was he doing this on purpose?  I thought that we had agreed to be uninvolved.  Of course, it wasn’t a verbal agreement, but more of an agreement that came from our actions.


“Down girl.  He’s not yours anymore.” Rose grinned.


I watched Teddy fly around once again with a sad smile.  “I don’t think he was ever mine to begin with.”


Rose put a hand on my arm.  “Don’t be so sure.”


What was that supposed to mean?  Why was my life so complicated?  I didn’t have time to think about those questions because Vic flew towards me and yelled “Think fast” before tossing a Quaffle at me.  I quickly grabbed one of the Beater bats in the Quidditch equipment that was next to me and I smacked the ball back at my sister’s face.  She gave me thumbs up and I grinned.





“I still don’t understand why you asked me of all people.” My sister said to me as we walked up to the floor and room where my Healer, Healer Goldman, was waiting for us.  “I mean, I understand why you invited Teddy, obviously, but why me?”


Was my sister really that daft?  Couldn’t she see that this was part of our ‘healing process’?  “Vic, you’re my baby’s only aunt.  Plus, it really feels real when you see the scans.”


“I still can’t believe that you’re pregnant with Teddy’s baby.” She muttered angrily.


I sighed.  This was a little old.  “Vic, don’t think of it as his baby.  Think of it as my baby, at least for now.”


I inhaled the scent of the maternity ward.  It smelled kind of like baby powder and lemon cleaner.  It reminded me of Teddy.  I smiled, but then remembered that he was walking right beside me.  Besides, I was over him.  We were both happy now.


When we walked into the brightly lit room, Healer Goldman greeted us.  “Hello Dominique and Teddy.  How are we today?”


“We’re pretty good.” I replied, hoisting myself up onto the comfortable bed.  That was no joke.  These beds have got to be the most comfortable things since fuzzy pajamas.  Teddy stood beside me like he did before, and Vic stood next to him, looking anxious almost.  Why?


Healer Goldman suddenly noticed Vic.  “Well, well, well.  Dominique, this beautiful woman here bears a striking resemblance with you.  Is she a relative?”


“Oh, this is my sister and Teddy’s fiancée, Victoire.”


Healer Goldman shook Victoire’s hand.  “Well, it’s nice to meet you.  Shall we get on with the tests?”  He moved around to my other side, and started waving his wand.  “How have you been feeling?”


I closed my heads and rested my head at the top of the Sheer Comfort.  “Besides the moodiness, vomiting, swelling of my feet, and the intense cravings, I’m pretty good.”


Healer Goldman chuckled.  In the next instant, the image of my uterus with a growing baby inside was visible for everyone to see.  “Well, your baby looks very healthy and seems to be growing at a comfortable rate.  Now, would you like to know the sex of the baby?”


I looked at Teddy, who then looked at Vic.  Vic was actually crying.  “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Teddy asked in that soft, comforting voice of his.  I remember when he used that voice with me.  He always spoke so softly when he was with me.


Vic waved Teddy’s arm away.  “This is my sister’s baby.  I mean, look at it.  It’s a real baby.  I’m going to be the best Aunt ever for it.  Now figure out if you want to know if I’m having a niece or a nephew.”


I looked again at Teddy, who now met my eyes.  We held intense eye contact for a few moments before he shrugged.  Gee Teddy, thanks for being so decisive.  I turned to my Healer.  “I think that we’ll wait.  I kind of want it to be a surprise.”


He smiled at me.  “Okay, then.  Now, your baby should start to kick in the next couple of weeks.  Since I won’t see you for a bit, I want to give you a supply of Pain Numbing Solution.  Many women say that if the baby kicks quite a bit, it becomes painful.  So this is just a precaution.”


He handed me a wooden box with lots of vials of potion.  It was one of the most beautiful sights in the world.  I had no doubt that I would need these eventually.


“Now,” he said, looking sternly at me.  He kind of reminded me of a father talking to his child.  “You are only supposed to take one vial every sixteen hours.  But if you accidentally lose count, go ahead and take a dose anyway because there is no chance of overdosing.  Although, you will feel disoriented and dizzy.”


“Thank you so much.” I told him, and let Teddy help me off of the table.  I couldn’t ignore the sparks I felt when I touched his hand, but I tried not to think about it.  I mean, those sparks have always been there, right?  So it shouldn’t bother me like this…


Stop thinking about Teddy!





I looked at the incredibly high pile of envelopes sitting on the Potters’ dining table.  Rose was sitting nearby, looking at it with satisfaction.  I knew that I wasn’t going to like this.  “Rose, what is this?”


She smiled.  “Oh, those are the wedding invitations.”


“But I thought it was going to be family only.” I reminded her, scrutinizing the pile.


Rose raised one eyebrow.  It was a cute quirk that I think she stole from me.  “It is family only.”


I mean, I knew that the Weasley family was big and tended to reproduce rapidly, but this was outrageous.  I started to go through the names of each section of the family.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that yes, my family is that big.


“Did you invite my parents?” I asked her, plopping down into the chair next to her.  I was almost terrified to hear the answer.


She looked apologetic.  “I’m sorry, Dom, but they’re family.  And they may not even show up.  I’m sure that they’ve figured out that you’re my maid of honor.”


Before I could open my mouth to snap at her, the doorbell rang.  I knew that the Potters were out for some event, so it was just Rose and I in the giant house.  I groaned as I stood back up.  Rose looked too entranced by her invitations to answer the door.  “I just sat down!” I mumbled irritably.  But when I opened the door, any irritation I felt disappeared.  “Hi Nate!” I squealed, and pulled him into a long, deep kiss.  “What are you doing here?”


I let him inside and he answered in a dopey voice, “I came here to see my beautiful girlfriend.”


I felt my smile disappear and turn into a scowl.  “Is that some kind of crack?  Are you making fun of me?  Or are you trying to raise my self esteem because I’m such a fat cow?”


Nate tried his best not to look frightened, but it didn’t work.  “No, I really meant it.  You are beautiful.  It’s a compliment.”


Wow, I was hoping that the mood swings had died out, but I guess I was wrong.  I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment, but Nate just cupped my face and softly kissed me.  Any embarrassment was gone now.  Now I felt that warm bubbly sensation in my gut.  “What are you doing here?"


“I was hoping that you, Rose, and Scorpius might be up for a double date.  There’s this new restaurant in Diagon Alley that I want to take you to.”


“Yeah, that sounds great.  Let me get Rose.”  I decided to agree to the deal.  This was how we were going to summon each other if we weren’t in the same room.  “Rose, get your redhead pregnant butt out here!”  Nate raised his eyebrows at me.  “Don’t ask.” I added.


Rose came skipping into the room with a grin on her face.  That summon technique was her idea.  “Oh, hi, Nate.  What’s going on?”


“Get your fiancé over here so we can go on a double date.”


“Oh, okay.” Rose agreed with a smile.  “How about you head over there, and we’ll meet you there in five minutes?”


“Sounds good.” Nate told her, putting his arm around me.  He escorted me out of the house.  “Why five minutes?”


“They’re probably going to snog during that time.”


Nate grimaced.  “I know that they’re a couple and that they’ve kissed, but that still put a bad image in my head.”





 As Nate and I walked hand in hand down Diagon Alley, I couldn’t help the fact that I felt like bursting from content and happiness.  His presence was always so calming, and I always felt safe when I was with him.  And he made me feel like the only girl in the world that was beautiful enough for him.  I could hardly believe that we had only been dating for six weeks.


I immediately spotted this new restaurant that Nate had told me about.  It didn’t exactly stand out, but having been here each year at least a couple of times, I could tell when there was something new.  He turned to me and smiled, and then led me inside.


It seemed like a wonderful restaurant.  It wasn’t overly fancy, and it kind of reminded me of some bistro.  But the first thing that greeted me when I walked through the door was the lovely smell of lasagna.  Maybe I’ll get that…


A woman with red hair tied back greeted us with one of those fake smiles.  I tried my best not to scowl at her.  “Hello, welcome.  Would you like a table for two?”


Nate smiled a genuine smile back at her.  That’s what I loved about him.  He knew that she was faking her smile, but he was decent enough to give her a real one.  “Actually, we have two more people arriving shortly.”


“Okay, can I have a last name?”


Nate looked at me.  “Put down Weasley.”


As soon as he said my last name, the woman looked at us interestedly.  Her eyes lingered on me more than Nate.  I was used to this, though.  Once she was done ogling, she said, “Right this way, please.”


The tables were a dark, polished wood that contrasted with the lighter hardwood floors that we were walking on.  The walls were a maroon color, and each of the tables had a candle as a centerpiece.  We were lead towards the back of the restaurant, and as the woman showed us which table we would be at, my eyes drifted a little farther to a slightly unwelcoming sight: Teddy and Victoire were eating here as well.


Nate pulled out a chair for me, which, unfortunately, gave me a lovely view of Teddy and Victoire, who were now snogging.  I rolled my eyes before Nate sat down next to me and started looking through the menu.  I was at a public restaurant with people dining; I could not throw up, no matter how bad the urge was.


Once the glass in front of me filled up with water on its own, I took a sip of it, trying to ignore that nauseous picture.  Luckily, Rose and Scorpius showed up at that moment.  “Hey, sorry if we’re late.” Rose said breathlessly.


Rose sat down next to me, and while the guys debated on their meal, Rose leaned over to me and whispered, “What’s got you in a pissy mood?"


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Dom, I’m your best friend.  Your pale and you look a little disgusted.”


I frowned.  I guess I would have to tell her.  I tried to point my head as discreetly as possible at the apparently glued together couple.  Her eyes drifted over and landed on them as well.  Realization dawned on her face.  “Ah.  Just try and ignore them and eat until your heart is content.”


“Don’t worry.  I plan on it.”


I started looking through the menu, and so many things popped out at me.  Maybe I’d have the lasagna with the chocolate torte for dessert.  Or maybe the filet mignon with the cheesecake.  Why did everything have to look so good?


My eyes stopped looking over the menu when two people were suddenly standing at my table.  Don’t get angry, I kept telling myself.  Don’t ruin this evening.  “Hi Teddy, Vic.  I didn’t think that I’d be seeing you twice in one day.”


“Neither did we.” Vic laughed.  “But when I saw you, I had to say hi.  I can’t stay though; I’ve got to work in the morning.”


Teddy turned to her.  “Why don’t you wait outside and I’ll be there in a minute, okay?”


“Okay.” Vic agreed, and kissed him.  Again, I rolled my eyes and watched my sister disappear.


Teddy looked at me.  “I wanted to tell you that Vic wants to go shopping for some wedding outfits probably sometime this week.  I just want you to have a heads-up in case she suddenly drops by and says ‘let’s go’.”


“Alright, thanks.”


“It was nice to see you all again.” Teddy said with that gorgeous smile of his.  He shook Rose’s hand, then shook Scorpius’ hand, and then kissed me on the cheek.  He totally ignored Nate’s outstretched hand and left without another word.


I was smiling when he kissed me, trying to still my beating heart, but I felt my smile disappear when he acted so rude towards Nate.  I could see Nate kind of scowling as well.  Rose cleared her throat and said, “I’m going to go freshen up.  Dom, will you come with?”


I was kind of confused, but I obliged.  In my gut, though, I knew that she was going to chew me out for some reason.  Once we were in the loo, she rounded on me.  “What the hell is your problem?”


“Um, excuse me?”


“I mean, you have Nate is totally crazy about you and yet you feel the need to ruin your sister’s relationship as well.”


I stepped into her face now.  I was glad that I had about two inches on her.  “What are you implying?”


“You knew that they would be here and snatched up the opportunity to make Teddy jealous by bringing Nate here—“


“How dare you accuse me of that?  I am happy with Nate.  I may have loved Teddy in the past, but I don’t anymore!  If anyone is unable to let go, it’s him!”


Rose looked at me skeptically.  “There is no way that you are just suddenly over him.  You don’t fall out of love in a snap.”


“Okay, maybe I still have some feelings for him.  But I love Nate.  Teddy had his chance!  He had his chance, and he chose her over me!  That’s why I’m not hung up over him.”


For the second time tonight, Rose told me, “I’m your best friend, Dom.  I know you better than that.  And I know that you know yourself better than that as well.”


She was right.  I did know myself quite well.  And maybe that’s what I was afraid of…


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Flawed: Jealousy is an Ugly Beast


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