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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 16 : Chapter 15: Long Road to recovery.
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Harry was kept for one week in the hospital, as a pre-caution, which he found difficult because he missed his wife and kids, and found it weird that he never seen his parents together anymore, things were changing and not for the better. He also missed Isobella, Harry couldn’t get used to not seeing her… he had kept expecting her to walk in and cripple him with a hug. But she never appeared, and never again was he going to see her beautiful, sweet face.

“Hey sweetheart, are you ready to go home?” Hermione asked him softly, she had been watching him for the past ten minutes, and he had been crying most of that time.

“As ready as I’ll ever be” He smiled, he tried to sound cheerful, but it didn’t come out the way he wanted. “Can we do one thing before we go home?” He asked.

“Yes of course, what is it?”

“Can we go to Isobella’s grave? I want to say goodbye to her”.

“Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Hermione asked cautiously


“No.” He answered honestly. “But I have to do it at some point” he explained, Hermione nodded her head in understanding, and took her husband’s arm; they slowly walked down the hallways together, neither of them in any hurry. Harry had decided, whilst he was recuperating, that when he got better, he was going to live life to the fullest, and enjoy every minute of his time with his children.

It seemed like no time at all before Harry and Hermione were slowly walking towards  Isobella’s grave, Harry’ stomach knotted and he started feeling queasy, he defiantly wasn’t ready to do this, but it was now or never. One he reached it, Hermione gave his hand a squeeze.

“I’ll be over here if you need me” She whispered in his ear and let go of his hand, he took a deep steading breath and looked at the inscription on the white headstone.

                         Isobella Potter April 14th 1989- 1st July 2003

                                         Died at the hands of evil

                          Beloved Daughter of Lily and James Potter,

                         And adored Sister of Harry James Potter.

                                      Gone but not forgotten.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you. I should never have let it happen” Harry said weakly unable to control the tears that were flowing thick and fast.

“You meant the world to me, and now you’ve been snatched from me, it’s going to be so quiet without you and I promise I’m going to get justice for you, I promise” He managed to weep, but the pain became too much and he collapsed in a heap, Hermione rushed to his side immediately and cradled Harry close to her.

“Come on love, I think you’ve had enough for today” Hermione said softly, she helped him up, and they slowly walked to the gate, Harry had one last look back before he and Hermione apparated home.

After days of moping about the house, Harry decided he’s had enough resting to last him a life time, plus he was starting to get really bored, so he slowly got out of bed and gingerly walked down the stairs, his ribs had been so badly broken that it was taking them longer to heal than the rest of his bones, even with taking potions upon potions, Harry’s bones were still quite delicate and could snap easily with one wrong move. He got to the bottom of the stairs and heard the sound of a toddler’s laughter coming from the play room, deciding that the best medicine for any father was their child; he opened the door and stepped in.

He smiled at the sight that greeted him. His father was tickling his son James, and repeatedly saying ‘you little cheat’, next to them was his other son Riley sitting in his bouncy chair, he wore a huge smile on his face and his green eyes shining brightly. He looked towards the door and an even bigger smile spread across his face, and he held out his little chubby arms.

“Daddy!” James squealed in delight when he realised that Harry was in the room, he ran towards him and immediately and held out his arms.

“Sorry James, daddy’s still not well” He said with a pang of guilt, as James gave him a sad look. Upset James, walked back over to his Grandfather and sat with his back turned to Harry.

“Harry, you’re supposed to be resting, you’re going to crack your ribs again” James scolded, as Harry slowly walked over to him.

“I was bored dad, and I missed my kids” Harry said, slowly sitting on the floor beside Riley, with James help.

“Can you lift him out for me? I want to cuddle him” Harry asked. James nodded and lifted Riley out of his bouncer and gently set him in Harry’s arms. Harry took a minute to breathe in the fresh baby smell that he’d missed so much, before placing a kiss on top of his sons head.

“James” Harry said gently, but James turned away from him. “James, daddy has a very sore chest, and can’t lift you to cuddle you, but do you know what will help?” He asked gently, this time James turned to him and gave him a quizzical look. “Daddy needs lots of love and hugs off you all, or daddy won’t get better” At that James run over to Harry and leapt on top of him to give him a big hug. Harry winced in pain at the contact but at the same time, he put an arm around James and gave him a tight hug.

“I’ll make you better daddy” James said, still hugging his father tightly.

“Will you get Hermione for me” Harry asked James, he nodded and headed out the door, coming back seconds later.

“Harry you’re supposed to be resting” Hermione said in a whisper, as Riley had fallen asleep. She set Celeste in her crib and turned on the baby monitor.

“Go to sleep Madame” She said and kissed her on the head, she the lifted Riley out of Harry’s arms and put him beside his sister.

“James, nana is in the garden picking strawberries and wants you to help her” Hermione said to her oldest son.

“But daddy needs me to help him get better” James said sadly.

“I do James, but I also need to go to bed to rest, so how about you help nana, and then you can come up and take a nap with me?” Harry explained

“Ok, I love you daddy”

“I love you too James” Harry replied, he kissed his son on the forehead.

Harry slowly got up, wincing with pain as he did so, he walked slowly over to Hermione and gave her a slow and tender kiss.

“Why do I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks” He whispered in her ear.

“You haven’t seen me in weeks, you were unconscious remember”

“Yeah but I wasn’t aware I hadn’t been seeing you, if you get me”

“I get you” She replied and kissed him, but there kiss was interrupted by shouting, followed by James running into the play room scared.

“James, what happened son?” Harry said concerned as Hermione lifted him. Seconds later an annoyed James came into the room, followed by a riled Lily.

“Don’t walk away from me James” Lily hissed.

“I only walked away because you frightened the life out of little James”

“What’s going on?” Harry asked annoyed, he ushered his parents out of the room, and stood awaiting the answer.

“I only took James out to the back, and she started going on about how we never speak anymore” James answered.

“We never speak anymore, you always ignore me and little James can see it.”

“You left me” James shouted, and he walked away.

“Mum you and dad need to fix this; I can’t have my children grow up in a house like this.”

“Harry it is so much more complicated than you can imagine, it’s difficult.”

“No it’s not. Hermione has told me everything, and I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that you left dad over him having depression.”

“Harry, he never loved Isobella”

“Yes, but don’t you think he has felt guilty from the moment she was born, and even more so now that she’s dead. He’s been through enough, you both have. There is no need for you both to keep suffering like this. Now sort it out or I’m going to have to take drastic action.” He said before walking away.

A.N. Sorry for the super late update, but I have very little time to myself at the minute. I also had a bit of trouble writing this chapter, I found it hard to put my ideas into words. Anyways please review and let me know what you think.

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