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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 10 : A Kiss, an Intervention and a Surprise
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"That was an incredible save." I shouted over the wind and rain that had been falling ever since last night.


Miles grinned. "Yeah, well that was quite a throw as well." Rain dripped down his face, his hair was matted down and he kept having to brush it away from his sharp, blue eyes.


I had my hair tied back, but loose strands were sticking to the sides of my face and neck and the rain was obscuring my vision slightly, causing me to rub it away from my eyes every so often.


"You wanna call it a day? I think it's getting worse."


"Yeah!" I shouted over the din.


When we got down to the ground Miles let me into the locker room where he tossed me a towel from his locker and took another one for himself.


"I hope we don't have to play in anything like that for the Gryffindor Match in a couple of weeks." He brushed the towel in his hair, his head tilted slightly to the side.


"Yeah, especially since Roxy plays even better in the rain. She just might be a freak of Quidditch nature."


"She killed us last year when Flint was Keeper."


"Well... I don't know if I should tell you this, but..." I grinned as Miles looked at me eagerly, ready for the little nugget of information that I was going to let drop, "she tends to shoot for the right hoop seventy percent of the time."


"Thanks, I will definitely keep that in mind." He pulled his soaking shirt off and dug around in his locker. I tried to avert my gaze, but really... with such eye candy in front of me it was pretty hard to resist. I was pretty much staring by the time he emerged from his locker with a dry sweatshirt in hand. When he caught me I pretended to find my soaking trainers much more interesting than they were. It might be time for new shoes; the seam was ripping along the outside edge of my left foot.


"You're shivering."


No, I-I'mm f-f-finnnne."


He chuckled, "Yeah." I looked up to see his eyes dancing with mirth. "I think I have a spare shirt in there." My teeth started to chatter, it was loud enough to be utterly embarrassing.


"Here." He passed a large long sleeve shirt my way and then turned around to give me some privacy. I too turned my back and with every ounce of skill I had I managed to get the wet shirt off and the new one on all with the towel still around me. I then wrapped my hair up in the towel to keep my head warm. My bottoms were still wet and we hadn't gotten into effective warming or drying charms yet.


"Thanks." I turned back around once I was done. Miles turned to face me. I continued to shiver.


He made towards me and started rubbing his hands up and down on my arms. Merlin, I really did need new shoes.


He leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Better?" His breath was warm and sent a new wave of goose bumps along my neck and spine.


I could only nod.


How could I have not started the new year with a new pair of trainers?


He picked my chin up with his pointer finger so I was now looking at his cool blue eyes. He leaned down, our lips a hair's breadth apart.


"There you two are."


Miles and I jolted apart. I looked around to the door to see Scorpius standing there, no expression on his face.


"It was getting pretty bad out there, didn't want my Keeper to catch pneumonia and not be able to play in the opening game."


My face was flushed and when I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Miles, he too was sporting a slightly reddened complexion.


Scorpius eyed me up and down and then smirked as his eyes reached my chest. I looked down to see that my wet bra had leaked through the shirt that Miles had given me, leaving two circular wet spots where my breasts were. I crossed my arms, effectively covering the wet spots.


"You look cold, Rose. You should get inside and put on some dry clothes." Scorpius' face was straight once more, but I could tell that he was still smirking on the inside.


"C'mon Rose, let's get you back to the castle." Miles shot Scorpius a look that I couldn't quite interpret as he put his hand on my back and directed me back out into the storm.


He cast an umbrella charm over the two of us which helped to prevent me getting anymore soaked. I looked back to see the water bouncing off of Scorpius' own umbrella charm as he trudged along after us.


"So there's a Hogmeade trip next Saturday..." Miles began.


"Not for you there isn't," Scorpius' voice called from behind us.


Miles' face went red, he and I both turned to look at Scorpius.


"You have practice," he said in a matter of fact voice.


"On Hogsmeade weekend?" Miles said in disbelief.


"The pitch is open and we have a big game in two weeks." Scorpius shrugged as he passed us by.


"That sucks," I said consolingly.


"Yeah it does," he replied.


"Maybe you'll get out early and still get to go for a bit." I might have overdone the hopeful note in my voice.


"Doubt it."


"Well if you want me to pick you up anything..."


He smiled at me. "Thanks."


We had just made it through the common room and were standing once again by the stairs to the girls' dorms.


"Well I'll see ya," I said as I started up the stairs.


Miles grabbed my hand and pulled me back down, he leaned in and placed a not so chaste kiss on my lips before smiling and walking up to the boys' dorms. This time it was me standing there looking bemused as he walked away.




I wasn't sure how I felt about the kiss. It was nice, even if his lips were a bit chapped. Perhaps I just was so used to kissing Seven for the past couple of years that I just needed a bit more practice. I decided that I should just avoid it for a little while, so the rest of the day I made a very serious effort not to think about the kiss with Miles.


I sat with Dom and Adrianna for dinner, thinking it best to 1) avoid the tension between Tabby and Bertram that had continued to build, and 2) avoid having to think on if I should sit near Miles or not. I was wonderful at avoiding, perhaps if my dumping diet program didn't take off I could teach classes on how to avoid one's issues. I think Tabby would be a great co-professor.


"Wow, look at that, an entire plate of food."


Dom's mocking tone was worthy of a pointed 'Shut the hell up'.


"You're looking a lot better," Ade said with a smile and a bite of broccoli.


"There's something about vegetables that just gives me the creeps." Dom commented when looking at Ade's plate half full of the flowery green vegetable. She took a large bit of steak and plopped it onto her plate.


Ignoring Dom's hunger for cow, I said, "Thanks, I'm feeling a lot better. Even gained four pounds this week."


"Must be nice," Ade said, "wanting to gain instead of lose weight."


"What are you talking about? You don't need to lose weight," I added with frustration.


"No, but I don't need to go off and gain some either." She then pulled her shirt up a little to pinch an almost non-existent roll of fat between her fingers.


Dom took a piece of broccoli from Ade's plate and lobbed it at her. "Shut up or I'll hex you."


"So have you talked to James at all lately?" I asked Ade. I was pretty sure that she had been doing a very good job at avoiding James this past month, but I couldn't be positive. A lot of things slipped by me without my notice.


"No, not much. He tried to corner me in DADA the other day, but I managed to sneak away when Professor Vance asked him about a paper he had handed in." Ade didn't look as pleased as you would think someone who was trying not to be around someone would look.


"That's it? I would've thought he would be near stalking you at this point."


"Well, like I said, I am not completely avoiding him, just pruning it back a little. I'll say hi, talk to him for a minute or two, but then find a reason to escape. Honestly I'm not sure he's even noticed. Which is for the best, makes it all easier." Her dejection at that idea was written plainly across her face.


Dom and I shared a look that said 'she is delusional'. She was fooling herself into thinking that cutting James out would ever actually work. That boy was the most persistent person that I had ever met and was no doubt figuring out some sort of plan to get them to be good friends again.


Dom spent the rest of the meal telling us how she was going to manage to get in three separate dates for the Hogsmeade weekend coming up, one of whom did not even go to Hogwarts and was to meet her there at noon. It was nice to focus on someone else's drama for the night though. I didn't think of my kiss with Miles more than three times. I admit that I might have peeked over to see him at the Slytherin table – he was sitting with the same guy he'd been playing chess with after the try-out. There were a few girls sitting nearby, but he didn't appear to be talking to any of them.


I made myself stop looking at him and instead directed my gaze over to see how Tabby and Bertram were faring with one less buffer between them. When my eyes reached our regular part of the table, I saw Scorpius already looking my way. I raised an eyebrow and nodded my head in the direction of Tabby and Bertram, hoping that my question would get across to him. He slowly shook his head left and then right, obviously things were not going very well.


Maybe tonight I would be able to get through to Tabby and find out how she really felt. Obviously she was upset about it all, otherwise she wouldn't have been so adamant that she was 'just fine'.




I recruited Six to my 'get Tabby to talk' mission and we absconded with her up the stairs and into our dorm room. I had already taken note that Hollace and Jocelyn were busy being bints in the common room and given that they were with Thaddius and I was guessing that Jason kid, I didn't figure that they would come up for a while.


Tabby pulled away from me once we got into the room. I guess she didn't like my forceful ways. I snatched her wand from her robe pocket and snuck it into my own.


"What in the name of all things Slytherin do you want?" Her dark eyes sparkled with a fiery anger. Normally that would have intimidated me, but I was back to being Rose Weasley again, and reminded myself that my father was an Auror, my mother a brain at the Ministry, and I was a wonderful mixture of the two that could not be intimidated by mere evil stares.


So, in an effort to get through to Tabby, Six and I had a plan... Good Auror/Bad Auror. I got to be the bad one... something which I was actually looking forward to ever since Tabby had been so bitchy to me about my break-up (even though she really was just trying to help - which is all that I am trying to do too... sort of).


"Stop your whinging and sit down."


Tabby crossed her arms over her chest and continued to give me that fiery glare.


"I said... SIT DOWN!" I waved my wand and one of the desk chairs pulled up from behind Tabs and placed itself - or rather shoved itself - into her legs, causing her knees to buckle and her to wind up in a seated position. She didn't respond, probably because the wind had been knocked out of her at her hard landing, or maybe because she was now going to respect us.


"You better have a damn good reason for this, Weasley!" she hissed.


Okay, so maybe there would be no respect.


"We do, Tabby. I'm sorry Rose is being so harsh, it's just that we care about you..." Six looked over to me and gave me a scolding glance. She was sure a really good Good Auror. "We hate seeing you hurting."


"Pfff, I'm not hurting. Now will you let me leave?" She tried to get up from the chair but found that while Six was talking I had bound her legs effectively to the chair. I then placed her wand far out of her reach on the nightstand. Just my little way of letting her know that she couldn't do anything about it.


"Like hell you're fine. You have been moody and irritable all day. You've been sulking around, not talking to Bertram at all, and frankly a real pain in my arse." Bad Auror to the rescue.


"That's how I always am."


Shite, she had a point.


"That's not true. Yes, you can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but you have never been sulky. A bitch," Six nodded her head but said, "no, not a bitch, maybe just persnickety. This isn't you. Last year when you and Drew broke it off you were never like this."


Tabby scowled. "Well maybe that's because I was the one to end it."


Fair point.


"Still, it's not like you to be like this over a guy." Six could definitely go in on this line of work. That or a teacher for five year olds.


"I am not like anything!" Tabby sure could be stubborn.


I looked away from Tabby's dirty looks and over to Six. "I'm sick of this shite. I'll just use Legilimency on her." I raised my wand arm.


"You can't do that. It's against school rules." Her eyes started to look around nervously. I was really glad this was working, because I couldn't use Legilimency for shite.


"Please Tabby, this coming from the girl who spent an entire week sleeping in the boys' dormitories. Don't think I was completely out of it." The last bit was a lie, but Six had filled me in earlier today on that juicy bit.


"You are being ridiculo... Rose... c'mon... you wouldn't."


I guess she really did think that I was going to do it, never knew that raising my wand could be so powerful.


"I would."


"Fine. Fine. Just put that thing away."


I tucked it into my pocket and raised an eyebrow at her expectantly.


"It's okay, you can tell us, Tabby," Six added, sensing Tabby's reluctance even now.


"I'm pissed okay. I’m furious in fact. How dare he dump me? He was lucky to be in my presence let alone... well y'know."


I shot Six a worried glance. One that said 'you don't think they...'


"We didn't do that!" Tabby answered our unasked question. "I just meant the snogging... and stuff."


Well that was enough of that, the kid was like my brother... or rather a cousin... a distant cousin.


"So you're mad because you got dumped, not because you are no longer with Bertram?" I asked. I couldn't really understand what that was like, my break-up had broken my heart not my pride (as evidenced by drunken corridor hexing/screaming).


"Of course I'm mad because I got dumped."


"I think what Rose means Tabby, is that you don't care that much that it was Bertram who dumped you." Six, ever the good Auror.


"Wha- of course I care," she spluttered, realizing now what it is that she had been saying.


"Do you, Tabby?" I wasn't convinced.


She didn't respond for a little bit, then slowly she shook her head 'no'.


"It was supposed to be just for fun. The boy was always so uptight and nervous around girls. I thought it might, y'know, loosen him up a bit. He wasn't supposed to dump me though. I was doing him a favor."


"I take it back. You are a bitch."


Wow, hadn't expected Good Auror to go Bad. I wasn't going to argue though. At this point in time I really forgot why I was friends with Tabby at all. Why would anyone want to hurt poor Bertram? Sure, he could get a little annoying, but he was completely harmless.


Tabby almost looked hurt, but she set her jaw in defense. "Look. I didn't mean it like that. I liked Bertram, I wouldn't have dated him if I hadn't. I just... I just didn't expect that it would be him that would end it."


"You're still a bitch," Six said, but there was a little less bite in her voice.


"Fine. I'm a bitch. I get it. Now will you two let me out of this goddamned chair?" She struggled against the bindings on her legs and the chair jumped about slightly.


I let the ties loose and Tabby bolted out, collecting her wand from the nightstand where I had placed it after confiscating it.


"I can't believe her," Six said as she paced around the room. "She took advantage of poor Bertram."


"I don't know if I would call that taking advantage. Sure, she was a bitch to think that she was doing him a favor, but I am pretty sure that he didn't mind it... Y'know... until he did." I snickered a little at my own joke. It was definitely Karma kicking in and knocking Tabby down a peg. Just because she was my friend didn't mean that she didn't deserve it.


"How can you defend her?" Six was still fuming.


"I'm not, I just meant..."


"You're getting to be just like her," Six shouted at me. Man, she had really picked up this Bad Auror thing well, though why she was now using it on me was a new mystery.


"What the hell, Six, what's your problem?" I don't know if I have ever seen her this annoyed/pissed.


"My problem? My problem is that you and Tabby are two peas in a pod. Neither one of you giving a damn about anyone else but yourselves. I am so sick of this." She threw her hands up and stormed out of the room, leaving me in a bewildered daze.


What the hell had that been all about?


I stayed in the room, bewildered. Was I really as selfish as that? I knew that I had been a bit wrapped up in my own depression lately, but wasn't that allowed when you broke up with the love of your life? You would think your best friend could give you some leeway. I decided I would have to talk to Six about it. So I left the dorm and looked over to our corner in the common room, thinking that maybe she had gone over there. She was there all right. Attached to Bertram’s face.


Was she for real? What in the hell was this? She loved Gordie. She was just doing this out of spite. Now who was being the selfish bitch?


A/N: So first I would like to say I'm sorry.  I know it has been an extremely long time since my last update, but in my defence the Sproggy came two weeks early and it thre me for a loop.  I am not just getting adjusted to the new schedule (the one which provides me with no sleep and no free time).   So updates will still not be as quick as my normal pace, but I am hoping to speed them up from last time.

So tell me what you thought?  How about our girl Six... what is she playing at?  What about the kiss with Miles, anyone hate me for that?  I love to hear what you think, especially now that I am stuck in a house for the next six weeks with very little breaking up of my day. 

Thanks to my wonderful Beta WeasleyTwinMom - you rock sista!  And thanks to any of you who are still with me after such a long hiatus. Much love.

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