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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 15 : Tied Together
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Sorry, but i made a mistake last time! 17 year olds can use magic outside of school and I forgot! A thank you goes out to all of the amazin reviewers who caught that mistake!





      I opened my eyes and took in a gasp of air. I don't like apparating, you feel like you cant breath. My body seemed to ache more then it had at home. I started to cry harder again and I curled up into a ball. What would he do when he realized that I was gone? Would he even care? It was colder here then it was in Nottingham. I like it cold, it numbs the pain.


      I knew that I had to go to the door, if I didn’t I would eventually die of hypothermia, although that didn’t seem like such a bad idea right now. I opened my eyes through tears and looked blurrily at my hands, my right one had a bruise already forming on it. Then I pulled up my shirt and looked at my forearms. They were a mixture of blotchy red and blue forming on them. I didn’t want to even look at my shoulder, rib area, or face. They would all be way worse then my arms.


      I shuddered at the cold around me and the pain coming from my body. I tried to stop crying, I really did. I couldn’t go into Dom’s house crying for god’s sakes. It was bad enough that I looked like hell and that they would all know my secret now. If I was crying it would make things ten times worse. Then they would all really feel bad for me, and I don't want that.


      I left my trunk down in the icy grass and shakily stood up. A searing pain shot through my ankle as I immediately took all pressure off of it. I brushed a few more tears away and tried to walk as fast as possible ignoring the constant feeling of knives going in and out of my shoulder and ribcage. If I’m dead and really in hell I wouldn’t be surprised. Damn car, damn kid driving the car. 


      About five minutes later I finally made it to the door. The lights were on inside the cottage and I could see peoples shadows moving inside from the kitchen. It was just me and the door, I stared at it unsure of what to do next. I had two choices now, A, stand here all night and freeze my ass off, or B, get up the courage to ring the bloody doorbell. I was a Gryffindor! Weren’t these things supposed to be easy for us? We were supposed to be brave god damnit! I don't feel too brave right now. I looked back one more time blearily to the darkness behind me, I couldn’t go back, the only way now was forwards. Slowly I moved my thumb up to the doorbell and closed my eyes, then with a horrible feeling in my stomach I pushed in.


      “Ding Dong!” the doorbell rang throughout the cottage as I held my breath. Someone was coming, I could see their shadow moving from the kitchen to the door…two people actually. I think that if I could have ran I would have, but I can barely walk. Oh god, here it comes—


      “Hello, and what brings you to this horrid—” I saw Lilly Potter standing in the door gaping at me. Behind her was none other then Dommy.


      “Oh my GOD!” Dom screeched first covering her hand to her mouth. “Jesus CHRIST!” She was walking backwards a little now, I guess I really did look as bad as I felt. She started to scream now and I realized I was shuddering now as my tears fell.


      “K—Kiersten?” Lilly trembled looking at me as if I was some alien. “What—” She didn’t finish and just looked away from me. Dom was against the wall now.


      “What ees going on Dominique?” Fleur said coming into the hallway and looking at Dom first, then she slowly turned to me. Her reaction was quite like Dom’s. “Ahhhh!” She screamed putting her hand on her mouth as well. I was embarrassed now, scared and embarrassed. “Kiersten? What has happened?” She started to come nearer now.


      “Fleur I heard—” For the first time in my life I came face to face with Ginny Weasley. I looked into her big brown eyes and saw that they were identical to Lilly’s. “Oh my.” She whispered looking at me for another moment before coming out to grab my hand. “Alright everyone, let’s help her inside now.”


      A couple other people had wandered over to the door, I recognized Lucy, Molly’s younger sister, and Rose’s mother Hermione and her brother Hugo. Everyone seemed to be stunned into looking at me. I avoided all of their gazes and just looked at the floor. She led me into the kitchen where all sounds stopped. There was more people in here. It seemed that I had picked the night where everyone met up at Dom’s house of course. I wanted to just stop crying, but I couldn’t. The flow of silent tears was like a parade down my face.


      “We should probably take her to St. Mungos…” Someone said from near me.


      “Probably.” Another person said.


      “No.” My voice sounded thick, not anything like how it usually is. It was the first time I had spoken since I told him. I felt like bawling all over again.


      “But sweetheart, you—you need medical attention.” I saw Hermione Weasley come into my face.


      “I’m a healer, I’ll just have a look at her.” I recognized who I think is Fred’s mom, but I couldn’t be sure. Wait…if that’s Fred’s mom then that means that Fred’s here. My stomach flopped again as I discreetly scanned the crowd. I saw Lucy and Molly’s dad Percy, Harry Potter, Rose, Victoire, and then Fred. He had his mouth agape and was looking at me as though he had never seen me before. I just about died when I saw who was next to him, Potter. My Potter.


      He wasn’t gaping or gawking like any of the others, he was just staring with an angry expression on his face, he was probably angry that I had come. I looked down hoping that he would leave, that they all would just leave.


      “What has happened?” Fleur repeated in a whisper now. I just shook my head and wiped a couple tears away. I couldn’t ever tell all of them, I could barely say the word no let alone tell a story.


      “Who did this to you Kiersten?” Ginny said quietly in my face again. I just shook my head and wiped tears away. They wouldn’t understand.


      “Maybe we should—er take her into another room?” Angelina said to Fleur and Ginny. Ginny nodded and started to help me up again. I looked forwards wanting to avoid all of their eyes. Couldn’t they look somewhere else? Didn’t everyone see that I didn’t want them to look at me? Apparently not. Ginny opened the door to a spare bedroom and shut it behind her. She guided me to the bed and sat me down there. Angelina sat across from me.


      “What hurts the most?” She asked. I wanted to say everything, but certain things hurt more then others, like my chest, my shoulder, my heart…


      “I think my ribs are broken, and my shoulders dislocated.” I said in the same thick voice. I saw Ginny flick her wand to the door out of the side my eye. I guess she didn’t want eavesdroppers. Knowing this crew they were all at the door ears pressed against the cracks. I looked into the mirror across from me and gasped. God, Dom was right in freaking out. I was red and swollen, my nose seemed to have just stopped bleeding, my left cheekbone was puffy and looked as though it had been knocked out of place.


      “It’s alright, but this may sting a little.” Angelina said taking out her wand and pointing it to my ribs. I felt an odd sensation after she mumbled the words and then a sever stinging throughout that area. I gripped the comforter rather hard until it subsided.


      “What as happened to you Kiersten?” Fleur whispered to me again now putting her hand in mine as Fred’s mother worked to fix me. She pointed her wand to my shoulder and instantly all of the pain left, now it was just stiff. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to stop the tears from coming out.


      “I—I got into an accident, with the car earlier.” I managed to say. The fact that one sentence was hard to say proves that the whole story, one I don't think I want all of these people to know, would not be coming out in this room. “My father—he’s mad at me—I’m not allowed back home this break.”


      “A car crash, you ave gotten all of zese injuries from a car crash?” Fleur was looking at me with a mixture of disbelief and pity.


      “My dad—he wasn’t too happy…” I choked out as Angelina flicked her wand at my face causing my cheekbone to move, I’m assuming back into place. It was all silent, I opened my eyes to see Ginny and Angelina sharing a quick glance. I decided to close my eyes again as she fixed my nose.


      “Well,” Fleur said as if it was all settled, and by the way, it’s not. “You weel be staying with us for de rest of break.” I didn’t say anything, if I did I knew I would cry hard again.


      “Your always welcome at our house as well.” Ginny said squeezing my hand.


      “Ours too.” Fred’s mom said fixing my ankle up. I decided just to nod again. I knew I wouldn’t be staying at the Potter’s, they have a son who hates me. As for Fred’s house, well he would ask questions. He could also have Potter over or something. I think I’ll be sticking with Dom for the rest of break.


      “There you are, all injury’s are healed!” Angelina said patting my shoulder. “As for the bruises there’s a couple creams that are out there. I know that most—”


      “They don't work for me.” I said still not opening my eyes. There was a silence showing me that they were all looking at each other again.


      “Well then there’s a special potion that you can take. I know that Madam Pomfrey uses it down at the school.” She said, I nodded once more. That one did actually work, but you couldn’t buy it without a registered medical license so I couldn’t use it over the long summers. “I’ll be right back with it then.” With that she popped out of the room. The silence returned.


      “Does anyone else—know?” Ginny asked hesitantly. I shook my head.


      “Well somezing must be done about zis!” Fleur said her temper flaming. “Arrangements weel have to be made for de future!” I stayed silent as she started to ramble on and on like Dom tends to do when she’s angry.


      “Don't—tell anyone please.” I noticed that my voice was closer to normal now. Fleur stopped her ranting and Ginny looked on me with sad eyes.


      “We would never.” Ginny whispered.


      “Well, Bill must know about zis. I ave to tell him.” Fleur said tossing her long blonde hair behind her shoulders. I expected that much so I didn’t say anything. I knew that the spouses would find out, but I was mostly worried about the kids. Some I wanted never to know. Others, like Dom, I want to tell on my own when I’m ready.


      There was another pop and Angelina entered the room once again, this time with a bottle in her hand. “Alright, this should take affect within the next ten minutes.” She said popping open the bottle and pouring a little into the measuring cup lid. “Here you are.” I slowly drank it trying to not gag. This tastes worse then muggle medicine. I knew that this wouldn’t clear all of the bruises up right away, just the smaller ones. It was better then nothing though.


      “You should stay in ere tonight?” Fleur asked me sounding unsure. I nodded and bit my lip to not cry again. Right now I was an emotional wreck. No one should have to see me again after what they already saw. “If you need anytheeng, we ar right down de hall.” Fleur said coming over to me and hugging me strangely hard. I hugged her back briefly just wanting to really be alone. “I weel bring your trunk in.”


      The rest said goodbye as if they would never be seeing me again. I just said thank you and kept silent at all costs. Finally everyone left. I held out for Fleur coming back in with my trunk before starting to sob again. I just couldn’t stop, it was like years and years of suppressed tears were coming out into the open now. I heard voices outside in the hallway and sniffed going to the door and sitting on the ground facing it.


      “Just tell me what’s going on mum!” I heard Dom say in an agitated tone.


      “Ah Dominique, all of you,” I guess Dom was just the spokesperson for the group. “It is none of your buziness to tell you de truth. When Kiersten is ready to tell you erself she weel. For now she weel be staying with us.”


      “But Aunt Fl—” I heard someone start, Molly I think.


      “No but’s.” She said sternly.


      “Could I just go in then?” Dom sounded really pissed, I kind of felt like laughing through my tears. Just a little. “She is my best friend.”


      “So you plan on ditching us?” I heard Fred ask her, I could just see him rolling his eyes as he spoke.


      “We will find a way in you know.” My stomach dropped at the sound of Potter’s voice, the sincerity of it. But why would he want to see me? All I was to him was a liar. I laid my head against the door and closed my eyes. “It would make much more sense if you just opened the door right now.”


      “Well James I would ave agreed weeth you, but your maman as put a anti entering charm on de door. And you know that eef she does dat there is no getting inside is zere?” There was a silence after Fleur’s words. I guess Ginny Potter had a strong locking charm.


      “But what if there’s a fire and she’s locked in? Then you’d be responsible for killing her mum. Is that what you want?” Dom tried.


      “She can get out, but no one can get in beesides myself and your father, capish?”


      “Your evil.” Dom said her voice drifting down the hall. I heard Fleur muttering to herself before sighing deeply and walking back to the kitchen after the crew of Hogwartees.


      I looked at my forearms happy to see that most of the smaller bruises were already dying down. The bigger ones would take about two or three days. I wiped my eyes and grabbed the potions bottle from the night table. It said to drink three teaspoons every six hours.


      The mirror across from me caught my eyes and I turned to it unsure of what to expect. I let in a sigh of relief seeing that I looked more like me now. Sure, I was still a little bruised, my cheek was red and above my right eyebrow was cut, but I looked like Kiersten McCabe, not an alien.


      Well this proves everyone here wrong who previously thought I was perfect. Jenny Bones, Molly Weasley, Jarred Meade. Jarred…I cringed while thinking about him. He was the reason that Potter currently hated me. Maybe I would have just given up my pride and gone home with Dom if Potter was talking to me, if Jarred hadn’t ruined everything important to me. People don't really see when they look. They don't really see me. All they see is a pretty, tall, blonde girl who is really good at Quiddich. If they looked a little harder they would see my imperfections, but they don't want to. Like Potter said not all that long ago, I’m really messed up. Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside it’s true.


      I heard noises coming from what I’m presuming is the kitchen. It seemed that people were leaving. Good, I like it better quiet, less people to try and spy on me.


      “It’s all your fault you know.” I whispered to the mirror seeing my mother look back at me. “If—if you wouldn’t have left—none of this—none of this would have happened.” I glared at her and she glared back at me, I closed my eyes for a brief moment and imagined what I remembered of her face. It was mine except for my eyes, hers were bright blue, mine are green like my fathers. I shuddered thinking about him. All I saw was the dark bedroom, and then I felt the pain of his hands. I opened my eyes again abruptly and shook my head fast. “Your not there anymore…” I whispered deciding to turn back to the mirror. “I’ll never forgive you.” The mirror showed a face of sadness and anger mixed in with fright.


      I got up shakily and took the mirror off the wall. I then turned it around so that all I saw was the back. Good, now I wouldn’t think of her anymore. Instead I went to my trunk and rummaged through the mess that was a result of my hasty packing. Finally I found my Potter PJ’s. I smiled this time thinking of Project Abyss and how stupid it all was. Did we really think that it would work? I got my hopes up for nothing on that one. Sure, I would have to put on different clothes before leaving the room tomorrow to hide my bruises, but this is alright for now. It’s almost like I have a piece of him with me. I wasn’t as lonely.


      I turned off the big light of the room and instead just turned on the lamp next to my bed. I got under the covers and curled up hugging the pillow tightly. I wasn’t going to cry anymore tonight about this. I wasn’t going to even think about it anymore, I had to move on. If I’ve learned one thing from my past it’s that you have to look forwards. If you don't you get lost in the past.


      It was all silent now, I think everyone had “gone to bed”, but I’m sure that Dom’s awake, and so is Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Victore is the heaviest sleeper I know, she can sleep standing up. I don't think she’ll have a problem, and I don't know Louis all that well. As much as Dom would hate to admit it, they’re the perfect family.


      Then there was me and my father. We were the farthest things from perfect. He was—no. I wasn’t thinking about him or anything to do with that ever again. Stubbornly I played with a stitch in the comforter trying to forget. Easier said then done.


      I laid awake for hours silently trying to forget about everything. I hard part was that all of the things I was trying to forget were what made up me. In three hours I came up with three conclusions.


1.    Dominique will break down the door tomorrow if I don't come out.


2.    Ginny Potter is nothing like her son.


3.    And three, I don't know myself at all.


      By one o’clock in the morning I was starting to get antsy. I had been in this room since nine. Four hours in a silent room wide awake isn’t fun. If you don't believe me try it sometime. I slowly pulled myself out from under the covers and into a sitting position facing the door. I looked at it for a moment contemplating what to do. I knew that no one would be up this late so I would be alone. I realized that this would probably be my last chance at being alone in this house.


      I got off of the bed hesitantly and tip toed to the door. I knew that no one would be able to hear me in my own room, but I was still cautious. The door creaked as I opened it. I stopped for a moment to see if anyone had heard, apparently not. I made my way silently to the sliding glass backdoor, unlocked it, and then slipped outside shutting it behind me.


      I made my way to the sea listening to the sound of the waves crashing onto the rocks and the smell of the salt water. Dom doesn’t realize that her home is a paradise. If she wanted to swim in the summer all she had to do was walk a mile down to the beach area. Her house is the only time I went to the beach in my entire life.


      The icy breeze was blowing into my face as I sat down at the edge of a rock going out over the ocean. I felt the ground shake as the waves tumbled into it. I shivered and pulled my knees up to my chest to keep warm as I got sprayed with the salty water.


      “I knew you’d eventually come out here.” A voice said from behind me. My stomach dropped as I sprang up and turned around to face him unsteadily. He walked over to the edge of the rock where I was and sat down next to my standing body. “It’s pretty here.” I slowly sat down a little farther away from him then I would have normally. We were both silent just pretending to enjoy the scenery. I didn’t know what to say, and I don't think he had anything to say. It was an awkward combination. I knew I’d be the one to talk first, Potter proves to be even more stubborn then me.


      “Sorry.” I said not really sure of what I was saying it for. Everything I think.


      “Me too.” He said still not looking at me, but I was looking at him. He was just staring out over the sea seeming calm. I could never really know what was going on inside of his head. He’s so good at hiding it.


      “I was telling the truth,” I said gulping and looking back into the night. “I—I don't have anything with Jarred.” He didn’t show any signs of surprise when I said this.


      “I know.” He finally looked away from the sea and to me. “I knew all along. I just didn’t admit it to myself.”


      “Okay, good then.” I said lamely unsure of where we were going next. I knew that he would ask, I just didn’t know when he would. It’s not like I’m doing a good job of hiding my bruises, I’m in a tank top and short shorts for gods sakes.


      “Why’d you go back?” He asked turning to me again. I knew he was talking about my house. Why I went back to my father. I really wasn’t sure of the answer, it was a mixture of multiple reasons.


      “Pride I think.” I said summing most of it up under one word.


      “And me, right?”


      I nodded uncomfortably staring at my foot. “What happened.” There it was, the question that I would probably be getting from every single member of the Potter-Weasley clan over break. I wasn’t sure how to answer it, but after a good thirty seconds of thinking I decided that the truth would be the best choice right now.


      “I went home and everything was normal, or normal for there at least. Then, the second night, tonight, I got in a car accident. You know, the things muggles use to get around in. The car was pretty bad, I’m surprised that it’s still alive regardless so I’m sure that this took it out of it. I knew he would be pissed regardless, but if it didn’t tell him it would be worse. I went up to his room and told him what had happened. He looked outside and saw how bad it was and—and it started. Afterwards I just got my trunk and left. Here I am now.


      “What’s it?” He asked annoyingly. I knew that Potter knew what it was, he was just trying to get me to say it to make it real. But I don't want to really make it real.


      “He—well—he got angry and took it out on me.”


      “I’m sorry Kiersten,” He grabbed my hand and looked at me sincerely. “I’m so sorry.” I knew that he was talking about everything, not talking to me, Project Abyss, me going home. I just nodded looking away from him again. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling, it was different then anything else. He took his other hand and traced a bruise on my shoulder. It felt hot where his fingers traced.


      “Why are you here?” I thought of it abruptly.


      “I stay over with Dom and Louis sometimes.” He as now tracing down my arm.


      “Oh,” I wasn’t really concentrating on the conversation right now. “Is Fred here?”


      “No, just Al, Lilly, and me.” He took his hand back and got up offering it. I took it and he pulled me up.


      “Don't tell anyone.” I whispered.


      “I wont.” He said as we slowly made our way up to the house. I felt oddly comfortable walking back with Potter. When we got to my room he smiled and nodded going back down the hallway. I stood there for a moment before running after him. I grabbed his arm and looked at him briefly before hugging him tightly.








    Hey everybody! Faster update then we've had for a while huh? And stuff happened! Like good, good, James/Kiersten progress! Kiersten is very emotional and insecure right now, so she may not be herself in the next few chapters because of that. Just a warning!

     I also wanted to thank everyone who's been reviewing! It means so much to me that you guys give feedback! I'll try to update soon. Thanks for reading!




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