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Persuasion by Meg_
Chapter 2 : The Ghost of Hermione Granger
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Author's Note: As always it's Jo's creation. Enjoy the next chapter! Reviews are much loved!

Chapter 2- The Ghost of Hermione Granger

Hermione entered her flat after having just finished a hard and brutal day at the Ministry. One day dead and gone that she could sweep under the rug with the rest of them. Her work as of late had been just that…work! By the end of everyday she was exhausted. Normally, she stayed right up until the clock struck five, but lately she had found herself simply staring at the cursed thing willing for it to chime. That way she could leave, go home, and relax. And maybe- just maybe- if she had time and wasn’t too tired she could pop by Harry’s.

She hung up her cloak in the hallway closet and shut the door. Waiting on the other side of the door was nothing short of surprise for the young witch.


“Hello Hermione,” replied a calm Lily Potter.

“Bloody Merlin’s beard!!!!” Hermione cried as she clutched her chest to keep her racing heart from bursting out of it.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Despite her words, Lily had an obvious glint in her eye and she wore a poorly concealed grin. It was quite clear she was very pleased with Hermione’s shock at her presence.

“Oh no… haha no… No, no, no, no!” Hermione muttered while ever so carefully stepping around Lily who suddenly feared that the younger witch was stark raving mad. “This is insane… No, I refuse to believe this. I am just tired. That’s all! I am just tired from a hard day’s work. I am MOST CERTAINLY not seeing a deceased Lily Potter in my apartment… SLEEP DEPRIVATION is what they call it!”

Hermione turned back around to see if her imagination was indeed playing tricks on her and to her delight she saw the hall was empty.

“Ha! I knew it! She’s not real! Just a figment of my imagination.” Hermione turned back and for the second time that night nearly jumped out of her own skin. “AHHHH!”

“For being the brightest witch of your age, I’m thoroughly surprised at how skeptical you are of this whole situation,” quipped Lily with a very James-like smirk.

“Must you keep doing that?” huffed Hermione.

“Doing what exactly?” inquired Lily with mock innocence.

“Oh don’t be foolish! Popping up out of nowhere! I never figured you for such childish antics… I thought those things were left up to Sirius or James!”

Lily smiled. She always knew she enjoyed this girl. James had told her many a time that this Hermione was no spit fire, that all she was good for was sucking the mickey out of a situation. Boy was he dead wrong!

“It rubs off on you… especially when you have spent the last twenty or so years together.”

“Right… I suppose.” Hermione just stared warily at the red headed ghost before her. It was odd. The ghosts of Hogwarts were nothing compared to this. They were always cold and see through. This was different though. Lily looked… corporal.

Lily held out her hand. “You can touch me, Hermione. I’m as real as they come… at least to you.”

Hesitantly Hermione reached a single finger out and placed it on Lily’s awaiting palm. It felt warm almost, yet Hermione knew that logically there was nothing flowing in her veins to make it so.

“Do you believe now?” asked Lily.

Hermione, with a great sigh, simply nodded in consent. As amazing and farfetched as it was, she could not deny it. Here before her was Lily Potter. Suddenly she felt light headed.

“Oh Merlin… I need to lie down.” Quickly Hermione went to the sofa in the living room. She rested her body on the cushions and placed her feet on the arm rest elevating them just enough so as to relieve the dizziness.

Lily followed her and sat down on the coffee table.

“Please explain to me why you are here in my apartment, Mrs. Potter,” said Hermione meekly as she draped an arm over her head to stop the room from spinning.

“Hermione, dear, call me Lily… and to answer your question: It is my death day anniversary present. I struck up a deal with a couple of Grim Reapers,” said Lily smiling happily.

Hermione’s arm relaxed and slid to her side after hearing this new information. “So it is true then?” Lily’s smile grew ten fold. The girl had done her reading. “The Reapers really do give… for lack of a better word… death day ‘options’?”

“Yes… depending on the extent of your death circumstances mixed with how long you’ve been dead and also how many living descendants you have still… Well let’s just say all sorts of arrangements can be made.” Lily’s face momentarily masked over mysteriously. Hermione was about to comment on it, but Lily stopped her by continuing. “I have chosen to haunt you for one single day. My term is up in exactly twenty four hours from now.”

“Why- why me?”

“Well coincidentally the offer was made according to time of death. James had the great fortune of dying before me.” Hermione might have laughed at the idea that James dying before her was fortunate as Lily put it had it not been for the shock of the situation still hitting her strong. “And so he got to choose Harry before I could. I figured if I could not see and talk to my son I might as well get to know his closest friend. You were a logical second.”

“I see…”

“Are you sure you’re alright dear?” questioned Lily genuinely concerned and still noting how pale Hermione was.

“Yes…. It’s just a little bewildering seeing your best friend’s dead mother in your living room.”

“I can only imagine,” replied Lily soothingly as she patted Hermione’s hand.

Hermione found herself looking into those deep emerald orbs. The same ones she had grown quite accustomed to and was already fond of. She found that it was the eyes that smiled long before Lily’s mouth even twitched. Her eyes held a certain gleam that was unmistakable making Hermione vaguely wonder if such a twinkling was an inherited trait. It was the most striking feature about the woman in front of her... it also happened to be her favorite feature of a certain raven haired boy.

“He really does have your eyes,” said Hermione quietly breaking the silence between them. She wondered what other qualities he had received from Lily. Suddenly she felt the peculiar and yet all too familiar urge to learn absolutely everything there was to know about the witch before her. Call it a thirst for knowledge or what have you, but she could no longer refute that she was suddenly warming up to the idea of spending time with Lily Potter.

“So I’ve heard.”

Hermione sat up slowly as she tried to regain her sense of things. “So… what shall we do then? Since we’ve only got twenty four hours…”

“Hermione, what else? Let’s go see Harry!”

Hermione nodded and stood. Of course that would be what the older witch wanted to do.

“Alright just give me a moment to change out of my Ministry robes. Then we’ll go,” called Hermione as she made her way towards her bedroom.

Lily sighed as she watched the girl retreat into her room. All things were going to fall into place tonight finally. One thing was for certain above anything else Hermione Granger was in for quite a ride.

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