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A Broken Heart by _Keeper_
Chapter 13 : Never
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Edmund was getting better each day. Soon he was up and a bout, hobbling just a bit from the after shock of the witch’s curse.


As he got better though the day grew closer where I was going to have to leave. Aslan said I didn’t have to go until Edmund was fully healed and I wasn’t planning to hurry my time with him for anything. He was almost fully healed though, my time with him was coming to an end.


‘Hermione?’ I shook myself from my thoughts and turned to look at Edmund. He was limping a bit towards me as I smiled at him.


I stood and walked over to him, ‘Yes?’


‘Will you go on a walk with me? Just up to the waterfall?’ Edmund’s brown eyes were soft but happy.


I nodded and took his arm, trying to help him balance and just wanting to be close to him.


The morning was bright and the sun streamed down between the leaves of the trees as we walked towards the clear water. We found a place to sit under an oak tree where the breeze swept by just right.


‘So when do you have to go back?’ Edmund asked. Our walk had been silent almost, sometimes a quick word here or there, nothing to heavy like what he was asking now.


I shook my head and looked at Edmund from the corner of my eye.


He looked from me to the ground, ‘I’m going to miss you.’


I sniffed quietly, ‘I’m going to miss you too.’


The quiet remained until I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned to face Edmund.


‘What’s going to happen to us? How can you sit there so calmly and—and I don’t know what else when we are going to be torn apart?’ I didn’t mean to yell but it came out anyway.


Edmund’s eyes grew, he hadn’t expected it either, ‘Hermione—’


‘Oh, don’t Hermione me.’ The tears started to fall; I couldn’t keep my emotions in any more. After everything I had lost, I was still loosing. Ron cheated, the War was coming, Harry was becoming more and more distant as the months past and now I was loosing the one person I had grown to care about so much. Life sucked right now.


Edmund frowned and pulled me close to him, ‘Remember what you promised me the night of the battle?’


I sighed and dug my head into his shoulder.


‘You promised me that you wouldn’t leave me. Never.’ Edmund brought his hand up and gently stroked my hair, ‘I don’t know when or how but we will be together. Some day. Maybe not soon but we will be together – never give up hope in that. Never give up hope in us.’


I looked up to him, my eyes blurred with tears, ‘I love you.’


Edmund smiled down at me and gently kissed my forehead, ‘I love you too.’


‘So Aslan already has a plan to get me back?’ I asked, snuggling into the crook of Edmund’s arm, enjoying one last moment with him.


‘Knowing him he already does, yes.’ Edmund’s voice was monotone.


I closed my eyes and listened to the water and the birds.


‘Hey, you know something that’s crazy?’ Emotion came back into Edmund’ tone.


‘What would that be?’ I said, looking up to him.


Edmund slowly ran his hand down my cheek, ‘I’ve only known you a short while, and not even liked you for all of it, but it seems like an eternity that we’ve been together. And I don’t want it to end.’


‘I don’t either.’ I rested my head again on his chest, close enough to hear the rhythm of his heart. I closed my eyes just enjoying the steady beat of it.


‘Hermione? Edmund?’ We both looked up to see Aslan coming from the path, ‘Its time.’




The queens and Peter where there as Edmund, Aslan, and I came into the castle.


Everyone had sad eyes and a slight frown, I couldn’t blame them though – I shared their feelings.


I stiffened slightly, trying to be brave and not cry, ‘So how am I getting back home?’


‘With this.’ Aslan walked over to the far wall of the throne room where a portrait hung. I ran over next to him, not believing what my eyes saw. It was Hogwarts, as if someone had simply placed a frame in front of it – it was so life like, ‘You will go through the same way you came Hermione. But first say your good byes.’


I hugged Peter and his sisters, thanking them from the bottom of my heart, when it came to Edmund though I froze for just a second, what was I going to say? I didn’t want to say good bye to him.


‘Edmund?’ I couldn’t control my voice anymore, the tears started to stream down and I simply fell into his arms, ‘I’ll see you soon?’


Edmund pulled back and nodded, ‘Very soon.’


He gave me one last hug and kissed me on the cheek, ‘I love you.’ He whispered in my ear.


‘I—I love you too.’ I said through my tears.


‘I…I want you to have this.’ Edmund took my hand and placed something in it, when he removed his I saw the small comb, the black with Narnia’s crest on it.


‘Edmund, I—I can’t take this.’ I tried handing it back to him but he simply shook his head.


‘To remember me by.’ Edmund said, trying to smile.


I smiled through my tears, ‘As if I’d ever forget.’


‘Hermione, are you ready to go?’ Aslan asked, taking a small step towards me.


I whipped my eyes with my sleeve and started towards the portrait, ‘Yes.’ I turned around one last time to look at my newly found family, ‘Good Bye.’


And next I knew I was on all fours, but what was odd is that it was still dark. A dong still echoed slightly and I could still hear Luna calling my name.


‘Luna?’ I stood up and dusted off my skirt, ‘Luna?’


The Ravenclaw came bursting into the room, ‘Hermione.’ She ran over to me and pulled me into a hug.


‘What—what happened while I was gone?’ I asked, pulling back slightly.


‘Gone? You weren’t gone. You sprinted up here faster then a champion runner after you saw Ron and Lavender.’ Luna explained in her usual dreaming voice.


‘What, no I’ve…I have been gone for weeks.’ I pulled away from her and ran over to the window, everything was the same like I expected – but the time shouldn’t have been, ‘I went to Narnia – did you not know I was gone?’


‘Hermione, did you hit your head?’ Luna asked, running over and placing her hand on my forehead, ‘You feel sort of warm.’


I shook my head and pulled her hand away, ‘No, no, no I was in Narnia. There was Edmund and the witch and the lion.’


‘Oh my! Was I there too?’ Luna squealed excitedly but her face fell slightly, ‘No surly I would have remembered if I was.’


‘But Edmund…’ I tightened my fists and stopped. I opened my left hand and a big smile grew. There was the Narnian comb, still securely in my hand.


‘Oh pretty! Where did that come from?’ Luna said, pulling my hand closer to her to get a better look.


I smiled and picked it up with my other hand, ‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.’


Luna looked up to me with a smile and taking the comb from my hand she pulled some of my hair back and tucked it in, ‘Try me.’




I gazed out the train as the scenery passed by. My sixth year was over, next year would be my last – I’d be out in the real world. I looked over to Harry; Voldomort was still out there so maybe the real world was already here.


I gently fingered the comb in my hair and turned to look at Harry and then Luna who sat across from us, Quibbler in hand – upside down of course. Ron was off with Lavender which I didn’t care about anymore. He could do whatever he wanted too – my heart was broken for a different reason.


We were still an hour outside of the station and my hand hadn’t stopped playing with the comb since we boarded the train, I had barley taken it out of my hair since that night Luna put it in for me – two months ago.


No one believed me about my adventure, about him. Harry thought it was a dream, like I had knocked myself out by accident, Lavender and Ron – who has eavesdropped thought I was mental, Ginny gave me a weird look and said no more. Luna believed me, but she was Luna – she believed anything and wasn’t exactly the best to have around when I was trying to get others to believe me. But I still loved the girl; she accepted what I said without doubt and was there for me as a friend.


We had grown really close over the past two months, and slowly I had started to see Harry and her growing closer too.


I had to smile to myself at that. Life goes on even when you want time to stop, but sometimes good things happen along the way.


The train slowed down as we entered the station. It was dark out and stars lit up the sky. I could make out Sirius and what I belived to be Venus.


‘Hermione look a shooting star!’ Luna pointed out the window, I turned just in time to see it, ‘Make a wish.’


I sighed, ‘It won’t come true.’


Harry smiled and patted my hand before standing and offering Luna his hand. She took it with a slight blush and stood.


‘Thank you Harry.’ Harry smiled awkwardly and stumbled out of the room like a boy in love.


‘You coming Hermione?’ Luna asked, grabbing her bag.


I nodded and picked up my small one and followed her out. The hall was busy with students and the outside was even busier. All the wizarding families were united; I had to wait to get out of the 9 and 34 to see my parents since they were Muggles.


I pulled my luggage out and on to the trolley and started towards the gate only to be stopped by Luna calling to me.


‘Hermione, wait!’ The blonde ran up to me, ‘I’ll walk out with you. My dad’s waiting out with the other parents.’


I shook my head, even though they were pureblood Luna and her Da liked doing things their own way.


We continued down the way trying as best we could not to run over anyone.


‘Luna you know you are the only one that believes me right.’ I said after we hit a quiet – well quietish – area of the mass of students.


‘I know.’ Luna said solemnly.


‘Why is that? I mean, why do you believe me. I do sound crazy.’ I said, thinking to myself how loony I sounded.


‘Maybe because I know how it feels to stand alone, and how its nice to have someone believe in you. And I truly do Hermione.’ Luna said, taking my hand and giving it an encouraging squeeze.


‘Thanks Luna.’ I said, giving her a small smile.


When we got to the wall Luna stopped and turned to me abruptly, ‘What did you wish for anyway?’


I smiled, ‘It doesn’t matter.’


‘Yes it does. So what was it?’ Luna pushed.


I sighed to myself, ‘I wished Edmund was here. But it doesn’t matter. Not like anyone believes me anyway.’


‘Well, I do.’ Luna said with her smile lighting up her face. It made me smile too. To know one person belived you just gave you that piece of hope you needed to keep believing.


‘I do too.’


I froze. I knew that voice. But it—it couldn’t be.


The person behind me laughed, ‘All though, it could be because I was there.’


I turned around so quickly everything became a blur until I met his eyes, ‘E-Edmund?’


Edmund let out a small laugh as he dug his hands into his dark jeans. He was just as I had left him only his hair was a little longer and his cloths had caught up to date. He looked like he belonged.


He pulled his hands out and shifted his black jacket forward a bit over his shirt, ‘So what do you think?’


I couldn’t get to him fast enough, I threw my arms around his neck and he swung me around.


‘So I guess I look alright?’ He smiled as he looked at me. I laughed and kissed him – who cared who was watching my Edmund was with me, where he belonged.


‘You look perfect.’ I kissed his nose as he set me back on my feet.


‘Hi, I’m Luna.’ Edmund and I turned to look at the blonde – that was Luna for you.


Edmund raised an eyebrow, ‘I’m Edmund.’


‘I know. Well go back to your moment just wanted to get introductions over with. I’ll wait here for you Hermione just go back to what you were doing.’ Yep, that was the Luna I loved to death.


‘So what was that promise you made me?’ Edmund said, pulling me back to face only him.


I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck once again, ‘That I wouldn’t leave you.’


‘Never.’ Edmund said, tightening his grip around me.


I smiled and kissed him once more, ‘Never’



Author's Note - Sequel is now up, New Wounds!! Hope you guys like it and hope you guys enjoyed this story!!! = )


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