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Sweet Sixteen by DracoMuggleLuver_01
Chapter 1 : Sweet Sixteen
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Lily Potter circled in front of the full-lenght mirror, seeing herself fully. She stopped, and gazed at herself, hardly able to believe what she was seeing.

It was her sixteenth birthday and Lily had been allowed to go out to Diagon Alley early that afternoon while everything was being set up for the party, to find a dress. She had saved up all of her money for the past year, and this dress, the perfect dress, was just in her budget.

Madam Malkin walked over to the mirror, coming to a stop beside Lily. "My word," she gasped, taking her in. "You look just like your grandmother when she was your age!"

Lily smiled at the woman in the mirror, remembering her namesake. "Thank you," she said. "That means alot."

Madam Malkin smiled warmly at her. "Congratulations are in order I presume. You''re sixteen."

A laugh escaped Lily before she could stop it. But it was a bubbly laugh and Madam Malkin did not seem offended. A beat later, Lily thankShe thanked her. Shae waved it off like it was nothing. "Are you going to purchase it?"

"Of course!" Lily all but squealed. She rushed to her purse and pulled out ten galleons. She dropped them in the woman's hand and started to head back to the dressing room to chang back into her street clothes when Madam Malkin stopped her. "No no dear," she said, picking up four galleons and holding them out to Lily. "You overpaid."

Lily took the galleons, confused. "Really? But the tag said--"

"Nevermind what the tag said," she cut in, turning around and headed to the register. "There's a special today. Dress, shoes, and two accesories for only six galleons."

"You sell accesories?"

Madam Malkin eyed Lily with a look and Lily smiled bashfully."Yes I do. I just started to actually and the first shipment came in this morning. Hence, the sale. Now if you help me to set it all up, you get three accesories."

"No I couldn't!" Lily exclaimed.

"Oh hush up!" she said, and Lily obeyed. "Get dressed and then help me."

Lily obeyed, taking very little time to strip off the dress and pull on her street clothes. She walked out of the dressing room in minutes, the dress hanging over her arm. Madam Malkin was waiting. She held out her hands for the dress and Lily handed it over without hesitation. She waited a few minutes as the woman wrapped it up and then laid it behind the counter. "Follow me," she said finally walking right past Lily, who hurried after her, nearly tripping over her own feet. She was blushing fiercely when she followed Madam Malkin into the back room. Madam Malkin picked up the first box to the right of the door. "It's these three," she said, indicating the box in her hands and the two still on the floor. "Just bring them to the front and then we can find those great accesories for you."

The whole process took only about ten minutes after Madam Malkin sent everything to new display areas and shelves with a wave of her wand. In the end, Lily exited the shop with three boxes. Smiling, Lily headed toward the Leaky Cauldron where she would floo back home.

Ginny Potter was in the kitchen with Hermione Weasley when Lily arrived home. She struggled to keep ahold of her boxes as she stumbled out of the fireplace. "Hi Mom, Aunt Hermione," she greeted breathlessley.

"Hi Lily," Hermione said. "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you," Lily said happily. She turned her gaze to her mother who was now eyeing the boxes in her arms with a dangerous look. "What?"

"Lily," Ginny began, walking forward and stepping up to Lily, taking the boxes from her hands and setting them on the kitchen table. "How much did you spend?"

"Oh," Lily laughed dismissively. "Six galleons. Why?"

Ginny's expression was one of shock. "Six?! Are you sure?"

Lily nodded, "Yes. Madam Malkin has a deal going. Outfil, shoes and 2 accesories for six galleons."

Ginny glared at Lily. "Don't lie to me. Madam Malkin has never sold accesories. How much did you spend?"

"Six galleons," Lily insisted. "I'm not lying!"

"She doesn't lie Gin," Hermione spoke up then. "And she isn't lying either. I was there when Madam Malkin ordered the new inventory items."

Ginny let that sink in. "Alright then. I believe you." Her mood abruptly changed to excitment. "OK, now that that is settled, how about we see what you got."

Hermione jumped up from her stool. "Can I see too?"

"Sure," Lily replied happily, picking up the boxes. "Let's go to my room."

They all exited the kitchen, headed for the stairs. As they started climbing, Lily asked, "So where is everyone?"

"Setting up out back," her mother and aunt replied in unison.

Five minutes later, Lily had everything laid out on her bed and she and the two adults were gushing over them. The biggest excitment was over the dress.

"Lily it's goregoes!" Hermione said, running her fingers over the satin fabric. "I can not believe Madam Malkin had such a thing."

"That woman is full of suprises these days," Ginny said in awe.

"She sure is," Lily agreed.

Hermione straightened up suddenly, turning to Lily excitedly. "Oh Lily you just have to let me do your hair! I know the perfect way to put it up with these accesories. Please."

Lily laughed. "Sure Aunt Hermione, no problem."

Ginny smiled. "Well, then you best start getting ready. It could take a couple of hours to get you Sweet Sixteen perfect."

Lily nodded. "I'm on it."

At ten to seven, Lily was waiting in her room, her eyes on the figure in the mirror. Hermione and Ginny had gone to get ready themselves, though Ginny had not seen her daughter yet. Everyone was excited and nearly all of the guests were waiting in the backyard, chatting and having refreshments, waiting for the Guest of Honor. Lily smiled.

She was stunning! That was the only word for it. Her hair was pulled up into a off-the-side ponytail, with her bangs slanted across her forehead. The lily airpin from Madam Malkin was laced with the hairbow. Her make-up was perfect, highlighting her face in just the right spots.

It was her eyes that really popped.

The dress, the amazingly perfect dress was the biggest reason behind her bright eyes. It was emerald green. A halter dress that ended at her knees. She wore emerald green heels as well and while they were not sensible, they were the perfect match to everything she wore. On her wrist was a gold chain bracelet, number two of her three accesories. Number three was a silver necklace with a cresent moon pendant.

She was stunning and she happy.

A soft knock sounded on the door. "Lily," came Harry's voice.

"Come in Dad."

The door opened and Harry stepped into the room in black dress robes. When he saw Lily, a wide grin spread across his face. "Lily," he breathed as she turned away from the mirror to face him. "You look beautiful!"

Lily smiled, nearly giggling. "Thank you Dad."

Harry took a moment to look her over before snapping to his duty. "It's time."

"Alright," Lily was suddenly nervous. She was about to walk out in front of her family and friends and had no idea what to expect.

Noticing this, Harry closed the space between them and offered his hand. Lily smiled gratefully and took it. He led her out of the room, down the staris and to the back door.

"Ladies and Gentlmen if I could have your attention please," Lily froze at the sound of her Uncle Ron's voice from outside. She knew he was standing on a podium somewhere with his wand to his throat, amplifying the sound of his voice for everyone to hear. "Please turn your attention to the back door and welcome Ms. Lily Potter!"

The doors were thrown open, revealing Lily and Harry to the crowd in the backyard. As soon as everyone saw her they cheered and whooped. She even heard some wolf whistles from the crowd. She walked out of the house with Harry, now with more confidence.

Lily easliy fell in with everyone, mingling with her guests more easily than she thought she would. Everyone commented on how beautiful or awesome she looked.

An hour into the party, Lily recieved her presents: a thick book of romances from Hermione, a box of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes merchandise from George, silver chandilier earrings from her parents, and many more things.

A present that really stole Lily's attention did not say who it was from: a silver necklace with a living lily as the pendant. Instead there was a note.

Happy Birthday Lily.
I thought you might like this. When I saw it I was instantly reminded of you.
The lily on the necklace will never die.
It lives as long as you do.
Have a great birthday!

Everyone read the letter but only Lily knew about the tinier note written in a corner of the parchment.

Meet me in the garden at ten. <3

As the party went on, Lily enjoyed herself tremendously. At nine thirty, she met her father in the middle of the dance floor and they danced to her favorite song. Afterwards, the party returned full on, the dance floor filling up once again.

Things finally settled down for Lily and five minutes before ten, she excused herself easily and headed for the garden. As she got further away, things quieted down. Lily was actually glad that she could get away for a moment for this secret meeting.

A feeling of stage fright from earlier trickled back into her. Who was she secretly meeting? Would she be happy when she found out? What would happen? And what would happen when they met?

She was about to find out.

Up ahead Lily could make out a figure in the distance. She quickened her pace, eager now. As she drew closer she could make out more of who she was headed towards. Her heart jumped when she was only feet away and she stopped dead in her tracks.

Not many people knew it, but Lily Potter had a secret. A secret she kept from everyone.

Lily Potter had never dated a guy in her life, though she had plenty of prospects. Although many questioned it, no one ever really pushed it. Her family just figured she wasn't ready for a boyfriend or had not found the right guy. But that wasn't it at all.

Lily Potter had no boyfriend because Lily Potter was not at all attracted to guys. Lily Potter was strictly lesbian.

And the only person who knew that stood just a few feet away and boy was she beautiful tonight. She wore a flowing white sundress and flats and had her light brown hair in a messy bun. The light evening breeze blew strands around her head.

"Danielle," Lily called.

She turned to face Lily and smiled serenly at her. Danielle was always happy and easy-going. Lily was lucky to have found her. "Happy Birthday," she greeted. "Did you like the gift?"

Lily walked up to her. "I loved it."

Danielle smiled. "Good," she said. "Now, I have another birthday present for you."

Lily gazed at her questioningly. "What?"

Danielle smiled and stepped forward. She had her lips on Lily's before Lily knew what was happening.

Lily's heart started beating a mile a minute. She wrapped her arms around Danielle and held her close as they continued to kiss.

As they began to sink to the ground of the garden, Lily was not wondering if anyone would come looking or if she was being missed at her own party. She was only thinking of the girl in her arms, her girl.

They disappeared into their own little world under the stars.

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Sweet Sixteen: Sweet Sixteen


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