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Close to the Edge by Twinklestar
Chapter 2 : The One With The Ghost
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Bree Palmer is my enemy. When that wench got Seeker over me in our second year, my hatred for her was born. She’s a bitch. Stay away from her.

I remember when she stuck her tongue at me when Chet Thomas gave her the position. I was fuming and threw a Quaffle in anger, which weirdly and perfectly went through one of the goal hoops. That was when Thomas stationed me with the Chasers.

At first I was bleeding pissed to have to be stuck with the Chasers and have to watch the most annoying girl get to chase after my snitch. I think everyone knew it because I pushed Palmer to the ground and nudged her nose in the wet grass.

But believe it or not, I grew to love my position because that was when I met my two best mates; Zeke Morgan, a fellow Chaser, and Jackson Atkins, our Gryffindor Beater. Both are exceptionally tall, quite excellent at Quidditch, and are both blonde.

I think Zeke is a true Gryffindor-always the one to do the most daring thing. Like go streaking Halloween night in our Third Year. To be honest, I think that was when girls finally noticed him because after that, loads of girls who looked like slutty Barbie’s kept coming on to him wanting to feel his amazing muscles.

Pfft, between Zeke and I, I have much more bigger muscles.

If Jackson didn’t wear his Gryffindor robes, I would most likely mistaken him as a Ravenclaw. Sure, he’s brave and chivalrous and all that Gryffindor rubbish, but he cares so much for his grades it’s almost sickening. One time-I will never forget this, he didn’t show up for Quidditch practice because he had to study for his bloody OWLS. Something wrong with him in the head, I tell you.

But really, they’re great to keep around. Especially since they help me prank Palmer. Which apparently annoys my dear cousin Rose to no end.

“Honestly, Al. You have no reason to be pranking Bree!” Rose rolls her eyes and stares at me looking pissed. It’s not my fault that my arch enemy happens to be one of her best friends. You know, I should be the one to be bloody mad at her. I marked Palmer as my enemy before they even knew each other!

“You’re very right, Rosie,” I smile cheekily at her and hope she does not hand me a detention. That’s why she chased me all the way to the boys loo; just to give me a ruddy detention. Stupid Head Girl rules.

Rose gives me a skeptical look. She inherited it from Aunt Hermione, I know this because she gives the very same look to Uncle Ron on a daily basis. It is not a very nice look. Makes me feel like a dimwit. I may be many things, but I am certainly not a bleeding dimwit.

“Oh, pull that wand out of your arse, Al. I will not fall for your sucking up, I’m not like any of the past Head students that you tricked,” She tells me like it’s so obvious. I scoff and shake my head.

“When did I ever trick the past Head students? I’m a perfect boy,” I’m being sarcastic, obviously. Of course I tricked all the other annoying know-it-all Head students into letting me out of a detention. It’s all about mentioning your Father’s name and showing them the puppy eyes. Worked every time, until Rose was granted with the damn badge.

Rose rolls her blue eyes at me once more. I hate it when people roll their eyes at me. Especially Palmer. She thinks she’s the best thing that has ever happened to the bloody team and lives to annoy me and make comments about how my last name doesn’t mean anything. Fuck you, Palmer.

“I have to give you a detention, Albus. It’s a rule and you knew it when you put that Lip Swelling potion in her Goblet. Sorry, but when a student terrorizes another I have to do what I am expected to do.” And just like that she stomps out of this smelly bathroom and leaves, not even taking one glance behind her.

Terrorizing? How the bloody fuck am I terrorizing Palmer? All I do is pull a little prank, maybe a few hexes here and there… throw wet grass at her to stain her clothes… It’s all harmless, really!

Bloody terrorizing. That badge has turned my dear cousin into a monster.

Something must be done.

I hate the second day of classes. Let my explain: First day, all you do is sit with your Professor and chat and they tell you what you will be doing for the whole first term, but they spend most of the class chatting about how awful their summer was. You can understand how boring their summer can be. They’re all old.

On the second day you actually do work. Seems like today, all the Professors decided to throw months worth of homework at us. I hate professors and I hate homework. We’re not even home, we live at the bloody school for Merlin’s sake so you can’t really call it homework.

“Oi, Ally Pee Pants!” I glare at Zeke as he jogs over to where I am sitting in the common room. He also seems to be the only one who hasn’t forgotten one of my embarrassing nicknames from second year.

Zeke sits at my table and grins like a mad man. “What did you do, mate?” I asked with a smirk. Zeke only grins like that is when he does something crazy or seen something he really should not have seen. Crazy bloke.

Zeke grins even wider. “I didn’t do anything. I’ve seen something. You will too in a few seconds,” he says and points to the entrance just as the portrait swings open and a couple comes walking in. I look back at Zeke weirdly. What a creepo, it’s just some random couple!

I hear Lily’s giggle. The very same giggle she used to use around Zeke and Jackson when she was just a sweet innocent girl who would blow bubbles almost every day. Around ten.

…Wait a fruity second!

I spin back around to finally notice the random couple is actually my baby sister and some random bloke, who just so happens to start snogging each other like she was some… girl that wasn’t my baby sister!

“Lily!” I shouted and stood up. I may break that boy’s limbs apart if he doesn’t take his bloody hands away from my little sister. She is far too young to snog a boy. I know I’m right.

My sister unattached her face from the bloody loser and stared at me like she was a deer and I was some muggle hunter. By the way, what’s so fun about shooting deer’s? Muggle’s are weird. Really.

“Albus,” she pouts and just stares at me. I narrow my eyes at her for a second before glaring at the bloke. I recognize him after a few seconds but not enough to actually know his name. He is a Sixth year Gryffindor, though. Bleeding chap.

“Don’t pout at me. Whose this loser?” I cross my arms over my chest and narrow my eyes at the boy. I’m an awesome brother, I know that.

Lily sighs and tucks a strand of her fiery red hair behind her ear. “Jason.”

“And is Jason your boyfriend?” I raise one of my eye brows. I’ll kill him.

“No!” The git answers me quickly. Both of my eye brows rose. “What is she not good enough to be your girlfriend? Are you just using my baby sister for some random snog?” I shouted and my hands balled into fists. I want to punch him in the mouth right now.

“Merlin, Al. You’re being ridiculous!” Lily tells me and rolls her brown eyes. Me? Ridiculous? This ugly bloke is the one that just basically told me you’re just some random snog.

I decide to ignore Lily and narrow my eyes at Jason. “You better get out of this common room before I hex you,” I tell him in my scary low voice. Lily and James say it’s not scary but I just proved them wrong because the bloody wuss ran out of here in less than a second.

My baby sister screams and glares at me. “You’re so lucky Rose didn’t just see that.” She’s right. If Rose saw that I would’ve never heard the end of it. Anyway, Lily stomps up the girls staircase and I retreat back to my small table where Zeke is grinning from ear to ear at me and Jackson is now sitting beside him with one eye brow raised looking amused.

“That was interesting,” Jackson tells me, giving me a skeptical look. I shrug and say, “She’s too young.” Jackson sighs and shakes his head at me, receiving a glare from me.

Zeke erupts in laughter. “Drama Queen.” I scoff and smack the back of his head with my Charms book. “Shut the bloody up,” I mutter and they both start laughing like bleeding monkeys.

“What is up with her this year? She thinks she is old enough to snog!” I exclaim and my two mates raise both of their eye brows. Zeke looks as if he is trying to hold in his laughter.

“What?” I say. Jackson clears his throat and sets his quill down on the table. “Well, what age do you think she is old enough to snog?” he asks me. I ponder this for a long moment.

“Thirty.” Zeke chuckles beside me and Jackson shakes his head. “You are utterly impossible.”

I frown. Impossible? If he had a little sister that suddenly thought it was okay to go snogging some bloke he would understand. She is too young to understand all that emotional crap that follows. Unless your Zeke. He has no emotions.

“Go back to doing your homework, mate. By the way, can you do my Charms essay?” I ask Jackson. He frowns at me. “Five sickles?” I offer with a cheeky smile. He smirks and smacks his notebook against my arm.

“Fail on your own, mate.” He tells me and walks out of the common and up to the boys dorm. I turn my attention to Zeke but he is staring at something, or rather someone with a smirk on his face. Oh, Merlin. He’s found his next victim hasn’t he?

“Who is she this time?” I smirk at him. Zeke finally looks at me and grins and points to the couch across from the fireplace. I couldn’t see the girls face but her curly dark hair was hanging down from the arm chair and almost touching the hardwood floor. Her long legs were hanging off from the other side.

Zeke nudges my elbow and raises his eye brows. “Nice legs,” he comments about the unknown girl. I grin back at him and agree.

“Excuse me?” Oh, shit.

The unknown girl sits up on the couch to reveal herself as Bree Palmer. I literally gag-Zeke mirrors me and stands up from his chair. “All right, I need sleep-I actually considered Palmer as my next victim,” He tells me and disappears up the stairs.

“By the way, Potter, I hope you have an excellent time at your detention tomorrow,” It tells me with a sick smirk on It’s face. I glare at Palmer as she stands up and walks to my table.

Yes, it is my table, just so you know.

“Fuck off, Palmer.” I really need to learn some new comebacks. I really do suck.

Palmer laughs. Evilly. “You sound like a bloody maniac when you laugh,” I comment and laugh loudly at her offended face. That’s right, bleeding Palmer. I just offended you. Suck it.

If looks could brutally murder you, I would be ten feet under right now. Palmer has some bloody scary looks, I tell you. I laugh awkwardly and scratch the back of my head. Please don’t kill me.

Then the crazy girl smiles. Smiles! “I’ll get you back,” she says casually and literally sprints up the girls staircase. I gulp and pack up all of my belongings before heading upstairs to get some shut eye.

It’s around midnight. Normally I would be sleeping, dreaming about playing Quidditch and knocking Palmer off her broom and sending her to the Hospital Wing with amnesia, and the whole team appoints me as Captain.

But instead, I am sitting up in my bed-trying to keep my tired eyes open-writing a bloody essay for Charms. I hate Charms, and bloody Flitwick can be real nasty when it comes to late homework. And the fact that I have to do extra perfect on my school work this year to please my parents is also the cause.

Both of my mates sound like bleeding elephants when they snore. It’s so loud I think I might put up a silencing charm around my bed. But that would inquire doing charms work, and to tell you the truth, I really am an imbecile when it comes to charms.

About five minutes later, I hear a screech so bleeding loud I nearly jump out of my own skin. I immediately grab my wand and point it vigorously around my bed.

What the bloody hell was that?

I hear it again and see one of Zeke’s pictures fall to the ground on the nightstand beside his bed, followed by scratching on the ground. My eyes are nearly falling out of their sockets.

… Is it a ghost? Oh Merlin, it’s a ghost isn’t it? I bloody hate ghosts. The Bloody Baron scared the pot pie out of me in my First Year and I’ve never felt the same about them since. Damn you, ghosts!

The ghost must’ve noticed me awake and got scared of my great muscles and ran-floated- away, because after that little scene he didn’t make another sound.

Ha-ha! That’s right, ghost, I win. Scaredy pants!

“We have a ghost!” I exclaim to Jackson and Zeke the next morning at breakfast. Well, they’re my best mates and we share a dorm. I don’t want them to wake up in the middle of the night to find some ghost creeping around. I know, I’m the bestest mate. Thank you.

“We do not have a bloody ghost,” Jackson says and goes back to his scrambled eggs. I cringe just staring at his breakfast. I hate eggs. Nasty gross… things.

When I finally look away from the nasty food and look at Zeke’s expression, he looks damn well horrified. “We have a fucking ghost? Now that you mention it, I did find one of my pictures on the ground this morning. That little fucker tried taking my belongings!”

I nod my head. This is a serious problem! It could steal my stash of Chocolate Frogs in my trunk. Stupid ghosts, thinking their so damn awesome. You’re not!

Jackson sighs. “Did you even see it?” I shake my head at his question. “No, but they can go invisible, can’t they? I think so. I’ll have to ask Rose later.” I go back to eating my delicious breakfast. A delicious breakfast that does not include eggs.

“Albus!” I hear Rose call. It takes everything inside of me to not groan. She’s probably come to give me my damn detention. I take a deep breath and turn around and smile at my cousin. She sighs and sits beside me which causes me to look at her weirdly.

“Uh, Rose-” I try to ask her why she is sitting down with my mates and I grabbing a plate and helping herself to everything in sight, but somebody beats me.

“Why are you sitting with us?” Zeke asked. He has a smirk on his face and I want him to see my glare so he can stop. I am well aware that he wishes to put Rose onto his list of girls to shag but of course I told him I’d kill him if he did. That’s why he went for one of Rose’s best friends Mona Jordan back in Fifth year. They dated for three weeks until Zeke got sick of her ugly nicknames for him.

Rose sighs, “Bree abducted Alexandra to help her set up the plans for the Quidditch try outs tomorrow, and you know Mona takes half of forever in the bathroom because she needs to look perfect.” I notice Zeke cringed at the mention of Mona. She never did forgive him for breaking her heart. Sure. She’s almost as evil as Palmer. Almost.

“So what are you all doing today?” she asks us before taking a bite of her peach. Who eat’s a peach for breakfast? Females.

Jackson and Zeke both shrug. “I’ll probably catch up on my extra credit,” Jackson says. Zeke and I both share a roll of our eyes before Zeke grins, “I’ll probably catch up on my fair share of ladies.” Everybody rolls their eyes this time.

I am about to speak but the redhead beside me narrows her eyes at me. I immediately shut up. “You. You’re doing your detention today,” she tells me with a wide smile. I groan and mumble curses under my breath.

“Thanks, Rose.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Bree.” She says with a grin and stands up to leave but I grab her very small wrist. “You never told me what I’m doing for my detention,” I remind her with a small frown. I really don’t want to go to this stupid detention. Rose will probably make me clean the whole Great Hall with a toothbrush.

Rose’s smile makes me suspicious. “I’ll meet you in the kitchens at six tonight.”

This has to be the most boring Saturday I have ever had. After Rose left, Zeke and I teased Jackson about how he should have been placed in Ravenclaw. Then Zeke and I decided to check up on Alexandra Coast and Palmer out on the Quidditch pitch to see what they were planning for tomorrow. Zeke commented Alexandra’s legs(This bloke has a problem with female’s legs), Mona was there so we ran off.

Then my mate leaves me to snog some Sixth year slag, so I went to the library to send some quality time with my other best mate. Jackson ignored me the whole time because apparently I was acting like a child because I kept poking him with my wand.

By the time I was fed up with all the ignoring, it was time to head off to the kitchens to face the awful monster. Also known as Rose Weasley.

I almost reached the portrait of a bowl of fruit that leads to the kitchens until I hear someone call my surname. I recognize the voice and chose to ignore it like the good little boy that my Mum constantly calls me.

“Oi, Potter! Too scared to face me?” I whirl around and glare at the bloke that stood merely ten feet away from me. The bloke happens to have a name. Dolt. All right, I’m being a piss-It’s really Travis Randolf. But to me it’s Dolt.

“What is it, Randolf? Always following me around and crap-got a little crush? Sorry, you’re not my type,” I smirk at him and cock an eye brow. Randolf rolls his eyes at me and smooths his blonde hair back. What a puss.

“Just came to gloat. I was made Ravenclaw Captain, heard Palmer got it over you!” he says and begins to laugh. My right palm balls into a fist. This bloke really gets on my nerves.

“And your own brother! Bloody hell, you must feel like such a loser. I mean come on, first you don’t get Seeker! Your Father must be so disappointed in you.” He smirks again and I feel like my head is about to explode. I want to brutally break his bones.

“Shut the hell up, Randolf.” I mutter and clutch my wand tighter. Randolf smirks one last time before turning around and walks the way he came from whistling like the stupid chap he is.

When I entered the kitchens, I groaned loudly. Rose was sitting at one of the tables surrounded by her group of annoying friends. This consisted of Palmer, Mona Jordan and Alexandra Coast. Well, Coast isn’t too bad. She’s a total tom boy and incredible at Quidditch, but some odd reason doesn’t play it. Maybe she’ll try out tomorrow.

“What are your group of chicks doing here, Rose?” I demanded and crossed my arms over my chest. I saw Mona looking me up and down from the corner of my eye. Rose smirks at me. “They’re here to help with your detention.”

I sigh and sit beside Coast who is drinking from a Goblet. “Just spit it out Rose. I don’t want to sit here all night, I’ve got Quidditch tomorrow,” I explain and look at Palmer quickly. She was staring at her nails weirdly.

Rose giggles. “Winky!” She calls one of the house-elves. The always depressed looking house-elf walks over to us and stares up at her. “Yes, Miss Weasley?” she asks politely. Rose sends me a grin before looking down at Winky.

“Winky, Albus is here to help you and all the other house-elves cook up some yummy food for my friends and I. Make sure he does lots and lots of work!” she tells her excitedly and someone suddenly picks me up from my chair. I look up to see Mona and she winks at me before pushing me towards the small house-elf.

I smile meekly at Winky and she leads me off to the kitchen area. “You can clean all the dishes first, Mister Potter,” Winky tells her in her very high voice. I suppress a groan as I stare at the huge dirty pots and pans.

I am going to murder those girls.

I finally made it to my bed and it has to be around eleven. I’m so exhausted, I literally fell down the staircase on my way up here. Bloody females.

Zeke and Jackson are snoring as usual and our other dorm mate, Aiden Timber is drooling on his pillow. I jump onto my bed, which the sheets are cold and that makes me very grumpy.

I can feel myself drifting to sleep until I hear that bloody screech again. I stand up quickly and grab my wand. It’s quiet again but I sprint to the light switch beside the door and flip it on.

I’ve got you now, ghost! Come and face your fears, bleeding wench.

Fuck, where is it? I hear things falling from shelves in the bathroom so I run into the bathroom and turn the switch on. Hahahaha. Who you gonna call? Not Ghost Busters-Albus Potter!

… Is that Palmer’s cat? Oh, my bleeding fuckity fudge brownies. That little bitch pranked me! This whole damn time I thought I was getting haunted by a fucking ghost when it’s really Arwen who is terrorizing our shit.

Arwen pulls Jackson’s razor onto the ground and a sudden idea pops into my head. I smirk to myself. Oh, Palmer. You really shouldn’t have.



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