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Vanishing Act by Bookworm045
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Alright, I know you can't really see her face, but this was seriously the best I could do. I do hope you like the image though, I do. :)


Chapter 2


“Mommy!” Callie called, “Mommy, wake up!”


Why buy an alarm clock when you’ve got a four-year-old?


“Mom-meeeee!” She whined, and I felt two little hands on my side, and I grinned into my pillow before shooting my own hands out from under my comforter and grabbing her around her tiny waist, pulling her onto the bed with me.


Callie squealed and giggled madly as I poked my head out from under my cover.


“Morning, Mommy,” She said, poking my cheek with a tiny finger.


“Morning, Cam,” I replied, sliding out of my bed and plopping my daughter back on the floor.


“Are you hungry, Callie?” I asked her.


She’s always hungry.




She tugged me downstairs to the kitchen.


And I smiled as the usual pattern of the day fell into place.


And yet…


Change is coming.






“Healer Warner!” Nurse Sayi exclaimed. She’s always been a bit dramatic, “Patient Julie Salunger has periodic seizures caused by an unknown –to us- disease.


I glanced at the patient.


“Did anyone at all take into account in that summary of the green boils that have formed on her nose? Quite obviously the product of eating a jinxed vegetable which in turn throws off the nervous system, common side effect : irregular heart beat?”


Sonny stared at me and I rolled my eyes, grinning, as I wandered over to the potions cupboard and grabbed what I needed.


Puking Patstil: regurgitate jinxed vegetable.


Anti-Jumpy Concoction: Calm down nervous system.


Heart-Beat Helper: For the irregular beating.


Wonder Witch Blemish Remover: Get rid of green boils.


“Okay, give Julie these in order: Pastil, AJO, Helper, WWBR.”


Sayi nodded and my cell phone –charmed to work around magic- buzzed loudly.


“I have to take this, Sonny,” I said apologetically, handing Sayi a bucket.


She waved a hand dismissively and I quickly exited the room, flipping open the cell phone.


“Mrs. Warner,” A snooty voice began the moment I picked up.


I nearly growled at the assumption that, because I have a kid, I must be married. I am not.

"Mrs. Warner, Callidora-Arsenia has been misbehaving…” She didn’t say it, but I heard it well: Again. “We feel it is best that you come to pick her up from day care today.”


I sighed dramatically. “I’ll be there in five.” I hung up before she could respond.

“Sonny,” I began, poking my head back into the room, “I have to get my daughter. Will you be alright for about forty five minutes?”

Nurse Sonny Sayi nodded, her curls bouncing, and I smiled in thanks before ripping off my robes and rushing out of St Barts Hospital for Magical Injuries and Illnesses.


Disapperating away, I landed in an alley across the street from Callie’s expensive, private, prestigious day care center.


I walked in purposefully, my head held high, as I strode to the principal’s office.


And there sat Callie, her head lowered, but a large smile on her face.


She never did like it here.


“Mrs. Warner-” Principal Raisen began, but in interrupted her.


“It’s Miss. Miss Warner, ma’am. I’m not married. Or dating anyone. Just a night of passion,” I said, looking directly at her, a neutral look on my face, before smirking slightly as a scandalized look took place on hers.


“Miss Warner. We do not think it best if Callidora-Arsenia continues to attend this day care program.”


“Whatever,” I said dismissively before turning to Callie, “C’mon, Callie, you don’t ever have to come back here!”


I scooped up my daughter and carried her out of the principal’s office, setting her down amidst the swarm of toddlers, all of whom were trying to say ‘good bye’ to my blonde daughter.


Callie’s very popular.


Like mother, like daughter.


Once we finally exited the building, I lifted her up again and carried her four blocks down to an ice cream parlor as she told me, excitedly, what she did to get expelled this time around.


When we got to the parlor, I flirted with the waiter and got a number.


And a discount.

I’ve still got it.



“Callie, what would you think if we went to England for a bit?” I asked my daughter, brushing her platinum blonde curls away from her face as I tucked her in.


She looked upat me, her large, darker-than-usual brown eyes –my eyes- showing slight confusion. “It would be… fun… Why?”


“Mommy wants to meet up with an old… friend or two.” I answered her vaguely and she immediately looked suspicious at my hesitation but didn’t comment on it.

“What about work?”

"I can take some time off for a while.”


She shrugged. “When do we leave?”

“Two days?”


Callie nodded thoughtfully. “Sounds fine.”

It is times like these that I think my child is my age.




“I still can’t believe you quit.”

Sonny Sayi, my best friend since I moved to the states, sat in my kitchen with a look of pure disbelief on her face.


“Mr Jackson said he’d give me my job back if my impulse didn’t work out,” I said logically.


“But I don’t understand why you want to do this! Why reopen long healed wounds? I thought you said that chapter of your life was over and done.”

“And I did think that. But I also think –now- that it was always inevitable that I’d return to my old life. I have to get it back on track. I mean, this one is great and Cam is fine, but this life I’m still trying to adjust to living now, it’s not mine. It’s a fake, sad impression of the real thing I used to live and love.”

She looked at me for a long time.


“When you get married to the father of your child, I want an invite.”


If that ever happens, which it won’t, you’d be Maid of Honor.” I said, grinning slightly.


“What about Lucy?”


“She’d understand. She always does, she always did, she always will.”


“Who’s Cammy’s father?”


“Ha. Nice try. I almost told you that time,” I said with false brightness before shooting her a half-hearted glare.


“I know everything else!”


“You do,” I agreed, “But you can’t know this. Not yet.”

“Write me,” She muttered.


“Every day. Until drama takes place and I forget. But you’ll either get short letters daily or novels every week.”


She laughed before glaring. “Don’t make me laugh, I’m sad.”


I sighed. “Sonny,” I said, taking her hands in mine, “There is a very large possibility this won’t work. But I have to try. If not for me, for Callie. She deserves me to try and have her meat her father. He has to at least know that she exists. If he doesn’t like her, we’ll come back. There are so many ways we could return.”


The silence was longer than before.


“I’ll be here if you need anything. Come back if it doesn’t work out,” She said quietly.


I nodded.


“Then Rosalie Weasley,” Sonny said, amusement in her voice, “Get ready for some serious publicity and rumors.”


I laughed, “Nothing new to me.”

Bare in mind, this is about two months after the last chappy.
Also, I am aware there is no chapter image. It will be there... Eventually.
Last, if you did not realize, this is in Rose's POV.

PS: Review!

UPDATE: Chapter image. :D I got it up.... Finally!

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