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Tomorrow is another day by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“Just tell me before you go, all right?” she mumbled and pulled his arm closer around her waist.

“Before I go? I never said I was leaving...,” he replied confused.

“But you are, aren’t you? You came here to tell me you’ll be leaving soon,” she countered and he sighed; there was no denying it.

“Yes,” he sighed once more.

He really wished he never had to go, but this wasn’t his home and it never would be. He could not possibly stay. Besides, his old life needed attention. He needed closure and there were some people that deserved answers.

“Well, just tell me before you go,” she said, wishing he could stay forever while knowing fully well that he couldn't.

“That’s it?” he asked her, confused.

“Well I always knew you wouldn’t stay forever. I just never thought I’d care whether you were around or not,” she confessed with a small smile.


His fingertips traced imaginary lines on her arm as his other arm pulled her closer to his chest. He knew he had to leave soon, go back to his old life and forget about this girl. He also knew that it would be the hardest thing he’d ever done in his life. When he left home, he figured he’s take his sweet time coming back. When he left, he just needed some time to recollect his thoughts. All his beliefs had seemed to be a lie and he no longer knew what to believe in, who to believe in.

He never imagined that he’d meet Angela on his way. A muggle no less. But a muggle he had started to believe in without a doubt. She changed everything for him, but still he had to let her go.

She could never know where he came from, who he was or, better yet, WHAT he was. That would jeopardise his whole world and hers in the process. He had long ago figured it would be too dangerous for her to know who he was. And so he planned to leave. When the light would touch the grounds behind her small house, he would skip town and leave her life forever.

It was still early when she felt him stir. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw him step out of the bed and collect his clothes. Then he moved into the bathroom and she could hear him turn on the shower. Without asking, she knew that this was the moment he would leave her behind. She sighed, stepped out of bed herself and opened the curtains.

The sun just began to show its rays, far away, only just reaching above the mountains. Within minutes it would reach over the mountains and wash over the fields of sunflowers, corns and what not. Instinctively she knew he’d be gone by the time the sun reached her house. The water was turned off and she prepared herself to say goodbye. She had never been very good at that. Still she would try to keep it together, for him.

He walked out of the bathroom, fully clothed and Angela smiled at him, tears brimming her eyes. He smiled back and walked over, pulling her close once more. His grey eyes looking into her brown ones. His lips found hers and for one sweet moment they met in a feathery light kiss. A goodbye-kiss, Angela thought sadly.

He pulled away and she saw the tears in his eyes, making her unable to hold her own. He offered a smile, but anyone who saw it would have seen it was a lie. He grabbed his duffel bag and walked towards the door, not looking back. That was until she called out to him.

“Draco!” she cried and he froze in the doorway.

“Yes?” he asked softly, keeping his back turned to her.

“Will I ever see you again?” she asked him. She had been afraid to ask that question, but she knew she had to do it. She knew the answer, deep inside her heart, but she had to hear him say it. She needed him to make it final.

“No, Angie, I don’t think you ever will,” and with that he closed the door and walked out of her life.


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Tomorrow is another day: Prologue


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