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Chapter 1 : Departure
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A/N: Hey everybody! So this being my first ever HPFF story (cue intense background music), I would really appreciate it if you left comments, suggestions, favorite parts or whatever. And keep in mind that it is my first story, so if it stinks, I apologize in advance. Oh, by the way, all of the chapter titles are named after Journey songs…hence the story title Journey. Hmmm…that’s about it. Haha…enjoy :D


*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters JKR made up which are in this story. Nor do I own the titles of the chapters. 




“Jordan, are you sure that you packed everything on the list that I made you?”


I rolled my eyes. “No mum, I actually was planning on leaving stuff at home on purpose.”


“Don’t talk back to me young lady! Just because you’re leaving for school today doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you’d like…”


Blah, blah, blah. I laughed to my self…I didn’t think people actually thought that when they were ignoring someone. Did she really just say young lady though? Who the hell does that? Well, my mum I guess.  It takes serious talent to yell at someone while you’re driving. I mean jeez…does she ever take a second to relax? Obviously not.


“…any of this rude behavior at Hogwarts either. I’m sure your father wouldn’t be too pleased to hear about if his daughter were to get into more trouble this year. Especially now, with all of his stress at work…”


Holy shit! Does she ever shut up? Seriously, all I did was use a bit of sarcasm, and she’s acting like I just tried to fight somebody in a dark, back alleyway…which, by the way, is probably not a good idea when my mother is around. I could just picture what the expression on her face would be if I started a fight with a random stranger. Can you say priceless?  “Hahaha,” I snorted to myself. 


“Jordan! What on earth is so funny?”


Oh, crap…was I laughing out loud? Fuck, I thought that was in my head.


“Uhh…I was just um, you know, um…. Hey! Look at that…that…uhh…that runner on the side of the road! Now that must take a lot of dedication!” I nodded enthusiastically.


“Honestly, Jordan,” my mother sighed, “You better not get into trouble this year or there will be some major changes in your punishment…”


Yeah, right. She says that pretty much every year but she never actually does anything about it. Plus, it’s not as if I’m home enough for her actually to punish me. I usually spend most of my summer at the Weasley household. Or out around town, hanging with different muggles. You would understand why, if you had to listen to my mother’s constant complaining about my father, or the neighbors, or the housekeepers, or me. Like, seriously? Get over yourself, Mum. No really, please get over yourself before I commit.

Its no wonder my father is at work all the time. He's trying to escape the black hole of fun known as my mum. So basically, I owe thanks to her for ruining my life. Doesn't she seem like a lovely woman?


I mean, she is legit still blabbering, as we pull up to the train station.


“…and don’t even get me started on grades this year,” she continued.


I roll my eyes as I unload the car to head into the train station. Stupid no under-age magic.


“Are you sure you don’t need any help with your trunk, Dear?” my mum asked sounding slightly bored. I knew she probably wouldn’t have helped me even if I needed her to.


“No, I can handle it, Mum. See you later," I replied. She let out a sigh of relief. Gee, thanks.


“Alright, I better get going, anyways. Wouldn't want to be late to my book club meeting!”


I roll my eyes again. Typical. She would have a "book club" meeting on the same day I leave. It’s probably going to be a huge celebration for her after getting rid of me for the year. Really. Not having to see your only daughter for almost ten months is better than winning the lottery for my mum. I mean, I don't even go back home over the holiday break, but she doesn't care.


I wave to the car as it pulls away, (insert fake smile here), then begin walking to the platform. Well, more like waddling awkwardly. Hey, I'd like to see you try to carry (YES! I repeat, CARRY! By myself, I might add!) a trunk, an owl cage, a huge ass backpack, a broom case...with a broom in it, AND a huge bag full of coloring books. So what if I love to color? Plus, it's not my fault that I ran out of room in my trunk.

I almost made it the entire way to platform 9 ¾, before I was attacked by my lunatic of a best friend.



And you thought i was kidding. HA!

"Uh, hey?" I mumbled quietly after getting stares from everyone else at the station.

“Jordan!! I missed you sooo much! I mean really! Why don’t we just make it official and have you live at our house already?” a very loud redhead squealed as she threw her arms around me in a suffocating hug. I don't think she ever learned that a person needs to be able to breath in order to live.


“Ha. That sounds like a great plan to me. But seriously Rose, must you scream like that EVERY time I see you?” I laughed.


Rose is pretty much my bestest (that's right. I said bestest. What are you gonna do?) friend in the entire world. Well, her and Scorpius. Scorpius is one of the coolest people you could ever meet. Besides me, of course.

...Stop laughing. I am so cool it hurts.

I became friends with both of them in our first year at Hogwarts. Which, is kind of weird since we aren’t all in the same house, but Rose and I met on the train ride before sorting took place, and we’ve been good friends ever since. Unfortunately, I don’t really get to see her that much because we aren’t in the same house. It's her fault for being brave, or whatever. Who wants their 'mascott' to be a lion anyways. They probably shed like there's no tomorrow, and hack up furballs bigger than the stick shoved up my mum's arse.


In any case, the sorting hat placed Scorpius and me into Slytherin, along with Rose’s cousin Albus, or Al for short. Or if you wanna get creative, you could call him Alby, Al-ster, Bus(Don't ask. It's a long story.), or my personal favorite: loser.

Rosie was sorted into Gryffindor with another one of her cousins, Dom, another good friend of mine. I just have so many friends, don't I? I'm too cool for my own good.

Al, Rose, Dom, Scorpius and I are all currently in our 6th year at Hogwarts.


Rose has an insanely huge family. It even stresses me out sometimes. This, I might add, is very hard to do, despite what I may seem like. But whenever I don't remember one of their names, I just try not to make eye contact. It's usually the best policy.

I shouldn't take all the credit for it though. Another one of Rose's cousins, Roxy, taught me all the important things to know about being part of the Weasley clan.

Roxy is so cool its not even funny…except that she’s hilarious. So I guess it is funny. ...Anyways, she is seriously one of my favorite people. Sadly, Roxy is a year behind me, which means I don’t get to hang out with her that often. Plus she is such a bookworm/genius/nerd that she only takes breaks from studying to A) go to quidditch practice, B) make fun of someone or C) eat/sleep. Yeah, that’s right, I said make fun of someone. Yes, Roxy is rather mean to some people, especially her cousins. But, I find that quality rather endearing. As long as it’s not directed towards me, I’m totally fine with her being a bit nasty. And, granted, she is in Slytherin. Thank goodness.


“…and then she was all ‘what did you say to me?’ and so I said ‘girl, calm down.’ And then she was like, ‘oh n-”


“Rose! First of all, I have no idea what you’re even talking about. And secondly, I’m fairly sure I really won’t care. So shut up! ...Please,” I added with a (dazzling) smile.


At first, Rose looked upset that I yelled at her, but then she shrugged, “Ehh…yeah, you’re probably right.”

"Hey, where's the rest of your family?" I wondered to Rose.  

"Oh," she said as she looked around, "I guess they already got on the train or left? Sneaky bunch they are."

"Yeah, I'm sure all, like, 50 of them are just impossible to notice leaving."

We heard the warning for the train’s departure so we quickly shuffled down the platform and stored our luggage. It would not be good to miss the train, as we did our 4th year. Long story short, we had to fly on our broomsticks there, and we didn’t have any of our things for the first week of classes. It was a disaster. How can you expect me to survive without any crayons for a week? YOU CAN'T!


As we boarded the train, we saw that it was so crowded that we had to walk to the entire back of it before we found an empty compartment to sit in. Right after we got situated, Al, Scorp, and Dom found us.


“Hey Rose! How’s it going?” Scorpius said excitedly.

Then he turned to me, “Ew, Jordan. Are you seriously back for another year?” he mumbled as he gave me a hug.


I kindly punched him hard in the stomach for that comment.


“Joking! Joking!” he said quickly, before I could punch him a second time.


“Hi Dom…Oh please, he’s completely fine!” I laughed as she gave me ‘the look’ for punching Scorpius.


Dom threw me a huge smile after hugging me for a minute, at least!


“Get the hell off of me you loon!” I never really used the word loon before but it seemed quite fun to say so I went for it.



Ehh…who knows how my brain works.


“Hey Jordan,” Al grinned at me.


“Hi Al. You pumped for this school year?” I asked.


Okay, so I should probably explain the deal with Al. He and I had a thing for, like, two and half years, but then he broke up with me. Which, believe it or not, I was totally okay with. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was a little upset at first, but then I got over it when I realized that Al was more like a best friend than a boyfriend.


“Jordan? Are you alive?”


“Huh? Oh yeah…sorry, Al. I was zoning out.” Shit, I really need to stop talking to myself inside my head.


“Yeah, it’s cool. I just asked if you were ready to win the quidditch cup this year.”


“You know it! We are so gonna kick everybody’s arse with our awesome team!”


“Definitely! I mean, our team is totally going to be stacked this year!” I rolled my eyes as he continued. “We can have you and Roxy as our beaters, since you guys are awesome. Teagan, Jett, and Willow as our chasers. Scorp as the keeper, and I’ll be seeker. It’s gonna be totally awesome!” His face flushed with excitement as it does whenever he is worked up.


“You realize that you haven’t even had tryouts yet? Besides the fact that we haven’t even gotten to school yet either! But, hey, I guess we are the best players in the school.”


“Exactly. We’re going to be unstoppable this year, now that a lot of the Gryffindor players from last year are gone.”


“I know that, I just think you need to wait to worry about quidditch until the season starts at least.”


“Yeah, yeah…whatever. Well I think I’m gonna take a nap before we get there. So I’ll talk to you guys in a bit, I guess,” Al mumbled to everyone before nodding off.


“Hmmm, I better go now that I think about it. There are prefect duties that need attending! I’ll see you guys in a bit!” Dom’s chirped, in her high-pitched, singsong voice, along with a tiny smile, of course.


“See ya later, Dom!” I smiled, as she practically skipped out of the compartment, her light, blonde hair flying behind her.


“…Oh my gosh…that’s so true, Scorpius,” I heard Rose laugh.


EW. I think my ears just vomited. If that’s possible? I really don’t know. But, if it were possible, my ears would definitely be puking out a whole pitcher-full since I totally just heard Rose and Scorpius flirting! Yuck…just thinking about it is seriously enough to make me gag a bit, too. I really don’t want to look over and witness the horror. But, of course, I do anyways.


“Are you serious? He did not say that!” Scorpius chuckled with his deep voice.


What. The. Fuck. This cannot be happening. I really don’t want my two besties getting together. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. And, between you and me, it definitely would not be a good relationship since Scorpius is a bit of a player. You know, a ladies’ man…or a slag…or even a man-whore! Not that Rose is completely innocent, but, come on, compared to Scorpius, practically everyone seems innocent. Alright, that’s it. I must put an end to this immediately.


“Oh hey guys! Look at that thing…at the window…right there!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Umm…yeah, not my finest moment in creative ideas. Pshh…like you could’ve done any better under all that pressure!


“What!?!?! What is it?” Rose screamed back, as she raced to the window.


“Shit! What happened?” Al shouted, awakened by our yelling.


“Seriously, Jordan, I don’t see anything!” Rose whined.


I looked over at Scorpius, who had a smirk on his face.


‘Can I help you?’ I mouthed with sarcasm.


He raised an eyebrow and mouthed back, ‘Nice try.’


‘NO. NO WAY! NO WAY IN HELL!’ I mouthed back, with a stern expression on my face.


“OI! Can someone please tell me what all of that bloody yelling was for?” Al asked impatiently.


Scorpius just looked back at me and smirked again. I then proceeded to stick my tongue out and squint with my light blue eyes (actually…I believe the correct term for them is Bright Turquoise. Just saying…) at him, with a bitter look on my face.


“OH! I THINK I SEE IT!” exclaimed Rose.


Scorpius snorted. I gave Rose the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me look’.


“See what? What the hell is going on?” Al roared with frustration. “And where did Dom go?”


“WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO KNOW!!!” I yelled angrily at Al.


“Wait, what does that even mean?” he questioned.


“Ugh! I don’t know,” I giggled. “I think I need a nap though. I was up until, like, four o’clock packing. My mother made this ridiculous list of things I’m very sure I will never need for the school year.”


“Wow, that sounds like fun,” Rose commented airily, as she went back to staring at Scorpius.


I shot her a death glare. In case you haven’t noticed, I give a lot of death glares. Or the ‘are-you-kidding-me looks.’ They’re like my hidden talents. Minus the hidden part since pretty much everyone receives them at some point in their life. But, hey, details, details.


Just then, the snack trolley came by, so naturally, we bought enough candy to satisfy a small village. We piled it into a huge heap in the middle of us, and started unwrapping like crazy.


“MMMM….Thish ehs ma fahvrat candhe en da warld.” Al garbled, as he shoved three chocolate frogs into his mouth at one time.


We all broke into fits of laughter.


“Yeah, but if Jordan keeps it up, there won’t be any left in a few minutes,” Scorpius teased.


“Shove off,” I laughed as I chucked a cauldron cake at his face.


Once we had all stuffed down enough sweets to give us stomachaches for a week, Rose started pulling her long, red hair back, and I noticed Scorpius staring at her. So I did the most mature thing I could think of.


“OUCH! Why did you flick me, Jordan?” Scorpius bellowed.


“Huh? I really can’t say that I know what you’re talking about, Scorpy, dear,” I smirked.


He glared at me for about 2 minutes straight before Albus’ snoring startled us all. Jeez took him long enough to fall back asleep. I mean seriously that must have been, like, a new record or something. I looked over at the ‘snoring monster’, as we liked to call him, and I couldn’t help but stare at how gorgeous he looked when he sleeps…if you think dorks are attractive. Okay, so I might possibly maybe still have a mini-crush on Al. But that doesn’t mean anything. I mean, it isn't even a crush, I was just stating that he was attractive. Not as attractive as me, but almost. Yeah, that’s right. I went there. Oh snap.


“Yo, yo, yo ma people! What’s going on back here, kids?” a familiar voice yelled. What the hell? Who does he think he is?


“Hey, James,” I smiled at Al's older brother as he opened the compartment door. “But why in the name of Merlin are you talking like that? You sound like a moron.”


James faked a hurt expression. “It was a joke. But, alright, fine. Redo.” He left the compartment and then walked back inside. “Hello my fine people! How are you all on this splendid afternoon gathering?” he smirked.


“Ah. That’s much better James. Thanks.” I replied with a grin. “Oh. Hi, Freddie! Sorry. I didn’t see you there.”


“What was that? Oh, its you Jordan. Sorry. I didn't see you there,” Freddie replied with attitude. Tosser. Now I know where Roxy learned all of her sass from. He continued, “No, it's alright, we were just stopping by to say hello…”


“…and take some chocolate frogs from you guys!” James exclaimed as he and Fred grabbed handfuls of our candy stash.


“JAMES! GET OUT!” Rose shrieked.


“Hey, is that anyway to talk to your favorite cousin? Well, I suppose Al is your favorite. And then Dom. And probably Louis because he is really awesome. So scratch that first part…. Is that any way to talk to your, like, 4th favorite cousin, Rosie?” He said as he began shoving loads of Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans into his mouth. He seriously liked every flavor…even earwax. Yuck. Even thinking about it makes me sick.


Rose just glared at him.


“Alright, we’ll be going then,” Freddie quickly mumbled before shoving James into the hall, before he himself waved and left. “Oh hey, Roxy. Long time, no-see,” they joked since they, in fact, just saw her no less than an hour ago.


I looked up as Roxy slowly sauntered into out compartment and took a seat. She gave me a quick, half-smile, before saying hello to us.


“OI! ALBUS! WAKE UP YOU LAZY GIT!” she yelled in Al’s ear. Wow. I didn’t even know it was possible to yell that loudly.


“FUCK! Why does everyone keep screaming?” he complained.


“Why do you have to be so stupid?” she asked.


“It’s just one of my many skills, I guess.”


“Yeah, that and being UGLY,” she laughed.


At that point, everyone started laughing since we all knew that couldn’t be further from the truth. Al was seriously one of the hottest guys at school. And he knew it too.  I mean, he has gorgeous green eyes, perfectly messy, black hair, and a breath-taking smile. Okay, seriously? Did he get even better looking over the summer? What a jerk.


“ANYWAYS, AL! I mean, can you try for, like, one second not to assault my eyes every time I look at you?” I joked.


“HA-HA. That was clever, Jordan,” he retorted while sticking his tongue out. Jeez, are we all still in the first year, or what?


I gave Al the middle finger.


Just as Al snarled (HAHAHAHHA! I know right. Who does that?), and began to reply, the train starting slowing down as we arrived at the Hogsmeade Station.






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