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A Love Like This by jessicanicole
Chapter 3 : Race To Victory
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters recognizable from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I do own the plot and the original characters.
Chapter Image depicts Louis Weasley and Albus Potter!


Chapter Three
Absolutely stunning image by Lady Malfoy @ TDA!

“So she screamed like a priss?”

“Mhm. It was rather frightening.” Scorpius glanced up at Al’s sniggering and glared. “Don’t tell anyone I said that or I’ll murder you, Potter.”

“I won’t, I won’t. Who do you think it was?” Al asked curiously, leaning against the banister of Scorpius’ four-poster bed. He bit into a red apple he’d been busy polishing for a good five minutes.

“Haven’t the foggiest,” he replied with a sigh, rummaging through the trunk before unearthing the black, velvet case. He carefully opened it and smirked. “Some creep from Hogsmeade perhaps? Iunno. At least I got my robes back though.”

“What is that?”


“That is not nothing, Scorpius.”

“Bugger off, Al,” the Slytherin hissed. “It’s for the party,” he finally answered in a whisper. “I got it from Delia. She got it from Aunt Daphne’s stash.” Scorpius held up the bottle of fire whiskey, grinning from ear to ear.

“When you gonna hook me up with your cousin, mate? What I wouldn’t give to shag that fine fo-”

Scorpius elbowed Albus sharply in the ribs, scowling darkly in his direction.

“That’s my cousin you’re talking about!” he spat. “Now don’t go blabbing about this, all right? Come on, we’re gonna be late for the match and you’re the bloody seeker!”

Scorpius shut his trunk, locked it, then rose to his feet. He dusted off his robes while leading Albus out of the sixth year boys’ dormitory. He nodded to a few lingering Slytherins lounging about in the darkly lit common room and slipped out of the thick, iron doors. The halls of Hogwarts were crammed with students, each sporting either the red and gold of Gryffindor or blue and silver of Ravenclaw. Occasionally there was some yellow and green doused in, but most seemed to be backing one team or the other. The hype of the match had been ever so slowly growing and everyone seemed to be fit to burst. The opening match had always been a big deal, but the rumors of a party always got Hogwarts in a ruckus.

“Good luck Al!”

“You’re no match for Louis, Potter.”



“DO IT!”


The chatter grew louder and louder with each step. Scorpius glanced over, left then right, taking in the sight of all the groups of people talking amongst each other or shouting threats across the halls. It was madness.

“This is wicked!” Al practically yelled, a wide grin across his face. The court yard was buzzing and the energy was radiating from every person. “I’ve never seen so many people pumped for the match!”

“It’s ‘cos there’s promised booze!” Scorpius hollered in return. The two ducked just in time, dodging two Ravenclaw players in the middle of a game of keep away the quaffle from a short yet broad boy who looked to be about fourteen or fifteen. “New beater?”

“Iunno,” Al mumbled.

Scorpius shrugged and followed the tall Gryffindor through the courtyard. It took ages to get to the Quidditch pitch. People wanted to stop Al and offer their ‘good luck’ or ‘show ‘em who’s boss’ or ask Scorpius about the party, asking if they could come or if there was going to be liquor. It was utter chaos and the Slytherin was loving it. When they did reach the pitch, the sun was high in the sky and trumpets were blasting from inside the stadium. Cheers erupted and soon the loud voice of Sung Jordan echoed through the air. She had certainly inherited her father’s love for announcing.

“Ladies and gentleman! Welcome to the match of the year! Get your seats quickly everyone!”

“You ready?”

“Hell yeah! The party’s depending on me, mate.”

“Brilliant. Now go before James has a coronary,” Scorpius chuckled. The two boys embraced, laughing loudly and shooting a few more crass remarks to each other. Shoving Al toward the locker rooms and hurrying to file in line with the rest of the school, Scorpius soon was absorbed in with the mobs of people making their way to the last few seats available. He looked over at saw Rose walking with Alyson Longbottom and the Thomas twins, Ella and Emma. For a brief second she glanced over at him, but her features darkened as she turned away, chatting animatedly with Aly.


Scorpius looked up and grinned, walking up a few stairs and maneuvering his way to the middle of the row. He muttered ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’ a few times, finally reaching his cousin. He was a tall boy with a lean figure, dark brown hair and pointed features that reminded Scorpius of his own face. His mum and Aunt Daphne looked quite a like in that respect.

“Fancy seeing you here, Rich. You never show up to these matches. You coming later tonight?” Scorpius asked in hushed tones. “Delia took a handle of your mum’s fire whiskey. It’s going to be crazy. James and Fred are going all out.”

“Like I’d bloody miss that. I’d be one of perhaps three Slytherins not going if I decided not to show up,” Richard Knott replied back, but his voice was soon lost in the cheers of the every student.

“And here come the GRYFFINDORS! Led by Captain Albus Potter, this team seems to be the promised victor of today’s match! Come on Al, do us proud! Young Lily Potter is also making her debut this year. Promising young chaser, if you ask me. Darian Thomas sure taught her well. And what a family affair it is! Young Hugo Weasley will be subbing in for Ed McCormac who suffered a nasty fall last week during practices. Get well soon, Ed! Oh! And here’s your RAVENCLAWS!”

Cheers erupted, threats were given. Every house seemed to be say something or screaming at the top of their lungs. A wide grin spread across Scorpius’ lips as he glanced over at Richard.

“Louis is looking to lead his team in his last year here at Hogwarts! Can he do it or will his cousin prevail? Yet another year of intense rivalry! AND THEY’RE OFF!” Sung Jordan called out.

“COME ON AL!” Scorpius shouted through cupped hands. “KNOCK THE TWIT OFF HIS BROOM! COME ON LILY, YOU GOT THIS!”

The players had kicked off the ground, sending dust into the air. Ernie Davies, the 7th year Ravenclaw chaser, was the first to catch the quaffle. He rushed past the Gryffindor’s defenses, but thanks to a last minute dive by Hugo, the quaffle ricocheted off the end of his broom and shot off into the air. Darian Thomas made a quick dive and caught the quaffle, racing off in the opposite direction.

“AND GRYFFINDOR SCORES. TEN POINTS ON THE BOARD! It’s off to a great start here at our first Quidditch match of the season. Al looks mighty focused up there. But, where is Louis? Has he spotted the snitch already?”

Scorpius looked all around the pitch and couldn’t see Louis. He swore under his breath, finally catching sight of the lean seeker swan dive toward the ground. Al chased after him, pulling up only when Louis came to a dead stop. He must’ve lost sight of it for he looked to be livid.

“Dammit,” Richard cursed when Ernie tossed the quaffle right out of Hugo’s reach and into the goal.

“Backing the Gryffindors, are we?” the blonde teased, glancing over at his cousin through the corner of his eye. Cheers erupted again when Lily managed to get the quaffle past the Ravenclaw keeper and into the goal.

“I’m rooting for the team that’s throwing a raging party if they win,” he answered nonchalantly. The smug grin on Richard’s lips assured Scorpius that was exactly what it was.

“AND GRYFFINDOR SCORES AGAIN LEADING THIRTY TO TEN! It seems they’re determined to pull away early in the game. Oh but wait! Evelynn White has the quaffle! AND SHE SCORES. TWENTY POINTS FOR RAVENCLAW!”

“Come on Al,” Scorpius muttered to himself. His grey eyes flickered up then quickly down when Louis darted through the stands. Al picked up on his cousin’s movements instantly and raced off in the same direction. “COME ON AL! BEAT HIS ARSE!”

“Looks like Louis Weasley has spotted something. Could it be the snitch? Albus is hot on his tail!” Sung announced.

He barely paid attention to what was going on around him. His eyes were locked in on Albus and Louis. Occasionally he could hear a cheer, followed by Sung’s melodic voice calling out the score. Minute by minute passed and the two seekers had yet to stop their fervent chase. Scorpius leant forward with a jerk and gripped the seat in front of him. He inhaled deeply and held his breath.


Albus’ broom rolled smoothly to the right, dipping down below Louis who only had eyes for the tiny snitch in front of him. The Gryffindor rushed upwards, cutting off his cousin and reaching out with outstretched fingertips. Louis was quick to recover and shoved his left shoulder hard into Albus’ side, nearly knocking him off balance. Pressing forward, he again reached out, diving into snitch and tumbling to the ground. His body rolled several times and for a second Scorpius lost him in the dust.



“AND THE WHOLE TEAM!” another shouted.

Cheers erupted throughout the Gryffindor common room. Streamers were hanging from the ceiling and banners were hung over every possible window and the mantel piece. The fire was roaring and drinks were flowing. Loud laughter erupted from random corners of the room and soon the party was well under way.

Scorpius had hit the liquor heavily from the start. Glass after glass of fire whiskey had practically rendered him incapable of walking straight or seeing clearly, but he was enjoying himself just like every other student. Every house was represented in that room, even Ravenclaw had decided to suck up their pride and join the festivities. Soon it became more about getting completely trashed than celebrating Gryffindor’s first victory. Fred had already long since passed out, or had he found some seventh year girl to bed? It was hard to keep tabs on the Weasley’s since there were so many of them.

“Scorpius!” Al slurred, nearly dropping the cup of fire whiskey in his hands when a disheveled looking James stumbled after a blonde Ravenclaw, his shirt half-untucked and his face flushed with the effects of the liquor that was flowing like water throughout the common room. “AYE, JAMES. BUGGER OFF! UNDERAGE!” Al laughed, shaking his head. “Scorpius, Scorpius mate,” he grinned, clapping the Slytherin on the shoulder.

“Thank you for catching the snitch! Oh Merlin, do I thank you for catching that snitch,” Scorpius chuckled, downing the rest of his fire whiskey and shaking his head as it burned his throat.

Laughter broke out between the two and soon they weren’t even aware of what they initially wanted to talk about. The pair stumbled across the room, making eyes at a few girls who seemed to be glancing their way. Two girls, whom Scorpius had never seen a day in his life, made their way over and began conversing with Albus and himself. One was rather short with large blue, doe eyes and wispy blonde hair. The other was slightly taller with wide hips and almond-shaped green eyes and dark, cascading curls. Both seemed to be drunk as skunks.

“Great party, guys,” a lanky fourth year Gryffindor called while passing the boys and their attachments.

“Did you see that last save?” Hugo shouted to a group standing around him, clearly having consumed more than his fair share of liquor. “It was wicked,” he grinned, downing more of his drink. “RIGHT AL?”

Bits and pieces of conversations floated about the common room. Scorpius gripped onto Al’s arm loosely to stable himself for a minute, a wide, loopy grin on his lips.

“All right there?”

“Never bee--” a hiccup, “n better.”

“Good. AYE ROSE!” Albus yelled across the room. The redhead looked up slightly, blinking away the effects of the liquor and smiling brightly at her cousin. “COME HERE!” he called loudly.

“YOU DON’T HAVE TO YELL!” Rose reprimanded in an equally loud tone, but she was soon crossing the crowded room with Alyson Longbottom and Casey McCormac following behind her

“No, no! I don’t want to talk to her. She’s such a hag, Al. A hag!” Scorpius mumbled childishly. “Plus, uhm, what was your name again?” he asked the blonde who had suddenly attached herself to Scorpius’ side.

“Melanie,” she replied quietly, a hiccup following soon after.

“Melanie and I here were just starting to talk and you know how little Miss Rosie can be!” he added. “And what about, er, your girl?”

“Erin,” the brunette commented, her arms loosely wrapped around Albus’ waist and giggles bubbling from her lips.

“Melanie, Melanie. I pity you,” Rose sighed when she stopped beside Al who had decided to use Erin as an arm rest. She sighed, shaking her head at cousin. “You two are such pigs!” she scolded. “What would your mother have to say about this, Albus?”

“See, Al! She’s such a buzz kill,” Scorpius sighed.

“I am not!” Rose shot back. “I’m just not a slag!” she spat, shooting Melanie a dark look.

“How dare you call, wait Melissa?” he asked, struggling to recall the name.

“Melanie,” the soft spoken girl reiterated. “It’s Melanie,” she repeated with irritation laced in her tone.

“Melanie! Yes! How dare you call Melanie a slag!”

“I did nothing of the sort. Albus, you need to put this dog to bed before he makes an even bigger fool out of himself,” Rose hissed vehemently. “Albus?” Rose turned to face Al who was lip-locked with the dark-haired girl. “AL! Stop snogging and listen to me. AL! I’m telling Aunt Ginny! You’re acting like James. AL, LISTEN TO ME!” Her face was red and she stomped her boot on Al’s foot.

“Pipe down woman,” he mumbled, giggling before returning to what he’d been busy doing seconds before.

“Ugh, I cannot believe you!” she muttered with a roll of her eyes. “You’re such a rotten influence!” she snapped, turning to Scorpius with a look that nearly made him shudder.

“I am nothing of the sort,” Scorpius replied, grabbing himself a drink and downing a good portion of it. “You’re nothing but an uptight brat! Live a little, Rosie!”

“Stop calling me Rosie,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Rosie, Rosie, Rosie!” Scorpius could tell by the daggers she was glaring in his direction that he was seriously pushing her buttons. He stuck his tongue out as the icing on the cake.


“Rose, breathe. He’s totally not worth it,” Aly mumbled, slightly hiding behind her friend and occasionally stealing glances over at Scorpius and Al. The ever timid girl frowned softly. “Right, Case?”

“Yeah, come on,” Casey whined, making eyes over at Ernie Davies before sighing softly. “Let’s find better company,” she suggested, tugging on Aly and Rose’s hands.

“Yeah! GO!” Scorpius chuckled after a glance at Al.

Melanie rolled her eyes and quietly dismissed herself, dragging the brunette away from Al’s face with a pleading look. The Gryffindor seeker looked all together pleased but incredibly disheveled and with one glance he might as well have been mistaken for James.

“Shut up, both of you!” Lily hissed as she walked past them. “You’re ruining the party. Go shag or something,” she mumbled, walking off and disappearing in the throngs of people.

Scorpius blinked. Rose harrumphed. Albus fell over onto one of the couches in a fit of giggles. Aly and Casey seemed disinterested, or perhaps they were merely putting on a façade for Rose’s sake.

“Lily, you better not be drinking any fire whiskey! I’ll write your mother!” Rose shouted, her voice reaching a new level of shrill.

“Rose, Rosieeeeee,” Albus sang softly, giggles bursting from his lips incessantly. “Oh Rosieeeee. Everyone sees it but you and Scorpieeee,” he muttered, waving his hands about lazily.

“Did you just call me Scorpie?” the blonde asked, still blinking in confusion and all but forgetting Lily's comment and Albus' statement.

“Don’t interrupt me!” Albus pouted and sighed. His brows began to knit together in thought before he sat up and grinned. “Okay, back to what I was saying!” A hiccup interrupted his speech and he soon fell back into his giggle fit.

“Albus, you’re clearly delusional and beyond smashed. Perhaps both of you need to be put to bed,” Rose interrupted nervously, gesturing with her hands toward the staircase that led up to the boys’ dormitories.

“I’m not a Gryffindor. I’m a Sl-Slytherinnn,” Scorpius pointed out, crossing his arms firmly over his chest.

“You’re also a dimwitted arse,” she muttered softly under her breath. Aly and Casey snickered softly.

“And you’re a nasty hag. A prudish hag!” he retorted.

His vocabulary was severely diminished at this point and he didn’t quite care if he offended her. It was what they did, offend each other and spit nasty insults and go out of their way to make the other’s life a living hell. The expression on her face amused him, and apparently Al, for they both burst into fits of laughter. Alyson and Casey merely glared in their direction, scoffing and muttering something that neither boy could pick up nor really cared to pick up.

“I am not!”




“YOU’RE SO...SO, UGH!” Rose screamed. And then she punched him in the nose. Hard. “Oh my god!” she squeaked, her eyes wide.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Scorpius swore, clutching his face.

Everything became really dark. The feeling of warm liquid cascading down his face and the smell of iron wafting from his nose started to make the room spin. Scorpius blinked several times, trying desperately to focus on his breathing and not falling over.

“Are you okay mate?” Al asked, suddenly sobering up enough to pull himself together.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fi--” Scorpius fell over unconscious, the blood pouring from his nose and onto the rug near the fireplace.

Author's Note: So sorry for the long wait and for how short this chapter is. I just want to thank everyone who's left reviews and favorited this story! I wasn't expecting such positive response. More of spit fire Rose here, so I hope you enjoy :) Please leave a review and let me know how you feel about this chapter! Hope to get the next one up very soon.

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