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Undecided by logjess
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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“Hey, mom.” I said, bumping into her as I left the store.

“Oh, darling. Do you have all of your things? We need to leave. Your father just received a call from his office and he needs to go to work.”

“Oh. Erm, no, not yet.” I said.

“Well, honey! What have you been doing all of this time?” She asked. “Ugh, nevermind. Let’s find your things. Quickly!” She ordered.

Someone cleared his or her throat behind us. “Excuse me, Mrs. Evans. I couldn’t help but overhear that you had to leave. Would it be okay if I shopped with Lily for the rest of her supplies, then dropped her off at your house?”

I turned and looked into the eyes of Sirius. He’s was being uncharacteristically polite.

“Who are you?” My mother asked.

“Mom. This is Sirius Black, he’s one of Remus’s friend.”

“Oh! It’s lovely to meet you, dear.” She said, taking Sirius’s hand.

“Likewise, Mrs. Evans. Remus is quite smitten with your daughter.” He said. What a suck up.

“Oh! Well who wouldn’t be?” She said proudly. “I actually haven’t met Remus. Is he a nice boy? Charming, I’m sure?”

“He IS a nice boy.” Sirius said mockingly. So much for being polite. . . “But. I always pictured her with James.” He added.

“You, too? Oh! His mother and I always used to talk about them. We really thought it would happen, but then she started talking about Remus, so I lost hope.”

“That’s a shame.” He winked at me. “I never did.”

“Anyways!” I interrupted. “I should start shopping. I’ll see you later, okay mom?”

“Right. I’ll see if I can drag your father away from all of this ‘excitement’ to get him to his meeting.” She said as she left us.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

He simply said, “James wants you.”

“No. I’m going to find Remus.” I said, storming off.

“They’re together.” He said, smiling hugely.

“Oh good God.”

“Yes, Miss. Lily. That’s correct.”

“Er-“ I said, blushing. “Does Remus know about. . .”


“Well, then. Let’s keep it that way. Where are they?” I asked.

“Follow me, my lady.” He said as he stuck his arm out.

I grabbed on and he led me to my doom.


As soon as I arrived, they both stood up and said, “Lily.”

I just stood there. James could not be more obvious. He was so smug. “Er, hi.” I said.

Out of nowhere, Remus grabbed me a kissed me deeply. I couldn’t stop him. It felt so good. He’d never kissed me like this before. I didn’t want it to end. I eagerly kissed him back, but it ended just as quickly as it began.

“It’s nice to see you.” He said, his eyes almost glowing.

“You, too.” I said sweetly. I couldn’t help it. That was a REALLY good kiss.

“So, why’d you come back?” Remus asked.

“I need my books. Would you like to accompany me in buying them?”

“Of course.” He said, grabbing my hand. Unfortunately, I wished it was James’s hand, not his. “Something wrong?” He asked, seeing my face.

I quickly smiled. “No, nothings wrong. Let’s go.”

“We’ll come, too.” James butted in.


The good news: I have all of my supplies. The bad news: Remus and James look as if they’re going to attack each other at any given oppourtunity.

“Lily.” Remus said. “I have to leave. I’m sorry, but my mom’s expecting me.”

“That’s fine.” I replied, smiling up at him. “I’ll see you later, right?”

“Yes.” He quickly bent down and kissed me on the cheek. “Bye.”


As soon as he left, I walked away, shouting, “Bye guys.” then I apparated. I was of age now, of course.

When I got home, I started packing everything into my trunk; the train for Hogwarts left tomorrow. I went through all of my belongings, deciding which to bring and which to leave. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.


James apparated into my bedroom and said, “What was THAT?”

“What was what?” I asked, confused.

“You. And Remus. That kiss.” He paused. “It was almost like porn.”

“What?!?! It was not.” I said, blushing.

“Maybe you couldn’t tell. You were to busy enjoying” He said it like a dirty word. “yourself.”

“James, stop being such a baby. He is my boyfriend.” I said.

“Well. I thought you didn’t like kissing in public.” He whined.

“Erm, I don’t.” I added in an angry “What’s it to you?”

“Shouldn’t your boyfriend know that?” He asked.

“I’m pretty sure he does.” I mumbled.

“So, he goes against your wishes.”

“Urgh! James! Stop trying to make Remus sound SO terrible.”

“I’m not.” He pouted. “Remus is a great person; he’s one of my best friends. I just don’t think he’s right for you.”

“And you are?” I asked, annoyed.

“Obviously. There’s always this. . . this heat between us.”

“Leave.” I said, solemnly.

“You know it’s true, Lily. Admit it. You want to kiss me right now. It’s eating at your insides.”

Merlin, he was right. I wanted to lunge across this room and kiss him like a mad woman. I must resist this, though. If I keep kissing these two guys, I may come off as a skank. . .

“You’re thinking about it right now. . .” He paused, stepping closer to me. “All you have to say is ‘I choose you, James Potter’ and I’m yours.”

“What if I don’t want you, James Potter?” I asked mockingly.

“Well. I’ll have to deal with that, but I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.” He said, grinning.

“Okay, time to go.” I said pushing him out of my bedroom door.

“Lily. Stop. Why are you?” We were edging near the staircase. “Hey, wait. I can take a hint. Don’t push me down the stairs!”

“Like I would do that.”

“See? You DO love me.”

Suddenly, my feet were off of the ground. I didn’t have time to react. He grabbed my waist, lifting me up over his shoulder (so I was bent in half), and started bringing me down the staircase.

“James! Stop! Put me down.” I said, my arms crossed.


He carried me all of the way to the front door, then placed me lightly on my feet. “Get out.” I said, staring him down. It’s harder than it sounds when I’m so much shorter than him.

“Right. I think I deserve a kiss.”

“For what?” I asked as I angrily threw my hands up in the air. “You came into my house, unannounced. Then, you trash talked my boyfriend, trying to get me to breakup with him and choose you. Then you picked me up and dragged me to the front door. AND this all interrupted my packing.”

“Wow. You’re grouchy.” He said. “I can cheer you up, though.”

“James. Just go.”

He quickly pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. I wanted to stop him, but I didn’t have enough sense.

I grabbed his arms and tried to push him away. This was, obviously, taken the wrong way and he just moved closer. His arms were so STRONG. He must have started to work out, I mused.

The front door opened and my mother walked in. James quickly stopped kissing me, but put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer.

“Lily!” My mother shrieked, shocked that her little girl was making out with the Potter kid, in her house. “Is this what you do when we go out?!?!”

“No! Mom, he just came over. It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t initiate it!”

“That doesn’t matter! You could have stopped it!”

“Mrs. Evans, I’m sorry. It was rude of me to come over unannounced and then snog your daughter by the front door.” James interrupted, smiling like and idiot.

“No shit!” She screamed.

“Mom!” I gasped.

“Aren’t you going out with Remus? Why was James even over? Lily! This is wrong. I thought I taught you better!”

“Mom!” I pleaded. “I would never do this! Why don’t you listen? HE kissed ME!”

“Mrs. Evans, it’s true. Don’t be mad at Lily.”

“Shut up, James!” She paused. “You’re lucky I’m not going to tell your mother about this!”

He quickly removed his arm from around my waist, and looked ashamed of himself. “Sorry, Mrs. Evans.”

“You better be.” She directed at him. “Now, Lily, make a decision; James or Remus. You can’t just go kissing random blokes, that’s wrong and I thought you knew better.”

Once again, I had to make the decision. I’m secretly hoping one of them just stops liking me(all of this kissing is making me lightheaded, which of course makes me sound dumb compared to my usual self). Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.


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Undecided: Chapter 6


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