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Red, Meet Blue by InsertOneTotallyEpicNameHere
Chapter 2 : Of Meetings, Detentions and Triplets' Brains: Part 2
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Thank you profously to musicalwings1215, for actually reviewing!

Disclaimer: If I didn't own it last time around, why would I own it this time?

Warning: Substance abuse.


I stumbled through the potrait, a little light-headed, my vision fuzzy. What the hell did Sevvy make me drink!? 

I had managed to get there around 15 seconds before I would be counted as late, and Sevvy starts bashing my head in, before making me test the potions he's been inventing. 

...And when I say that stuff he made drink was merde, I don't mean the merde that that dude was trying to sell me in Hogsmeade either. I made the bad merde. You know? 
Well, I don't. I don't think I ever will. I have the BLOODY headache, but yeah, everything's dandy. Except I can't see. And... 

I'm really not sure where I am...

Let's just hope that I haven't landed in the Slythie common room again. That was a night to remember. I just don't want to remember it right now. Or ever. I shudder.


...I don't think I'm ever going to throw a frog at the greasy haired git ever again. That's right. 

I can't do it any more! 

I'm definately in the Gryffie common room though. Everything's so... red. I hear myself chuckle, and stumble towards the fire, where the couches are, and a blur of pink. Hermione? 

Flitwick wasn't any nicer. Guess he doesn't take to people claiming they needed his climey-wimey-now-I'm-taller books and then stealing him. Hey, I did need them! 

...For chucking at Slythies. Give me a break.

"Eeeer... ninn-eee?" I slur, falling on the floor. I don't really think that quite came out as 'Hermione', do you?

"Nini?" I hear a voice ask, and someone pulling me up. "I didn't recall anyone being called 'Nini' in this school. What an unfortunate name." It's a boy's voice. So Hermione abadoned me, eh?

"Flee- wee- ck! Suv... vee..." I managed to get out. My tongue feels funny. Like that time a nibbler tried to attack it because I was sucking on a toffee. Who knew they were so shiny? 

I see a flash of orange, and now two orange blobs are holding me up. They let go, and I stumble into one of them, crashing into something soft that I assume is the couch.

"Oh-la-la Freddie. Found'ya self a girlfriend at last?" I hear one of the blobs ask. Orange... Freddie... Oh bloody hell. George and Fred Weasley. Hotties and pranksters extrodinaire. Bloody Nora. It seems I said the very last part outloud.

"Language Lottie Daly. Language." I groan as pain creeps the back of my mind. Headache reliever my ass Sevvy-poo. You are so getting pranked tomorow. "You are so drunk, aren't you!?" I can hear loud laughter in my ear. That is not helping my case. I hear a woman's voice now.

"Lottie? Lottie?" Oh good, it's Herman. "Good Godric! What did Snape do to her?! Look, her pupils are dilated!" I hear her say to the twins. I groan again, rolling over to something warm. "I think she might have a headache, a bad one, from the potions in Snape's room. He made her test them out last time. She was in a coma for 3 days."

Really, Herman? 'Cause I don't remember 3 days of pain... Note. Sarcasm.

"I bet they were 3 very peaceful days." I hear someone say, and then there was THUNK! "Ow!"

"Shut up. She's got a fever, her eyes! Oh look at her eyes! There's no brown anymore, we need to get her down to the infirmary, snap!" Hermione says, rushed. I can imagine her panicked and I try to smirk at the thought of her missing homework time. I can't though, am I blind? Well, now I definatly am.

Man, I've just realized something.

...The best way to make the good impression on the person you've been in love with since you were 11 is to stuff your face, run away and then collapse on them. No way you can't fail with that technique. Damnit.

I hear a cry and then, everything is black. My last thought being; Man, I hope I miss Potions tomorow.

FrederickI was in the common room when it happened, just talking to dearest brother of mine, being innocent an' all... Okay, maybe not the innocent part, but I am in the common room. Ha! And you thought I was lying, didn't cha? Muahaha! Forge Weasley never lies!


So I was in the common room, chatting with Angelina, while Gred was upstairs, getting ready. I don't know why they were getting ready, truth be told, if they are just going to snog all night, but that's a question for a later date.

 The potrait suddenly bursts open, and in stumbles the enigmatic blue-headed Gryffindor. She looks absolutley pissed, I'm telling you.

She's stumbling around and groaning. Now, even I'm smart enough to take Gred with me! Designated driver an' all! 

...If Ronny-kins hadn't crashed the car... Anyway, she doesn't even look of age! So, she was stumbling in, and then start mumbling something like;

"Er... Nini?" And she then falls to the floor. I say the first thing that comes to my mind. I sound like an idiot. "Flee-ick! Suvy!" And something like that she adds. 

Then she falls ontop of me. 

Let me get one thing clear, when I said to Gred I wanted to know her and find out why she ate so much damn bacon and threw a frog at Snape, I did not mean; please fall ontop of me, piss drunk. Good thing we sorted that out then.

"Oh-la-la Freddie. Found'ya self a girlfriend at last?" I swivel around, successfully knocking one Charlotte Daly into the corner of the table. I pout and frown.

"Bugger off Georgie. Go snog Angelina." I mutter. He throws his head back and laugh, I throw my fist back and punch his arm. He stops, grumbles then sits on Angelina's lap. I hear an 'oof' escape. My time to laugh now, Georgie!

"...Bloody Nora..." A particular someone alerts me to their presence. I laugh even louder.

"Language Lottie Daly. Language." Some of the things they teach kids these days! "You are so drunk, aren't you?" I ask and both me and George burst out laughing. 

I look up as hear someone coming towards me, Hermione. I grin to her, charmingly, of course, before she widens her eyes and slaps her forehead.

"Lottie? Lottie?" 

Yes, I believe Miss. Granger has finally figured out her friend's name! A round of applause here please! Come on, come on, louder! This is a day to remember! 

"Good Godric! What did Snape do to her?! Look her pupils are dilated!" I snicker quietly, before looking down and peering into her face. Brown eyes. Completley brown eyes! Wow, her pupils are dilated, I never would of guessed! Granger doesn't lie! 

"I think she might have a headache, a bad one, from the potions in Snape's room-" 

Man, that would be unlucky. Those things have like pickled brains in them from Sevvy's experiments. I bet he does them on twins, and like, triplets. Ew. 

"-He made her test them out last time. She was in a coma for 3 days." There's a groaning from my lap. I bet they were 3 very peaceful days. I snicker.

"Ow!" She hit me! She hit me! What'di'I do? I pout. Hermione glares. George is rolling around the floor laughing. I have no friends.

"Shut up. She's got a fever, her eyes! Oh look at her eyes! There's no brown anymore, we need to get her down to the infirmary, snap!" I
giggle quietly. She's like one of the people off dad's Muggle telebisinon programmes, the one with all the people in green... 

And blue... 

Wearing weird masks... 

Man, Muggles are strange!

I look down again. Is it just me, or is this girl smirking? That's one weird kid. I'm telling ya'. Hermione is shouting now, and then... Oh, well, bugger. Blue-headed wonder has fainted. Hermione is hitting me over the head. George is laughing.

...What a wonderful way to try and get to the infirmary with a half-dead, potentially-drunk, triplet-brain-induced blue-headed 5th year. Wonderful. Absolutley wonderful.

...I hate you Snape.

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