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Nature's Bounty by tiberiusirius
Chapter 12 : Rip Your Shirt Off
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By the time she was walking down to dinner with Sonny, Ryu was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with ankle high black stiletto boots, and a tight fit royal blue v-neck shirt courtesy of Rebecca. Her hair was left down, but Lily had cast a volumizing charm on it then curled the ends of it making it look like she hadn’t tried too hard. Dina did her make-up, using smoky eyeshadow, which gave her eyes a sultry smoldering look, and complimented it with a bit of bronzer and blush, as well as some sheer lip gloss.

She looked damn good, but she wasn’t sure how to act the part and she kept on expressing the fact to Sonny as they headed to meet with Otto.

“I look like a freaking whore!” she told Sonny “Honestly how is anyone going to take me seriously?”

“I’m pretty sure it was their intention to make men grovel at your feet, not to make them take you seriously…and judging by the way that group of fifth years on the third floor took out that whole hallway full of Armor…they did their job well.”

“I feel like a tart!” whined Ryu. 

“You look like a tart.” Said Sonny just smirking at her friends discomfort, not trying to consol her at all as they entered the entry hall and began looking for Otto. “Over there” said Sonny pointing to a group of burly boys waiting next to one of the doors to the Great Hall.

Ryu gulped and almost walked away, but sonny grabbed her before she could.

As they approached, one of Otto’s friends saw them coming and nudged the rest of them to turn and look. They all turned to see Ryu and Sonny approaching and, although none of them were drooling just yet, their eyes were roving all over the girls’ bodies, soaking in the view. Their reaction was an obvious indication that they liked what they saw.

Ryu smiled at the group who were still a few meters away, but turned slightly towards Sonny as they got closer. Out of the corner of her smiling mouth she frantically whispered “Kill me now! I don't think I can do this, what the fuck was I thinking?!”

Sonny chuckled dismissively at the panicked statement and took Ryu's arm in case she did decide to run. Unfortunately the little tug on her arm sent Ryu slightly off kilter and Sonny's little chuckle turned into uproarious laughter when, just as they drew close enough to halt, Ryu’s stiletto boot caught on an uneven bit of stone and sent her flying forward. 

The only thing that prevented her face from coming in contact with the floor, was a pair of strong arms catching her on her way down. She turned her green eyes up to meet Otto’s smiling dark ones, and he helped her regain her balance. 

“I am gonna kill Rebecca for making me wear these!” She muttered murderously to no one in particular.

“Really?” Said Otto. “Because before you do that, I’m going to need to thank her for causing you to fall right into my arms.” He grinned impishly and she couldn’t help but blush slightly. 

Sonny was a different story. “Cut the crap Schuler, if your going to be spitting one-liners all night, at least let me get some food in my stomach so I can throw up all over you.”

Otto just smiled at Sonny and clapped her on the back. “Glad you could join us for dinner Sonny! You know the boys.” Sonny waved to all of them as Otto turned to Ryu to introduce her to his friends. 

“This here is Fredrick Gould” He motioned to a boy about his own height with copper colored blonde hair and grey eyes. He was attractive but not stunningly so. He stuck out a hand for Ryu to shake, and she took it with a smile introducing herself. 

“The short fellow is Dewy Flanders… he may be short but he makes a hell of a seeker!” Ryu shook the brown haired boys hand and noticed he had beautiful violet eyes. What he lacked in stature and looks, his eyes more than made up for with intelligence. She shook his hand and introduced herself. 

“and Last but not least, these are the Volts brothers, Watson and Will.” Watson appeared to be the younger of the two and was a little bit shorter. Still, his hair was just as curly, and his eyes were just as warm as his older brother Will’s. The family resemblance was obvious. She shook both their hands and introduced herself with a smile before everyone made their way in for dinner.

Otto fell into step next to Ryu and placed a hand on the small of her back, nudging her gently towards the Hufflepuff table. “Now that you’ve met all the blokes might as well get our grub on.” He smiled down at her as they walked “By the way, how are the burns?” he asked quickly removing his hand from her back, afraid he had caused discomfort. 

She laughed at his concern. “Don’t worry, you're not hurting me, Poppy fixed me up brand new.”

“That woman is a miracle worker, she is!” Otto replied as his hand found its way back to its spot on her lower back. 

“I’m not really a fan of her myself, but I do appreciate her helping me out.” She explained to him as they took a seat at the Hufflepuff table. People were staring, and giving her, Sonny, and they Hufflepuff boys weird looks, but they paid it no heed, 

Otto frowned slightly, “Oh? Why is that?”

Ryu grimaced. “Her and Kettleburn kind of look at me as something to study rather than a regular student. The looks they give me, make me believe they think I'm just some sort of puzzle to be figured out. It honestly creeps me out even more than the way some Slytherin's look at me.”

Watson butted in as he filled his plate with food. “Speaking of Kettleburn...what was that spectacle this morning about?”

“Yeah,” his older brother Will added smirking playfully, “Can we be expecting any owls to join us this evening?”

The fact that there was nothing but humor in their eyes made her feel a bit better, but this wasn’t really a topic she wanted to discuss. “Yeah...I’m not really sure what the deal was with least with the owls anyway. With Kettleburn it’s like the man is infatuated with how animals react to me.”

Sonny snorted next to her as she took a sip of Pumpkin juice. The boys turned to her curiously, looking for an explanation of her interruption. “What?" she asked them feigning innocence. "It's just that all of us Gryfindor's are of the opinion that it's not the animals he's infatuated with...Dina even thinks Kettleburn is in love with Ryu." She paused and took a bite of her turkey but continued her jibe as she saw the boys hiding chuckles. "It gets better too, we have a bet going on. See how far he takes the obession...You wouldn't believe what Leeham put his money on.” 

The boys around the table snickered and Ryu elbowed her friend in the ribs. 

“Ow!” said Sonny “What was that for? It was a funny story! Besides you refused to use your feminine wiles on him anyhow. You have nothing to be ashamed of!” 

 Ryu hung her head in embarrassment and started to scoop copious amounts of mashers onto her plate, avoiding everyones eyes like the plague. Why, dear Merlin, had she insisted Sonny come with her?

Otto looked at her with an eyebrow raised. “You plan on eating all those mashed potatoes?”

Before Ryu could answer, Sonny shook her head and did for her. “I don’t know what is with her tonight. Usually, she's cleaned off all the serving platters within arms reach before the boys are even allowed to eat!”
Ryu turned a wide-eyed stare on Sonny as if to say ‘What the bloody hell are you doing?!’ and then looked to Otto embarrassed to see his reaction to the information Sonny had divulged.

Otto only responded by chuckling. “I like a girl with a healthy appetite!” before winking at her with a smile and nudging her to dig in.

Ryu followed suit feeling slightly more at ease considering Sonny's success at humiliating her hadn't phased Otto. 

“So...” Copper haired Frederick piped up, catching Ryu's attention, “How did you meet Otto here?...He only told us we’d have some mystery guests at dinner.”

Ryu answered in between bites. “Well we met in the Hospital wing.” She swallowed and grabbed for her glass of pumpkin juice. “He walked in and saw me with my shirt off.”

Immediately following her words, five people, including Sonny, choked on their food. Otto’s friend Dewy actually spit pumpkin juice all over Frederick.

Everyone was looking between Ryu and Otto wildly, and Ryu immediately regret her word choice and tried to correct herself.

Wide eyed she looked around “No that wasn’t what I meant!…Well, that actually was what I meant…but its not how it sounds!” she said in a rush followed promptly by a groan. Could she not open her mouth today without looking like an idiot? These boys were going to think she was a hussy! "I'm just going to shut my mouth now..." She said shrinking into her chair.

Otto came to the rescue. “I think what she meant to say was that I walked into the Hospital Wing to see her bare back turned towards me and covered in burns. She was waiting for treatment while Poppy was looking for ointment.” He explained to the table before turning to address her “You never did tell me how you got burned.”

She shared quick glance with Sonny not really sure what to say. It wasn’t really something she wanted to discuss with the whole table, they wouldn't understand and would probably think she was even more of a freak. “Err yeah…I was being really stupid…. And er….Honestly, I would tell you guys, but I think I’ve made myself look like an idiot enough already. Really, I don't want to be the person who creates the worst first impression ever… although, I do acknowledge I’m well on my way there.”

She wasn’t really expecting it but after a weird silence they all broke out in hysterics, even Sonny burst out laughing. 

“This has got to be the most entertaining dinners in a while.” Laughed Dewy “Your funny, but in like a weird awkward way!”

Ryu was looking around at all of them like they were crazy, not quite understanding.

Frederick echoed Dewey “Yeah I totally didn’t expect you to be this socially awkward. Its funny and refreshing! The way everyone around here portrays you made me think you’d be some arrogant bitch. I mean no offense, it’s just...girls around here as pretty as you, act like they rule the place.” He turned, a playfully evil grin on his face, and pointed at Sonny with his fork. “Look at Sonny...she’s the perfect example!”

Sonny scoffed and threw a bread roll at him. “Fredrick, you only think I’m a bitch cause you can never get a Quaffle by me.”

Frederick rolled his eyes and looked at her challengingly “Oh is that a fact?”

Sonny smirked “Of course it is!”

“Well then,” Frederick raised an eyebrow. “Care to take it out to the pitch for a little wager?”

Sonny stood up, she was never one to back down. “Lets go mate!” she said leaning across the table,  “You know your gonna get your arse whooped.”

Frederick stood up as well a gleam in his grey eyes “I’d rather you whoop my arse off the pitch…But in this case, let's play some Quidditch!” He declared loud enough to startle some near-by third years. 

All the boys stood up as one and Ryu was still seated.

“Aren’t you coming?” asked Watson 

She was about to answer, when once again Sonny decided to answer for her. “You guys are gonna have to drag her down. Wood's been asking her to go to the pitch since she demonstrated her bronco riding abilities at the New Years Party, but she refuses to go.” She said flippantly.

"Merlin Son! I can answer for my-bloody-self!" Ryu snapped annoyed

All the boys shared a look, and Otto turned to look at her waggling his eyebrows suggestively. “Good at riding bulls ehh?”

Ryu stood up rolling her eyes. “Once again, its not how it sounds!”

The boys laughed heartily and insisted that she had to come along.

 She made a point to glare and stick out her tongue at Sonny as she made her way outside and to the pitch for the first time since coming to Hogwarts. Sonny only smirked happily, a skip in her step.

As they made their way down to the pitch, Otto and Ryu fell back from the rest of the group. 

“These heels keep digging into the bloody ground, I can’t take it!” Ryu complained. “Hold up a second, I need to get theses off.” She said hopping up and down

Otto stopped walking and went over to her side to steady her as she hopped on one foot to remove the stiletto boots. 

He chuckled, “Why do girls even bother to wear such uncomfortable shoes if they're such a pain in the arse. They always end up coming off by the end of the night anyways!”

Ryu chuckled. “I thought you said you had thank Rebecca for making me wear them!” She chided.

Otto grinned. “Like I said, it’s not everyday that beautiful girls fall right into my arms.”

Ryu blushed at his cheesiness and pushed him away playfully, “You think you’re so smooth!”

He looped an arm around her shoulder, and drew her into his side smirking, “No, I think I’m charming!”

Ryu scoffed and pushed herself away from him again, but he just laughed and pulled her to face him, his hands at her waist; she didn't try to move away as he spoke. “Actually I happen to like you without the shoes. You’re just the right height as it is..." His tone turned slightly sultry but with a playful edge "The shoes do make you fun to look at from far off, but there is always the added bonus of possibly watching you fall on your face.” He grinned

Ryu pouted, “It was a fluke! I’m good in heels I swear! The stone floor is just so uneven!”

“Yeah yeah!” Otto rolled his eyes playfully and looked to the pitch where in the distance he could hear his friends fooling around. “We better get to the field before their imaginations as to where we are get the better of them…care for a bull ride?” he said bending down so she could hop on his back for a piggy back ride. 

Ryu laughed hopping onto his back. “I would call this more of an Oaf ride”

Otto just smirked “Either way, you can ride me any day love!”

Ryu couldn’t think of any come back so she just chuckled and held onto him as he walked them both the rest of the way to the pitch. When they finally arrived, it was to find Sonny and Frederick arguing. 

“You challenged me saying you could get the Quaffle past me! You never said anything about a foot race!?” Yelled an angry Sonny

Frederick just looked smug. “I can understand why you’d be afraid. I just figured it'd be preferable to have a competition aimed toward all around athletic prowess so we can settle this once and for all.”

“That’s bollocks!” objected Sonny. “You just know you can’t beat me without having to add in other competitions. But you know what, fine, it will be my pleasure to school you in whatever your cheating arse can come up with!”

“Ohhhhhh I’m scared!” said Frederick. 

“Are we all competing?” asked Dewy.

Sonny shrugged. “I could care less, it's not like any of you are going to beat me.”

Otto laughed “So you think you can take on the better part of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team all by your lonesome self?”

“No” said Sonny smirking. “I think me and Ryu can take on all you tossers!”

“What!?” objected a frantic Ryu, “Sonny I’ve never even ridden a broom before!”

Sonny shrugged. “Ryu you’re a freak of nature,” she told her as if being called a freak should've soothed her jitters. “You probably have more talent in your pinky finger than these fellows have combined.”

Ryu did not look happy. “Calling me a freak of nature isn’t exactly a good recruiting strategy! Besides I’m wearing freaking stilettos!”

She was waiting for a response from Sonny but Otto was the one who spoke “What’s the matter Ryu? Scared of a wee little competition?”

Ryu narrowed her eyes at the burly boy. “You really want to play that game?" She questioned him with a hnd on her hip. He didn't back down so she felt as if her hand was forced "Fine! Me, Sonny, and my stilettos, versus you boys. Losers skinny-dip in the lake!”

All the boys shared a look, eyebrows raised. Frederick was the one who answered for the group “Ryu my dear, with stakes like that you just made it impossible for yourself to win.”

Ryu chuckled “I will never underestimate the perviness of teenage boys... I just happen to know my own capabilities. Now, what are the competitions?” 
Fifteen minutes later they had decided that the competition would involve a foot race, a battle to see who could do the most push-ups, a race around the pitch on brooms, and finally a race to catch the snitch in the dark. First one to win three events would win the whole she-bang, and in the case of a tie there would be a shoot out. 

The boys were being extremely over confident, and it seemed to be getting to Ryu, so Sonny took her to the side to discuss strategy. 

“Listen, I know you haven’t been on a broom before, so if you don’t want to strip for them we have to win the foot race and the push-up contest. The foot-race should be no problem cause I’m pretty sure you could out run a gazelle, but do you think you could like, I don’t know… channel some freaky bear strength or something like it for the push-up battle? I just know I’m not going to be any use for that part, Otto and Frederick have huge arms.”

Ryu smirked. “Maybe my freakishness will actually come in handy for once. I would just love to see Otto with his shirt off.”

She heard a rich laugh from behind her and whipped around to find the boys gathered and ready for the first competition. 

Otto was standing there looking quite smug. “Oh really Ryu? You want to see me with my shirt off?" He was smirking so cockily she wanted to smack him "…All you had to do was ask…” He didn't hesistate, and as he pulled his shirt over his head, Ryu's jaw dropped open and she was practically drooling. His abs were definiately defined, his slightly tanned skinned stretched over rippling muscles. His shoulders were broad and sculpted and his pectorals were large than she thought even Amos's would be. It was hard for her to even think with him exposed.

Ryu couldn’t take her eyes off him, and she didn’t even care that she was openly gaping....Sonny did though.

“Hold up, Hold Up!" She objected angrily, "We never discussed the use of distraction techniques! You’ve turned my only hope of winning this into mush!" She gestured towards Ryu's currently incapacitated state, "Just by removing your shirt!” Sonny argued.

Watson stepped up to the plate to argue back. “You are absolutely correct. We didn't discuss or disband the use of distractions.Therefore, it is perfectly legal to play with out a shirt.”

Sonny glowered and tried to find a way to make Otto cloth himself but she came up with zilch. Angry, she walked back over to Ryu smacking her upside the head. “Why do you let shirtless boys render you completely useless?!" She whined, "Snap out of it! If you want to win we're going to have to one up them!” Before Ryu knew what her friend was doing, Sonny took off her shirt revealing her Quidditch toned torso and nude colored bra. 

The boys and Ryu all looked at her shocked, Ryu especially.

“What are you doing!” hissed Ryu stepping in front of her friend and attempting to provide cover. 

“Oh I see how it is! Now that I’m naked you can drag your attention away from Mr. Shirtless over there!” she jibed before explaining herself. “We have to one up them Ryu! Take your shirt off!”

Ryu only shook her head backing away from her friend. “Sonny you’re insane!” She yelled throwing her hands in the air in exasperation. "There is no way I'm taking off my shirt!"

“Ryu just take your shirt off, before I do it for you!”

“I’m not taking my shirt off Sonny!”

Before she was prepared for it, Ryu was tackled by Sonny, and soon they were rolling on the ground, Ryu trying to keep covered and Sonny doing everything to try and remove her clothing. 

“Wow,” said Frederick “This is turning out way better than I ever thought it could!”

"I thought you had to pay to see shit like this!" added Watson

Still on the ground, Ryu was more concerned with trying to keep her clothes on than fighting Sonny or hearing what the boys had to say. “Sonny, quit it! Rebecca will be pissed if you rip the shirt!”

At that moment there was a loud tearing noise and a triumphant “Yes!” From the girl on top of her. She was straddling Ryu and had managed to rip the blue v-neck shirt straight down the middle to reveal a red and black, lacy push-up bra Dina had lent her. 

Ryu was mortified, but it was more anger that was coming through. “Sonny I am going to kill you!” She said through clenched teeth, now exposed and in front of four new acquaintances. 

“Oh chill out! Its not like this is the first time you’ve had your shirt ripped off your body today! Save the rage for the push up contest!”

Ryu’s eyes bulged out of her head at the mention of having her shirt torn off earlier. All the boys wore similar expressions and Sonny finally realized what she had divulged. She came up with an explanation on the spot. 

“Calm your hormones lads, I don’t go around ripping her shirt off every chance I get. Her back was on fire, so her shirt had to go, simple as that! And Ryu, don’t be so dinner you said Otto had already seen you shirtless.”

“You know that’s not what I meant! He saw my back for Merlin's sake!” groaned Ryu

“Yeah well, that’s not what you said, is it? Let's just get on with the games now shall we?”

With the commotion over with, and after all the boys removed their shirts as well, the competitions began, even though Ryu was still salty about being shirtless.

It started with the footrace. They all lined up behind the Keepers goal posts on one side, and agreed that the first person to the hoops on the other side of the pitch won it for their team. When they all took off, Ryu pulled to the front quickly but Will was right on her tail. However, by the time they had reach mid-field, she had pulled away and was speeding up as everyone slowed down. Ryu won the race effortlessly, her closest competitor behind by fifteen seconds, and Sonny right behind them. 

Everyone, except Ryu, was out of breath at the end of the field, and they took a breather before they were to start the push-up competition. 

“How the hell are you so fast in stilettos?" Questioned a bewildered Will. "You could barely keep yourself upright earlier. Hell, You’re not even out of breath!” He wheezed.

Ryu just shrugged, “I’ve always been a good runner, and what’s bad for you is I’m extremely competitive.”

After everyone had recovered, they moved on to begin the push-up competition. For a long while it seemed like it was going to be an endless competition, but soon enough Sonny was the first one out, followed by Dewy, Will, Watson, and Otto. Frederick and Ryu were still going strong. 

“She’s like a freak of nature.” Said Dewy in an awed tone

Sonny nodded in agreement. “Totally agree…you guys are so going down.”

Frederick and Ryu looked as if they could go on forever, so the others decided to speed up the process and have them continue with one hand behind their back. Frederick started to tire quickly, but he also stuck it out as long as he could. Unfortunately for him, it was nowhere near as long as Ryu.

When Frederick went down Sonny tackled Ryu. “Hell yes! We only need one more and we get to see these boys in the buff!”

The boys just seemed shell-shocked that Ryu outperformed them in this seeming feat of strength. Now they had to worry about Sonny in the sky.

Before they started the Quidditch competitions, Sonny and Otto gave Ryu a brief explanation on how to control the broom. Ryu had never been so nervous in her life. It wasn’t that she as afraid of heights, it was just that the school broom didn’t really look all that safe.

By the time that they were all lined up at to do a twelve lap race around the pitch, Ryu was shaking in her high-heeled boots. But when she took off it was a whole other story.

Immediately a smile took over her features. She instantly fell in love. Feeling the wind in her hair, and looking at the ground speed by below her, was exhilarating and freeing. She got the hang of it rather quickly, but still she knew she wasn’t going to win the race. 

She watched as all her experienced friends stretched out on the brooms, pretty much lying flat, to be aerodynamic in order fly faster. She decided to try it for herself. 

Leaning forward on the broom and elongating her body had an abrupt effect on the speed at which she was traveling. Instantaneously, the wind was whipping her hair painfully into her face, and pushing the moisture from her eyes onto her cheeks, but none of it mattered, just the feeling of the adrenaline matter. She weaved in and out of the Keepers hoops and barrel rolled on her broom, she even felt comfortable enough to do a back flip. 

It took her awhile to realize that the race was over, and that everyone had been watching her fly while gathered by the team benches. Reluctantly, she angled her broom in a dive alongside the benches and picked up speed quickly. All her friends on the ground quickly dove out of the way as, at the last second, she pulled up and was ejected from her broom onto the turf laughing her head off.  

Rolling to a stop she quickly got up and ran over to Sonny and launched herself at her friend. 

“SONNY” she took her friend to the ground in her excitement. “That was, oh my gosh, it was sooo bloody brilliant! I’m stupid for not trying this sooner! I don’t ever want to get off a broom! It was A-MAZING!” she screamed ecstatically on top of Sonny.

Sonny was smiling brightly at her overly enthused friend. “I’ve never seen such good flying a school broom! You were amazing! Jason is going to freak out when I tell him! I can’t believe that was your first time, you flew brilliantly.”

“That was bloody impressive.” Piped up an astounded Otto. He seemed a bit shell shocked. “I wasn’t even able to do a back flip until my fifth year, and you go an do it your first time on a broom. You’re just a natural at everything, aren't you?” 

“Besides the fact that I’m not wearing a shirt....this has been the best night ever!” she said still on the ground and still on top of Sonny. Her childish behavior earned a round of chuckles. 

“I would have to argue with you...besides the fact that have to go skinny
 dipping now, this has been the best night because you aren’t wearing a shirt.” Otto said.

Ryu didn’t pay attention to him hitting on her. Instead she turned to Sonny. “We won?!” Sonny nodded and Ryu launched herself at her friend again, the boys laughed at them once more.  After celebrating, Ryu got up and marched over to stand smugly in front of Otto. “Well come on now! Don’t be shy! Take it off.” She demanded smirking

Everyone snickered at her insistence; Otto himself even smirked. Will, Watson, Frederick, and Dewy all ran for the lake removing clothing in the process, and Sonny ran after them whistling at their nakedness and collecting their clothes. To do what with she had no idea. 

“Aren’t you gonna go after your friends?” she asked looking Otto in his dark eyes and smiling evilly as he stood in front of her.

“Of course I am” He said with a gleam in his eye, not breaking eye contact as he reached for the button on his trousers. He let them fall to the ground along with his under shorts without looking from her. 

Before she had a chance to look at him in all his glory, he scooped her up over his shoulder while grabbing his clothing and her torn shir from nearby. After, he was heading straight for the lake in a flat out run. 

“Otto put me down!” she screeched at him, then she saw the view she had. “On second thought don’t put me down, your arse looks real good from my perspective!”

Otto laughed but put her down near the edge of the lake with all their clothes and hoped in to join his friends. 

Sonny, who was also standing on the shoreline and dry, came over to her. “Doesn’t it look like they are having too much fun without us?” she grinned evilly lifting an eyebrow at Ryu, and seemingly sharing thoughts.

Abruptly both girls were stripping off their own trousers to join the boys in the still frigid February water.

Sneaking back into the castle an hour later after drying off and re-clothing themselves, Otto escorted Sonny and Ryu back up to the Gryffindor tower. Ryu lingered to say good-bye to Otto while Sonny proceeded to go through the Portrait Hole. 

Ryu smiled at him “For the first time ever going out on a date with someone in my life, I think that might've gone down in the record books."

Otto’s mouth opened in shock “That was your first date?!” He asked clearly in disbelief. 

Ryu felt a blush creep onto her cheeks and just nodded.

Otto blinked a couple of time but then grinned, pulling her into him and looking down at her. “Well then, I am extremely flattered that you agreed to come...and even though this wasn’t my first date, I don’t think I’ve ever had such fun with a girl. You’re not quite like anyone else are you?”

Ryu ducked her head down as her cheeks turned absolutely crimson. He chuckled at her behavior and gently grabbed her chin with his hand to lift her eyes back to his. 

“Good night Ryu.” He smiled sweetly. Then he delicately pecked her on her lips before walking off into the darkness of the castle. 

Ryu watched him go almost feeling smitten at having that experience checked off her to-do list. Still, there was something in the back of her mind. She dismissed the feeling, not being up to the challenge of puzzling out what it was. Instead she turned and entered the Common Room to find all of her friends huddled around the fireplace awaiting her entrance.

 The boys started a commotion seeing the state she was in.

A murderous looking James came running up to her. “Are you alright? He's still out there is he? I swear to Merlin I’ll kick his arse!” Ryu looked at her friend confused but got her explanation after James pulled her into a comforting hug and began stroking her hair. “I didn’t think he’d be the kind of bloke to just rip your bloody shirt right off!" He explained to her remorsefully. "That fucking Wanker! Sonny why the hell did you just leave her out there!?” 

James looked so livid she couldn’t help but laugh. She had completely forgotten that she had tried to put the ripped shirt back on her body in some semblance of coverage. Apparently it made her look disheveled and beat up in combination with her damp hair.

She pushed away from him, trying to calm him down and assurre she was all right. “James, as much as I'm sure you'd like to believe that Otto ripped my shirt off, he didn't…Sonny did.”

The look on James’s face was priceless as he glanced back and forth between Sonny and herself at a loss for words. In fact, all of their friends seemed to be confused as to why Sonny would try to take off Ryu’s clothes.

Sonny rolled her eyes smirking. “Merlin guys, get your mind out of the gutter and stop looking at me like I assaulted her in that manner! It didn't do down like that! Long story short, Ryu was mesmerized by Otto’s bare torso, we were in the middle of a heated athletic competition and I needed her to be focused. Think about it, and let’s be honest with ourselves, Ryu can’t be focused around shirtless blokes! I knew there was no hope for Ryu, so I decided to do the next best thing and beat Shuler at his own game. I took off my own shirt and then ripped hers off when she refused to do so willing. If they were using distractions, its only natural we did as well.”

Everyone burst out in laughter and James turned to Ryu “See!" He told her "Being a serial eye rapist will only get you in trouble! Apparently, things like getting your clothes ripped off by friends is one such instance of trouble.”

Ryu shoved James and went to sit down in his place on the couch next to Sirius. 

“So what’s this competition shit about anyways?” asked Dina after the laughter had subsided a bit.

Ryu looked to Sonny to explain and she did. “Frederick Gould used me as an example of an arrogant bitch, and I told him that he only thinks that because he can never get the Quaffle past me. What ensued was a wager. Me and Ryu, versuses the five of them in an all around competition, the losers had to skinny dip in the lake.” 

“Please tell me you guys won!” moaned Jason “I’ll never hear the end of it if those Hufflepuffs beat you!”

“Pfft! Of Course we won! You should’ve seen Ryu, she was bloody amazing. Beat Will in a footrace, and Frederick doing Push-ups.”

“You beat Frederick Gould at Push-ups?!?” asked a disbelieving Rebecca.

Sonny nodded. “Yeah, and you should’ve seen her on a broom, she’s a natural, better than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Jason and James both whipped their heads around to look at Ryu. Jason was the first one to say anything. “If you flew for fucking Schuler you better come down to the pitch for me as well or I might be the next one ripping off your shirt!”

“Oh pipe down, you won’t be ripping off anyone’s shirt unless it’s that girl I caught you with in the broom closet the other day.” interjected Lily, “If she wants to play she will! I want to hear some juicy details…”

Ryu looked slightly uncomfortable. 

“Now…” Lily continued “How do you feel about him? Did he kiss you?”

Ryu thought about it for a moment, really thought about it. Especially about how the night ended with indistinguishable feelings,“You know, I was completely convinced that I was smitten with him, and that I would consider dating him...Hell! I was super excited when I saw him leaning into kiss me!... It's just that, now that I think about it, when he did actually kiss me, I felt a little like…I honestly don’t know how to describe it, but I know it meant nothing. I don't think it would work. It was like the kiss Leeham gave me on New Years,” She said guesturing at her red-headed friend, “It made my lips tingle but that was the extent of it. I’m starting to wonder if that’s all kissing entails, or if I’m just reading too much into it! I don’t know, its just that it didn’t feel right to me, almost as if I’ll know what will feel right when it happens.” She felt kind of moronic, like she was babbling and making no sense.

“Well I think I was unfairly judged,” Leeham objected pouting, “I mean, I don’t feel anything but lips when I kiss!”

He was promptly hit by a pillow thrown by Rebecca “That’s because it’s impossible for you to feel anything but lust, you nitwit! You’re the biggest horn dog in the entire school!”

Disregarding the commotion, Lily addressed Ryu. “I think I know what you’re saying. I mean, I think I’ll know who the right guys is when they kiss me too.”

James threw his hands up in the air in exasperation “Then why don’t you ever give in and let me kiss you properly!” asked a sour looking James.

Lily looked ready to hurl a scathing remark at James, but Sirius prevented that with his words. “I agree with what you’re saying Lily. I’ve tried to create that sensation. I’ve been trying since third year to find some type of relationship that would make me feel something-- I don't know--different." He tried to explain. "I blame it on my parents really. But it's like all the girls that I show interest in always make everything seemed so contrived, and it takes all the feeling out of it. It's why I always dumped girls so fast and why I just kind of gave up with the ones around here.”

Everyone was looking at him wide-eyed and shocked at his openess. 

“What?” he said defensively. “I lost my virginity in fourth year and I always regretted it. I was looking for love since there was a distinct lack of any type of caring in my home life. Like an idiot I thought sex was how I could come by it. I know everyone thought I was a playboy for a long time, but it's only because I was trying to create something I didn't really understand and hopefully share feelings with someone. Ya know, get something in return for my own vulnerable emotions? Now I feel like a scumbag since I used so many different girls. I stopped when I realized you guys cared for me like a family, and I did share a type of love. I know I can come across as shallow, but I’m not stupid enough to think that love can easily be found or experienced, and when I find it I plan on keeping it.”

“That was well said Sirius.” Remus stated in the quiet that ensued after his revelation. He gave his friend a pat on the back for good measure.

Everyone was silent, and given the mood Ryu felt like it was the perfect opportunity to come out with her own confession. “I’m sorry to ruin the moment, because that truly was insightful Sirius," She began carefully, "but I owe every single one of you guys an apology and I think now is the time to give it.” She told them, taking in a breath in preparation for her explanation. “You know guys know I have never had any family, and I need you to undertand that its hard getting used to the fact that there actually might be people who have my back. I know I’m not alone anymore, but you have to give me a chance to get used to the fact that my burdens and problems aren’t just my own anymore. I have you guys now, and whereas I would normally do everything by myself, I can’t anymore. You're the closest thing I have to a family, and you've accepted me into your circle so quickly, I owe you a lot and I'm not unappreciative. For me to go running off after Lucius like a jackass is unacceptable, but there are somethings that led me to my rash decision.” 

She paused, biting her lip, readying herself to tell them what she had discovered about.

“You guys all know that my origins are a mystery, and that I’m not even a Witch...I’m just some sort of Magical being. But what I discovered the other day, and what had me running out of Transfiguration, was the fact that I saw magic for the first time. I’m not talking about what just shoots out of your wand after you swish and flick either. I’m talking about the magic that exists in everything, the magic exists before you say a spell and use your wand. If I focus, everything around me becomes gold and hazy, and I can see it. I can see how it works. That’s why when I came bursting into the boys dorm I was glowing, I'm able to draw magic and hold it in myself. If I’m not paying attention, and my emotions get out of control, I draw in so much magic that I start to glow. Dumbledore says that with practice, I might even be able to manipulate the smallest, or even the most gargantuan feats of magic easily, and without thought just by moving it through myself. He says that I’ve never needed to use a wand, that it was just a useful tool to speed up the process, and that I was so easily able to produce spells on the first try because magic is literally apart of me, unlike it is in everything else. I ran after Lucius thinking I was invincible, but I have so much to learn, and I want you guys to be there so that if I ever do become invincible, you can keep me in check.” Ryu finished

“You can see magic?” asked Lily skeptically after letting her speak. 

Ryu smiled “I knew I couldn’t just get away with just an explanation.” She stood up and focused on the haze around her. She turned herself into a cat. 

James and Sirius both jumped up and away from the creature that had just hopped up onto the couch next to them. Their immediate and subconscious recognition of Minerva McGonagall's animagus had them hiding behind the nearest piece of furniture. 

From beneath a hilariously small footstool James shrieked. “Mother of Merlin and all that's holy! How are you McGonagall's Animagus? That’s literally impossible!”

Remus was the only one who was only mildly surprised, “Well, I definitely believe her now!”



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