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The Past Is Now The Present by mousey08
Chapter 7 : I donít see why I would see kissing you as a mistake.
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Harry and Ron were sitting in the Great Hall eating breakfast. Harry was trying to talk to Ron about his thoughts on the Half Blood Prince but Ron wasn’t listening; he was staring at a very angry Hermione who was coming towards them.

“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it” Ron said as she sat down next to Harry in a huff.

“Oh honestly Ronald, not everything is about you” she said

“McLaggen giving you troubles again?” Ginny asked as she came over and sat next to Ron.

“No, I haven’t seen him in a while; it’s luck”

“Then what got your panties in a twist” Ron said who was trying to look at the parchment in her hand.

“This” she said holding up the parchment. “Professor McGonagall ran into me today and gave this piece of parchment to me, she said I should read it to know what Grace went through, she said I could keep it because she made copies” Hermione sat the parchment in the middle of the table between the four of them, they peered down at the parchment to get a better look. “It’s the rules you must follow for when a timeturner breaks, it also says what happens if you break these rules. McGonagall said these were the once she first saw, there was one more rule added over the time she was there but McGonagall wouldn’t say what it was, she said we would learn when she gets back and forbid me to look up the rule.”

“Forbid you?” Harry said looking up at her.

“Yeah, very strange” Ginny finished reading the rules and looked at Hermione. “I can see why you’re angry now”

“Yes, Lupin lied to us, the things he told us the other day; I reckon he knew that she knew him in the future, she probably also told him that she knew about him being a werewolf. He knows all the personal stuff, he knew of the rules”

“But why would he lie to us like that?” Harry asked.

“Because he loves her, he didn’t want to say that he knew everything, it could be things that we don’t even know about her” Hermione explained.

“We need to see Lupin” Ron said “and ask him what the bloody hell is going on, this is Grace, this is our best friend and he goes around and lies to us like he thinks it’s okay”

“If we ask him to come, he’ll know that we know about him lying, we’re going to just have to wait till Christmas.


“Christmas soon” James said as he stared out the window of the common room; the first flakes of snow were falling on the grounds.

“Do you think we should stay here this Christmas?” Remus asked as he was sitting on a chair near the fire reading a book. “Grace and Sirius will both be here won’t they?” James turned to Grace who was looking at the floor, not wanting to draw any attention to her.

“Where do you usually go Grace, I mean in the future?” Sirius asked who was curled in a ball in front of the fire.

“Actually, I stay at Hogwarts. I’m an orphan.” Everyone looked at her shocked. They had no idea about Grace being an orphan. She never said anything the whole time she was here. They all looked at the timeturner and made a sigh of relief that it wasn’t glowing red. “My mum died when I was six and I never knew my dad. I was sent to an orphanage because no one else could take care of me, you see, my mum and I were in hiding; even under certain circumstances that happened, she didn’t want to chance it so we stayed in hiding. Then her condition got worse, she started having fits and break downs. She just slowly faded away.” Lily had tears in her eyes and the boys were just staring at her with sympathy.

“What was wrong?”

“She had cynical depression. Her parents had died at a young age and then her brother was killed by the Dark Lord and you don’t have to worry, it wasn’t in the papers, the ministry was trying to keep it quiet, just like they are now, come to think of it, it was around this time.” Grace was now staring at the fire, trying to relive all the memories she shared with her mum, the stories she used to tell her of her family and the days at Hogwarts. “She couldn’t look after me, not by herself and it didn’t help that we were hidden, the only reason mum managed to get to St. Mungos before she died was because she had collapsed and I had spent the whole day by her side crying. . . that’s when Dumbledore found us. . . he took me to the orphanage”

“Dumbledore?” James asked bewildered.

“Yes, of course I didn’t realise it was him at the time, I was only six”

“Then what happened?” Remus asked quietly but there was a sense of eagerness in his tone.

“He took me to the orphanage where he knew I would be safe; he knew the Death Eaters would come after me if they knew I was alive”

“Why would the Death Eaters go after you?” Lily asked as she put her arm around Grace’s shoulders.

“Something to do with my father; Mum would never say why, she always ignored my questions, but I was only young, most parents expect children to forget those kind of questions and let it go, but I didn’t; Mum’s illness had made me grow up at a faster rate than others; I was not like other six year olds.” They all nodded in agreement.

“Well Grace, you have us; and we’re not going anywhere” James said. Lily looked at him with surprise and Grace looked up at him; Pity on her face. She wished he knew; she wished they all knew about the future, but that was never going to happen . . . ever. Not until it was too late.


Later that day, the grounds of Hogwarts were covered with snow with students were having snowball fights, making snowmen, snow angels. Behind a wall of snow sat three students who were trying to throw snowballs over the top of the wall; hitting students as they walked by.

“Hazar!” Sirius cheered as he hit Snape in the face. He sneered at the three and kept walking. Suddenly as snowball came flying at Sirius’ face. He turned around to see Remus leaning against a tree; tossing a snowball in his hand.

“Hey Moony, come join” James said and beckoned him over.

“Who are we aiming at?” Remus asked as he sat down behind the wall.

“We’re waiting for the right person to come along” Sirius said and gave a bark laugh.

“We’re waiting for Grace” Peter blurted. Sirius punched him in the shoulder.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Remus said furrowing his eyebrows at the three boys whose heads were barely peering over the top of the snow wall.

“Fire!” James shouted and threw the snowball. It hit Grace square in the face. Lily started to giggle. Grace looked wild as she was looking around for whoever threw the snowball. Her eyes landed on the snow built wall in front of her. Four heads were peering above it. She started charging for the wall and jumped on it, bodies went flying everywhere. Grace was laughing like a maniac as the boys groaned in pain. Sirius, James and Peter tried to stand up, Grace was lying on the ground and felt something soft land on top of her, she looked up to see Remus smiling down at her.

He leant down and kissed her. She kissed back. It was short, but sweet; nothing she had felt before. She finally realised what she was doing and broke the kiss. Remus smiled down at her; it soon changed to a frown when he saw that she had tears in her eyes. Grace got up and ran towards the castle, Lily following close behind her. Remus just stared at the castle where Grace had just disappeared into.

“Ah Moony?” James said as he was trying to decipher what had just happened. “Did I just imagine that?”

“Well I saw it too” Sirius said. “Didn’t know you liked her like that”

“Neither did I” he said as he looked up at the three boys. “It’s just that as she looked up at me and I had the urge to . . . kiss her.” 

“Mate, she just poured her heart out mere hours ago” Sirius said. “Poor timing?”

“I’m going to go talk to her” Remus said and got up, he ran towards the castle and through the front doors. He looked around trying to see if he could spot her. Not seeing Grace bit Lily, he walked straight towards the red head.

“Where is she?” Remus asked sounding out of breath even though he didn’t feel it. Lily slapped him.

“Remus John Lupin; what is wrong with you, kissing Grace like that, you should be ashamed with yourself” she said “She was already upset”

“I don’t know what I was thinking, she just looked so beautiful in the snow, bundled in all those clothes, her hair in sweet plaits on both sides of her head; Her cheeks rosy red from the cold.” Lily just stared at him and smirked.

“When did you realised you liked her?”

“Excuse you?”

“Oh come off it Remus, it’s obvious that you like her and more obvious now because you kissed her, I see you staring at her in the library when you think no one else is looking, I see you watching her as she watches the fire, flames dancing in her eyes”

“Maybe you should stop staring at me” Remus defended. Lily just glared at him.

“Oh don’t be silly, James had noticed it too. Sirius and Peter are too stupid and don’t even care to notice”

“Oh so it’s James now is it?” Remus smirked down at the small girl. Her cheeks flushed a bright red and she tried to cover them with her hands but that made Remus laugh.

“I’ll see you later Lily, I’m off to find the Grace”

“Try the library” she yelled after him, her hands still holding her cheeks. “Oh what are you staring at?!” she snapped at a group of first years who looked at her after being startled by her yelling at Remus. They jumped in fright and scurried off outside. “Bloody kids” Lily mumbled and headed towards the dorms, hoping Grace had not gone there instead, Lily just wanted to have a shower and get dry so she didn’t catch a cold.

Grace was sitting in the back of the library, knees bent, back against the wall, staring straight ahead of her. She was trying to ignore the couple on the other side of the selves next to her, apparently in the past; the sound of snogging wasn’t silent. She grabbed a quill she found on the floor next to her and started to scratch on the bookshelf.

‘Grace Harris was here 12.12.1977, missing HP, HG, RW & GW everyday’

“What are you doing?” Grace looked up to see Remus observing her handy work. “What do the initials stand for?”

“I probably can’t say”

“Try, you can always erase the memory” Grace sighed.

“Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley” She looked down at her timeturner, it wasn’t glowing red. Remus just looked at her.

“James’ son?”

“I probably can’t say”

“Oh” Remus said, he assumed that it was his son and didn’t press the subject any further. It was only just then that he noticed the loud couple on the other side of the shelves. Remus’ cheek went bright red. “I’m sorry about before, I don’t know what came over me”

“It’s okay; it wasn’t what I was upset about”

“What was it then?”

“The fact that what just happened could have been a mistake and you regret it” Grace sighed, she really didn’t want to tell him but something inside her told her she should. “On the platform when I was going off to start my sixth year, you stopped me and told me to be careful on the train and not get into any fights, turns out when I tried not to get into a fight like you had warned me, I ended up here anyway.”

“I did that?”

“Yeah” Remus sat down beside her, he yelped in pain and stood up, he looked down to see the quill Grace had just used. Grace started to laugh at him. As the pain subsided, Remus started to laugh too.

“Would you be quiet?” said a voice that came from the other side of the bookshelf. This made Grace and Remus laugh even harder. When the laughing stopped, Remus stared at her.

“I don’t see why I would see kissing you as a mistake”

“Because in the future, you’re at least 19 years older than me, it’d be too complicated.”

“Oh, I see. Well! That’s in the future, it’s not now is it?” Grace smiled at him. For someone who she thought was always the quiet one, he seemed very outgoing when he was around her. “What are you thinking?”

“Why are you so outgoing when you’re around me and not as much around the others?”

“I’m the same but maybe a bit quieter; I can’t really match Sirius and James’ personality”

“But you don’t have to, you are who you are and no one can change that and you shouldn’t change it just to be like them.” Remus smiled at her, she always looked at things the right way and logical way, just like Lily and of course, just like Elizabeth Harris. They sat there for a while in silence. The couple on the other side of the shelf must have got annoyed with the two and left.

“I just noticed this but we’re dry now” Remus said and he looked down at his and Grace’s clothes.

“It is quite warm in here though” Grace said who had now taken off her coat.

“Do you think they’ll ever see my message?” Grace asked staring at the writing.

“Maybe, do they go to the library often?”

“Hermione is always there, she’s just like Lily, always in the library, reading. She’s muggleborn too, but that never matters to me.”

“So it shouldn’t” Remus said and got up from the ground. “We probably should head to dinner, people would be wondering where we are” They both got up and headed out of the library.



“Guys, Guys, you have to come see this” Hermione said to Ginny, Harry and Ron who were all in the library going over Quidditch magazines. They followed Hermione to the back of the library.

“Why are we here?” Ron asked. “You know we don’t like reading books like. . . Qudditch through the ages” he said as he took the first book he saw off the shelves. He blushed and Harry elbowed him and laughed.

“Honestly Ronald, this is not about the books” Hermione said.

“Are you feeling okay ‘Mione?” Harry asked and tried to feel her forehead for her temperate but she swatted away his hand.

“I’m perfectly fine, and so is Grace”

“What are you talking about?” Ginny asked and sat down on the floor and then she saw it, in plain writing.

‘Grace Harris was here 12.12.1977, missing HP, HG, RW & GW everyday’ Tears formed in Ginny’s eyes as she read the words over and over. Then she read what was next to it and laughed.

‘Sirius Black was here with Grace Harris and Remus Lupin 07.03.1978. Happy Birthday Grace. Stop snogging Moony.’

‘James Potter was here with Lily Evans; I got the girl!’

Harry bent down and read all the passages; he too was laughing and had tears in his eyes. All four of them sat on the floor and talked about the good times they shared with Grace, hoping she would come back to them soon.

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The Past Is Now The Present: I donít see why I would see kissing you as a mistake.


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