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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 3 : The Options
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If Sirius Black said that when he awoke in the hospital wing, he had expected to see his best friend, James Potter, held at wand point by Melora Jones, he would be lying.

Mainly because he, a) had no idea why he was in the hospital wing to begin with and b) he couldn’t remember Miss Jones’ name again.

Nevertheless, that was what he saw, along with the sight of his two other friends Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew choking on their laughter and Madame Moffat hurrying over to break it up.

“This is a hospital wing!” She screeched “Not a dueling ring!”

Jones backed off a look of disgust on her face and James rolled his eyes and muttered something about her starting it.

Sirius watched with slight amusement before he remembered what Jones had told him. Then the only thought on his mind was escaping without the healer, his friends, and most importantly, Jones, seeing him.      

“Mr. Black!” The shrill voice of the school’s healer pierced Sirius’s ear before he could even get his shoes on. “Just where do you think you’re going?”

“Uh…” Sirius smiled sheepishly “Nowhere?”

“We’ve got homework do Madame Moffat.” Peter piped up as he, James, and Remus came towards their now conscious friend, Jones a meter or two behind them.

“I’m sure it can wait.” Moffat replied coldly before turning to Sirius “You’re lucky Miss Jones found you Black.” She said, throwing a smile in the girl’s direction.

“We brought him here.” James mumbled under his breath but the healer ignored him

“Madame Moffat, do you think I could talk to you in private?” Jones looked rather embarrassed, and Sirius had a sinking feeling he knew what she was going to ask.

Madame Moffat, on the other hand, had no idea, “Of course dear.” She said pleasantly “But you three,” She shot the three standing Marauders a dark look “Out of my infirmary!”

James gave Sirius a we’ll-be-back look to which he nodded, and the three made their way out slowly. As the gray-eyed boy watched them go, Sirius couldn’t help but have a growing feeling of nervousness in his stomach. Without his friends here, there was no way he could get out of talking about…about…oh Merlin, he couldn’t even think about it.

Sirius sunk down in the small cot and threw a hand over his eyes, what was he going to do? 

Melora was fairly sure she had never felt so uncomfortable in her life.

Apparently, Madame Moffat hadn’t thought teenagers at Hogwarts even knew about sex, much less were having it.

The young woman watched with a sick stomach and a growing blush as the healer worked her way through potions muttering about her day, when a girl waited until she was married.

This was an awful idea, Melora thought to herself, if Moffat knew then she would surely tell the headmaster and she’d kicked out of school! Oh that ruddy Sirius Black!

The blonde peered out the door to Madame Moffat’s office into the main room of the infirmary. Sirius was looking at his hands as though they were the most interesting things in the world, his friends gone.

Prick, it was him and his bloody stuff that got her into this mess.

“Here we go!” Madame Moffat announced her voice an octave higher than usual, “You go in the bathroom and we’ll see if you even have anything to worry about!”

Melora was fairly sure she did, but took the potion bottle from the healer’s hands and headed into the loo. By now, after 7 pregnancy potions just like the one in her hand, and 5 muggle pregnancy tests courtesy of Eleanor, Melora was getting good at these and peed into the bottle quickly, before capping it and putting it on a shelf while she washed up.

It figures this would happen to her, Melora decided as she dried her hands with her wand. It would be her luck to get pregnant her last year of Hogwarts after doing nothing to deserve this. She had been a good girl, hadn’t she? It wasn’t as if she was a slut. Until now anyway, she mused, grabbing the potion and easing her way out of the bathroom. In fact, Black was her first and only.

Oh Merlin, Melora froze, she had lost her virginity to Sirius Black. And she had been smashed. And she had gotten pregnant. What had she done to deserve this?  

“All done dear?” Madame Moffat’s voice broke the blonde’s train of thought.

“Oh, um, yes.” Melora handed the bottle to the older witch. Moffat set it on the table behind her and flicked her wand at it. The two stared at the bottle as though their lives depended on it and stood in complete silence. Within seconds, although Melora would later claim it was hours, the potion in the bottle swirled and turned a deep pink.

Melora let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’s been holding, and her shoulders sagged in sadness. Pink meant pregnant.

Madame Moffat blinked a few times as though she wasn’t quite sure what she was seeing, but shook it off quickly and gestured the young girl to sit down behind her desk as she busied herself putting a few feet of parchment together.

“Right.” Moffat sat across from Melora and put on a pair of beaded spectacles, almost instantly they fell to the tip of her nose and nearly fell off, had the healer’s nose not turned up at the end.

Melora turned her head to the side slightly; it was odd how much Moffat’s nose turned up. It was at least a centimeter, maybe two.

“Did you hear me dear?” Moffat looked over her glasses and Melora felt her face burn red again.

“No, sorry, what was that?” Moffat sighed, now irritated with the girl. “I asked if you know who the father is.”    

“Oh.” Melora paused, truth time. Did she bring Sirius down with her, or pretend to be an even bigger slag and act as if she didn’t know? “Yes.” No question whose reputation she cared more about, besides, Black could bounce back, her on the other hand…her bounce-ability was questionable. Was bounce-ability even a word? Probably not.

“Miss Jones! Please pay attention!” Melora snapped her head up to listen to Madame Moffat. “Sorry.” She repeated.

Madame Moffat just waved her hand and pushed her specs back up to the bridge of her nose. “And who is it?”

Melora bit her bottom lip, and nodded slightly towards the office door, “Um, Sirius Black ma’am. That’s why, I think he, um, he fainted…” she trailed off and looked down at her hands.

The healer sighed again and scribbled down a few notes, “Ah, well that does add up.” She cleared her throat and shuffled the parchment around, “Now there are several options for you, and I’ll allow you some time to discuss them with Mr. Black.”

Melora considered informing Moffat that should she have this baby there was no way in hell Sirius Black was coming near it, but instead kept quiet and allowed her to continue.

“First you can keep the baby and raise it yourself, second you can have the baby but give it up for adoption, or third you can…well, have it taken care of.” Madame Moffat finished awkwardly, although Melora got the gist of what she was saying. “All three have their upsides and downsides, so you best think hard about what you’re going to do.”

Melora nodded and Madame Moffat rolled up the parchment for her, “Unfortunately, I do have to inform the headmaster and your parents.” The blonde winced, “But I’ll also set up an appointment for you at St. Mungo’s, so that you can be properly checked out.”

The medi-witch handed over the parchment and looked at the girl over her glasses, “I suggest you go discuss your options with Mr. Black sooner rather than later.” Melora nodded once more and thanked Moffat before hurrying out the door, her cheeks burning red. Clutching her heart briefly, Melora thanked the gods that conversation was done with.

That is, until a voice reminded her there were plenty more to come, “So…what’s the verdict?” Melora turned to face Sirius who was now putting back on his school robes with a nervous smile.

Melora let out a small breath, oh Merlin, what in the world was she going to do?

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