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Only Lily by DandelionWishes
Chapter 4 : Lily's Dreaming
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 Harry walked into his house with his daughter draped over his shoulder in a light sleep. Her breathing was light and even, her brown eyelashes seemed to flutter open and closed, fighting the sleep that wanted to take over her body.


Harry and Lily had stayed with the Weasley’s through dinner, and Lily tired herself out playing with Lucas. For the most part, she had forgotten about the nightmare, though she was a bit jumpy for the rest of the day. Harry’s friends assured him it was nothing to worry about. He wasn’t convinced, but he didn’t want to worry Lily, or anyone else for that matter.


He carefully carried the girl up the stairs, and into the second door on the left. Lily’s walls had been painted light blue, with dark blue and pink polka dots. Harry sat the almost asleep child on her bed. She absently rubbed her eyes, as Harry brought over her pajamas. He helped her change, though it was like changing a rag doll, as she was so tired. She yawned as she lay her bushy-haired head down on her pillow. Harry brushed her bangs from her face, and lightly kissed her forehead.

  As he began to walk out of the room, Lily’s eyes fluttered open. “Daddy?” she mumbled. Harry turned around in the doorframe. “Daddy.” She mumbled again.

  Harry sighed, knowing she was awake now. “What is it Lily?” he asked walking back to her bed, and sitting on the side of her bed. Her eyes were still mostly closed, and she had the covers tucked up by her neck.

 “Daddy… can you tell me what my mom was like?” She asked in a soft quiet voice.

  “Was like?” Harry asked more to himself than Lily, but sighed, and placed a comforting hand on Lily’s shoulder. “You’re mum is amazing Lils. You look a lot like her. She had your crazy hair as a kid. It used to make me smile. Speaking of smiles, you have her smile to. The only thing different is her beautiful brown eyes.”

 “She was pretty?” Lily asked.


  “Some would even dare to say she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Until you came along of course.” Harry said with a slight chuckle. “She was amazing. She was brave, she loved to read, she was the smartest which at school.” Harry went on. “She loved you more than anything else in the world. You and her were my life. Every little thing she did amazed me.”


  “Daddy… where is she?” Lily asked, becoming sleepier.


 Harry smiled weakly, and pushed Lily’s bands from her eyes. “I’ll let you know one day Lily. Promise.”


 This seemed to be enough for the 4 year old, as her breathing evened once again, and she fell into a deep sleep. Harry sighed, and ran his hands through his hair. It wouldn’t be long until he’d have to tell Lily. It wouldn’t be long until he had to tell Hermione. He wondered how Lily would react. She had been asking about her mum, but she wouldn’t understand the story, or why Hermione was never with her. And Lily wasn’t too open to new people. She was only 4, and quite shy until she knew you well enough to open up.


  He looked back at his daughter one last time, blowing her a kiss, and walking to his bedroom. He looked at his bed, almost in disgust. It was so empty without her by his side. He took off his glasses and rubbed his face, putting them back on, feeling another night without sleep may be in his future.



  Lily saw herself walking down the street lost. It was dark and cold, and she called out in a tiny voice, “Daddy?”. Walking alone down the empty streets of Diagon Alley, Lily searched frantically for anyone who could help her. “’Scuse me?” she called a little louder. She shivered, and began running down the street. “Scuse me!” she called even louder. She turned the corner frantically, afraid of being alone, when she bumped into a tall woman.


 With tears in her eyes she said, “I can’t find my daddy.” Sniffling, looking up at the stranger she waited for a reply, but got none. “Please… help me?” she asked. She couldn’t make out the lady’s face, which made her a little more afraid, but being four, Lily trusted anyone at a time like this to help her.


 The woman stuck out her hand and Lily took it, and they walked back to Lily’s house. She didn’t know how to get there, so she was glad that this lady knew. She didn’t have a key, but the door was open. Lily attempted to tell her that she could find her dad now that she was home, but the lady walked inside. Harry came into the living room, and when Lily ran over to him, her father just past her and went over to the woman, embracing her. He was crying. Lily didn’t like this. Who was it?


  “Daddy?” she called over. “Daddy what about me?” she asked.


  A cold voice from behind her said, “We’re here for you Lily.” The little girl slowly turned around, and saw the people with no faces, and screamed, sitting straight up in her bed.



 Harry awoke with a jolt when he heard the scream, realizing he had fallen asleep in his reading chair with a large book in his lap. He rubbed his eyes, and adjusted his glasses. He sleepily walked toward Lily’s room, making his way inside. His little girl sat up in bed breathing heavily, staring at the wall. “Lily?” he asked.


 Lily’s eyes fluttered, still half asleep. “Daddy?” she muttered in a tiny voice. Harry sighed and walked over to her bed, sitting on the edge as Lily laid her head back down onto his lap. He ran his hands through her tangled hair.


 “It’s ok Lils.” He whispered, “I’m here.” He said quietly, trying to lull her back to sleep from whatever nightmare she just had.


  “Daddy, don’t let them take me.” She said sleepily. “Don’t leave me daddy.” She said, her eye lids slowly closing. “I don’t need a mum that bad.”


Harry, confused by this, decided to deal with it in the morning. He scooped up the tiny girl, carrying her into his bed room, and tucking her in the part of the bed Hermione would normally sleep in. “Sleep well Lily.” He said. “I love you and nothing can change that.”


Author's Note: Sorry that this chapter is so short, and kind of lame in comparison to previous chapters, but after a long haitus, I'm trying to ease my way back in. This will connect to the next chapter which should be spectacular. (:  Thanks for reading.


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