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Chloe Bonaccord by NeverGotHerLetter
Chapter 5 : October 1977: The Banks of the Black Lake.
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My favourite holiday was finally creeping up on Hogwarts. I know Halloween isn’t celebrated THAT much in the UK generally, but in my experience, Halloween didn’t mean just walking around people’s houses asking for sweets in weird costumes. To me, it meant sparkling decorations, laughing with your friends, and best of all, the biggest feast you could ever imagine. Also, in the later years of my Hogwarts education, it meant a party in the common room with Firewhisky and Butterbeer sneaked in from Hogsmeade.

Fortunately, this particular Halloween fell on a Saturday, so Lily, Heidi and I had the whole day to discuss tonight’s Gryffindor-Annual-After-The- Halloween-Feast- Party. I was sitting with Lily on the banks of the Black Lake. It was just after breakfast, and Heidi had already abandoned us to see her precious Xenophilius.

“I just can’t believe she’s ditched us again. This day was supposed to be just us, talking about tonight. She always has to be with HIM!” Lily kicked at the water as she said the last word.

“Lily, don’t worry. I’ll talk to her. We can’t make her come to us whenever we want, ‘cause obviously she has to spend SOME time with Xeno. But we’ve always done this. It’s tradition. And don’t kick the water again; I don’t want the Giant Squid coming to attack us,”

Lily giggled. We both started laughing together but she abruptly stopped and her face twisted angrily. I didn’t even have to turn around to guess who was there.

“Hey James,” 

“Hi Chloe, hello Lily,”

I could tell James loved saying Lily’s name. He said it with so much warmth.


 Lily on the other hand, hated both James’ name and James generally, so much so that she called him only by his surname. Which she also hated.

“Come sit down James. What’s up?”

I turned around to face James. Grudgingly, Lily turned around too.

“Um, I just came to ask you if I could borrow your Quidditch Through the Ages book? Sirius burned mine because he was bored.”

I laughed, and even Lily cracked a smile.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll give it to you in the Common Room after lunch.” I smiled.

“Cool, so I’ll see you then.” He turned to leave. “By the way Lily, you look really pretty,”

With that, he jogged off to meet Remus, who was sitting on a bench, reading nearby.

I turned around to face Lily.

“Lily are- are you blushing?”

“What? No! No!” She half shouted, blushing even more.

“I think you are! Do you like James now?” Maybe this was going to be easier than I thought...

“No! Of course I don’t!”

Time to take a risk.

“You know, now I think about it, you’d actually go really well with James. He’s not as arrogant anymore and he’s obviously in love with-“

“WHAT?!” Lily screeched.

“It’s true, you-“

“WHAT?! Are you SERIOUS?! What the FUCK?! You know what; you don’t know what you’re talking about! James Potter? NOT arrogant? Yeah right. I’m going for a walk. Don’t follow me. I’ll see you later.”

She stormed off, glaring at James and Remus as she stamped through the castle’s main gates. James ran over to me.

“What happened?”

“Oh right. Well, I think she liked you not being all cocky. That was a good move with the pretty thing,”

James glowed and muttered, “Well, it’s true,”

I smiled, rolled my eyes and continued as Remus came over to us.

“But I said that you’d go well together and she completely over reacted. I think she’s scared that she likes you a bit more. Even as a friend. But tonight at the After-Feast-Party, I think you should go the next level. Be really nice and get her to talk to you and explain that you’re sorry for acting like a prick for all these years. Then ask to be friends. Then, you’ll be friends, she’ll want more and, BAM! You’re going out.”

James grinned,

“Good plan. And with the Sirius thing, I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

It was Remus that answered,


I was shocked. None of the marauders had ever shown any interest in Sirius’ Slytherin brother.

“What does he have to do with it? I’ve never even talked to him! Sirius hates him-“

“Exactly” Remus and James said at the same time.

James carried on,

“If you start going out with Regulus-“

“Wait. No- No way am I getting involved with that guy.”

At that moment I thought the Marauders were going prematurely senile.

“Look, I know it’s horrible to think about. But it’ll definitely work. Do you want to be with Sirius?” Remus asked.

“Of course I do. Fine. I’ll do it.”

Remus smiled.

“Well, Regulus is on the Quidditch pitch right now.  Go flirt. We know you’re good at it,”

“Shut up James.”

I left James and Remus sniggering by themselves and jogged to the Quidditch pitch where I immediately saw the Slytherin seeker Regulus Black swooping around the goalposts on his Nimbus 1500. He’d got it that morning, sent from home.

I sat in the stands and waited for Sirius’ sixth year brother to notice me. I have to say, I admired his flying. He twisted and turned with ease as he circled the pitch. When he came near me I started cheering. I felt instantly stupid but I was getting impatient.  Was this guy blind or something? But my outburst proved to gain his attention as he suddenly stopped in midair and flew to the stands.

“Who are you?” he asked. He didn’t say it rudely. He seemed quite shy.

“My name’s Chloe. I- I really liked your flying there,”

I was going for shyness this time. Complete lie, I’m not shy at all, but whatever.

“Um, thanks. I’m Regulus Black. Pure Blood Slytherin, Sixth Year. You?”

Uh. He mentions his blood status when introducing himself. What a catch.

“Chloe Bonaccord. Pure Blood Gryffindor-“



“Yeah. The Sorting Hat was going to put me in Slytherin but then it changed its mind. It really annoyed me. I didn’t want to be with any blood traitors and mudbloods but you can’t change houses once the Hat shouts out one.”

I knew the Black family (except for Sirius) were all for blood cleansing and stuff. However much I disagreed with it, I had to say it; if he knew I wasn’t for it, he wouldn’t take a second look at me and I’d never make Sirius jealous.

“That sucks.”


There was an awkward silence.

“Um, could you teach me how to fly like that sometime? I don’t really know how...”

This, of course was another complete and utter lie. I was on the Quidditch team for God’s sake!

“Sure,” He smiled.

“I’ll see you around then,” I smiled back.

“Yeah. Bye,”


 I got up to leave and skipped down the stairs. I looked around to see Regulus doing loops on his new broom. Obviously showing off.

I rolled my eyes as I left the stadium. Then, I saw Sirius stalking towards me.

“What were you doing talking to my brother? He’s trouble. Don’t talk to him.”

“Well, he seems perfectly nice to me. And you can’t stop me from talking to anyone. I can talk to anyone I like.”

He looked surprised and then his grey eyes flashed menacingly. My stomach jolted as he said,

“Fine. But when something goes wrong, don’t blame me.”

He left me on my own in the grounds as he trudged back in to the castle. Doubt washed over me about the plan I had just got myself in to.

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