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Tarot Cards by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 3 : -snogging corridors.
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Tarot Cards
By: Gryffindogirl153

Friday November 27, 1978
Hospital Wing 4:25 PM

The first voice I heard once I woke up that afternoon was James Potter, screaming at the top of his lungs. His loud voice mingled in with Lily's, causing me to wince from the pain. I wanted to throw something- to force them to stop shouting. I was pretty sure they were standing a mere foot away from each other. There's absolutely no reason to yell so loudly when you're standing a foot away from the person. But then again, this was James and Lily. James, whose temper always gets the best of him, and Lily- who can't seem to stand James at all.

Once I decided to wake up, my head began protesting loudly, and eventually, all I could here was this annoying ringing sound. Each time I tried opening my eyes, my brain began screaming loudly, bouncing against the inside of my skull until I couldn't take it anymore. I decided against getting up, and decided to lay still for a few moments. I could here the Matrons voice piercing through James' rebuttal, causing him to realize how loud he was speaking. Before I knew it, I drifted back to sleep.

Friday November 27, 1978
Hospital Wing 8:56 PM

The next time I woke up, I heard hushed whispers from beside my bed. My head seemed to hurt less, but I still heard the incessant ringing in my ears, and I prayed to Merlin that it would stop. Sick of sleeping, I peeled my eyes open, and immediately regretted in once my eyes were raped by the light. I groaned, and rolled to my back, squinting against the light. "Beatrice?" I heard Lily's voice immediately, as she rushed over to the side of my bed, peering over me. "You're finally awake." her voice almost sounded relieved. I looked up at the ceiling, only to find that I was still in the Hospital Wing. "Are you feeling any better?"

I frowned at her, and attempted to sit up. My brain took a momentary lapse, and jumped out of my skull- causing me to groan, and lean back against the pillows of the Hospital Bed. "What happened?" I asked her, trying hard to remember what caused me to end up in the Hospital Wing. "Why am I in here?" I asked.

Lily took a small bottle of yellow potion from the side table and handed it to me. "Madame Pomfrey said that you should drink this once you wake up. Your headache should go away."

Immediately, I grabbed the potion from Lily's hands, thinking 'this is exactly what I need'. "This is disgusting." I complained through gritted teeth, forcing the potion down my throat. "Are you going to tell me what happened to me?" I asked, placing the empty vial back on the side table.

In response, Lily sighed. "After you're little spat with Black and Potter, Potter got so angry; he blasted you against the wall." She explained. "The professors were furious. He received detention for the next three months- four nights a week." It seemed as though thinking about James made Lily angry.

"Although I think Black's pretty pissed about it," My eyes settled on the brunette sitting on the cot behind Lily. I recognized her as Josephina Byrne. "James is ahead of him in that little game of detention they have going there." She rolled her eyes at the thought. "I'm Josephina." she introduced herself, settling beside Lily.

I offered her a small smile, and replied, "I'm Beatrice White."

"Beatrice, I'm really sorry for Potter." she said, scowling at the name. "He was completely out of line. Everything you said about him was true- and he's such an - ugh." I silently laughed at the fact that Lily couldn't even finish her sentence in describing the make of James Potter. "He's an idiot, alright- I apologize for him."

"Lily, you're in no position to apologize for James." I told her. "But thank you, anyway."

We sat in an awkward silence for a few moments, before Lily abruptly stood up and began rummaging through her bag. "Here's a copy of the notes for the past three days." she said, handing me a thin stack of paper.

"I've been out for three days?" I asked incredulously. "Thanks, Lily." I smiled, taking the papers into my lap. Her notes were neat and organized, and there were at least two pages worth of notes for every class. "My, you take impressive notes." I commented quietly, as I continued looking through them.

She laughed silently, and Josephina stood up from the foot of my bed. "Well we best be going." she began, looking at Lily. "I hope you feel better Beatrice." Josephina told me, offering me a genuinely sympathetic smile. "If we see Potter or Black around, we'll curse them for you."

I nodded, and with two smiles, they left the Hospital Wing together.

Saturday November 28, 1978
Hogwarts Corridor, 7:47 PM

After several failed attempts of forcing Madame Pomfrey to let me out of the Hospital Wing, she finally allowed me out by the time it was seven thirty. Once it came time for the sun to hide behind the horizon again, Hogwarts turned into a rather scary place. The only light illuminating the corridors were the torches hoisted up on the walls, giving it a dim, yellow glow. It was only tonight when I realized how much I disliked walking around the castle alone at night. Not wanting to go down my usual route to the common room, I took a series of shortcuts, hoping that it would bring me back to the common room quicker. Dinner was in session, and all of the students were already in the Great Hall, eating to their hearts content. Because of this small little fact, I was surprised to hear voices echo through the corridor the moment I turned a corner.

I heard a pair of voices, one was a girl, and one- seemed very familiar. As I slowly walked down the almost empty corridor, I noticed who the two figures at the end were. Sirius Black and a Hufflepuff I recognized as Gillian Green. She was pressed up against the wall, with Sirius hovering right above her. I could tell they were snogging, and by the looks of their disheveled hair and clothes, they were probably doing a lot more than that. She was giggling, and he would sporadically plant kisses on her lips while they both whispered to each other. As I saw their displays of affection, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to Sinistra.

I thought many things of Sirius Black. But never did I expect him to even think of cheating on a girl. Perhaps I would be able to turn my head the other way if this was all a mere accident, but the entire situation seemed to be planned out, and practiced. As if he had done it more than once. I thought many things of Sinistra Coed as well- but I would never say that she deserved to have a boyfriend that cheats on her so openly.

Awkwardly, I walked around them, wishing that I can be as invisible as possible. It wasn't a difficult feat- no, not for someone like me. However, to my dismay, Sirius Black managed to catch me before I traveled further away from them. "What are you doing here?" he spat, glaring at me.

I turned around, and shifted awkwardly. Why is it that my entire life, no one ever noticed me- but now, all of a sudden, Sirius Black does? And in the worst possible time too. "I-I j-just got out of the H-hospital Wing." I stuttered, looking down at my feet. "On my way to the Common Room."

Sirius glared at me, obviously holding a grudge due to what happened three nights ago. "Sirius, she could tell Sinistra what she saw." I heard Gillian whisper into his ear. "Or anyone else for that matter."

As if this small possibility just dawned on him, he untangled himself from Gillian, and took a step closer to me. I groaned, not wanting to deal with Sirius Black of all people. "You're not going to tell anyone what you just saw, you got that?" he demanded. "Otherwise, I'll make sure that you don't just get blasted into the wall." His eyes darkened as he glared down at me. The familiar feeling of fear washed over me, and all I could do was stare up at him. "I'll make sure to make your life a living hell."

I almost scoffed. These boys already made my life a living hell. "I won't tell anyone." I told him. "I'm not exactly keen on gossiping about your petty teenage drama." I was surprised that this had come out of my own mouth, and I immediately slapped a hand against my lips. "I wasn't supposed to say that." I murmured quietly.

"Yeah, well you say a lot of things you're not supposed to say." he retorted, advancing on me. "You know what?" Sirius continued, his eyes gleaming as he thought of a 'bright idea'. "I think I need to take precautionary measures." Suddenly, Sirius reached forward and pulled something from my neck. "I think I'll keep this, just to make sure that you won't say anything."

For a moment, I was speechless. I looked at him with horror. "Give that back to me." I demanded, staring at the dangling silver locket in front of my face. The locket had been my motherís- one of the last things my father gave to her before he left. It was heart shaped, with a sapphire diamond embedded in the middle, surrounded by a series of engraved patterns. "Black, give it back to me now." I ordered, my voice strangled. "I'm bloody serious, Black."

He grinned, satisfied with my reaction. "I don't think I will." He retorted, pulling his arm back, away from my grasp. "I think I'll keep this until I no longer need anything from you. I suppose this is very valuable- it never leaves your neck."

At this, Gillian frowned. "You're very perceptive today, aren't you Sirius?" she commented, walking over to stand beside him. Her hands immediately moved towards his body in a very territorial manner. However, I couldn't understand how she can claim Sirius for herself, when he already has a girlfriend. "You're dead if you tell anyone about this." Gillian snapped, turning to me. I noticed her left arm circling around his right, while her hand went to rest against his chest.

"May I please have my necklace back?" I asked, trying to sound as polite as I possibly could. Inside- I was seething. "It's unnecessary to take it."

Pocketing my locket, Sirius shook his head, and wrapped his arm around Gillian. "Actually, I believe this is pretty necessary." he said. "I need to make sure you won't go telling the whole school about us."

I closed my eyes, attempting to calm myself before I exploded. Sirius Black has tormented me enough. "If you didn't want the entire school to know about you two," I spat. "Maybe you should be more discreet about your little meetings, instead of snogging right in the middle of the corridor where anyone can see you."

"No one else knows about this corridor." Gillian retorted, her perfectly plucked eyebrows knitting together. "We're not stupid, you know."

Rolling my eyes, I snorted- to my surprise. "Yes, of course- that's why I managed to find you two standing here, snogging- and doing Merlin knows what." Gillian glared at me harder, but I didn't care. What more did I have to lose, anyway? I was already nothing- they sure as hell reminded me of that. Sirius took the one thing that mattered the most to me, dangling it in front of my face, and I had no control over it. "Now will you just give me back the necklace, so I can go?" I snapped irritably. I wasn't in the mood of this.

Again, he shook his head. "For the last time- no. I have no other way of making sure that you won't tell."

"You know, if you didn't want anyone to know- maybe you shouldn't do something like this in the first place." I grounded out, gritting my teeth together. My fists were clenched tightly at my sides, and I tried my best to keep them there. "You know, Black." With venom, I spat his wretched name out of my mouth. "I knew you were a player, but I didn't think that you would ever resort to this. I thought that you would at least have the decency to respect your girlfriends, and understand the concept of a relationship, but I guess I was wrong." I then rounded to Gillian. "And you, Gillian." I began, and she stiffened at the sound of her name coming from my mouth. "I didn't think you liked to share. Sirius Black will never be just yours. He'll belong to at least six other girls, and you'll just be one out of those stupid, stupid six girls. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you like being treated as some man's whore." My words were practically coated with hatred and annoyance. Once I caught the look on Gillian's face upon the word 'whore', I didn't feel a single thing.

Sirius glared at me. "Don't listen to her, Gilly." I snorted at the nickname. "She's just bitter because she's miserable and all alone. No wonder why you've got no friends, White. You're a miserable hag that thinks everyone else is out to get her. You're just running from the fucking world. You think nobody wants to be with you because you make it that way? You're wrong. Everyone keeps a distance from you because you're so fucking revolting." Oh my. Sirius Black thinks I'm revolting. Let's cry a fucking river, shall we? "You're alone because no one wants you. You know why I can't stand you? Because you're just so fucking selfish, you walk around this school only thinking about yourself."

I laughed loudly, throwing my head back in the process. I ran a hand through my hair, pushing it back away from my face. "You think I'm selfish? Oh dear Merlin, this is coming from the most selfish boy in this entire school. Since when did you give a damn about how others feel, Black? Since when did you care about anyone other than yourself, or your blasted mates? You terrorize this bloody school, not even caring about how others may feel about it. You may be able to fool everyone else, but I know who you are. You're a man without a heart."

"Who the fuck are you to tell me who I am?" He demanded, stepping closer to me. "You don't know who I am, White. I'd say, the only thing you do know about me is my name."

Daringly, I took a step closer to him as well, narrowing my eyes in the process. "I know your kind. You're an arrogant, selfish, undeserving prick. You don't appreciate anything- never have, never will. Which is probably why you waste your time indulging in blonde bimbos, because for some strange reason- they're the only ones that can make you feel like you're on the top of the world. They think you're hot, sexy, charming or whatever else- and it feeds your insecurities, along with your over sized ego."

I could Gillian was getting bored of this argument beside him. However, when she was about to grip Sirius' arm, and tell him that she wants to do something else; Sirius took another step closer to me. "You know, I never took you for a know-it-all either." He snapped viciously, his face contorted into a scowl. "You're always assuming things about people, and you don't even know them. Is that how you make up for your lack of social interactions? By snapping at other people like this, pretending like you know everything about them? You don't know the first thing about me, White. And don't stand here in front of me acting like you do."

"You're only pissed because I made you out correctly." I said, cocking my head to the side. All of a sudden, my head felt like it was being squeezed together by large, calloused hands. I wanted to scream, and cry, but I merely winced, and looked away from Sirius. I tried to fight the headache that I felt approaching, but it was no use. A loud ringing sound swept through my head and I winced again, bringing my hand up to clutch the side of my forehead. However, I swallowed my pain, and turned my eyes back to Sirius. "You know that I'm right- it doesn't take a genius to figure you out, Black. You're a simple as a plain piece of wood, and you're as easy to read as an open book. It's time that you grow up, and get off your high horse. What are you, sixteen? And you're still going on with this immature bullshit- going from girl to girl, thinking that you're the king of the world. There's a real world out there, Black- and I bet you don't even know anything about it. You're too absorbed with this little fantasy you have going here." I knew that I should stop. It wasn't like me to talk back to people like this- but I couldn't help myself. I was pouring out every single ounce of anger in my body, and I wouldn't be done with Black unless I shook it all out.

This time, it was Sirius' turn to laugh. "You're one to talk about the real world, and a fantasy." he said. To my surprise, his facial expression turned from angry, to amused in less than half a second. "You're in your own little dream world, White." Sirius said in an informative tone. "Where you keep to yourself and the whole world keeps to their own lives. You keep yourself from the fucking world, and you think that you can just continue living life that way. I'm not an idiot. One argument with you, and I've already got you figured out."

"I'm not living in a fantasy." I snapped. Sirius let out a bark like laugh. "Shut the fuck up. You're an arsehole. You're a bloody arsehole." I turned to Gillian and said, "You should know better than to let him treat you like a booty call."

He smirked, right in front of my face. "Are you going to go run back into your dorm and cry now?" He leaned back, and let out a loud laugh.

"You're an arsehole." I snarled, and my head let out a loud complaint.

"And don't you forget it." Sirius retorted, with his trademark smirk plastered on his face.

Before my mouth could say another stupid thing, I turned around and walked away- drowning out Sirius' loud laughter, echoing throughout the deserted corridor. I was too absorbed in the heated argument I was previously engaged in, to even notice the darkness that took over the corridor. I was too angry with Sirius Black to even tear my eyes away from my feet. He didn't know anything about me- nothing. He had no right to tell me who I was and what I was afraid of. He's just an arrogant prick that thinks he knows everything. "You're in your own little dream world." I didn't know why, but tears found their way into my eyes, and down my cheeks. I could feel the painful tightening in my chest as I allowed to tears to fall freely. Pain shot out through my body, forcing me to slump against the wall and slide down to the floor. My head began pulsating, and I wanted to rip my brain out of my skull, just to prevent it from hurting.

Sirius Black doesn't know me. I repeated in my head, over and over again. The tears didn't stop falling until a few minutes later. However, I stayed in my spot- leaning against the wall, my eyes fixed on the wall opposite from me. "Beatrice?" I looked up at the sound of my name, and found Remus Lupin staring down at me with concern. "Are you alright?" he asked, bending down to my level.

I nodded, and wiped the dried tears away. I could feel my skin prickle slightly, a usual after effect of the salty tears. "I'm fine."

He sighed, and walked over beside me. To my surprise, he sat down, and placed his arms lightly on the top of his knees. "I suppose Sirius did this to you?" he asked quietly, leaning his head back against the wall.

I didn't answer him. It felt strange tattling on a Marauder- especially to one of his best mates. But I guess my silence gave him the answer he needed.

Remus sighed again. "Don't mind him," he told me. "Sirius - well, he's Sirius. He doesn't mean half of the things he says. Most of the time, he says things just to spite people. Trust me, I know him very well."

"Sirius doesn't bother me." I lied, sniffling.

"Then what is bothering you?" he asked.

I shrugged, and looked away as I wiped a stray tear that slowly tumbled down my cheek. "Nothing," was my only answer.

We sat in a comfortable silence. Remus had his wand in his hands, and he was twirling it in between his fingers. "What did Sirius do?" to my dismay, he broke the silence with another one of his questions. "I know he's around here somewhere- Prongs sent me over to look for him."

I smiled bitterly, knowing he wouldn't stop unless I answered him. "It's just Sirius being Sirius." I choked out. "He's a prat."

To my surprise, he chuckled. "You're not the first girl to say that to me. Listen, I know he's an arse and everything- but it's only because Sirius doesn't understand the concept of being an actual person." Remus told me, attempting to make me see a side of Sirius Black that only his mates have seen. "He's still immature in many ways- and well, you don't really need me to tell you that. But there are many things Sirius doesn't understand about people. It's hard for him to comprehend these things, especially after how he grew up."

"Remus, no offense- I know he's your best mate and everything, but nothing will make me change my mind about him." I said quietly. "He's sixteen years old; he should at least have some comprehension of other people's feelings."

Understanding, Remus nodded. "You know if we were talking about any other person, other than Sirius, I'd understand what you were saying, and I'd totally agree with you. I'm not saying this just because he's my best mate, but because I know what he went through growing up. Cut him some slack, alright? He's just rather temperamental around people that don't understand him- along with James."

"I can't stand him." I whispered, glancing at him.

"I know." he gave me a small, weary smile.

His smile caused me to realize that Remus Lupin was sitting beside me, attempting to console me after an argument I just had with his best mate. My life was going topsy-turvy. "Why are you here?" I asked bluntly, my eyebrows knitting together.

Remus shrugged. "I came to find Sirius, and then I find you." he answered, as if it was the simplest thing in the world. "I'm actually quite surprised that I'm seeing so much of you these days." he joked, looking at me. "You did well to avoid us the past six years."

I laughed shyly. "Well, you can guess why." I replied, looking away. "I'm just extremely good at being invisible."

"Beatrice, no one is invisible." he told me with a laugh. "You may think you are, but you're not."

After another few moments of silence, I looked to Remus, who seemed to be deep in thought. "I should get back to the common room." I announced quietly. "It's getting late. I have a lot to catch up on."

Nodding immediately, Remus stood up and offered a hand to help me up. Hesitantly, I took it and he hoisted up back up onto my feet. "Don't let Sirius get to you next time, yeah?" he said kindly, shoving his hands in the pocket of his trousers. "Don't be like all those other girls that shed useless tears because of him." Despite the harshness of his words, I found them comforting, and I smiled at Remus.

"Thanks." I said curtly, and he smiled at me one last time, before walking off in the other direction.

Once I was back in my dorm room, I collapsed on my bed, and stared up at the canopy. I came to three conclusions. Remus Lupin was nice, Sirius Black was a prat, and I suddenly didn't have a headache anymore.

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