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My Rulebook To Rea-Living In Harry Potter? by inlovewithpadfoot
Chapter 12 : Rule #10: Anger Management Is A Must.
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"Is that her?”


“Yeah, she took down five Death Eaters and-”


“-took down an army of Inferi but-”


“She looks about two. I wonder what Black-”


“-trix Black tortured her for so long that she's loony-.”


“- supposed to trigger her volatile mind because-”


I had been hearing whispers about what had happened in Hogsmead, or what the majority of the population at Hogwarts seemed to think happened all day.


Do I really look like I could take down an army of Inferi?


If the Inferi were already on fire, yeah.


The stories had been getting more ridiculous as the day wore on and that was saying something seeing as how they started out ridiculous enough.


“Do I really look that young?” I turned to Remus and Mary who were walking with me to the Great Hall the Monday after I had been released from Madam Pomfrey's care with a stern warning of 'No gallivanting.'


“Well...” Remus began.


“Actually, I don't want to know. Just because I'm short does not make me young. Mary's the same height as I am!”


Remus glanced at Mary and looked away blushing and Mary turned red as well.


Of course, I was talking to the wrong non-couple. Those two couldn't talk about each other without become bumbling blobs.


Yes, bumbling blobs.


He looks at her and blushes and she notices his blush so she blushes.


It wasn't just them either, oh no! Ever since I talked to Lily in the Hospital Wing, it was her and James too.


And Alice and Frank were playing tonsil hockey at every opportunity.


Next it'll be Marlene and some random Ravenclaw. And Peter will hook up with a Hufflepuff.


And I shall be left all by my lonesome self.


“Hey Moony, Kayla!”


But then there's Sirius, so not so lonesome.


“Sirius, darling.”


And his million member fan club. Never mind.


I turned around to see Sirius and James walking toward us and behind them was Andrea trying to get Sirius' attention.


Sirius looked back to see who had called his name.


“Yes Andrea?” Sirius said with an exasperated tone.


“Siri,” Sirius winced at the nickname. “I was wondering if we could go over some Quidditch tactics. You know, just us Beaters?” She batted her eyelashes at him and I tried not to crack up.


“Er...” Sirius looked from her to James to us and back to her.


“I think it's a brilliant idea! You two could surprise the rest of the team at practice on Wednesday.” James said.


“Yeah, show us some new moves,” I smirked, trying not to think about how my fist connecting with Andrea's pretty little nose would feel like.


She wouldn't look so perky after that now, would she?


He rolled his eyes at me, “Sure...yeah. How about the common room at eight tonight?”


“Oh...I was hoping we could go somewhere a little more quiet, so others won't hear us,” Andrea said.


“Gosh Sirius, she doesn't want anyone seeing you make your moves. What with them being top secret and all that,” I was enjoying myself too much. “Might I suggest the Library? Much more quiet with lots of cozy corners, move.”


“The Library sounds great! What do you say Sirius?” Andrea asked him.


“Great, Library it is then.”


“Wonderful! I can't wait,” she said and skipped, yes skipped, into the Great Hall.


I walked into the Hall with Mary trying, and failing to stifle my laughter at Sirius' expression.


“I hate you,” he said once we sat at the.


“Why do you hate her?” Marlene asked curiously.


“Because she made Sirius agree to go on a date with Andrea tonight,” Mary smiled.


“Andrea the Beater?” Lily said looking up from her book.


“Yup,” I grinned. “Wittle Siri darling has a date.”


“This isn't funny!” He glared trying to be heard over everyone's raucous laughter. “And you!” he pointed at James. “What was all that about it being a 'brilliant idea'?”


James lifted his chin haughtily, “I spoke as your Captain, and I do think it is a brilliant idea.”


“She isn't interested in mapping out Quidditch moves!” Sirius hissed.


“I don't know Sirius, she seems pretty interested on making some moves. Although they might not be the ones you might have expected,” I glanced at the little group of fifth years huddled around Andrea who was throwing furtive glances in Sirius' direction every few seconds.


Sirius looked up at them too causing them to collapse into renewed giggles.


“Shite, she's going to read way too much into this.”


“Maybe you shouldn't spontaneously make out with your teammates,” Mary pointed out to him.


“That was more than a month ago! And it meant nothing. ” he protested.


“She doesn't seem to think so,” said Peter.


“Yeah, well screw her.”


“Do other people's feelings really mean so little to you?” I scathed. “She likes you, you owe her a simple 'not interested' date.”


“I've snogged loads of girls. They all know not to take it seriously.”


I felt as if someone had slid a brick down my throat and punched me hard in the stomach.


“Well, aren't you a right old sexist pig,” I said coolly.


I shouldered my bag, and threw a 'I told you so' glance at Lily.


“Where are you going?” Sirius asked, clearly not getting the hint.


“Away from you,” I called over my shoulder and walked out of the Great Hall without lunch.


I was almost at the greenhouses when I noticed a figure standing outside waiting for Professor Sprout to open the doors.


“Jace?” I called.


He jumped and looked around to see who had called out his name.


I laughed at his reaction, “Relax, I won't bite. What are you doing out here anyway? It's freezing.”


He glanced at the closed doors of the greenhouse, “I wasn't sure if we could....”


“You Ravenclaws, always following the rules. I'm sure you're allowed if the only other option is freezing to death.” I reached around him and opened the doors to let us in, “Hello warmth.”


He smiled and sat at our regular seats, “We aren't all goody two shoes.”


“I'm sure,” I said sarcastically. “Tell me about one occasion where you've broken a rule.”


“Well...” He scratched his head.


“Any day now,” I told him.


“Okay, you win. I never break the rules.”


“I told you, but it's okay, I've only recently started to break the rules myself.”


He snorted, “I find that hard to believe.”


I looked at him questioningly, “Are you saying you might know me better than I know myself?”


“Why yes, yes I am. You strike me as the type of girl who wouldn't go back home until her mother dragged her kicking and screaming from the park,” he said with a humorous glint in his eyes.


I blinked at the eerily spot on deduction, “I-”


“It's okay, I won't tell anyone,” he winked.


I stuck out my tongue at him.


“So how are you feeling? I heard about what happened last weekend and came to visit a couple of times but you were sleeping.”


“Yeah, Madam Pomfrey told me,” I grinned remembering the vase sitting next to my bed in the dormitory. “I got your flowers too, they were very beautiful. How did you know I liked jasmines?”


He shrugged, “Just seems like something you would like.”


“I see, well they were beautiful, thank you,” I felt my face heat up when he looked back at me.


He cleared his throat loudly, “So what happened that night, really? Because I find it a little difficult to believe you took down five death eaters and an army of Inferi, not that I'm saying you're an incompetent witch, but I suspect the Hogwarts Rumor Mill is behind that story.”


“You would be correct. It was only Bellatrix Black,” I spoke as if running into Bellatrix was something I did on a regular basis, which if you thought about it, I did.


Other students were slowly trickling into the room.


“Right,” he didn't press me for details. Softly, he added, “I hope you're feeling better.”


He lightly placed his hand over mine.


“I...uh...yeah, I feel better,” I ignored the shock I felt when his hand touched mine.


It was different from the shock that jolted through me when I touched Sirius. This one had a sense of familiarity to it.


“I'm glad,” he still hadn't moved his hand. “I was wondering if you would like to work together on the report due this Friday.”


“The one for our baby plant? Yeah, I'd love to.”


Was this a date?


“Great, so tonight? At eight in the library?”


“Eight it is,” I smiled at him.


“Kayla, can I-” Sirius whispered but stopped when he saw our hands. He held onto the edge of the desk tightly. So tightly that his knuckles turned white.


“What Sirius?” I said impatiently.


I was in no mood to listen to him explain his man-whoring ways.


“Can we talk? I didn't mean what I said earlier,” he was ignoring Jace completely.


“Yeah? Well, you might want to say that to all the girls you've snogged.” I turned back around to look at Sprout who had just walked in.


Sirius didn't press the subject and part of me was glad. But another part, one I couldn't understand, wanted to know what he had meant when he said that earlier.


“And remember everyone, your reports are due this Friday. Twenty inches!” Professor Sprout told us as we packed up.


“See you at eight?” Jace said loudly glancing over his shoulder to where Sirius and James sat.


“Yeah, see you,” I mumbled quietly noticing Sirius' still form.


Once he left Sirius turned to me so fast I didn't even see him move.


“You're seeing him at eight?”


“Yes,” I said walking swiftly, trying to distance myself from him. No such luck however, seeing as how Sirius was more than a foot taller than me and could take longer strides.




“None of your business.”


“Is it a date?”


I stopped walking abruptly and gave him by best death glare, “Why do you care?”


Part of me hoped he would tell me why he cared. And explain what had happened in the Hospital Wing last week. Ever since Lily had walked in on us, neither he nor I had mentioned the moment, or even acknowledged that it had happened.


“I don't. I was just curious,” he wasn't looking at me. Instead he looked out over the lake where the Giant Squid was raising his tentacles a few inches above the water.


“Right,” I pursed my lips. Of course he didn't care. Stupid Lily planting her stupid theories in my stupid brain and my stupid brain actually believing them. “Well you can take your curiosity and shove it up your ass, because it isn't any of your concern.”


“Fine, I won't bother in the future.”


“Fine,” I retorted ignoring the sinking feeling in my stomach.




I had pulled my wand out now. Petty as I was feeling, I unjustly felt he deserved this.


“Hey Sirius? Levicorpus.”


I pocketed my wand once more and continued walking into the castle leaving a dangling Sirius out on the grounds. It wasn't as though I had left him to fend for himself, James and Remus were walking behind us so they will have gotten him down.


There was no particular reason why I had done it. There were many excuses, nut no actual reason. I was seething, pissed, annoyed, hurt, pissed, hurt, annoyed.


Did I mention hurt?


Just checking.


Why was I hurt? Sirius had done nothing wrong, except maybe hint that he didn't care about who I went out with. Which shouldn't have bothered me. He really shouldn't care who I went out with, and yet, I wished he did. I wished he would care about me half as much as I cared about him, and I wished that moment in the Hospital Wing meant something to him, because no matter what I had said to Lily, it meant something to me.


Something more than just a shared moment between friends.


I knew it wouldn't matter because sooner or later I would go back to my own world and all this will have been nothing but a distant memory. But none of that mattered, at least not at the moment.


I looked around and noticed that my feet had inadvertently lead me to the Astronomy Tower.


I looked across at the dark sky and saw broken rays of sunlight filtering in through the breaks in the clouds,but they covered up very soon and they sky was once again a great mass of dark clouds.


I stayed up there taking in the fresh air and thinking about my recently 'discovered' feelings.


Did I like Sirius? If I did, then what was that in the greenhouse with Jace? What was that spark of familiarity I had felt when our hands touched? And those flowers he had sent me...the bouquet of white jasmines adorning and filling the entire room with their sweet smell.


Did I like Jace too? But the 'too' would suggest that I liked Sirius, and I wasn't even sure of that.


Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed the familiar black hair and a twinge of annoyance hit me. Could he not leave me alone for five minutes?


“Go away Black,” I snapped.


“I'm not my brother,” a different, less deep voice answered me.


“Fine. Go away other Black.”


“Can't, sorry, this is as much my tower as it is yours.”


My anger flared up. How dare he stand there and smirk at me?


“My my, aren't we the confident little brat tonight? Where were you're guts last week when your dear cousin was torturing the sanity out of me? If I remember correctly, you were clinging to the wall like a pathetic coward.” I said venomously.


He may have looked like a lost puppy, but he had stood there and let it happen, and for that I would always be bitter against him.


“That wasn't- I couldn't-”


I moved swiftly catching Regulus by surprise and pinned him against the pillar with my wand pointed at his face. He could have easily pushed me off, he was taller and stronger, but the shock kept him from reacting quickly.


“Couldn't what, you little mother fucker?” I snarled poking his cheek roughly with my wand.


I was taking my residual anger out on him and I didn't care. He deserved it, or so I kept telling myself.


He blinked rapidly trying to fathom how he had been caught in this position, trapped by a five feet two, slight 'half-blood'.


“Couldn't fucking pluck up the courage to step in and stop it even when you knew it was wrong?” I continued. “Are you so far gone into the Dark Arts that you've lost all sense of justice?”


He regained his reflexes and threw me off of him.


“Don't speak to me as if you know me,” he spat.


An eerie sense of Deja Vu set over me and I laughed humorlessly as I remembered Snape.


“You think I don't know you? Regulus Arcturus Black, pride and joy of the Black family and so so different from his noble white sheep of a brother. You joined the Death Eaters only to please your mother and father, so they wouldn't treat you like they treated Sirius and you could keep your status. Mummy's little boy, off to do her bidding without questioning it for even a second.

"I bet you secretly blame Sirius for running away and leaving you with the responsibilities of carrying the title of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black. And you're secretly beginning to doubt the Dark Lords intentions, you don't know whether it's worth it anymore or not. But you can't pluck up the courage to leave because it would mean devastation and shame for your family.”


His eyes widened as every word I said hit home. If this was one more push that would lead him to the good side and help him find out the truth about Voldemort, then so be it.


“You and Snape are both the same Regulus. You're both in over your heads and you both want out, only difference is, you'll realize it and do something about it a bit sooner than he will.”


“Fuck off, Nichols,” he said and turned around to walk back the way he had come.


“Am I wrong?” I called after him.


He paused but didn't say anything.


I walked closer to him cautiously.


“Am I wrong, Regulus?” I repeated.


“You don't understand,” his voice trembled.


“Maybe I don't understand much about being a Death Eater, but I-”


Regulus suddenly gasped and doubled over clutching his left forearm.


“I- I have to go...” he muttered and stumbled down the stairs without giving me a chance to say anything.


“Nice chat...” I trailed off speaking to myself.


Yes, I needed to be put in Mungo's.


I shook my head as if that would clear out all my problems and checked my watch.


Shit! I should have been heading down to the library. My...meeting with Jace was in five minutes. I hated being late, and today I was going to be late.


I didn't think I had been staying here for that long but somehow I had gotten caught up between thinking about Sirius and talking to Regulus that I lost track of time.


I sprinted down the many levels of moving stairs and dawdling students ignoring shouts of “Hey watch it!” as I bumped into them in my hurry to get to the library on time.


I paused by the doorway and found Jace already seated at a table in the middle of the library.


“Hey,” I sat down panting and ignored the complaints my still recovering lungs were sending.


“Hullo, you look like you've just run a marathon,” he smiled.


“I...think....I just...did.”


“Right, well when you catch your breath, feel free to speak,” he was trying to stifle his laughter.


After a few seconds of gasping for air my breathing finally returned to normal.


“Sorry, I was at the Astronomy tower like five minutes ago, and I practically sprinted from there to make it in time,” I told him.


“You didn't have to run to get here, waiting for two more minutes wouldn't have killed me,” his blue eyes shone with stifled mirth.

I sighed, “Go on, laugh it up. I know I probably look like a tornado hit me.”


I ran a hand through my hair trying to keep the scowl off my face while he chortled.


“Don't worry, you don't look any worse than Dorothy,” he winked at me.


“You've read Wizard of Oz?” I asked him surprised.


“Yeah, it's one of my favorites,” he shrugged.


“Huh...didn't know wizards read muggle literature.”


“My mum's really into all things muggle, she got me into those books,” he said pulling out his Herbology textbook.


The way he said was too nonchalant, almost as if he was forcing himself to speak casually.


“Oh? What other books have you read?” I asked curiously.


“Just a few here and there, none too interesting. Let's get started on the report shall we?”


I didn't put too much thought into his abrupt change in subjects, “We shall.”


“Right well, we have to start out with our plant when we first got it and then move onto how it's behaved over the last two months.”


“You mean how it's tried to kill us,” I pointed out.




“Great. My title: Mongolian Marigold, a murderer worthy of the most secure cell in Azkaban,” I enunciated while pretending to write it on my parchment.


“Make sure to write about the five reasons why it should be administered the Dementor's Kiss too.”


“Yes, of course,” I laughed. “How could I forget? We spent an entire class talking about that.”


We soon fell into a comfortable silence speaking only when either of us had a question.


The scratching of our quills on the parchment made a soothing white noise and I was enjoying writing the monstrous essay.


Then again, that might have had something to do with Jace glancing up at me every few minutes with a small smile on his face.


Again, the feeling of familiarity set over and I tried to grasp at its meaning.

“Psst Jace, do you remember how the marigold mates? I can't seem to find any mention of it in the textbook,” I whispered.


“I don't think we ever came across that one,” he furrowed his brow trying to think.


“It's okay, I'll go find a book that might help,” I told him and went to the Herbology section.


I fingered the books' spines looking for one that might help me.


Magical Plants of the Plants? Nope...


Dangerous Flowers of Asia, that sounded right. As I was pulling it down from the shelf I heard a high pitched giggle from the adjacent aisle. Curiously I pushed aside a few books to see who it had been only to discover Sirius and Andrea...kissing...again.


That should teach me not to snoop around library corners. This time I had no one to blame but myself.


I quickly stepped away from the shelf, but in my haste a couple of the books fell revealing my shocked face to the lovely duo.


Sirius noticed me and his jaw dropped but he said nothing. Or maybe he was about to, I just didn't give him a chance. Clutching Dangerous Flowers of Asia tightly to my chest I walked quickly back to the table and hung my head low with my hair framing my face conveniently hiding my extremely flushed face.


I absentmindedly turned the yellowed pages of the book not taking in a word of what I was reading.


I noticed Sirius making his way over. I was in no mood to talk to him right now, so I did the only logical thing I could think of.


“Jace, I'm sorry I have to go,” I told him packing my books and half done essay.


“What? Why?” He looked at me confused.


“I just...” I glanced back up. Sirius was only a few tables away now. “I haven't eaten at all and I'm feeling a bit light headed. I'm sorry, but we can work on this tomorrow or something, yeah?”


And I left before he could answer my question.


I heard Sirius mutter a soft “Shit” behind me and quicken his pace. I walked faster accordingly. By the time I was out the library I was running again, trying to find the quickest route to the kitchens.


I ignored Sirius and hoped he wouldn't find me soon. I wasn't lying when I told Jace I felt light headed, but I doubted it had anything to do with lack of food.


I rounded another corner on the third floor and hit something solid, which sent me skidding on my stomach.


A little to my left I saw a mop of messy black hair and shaggy brown hair while the rest of the body was hidden.


“James? Remus?” I groaned sitting up on one hand and clutching my side with another.


“Shite...Merlin's beard Kayla, must you go tearing down the hall like that?” James sat up pushing the Cloak off of him and Remus who followed suit and leaned against the wall for support.


“Damn, I think I twisted my wrist,” Remus complained.


“Sorry,” I winced massaging my ribs.


“Why were you running like hell was chasing you?” James said with one eye closed in pain and the other looking at me intently.


“Was it because of Regulus?” Remus asked.


“Regulus? Why would you think-”


“Kayla!” Sirius had caught up with me.


He stopped and looked down at us confused.


“What happened here?”


“Kayla bumped into us,” Remus answered.


“Crashed is more like it,” James corrected, cricking his neck side to side.


“Regulus was following her,” Remus said.


Did I miss the moment during which I confirmed that it was Regulus following me?


I don't think so.


“Regulus?” Sirius looked at me worried.


“I was not running because of Regulus,” I told Remus.


“But you were talking to him a while ago...we saw on the map,” said Remus.


“You were talking to Regulus?” Sirius cried.


“I was in the library with Jace, and yes I was talking to Regulus, but he was not following me. Have you even checked the map in the last half hour?” I asked ignoring Sirius.


“,” Remus said sheepishly rubbing his neck. “But you were talking to him?”


“Yes, a while ago in the Astronomy tower.”


Why were you talking to Regulus?” Sirius asked more insistently.


“Did he hurt you?” Remus too ignored Sirius.


I shook my head, “I insulted him. He told me to fuck off. The usual.”


“I don't understand. Then why were you running like a mad woman?” James asked.


“I will let Sirius answer that one,” I told them, slowly standing up and picking up my bag.


Before Sirius could speak, we heard footsteps coming toward us and James quickly threw the Cloak at Remus and Sirius. Dumbledore turned around the corner before I could go join them.


“Professor! Good Evening, I was just escorting Kayla back to the dormitory from my rounds, sir. She was walking back from the library and-”


Dumbledore held up a hand to silence James, “That is alright, Mr. Potter. Please go ahead to the common room. I was looking for Ms. Nichols anyhow.”


I looked at him curiously, but silently followed him to his office, leaving behind a baffled James.


“Professor?” I said once we were in the large office.


He sat behind his large desk and observed me over his glasses with a sombre look.


“I have something that might interest you,” he said without betraying any thought as to what this 'something' might be.




He slid a small book across the desk. It was leather bound and only slightly larger than my hand with no title on the front.


I glanced at Dumbledore questioningly. He merely motioned for me to open the book.


I opened the book and read the title.


“B-but how?” I looked from the book to him and back to the book in shock.


“You understand what this means, don't you? If this one is here, it is possible that there are others, and we cannot have them falling into the wrong hands.”


“How did you find it?”


“It was delivered to me with an anonymous note stating, the exact words were, 'I think you are searching for this.'”


“Were you? Searching for it, I mean,” I said stroking the spine of the book gently.


“I can't deny I was curious about them when you told me. What I wish to know more than anything, is how our mystery donor knew about it.”


“Maybe...maybe they came here just like I did, but never told anyone for fear that they wouldn't be believed.”


“Be that as it may, you must guard it with utmost care, Kaleahni.”


“You- you're letting me keep it?” I stuttered. “Don't you think you would be more suited to guard it, professor?”


“Keeping it with me would mean that I would know where it was hidden, and I am afraid I do not possess enough self control to keep me from reading it,” he smiled gently. “Just make sure the other students do not get a hold of it.”


I nodded mutely and walked back to Gryffindor tower in a daze.


The common room was empty, I noted, and I figured that Remus, the only one who I could tell about the book, would be in his dormitory. I took the stairs to the boys' room two at a time and rapped loudly on the door.


“Cover up boys, I'm coming in.”


I opened the door to their room with my eyes closed, unsure of what to expect. I wasn't in the mood to see any half dressed males. I heard Peter squeak, James curse, Frank yell loudly and Remus call out my name.


I slowly opened one eye and then another.


Sirius stood by his bed gaping with only his boxers on. I'm scarred for life.


Not really. Sirius wasn't hard on the eyes-half dressed or not. But I was still mad at him.


“Kayla, what are you doing here?” Remus, the only fully clothed one, asked amused by his roommate's reactions.


I smiled at all of them sweetly (desperately trying not to let my gaze linger on Sirius too long).


“I was looking for you!” I said louder than necessary, hoping to ease the awkward tension.


“For him?”


“For me?” Sirius and Remus spoke at the same time.


“Yup, do you have a mo?” I asked bouncing on my heels excitedly.


“Er...” he glanced at Sirius.


Was that a guilty look I saw just then?


Sirius gave the slightest of nods.


“Sure, yeah. We can...go.”


I led him down to the common room.


“Kayla, if this is about Sirius-”


I waved my hand dismissively, “Forget about Sirius.”


He arched a eyebrow.


“For now,” I added grudgingly. “Look at this!”


I handed him the book and sat next to him on the sofa in front of the fireplace.


“Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone...”He trailed off whispering. “Harry Potter? Does this mean-?”


I nodded excitedly and looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping, “Yeah, the first one! It was sent to Dumbledore anonymously. He thinks there could be others.”


“All seven of them?” In the firelight, Remus' scarred face had a different glow to it.


“Apparently, but he wants to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, because if Voldemort found out-”


“He would turn hell inside out to prevent it,” Remus nodded understandingly.


“Exactly.” I reached my hand out to take the book from him.


“Wow...can I read-”


“No,” I hugged the book to my chest. “I can't risk you knowing too much and then trying to change it.”


“I wouldn't change anything. I just want to-”




“Fine, you're right,” He sighed. “But I'm serious, I won't try and change anything if I just get a peek.” He tried to give me a childish pout which I suppose was meant for me to give in.


It didn't work out so well.


I laughed, leaning against his shoulder, “You're not Sirius. You're lacking in the sexy hair and stormy gray eyes.”


“Sexy hair and stormy gray eyes?” Remus smirked.


Belatedly I realized what I said, “That isn't what I meant.”


“I'm sure.”


“No, I didn't. I only- not- you aren't-please,” I croaked.


“I won't tell him...yet,” he was grinning now.


“I will kill you if you utter a word to him.”


My heart was beating rapidly against my chest.


He wouldn't tell. It had just slipped out. I hadn't been thinking straight when I said it out loud.


“You wouldn't,” he said confidently.


“You're right, I'd cut off your balls and feed them to Fang ensuring a very unsatisfying love life,” I said smugly.


“Yeah, whatever.”


“You don't believe me?” I cocked my head to one side.


“Scary part is, I do believe you would do something like that.”


“Good.” I closed my eyes and snuggled closer to Remus who had put his arm around me. “Hey, what do you say about helping me find the other six?”


“How are we supposed to find them if the first one was sent to Dumbledore?”


“Good question. I'll figure something out,” I said and enjoyed the momentary peace with Remus.


Much too soon someone cleared their throat purposefully.


“Sirius,” Remus pulled his had away. “We were just-”


“Having a moment,” I interjected, reluctantly opening my eyes. “Piss off, Sirius.”


Wow, I really was bipolar. I'd just gone from thinking the guy had sexy hair to him being a emotionless dick in less than two minutes.


“Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt,” he hissed looking at a guilty Remus.


Who had no reason to look guilty at all. It was just a hug between friends. A brotherly-sisterly hug even. Obviously Sirius couldn't see that.


“You weren't interrupting. I'll be going now. Good night Kayla,” he gave Sirius one last apologetic look and hurried up the stairs.


Enter awkward silence...while girl averts looking at boy's bare chest.


Yes, Sirius actually had the sense to come downstairs without his shirt on. At least his pants were on.


“I didn't kiss her.”


I blinked at him.


Eyes must stay above neck.


“I told her I wasn't interested and she kissed me,” he enunciated slowly.








Monosyllables. That was the way to go. I recommend it for any girl talking to a shirtless decently attractive guy.


Okay, so Sirius was a step above decently attractive, but you know what I mean.




“You're still a sexist pig though.” Aha! A complete sentence.


“How do you figure?”


I snorted, “I quote 'I've snogged loads of girls. They all know not to take it seriously.'”


“That does not make me sexist,” he was still standing. Which meant the few stragglers in the common room (I speak of the ladies) were staring at him.


“No, you're right. That makes you a womanizer.”


“Is there no appeasing you woman?” He laughed finally taking a seat across from me.


“Appeasing is for losers and politicians,” I told him haughtily.


“I didn't mean to sound like a heartless prick, I just meant that I've-”


“Been around the block?”


“But I've been trying to grow up and all that stuff that James keeps talking about...” He ran a hand through his hair, and yet somehow, his didn't stay messed up like I knew mine would.


He had grown up. That much was obvious. I had noticed the change happen from the summer into the school year.


I sighed, “Can I tell you a secret?”


He nodded and leaned closer reminding me of that morning in the Hospital Wing.

“I don't even remember why I was so mad at you.”


It was true. Between the impromptu rendezvous with Regulus and studying with Jace and finding the first Harry Potter book, Sirius' cocky statement seemed trivial. There were so many other things to do with my time than obsess over whether or not Sirius cared.


“Good,” he said, leaning back and leaned his head back on his arms.


I couldn't take it anymore. I threw a sweater at him, “Put something on.”


“Is it bothering you?” he smirked.


“No, but that group of fourth years is permanently scarred thanks to you.”


He looked over at the group in question and threw a pompous wink in their direction.


“Eugh. I'm going to bed. Don't taint the innocent fourth years,” I sad disgustedly.


“I'll try, but no guarantees,” he yelled after me.


I muttered Levicorpus over my shoulder.


“Alright alright. I'm sorry! Put me down.”


Satisfied I let Sirius hang upside down for a few more seconds before muttering the counter curse which brought him crashing back to the ground.

A/N: I know it has been so long since I put up a new chapter. But there was that ten day break and all. So, I hope you liked this chapter. Let me know what you think.

P.S: I finally have a MTA page, so check it out and ask me whatever you might want know, yeah? XD

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