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Unexpected by LindaSnape
Chapter 1 : Unexpected
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It wasn’t oft that she broke down like this, so publicly. Yet she made no attempt to brush away the tears that fell from her dark hickory eyes, and fogged up her glasses in the cold air. It was a Saturday and most of the students were holed up in the Commons or wandering Hogsmeade. She, however, had other plans.

They were gone! James and Lily, and she couldn’t help but feel that she were to blame despite not having any hand in the crime. She had been thinking a lot since it had happened, and she couldn’t understand why she had been so foolhardy. She had wanted to see the best in Tom Riddle, yet Dumbledore had been right all along.

To think that she had once loved him, brought a repulsive shudder running through her veins. To think that they had once been more than friends now made her feel significantly ill, and few things had that sort of effect on her. She was a strong woman, but despite what anyone said, time did not heal all wounds.

And she felt cut open at her very core.

It was winter, and it’s chill wasn’t nearly as frigid as the glacial monster that had taken the lives of two of her favorite students. They had both been so talented, Lily and James. They both had been so brave. So wonderful. Such good people. Now they were gone. It had been a month since their deaths, but it felt as if they were slain yesterday. It was a day before December, and snow littered the ground. Yet she trudged to Godric’s Hollow to pay her respects to the dead. Harry was too young to do so, and she wasn’t sure if Lily’s horrid muggle sister would bother doing so. Someone had to mourn their loss in a more traditional way. She knew that Dumbledore would chide her for being so superstitious, but that had nothing to do with it. She simply thought that someone ought to come and visit them.

As she walked, she could recall Lily’s laugh and James’ crooked grin. It made her smile bitterly. They had left such a legacy, and she wished that their baby boy could know of it. Though, he would grow up in ignorance. Albus seemed to think it was best, but she wasn’t so certain of that. She wasn’t fond of the Dursley’s, and she could only hope that they treated him better than they had treated Lily and James. Though, she had a sinking feeling that this probably wasn’t the truth.

If she could have, she would have taken in the boy himself. Yet she knew that would be quite impossible.

Letting out a bitter laugh, she considered that she might not be better than the Dursley’s. He’d probably resent her for being so old and telling so many stories of his parents.

Speaking of which, she had reached the graveyard that was at Godric’s Hollow, and stopped in her tracks. The snow here was littered with blood. She blinked to make sure she wasn’t imagining things, stooping to wipe off her glasses. Upon further inspection she noted that crimson leaves littered the ground, and a large tree in the middle of the graveyard still had scarlet leaves that shown brilliantly against the white and grey backdrop of winter. It reminded her of Lily’s flame-like ruby hair that fell down her back. She inhaled sharply, painfully. It broke her heart that they were really gone. Sometimes, it seemed like it was just some nightmare that they had all yet to awaken from. Yet this wasn’t any dream, it was reality. Harsh and gripping, unmerciful and cruel - as vicious as those red eyes that haunted her memories.

How could she have ever trusted him?

People said that he had been charming, people had insisted that he had been talented, but she should have been able to smell the evil lingering behind those jade eyes. She hadn’t discerned it, and this disgusted her. Dumbledore had known all along, why hadn’t she?

But no, this wasn’t about him. Or her.

This was about them, and their tragic deaths. She felt more salty excess fall from her eyes like a flood, and drip down her nose into the ivory that blanketed the ground. “I’m so sorry, James. I’m so sorry, Lily. Neither of you deserved this. You were so young, so talented, and had so much to live for. I wish that I could have done more to help you. I wish that you were still here. We all miss you, you know?”

She looked at the tombstones. “‘The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death’,” she read aloud. She frowned. “True, but goodness knows when that’s about to happen,” she sighed. Placing two red roses by their grave, she stood looking back at the grave site.

Two tombstones.

That’s what Lily and James were reduced to, as their corpses rotted six feet underneath the ground. She cringed at that thought.

It wasn’t right.

Readjusting her glasses, she lingered for a few more moments. Until a large gust of wind blew snow in her face. Sighing heavily, she decided she ought to head back to Hogwarts before there was a blizzard. She couldn’t stay holed up in Godric’s Hollow for days.

“Goodbye, Lily. Goodbye, James.”

It just didn’t make sense. The betrayal of Sirius Black, the deaths of Lily and James, and Peter Pettigrew.

What now of Remus?

Turning back one more time, she sighed heavily.

She didn’t know what to make of it.

She closed her eyes, impatiently wiping away tears. None of this made any sense. Slowly she walked away, and heaved yet another sigh. No, this was all quite unexpected. She hoped that they’d make it through this mess.

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