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The Final Battle by HPFF United
Chapter 195 : Hannah Abbott's Revenge
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Hannah Abbott's Revenge
by propertyoftheHBP

I raced up the stairs, determined to find him. I was going to get my vengeance on him and I was prepared to kill. I had had over a year to mull him around in my thoughts, to let my hatred of Nicholas Travers increase. I had confided in Susan many a times about him, and her response was sweet condolence. She'd always thought that I wasn't serious, that I was just finding a metaphor for my anger and grief. She was probably thinking, Poor Hannah, grieving and motherless. She's just going off wildly, what is she thinking? Hufflepuffs can't kill.

Well, she's wrong. There are a good many Order of the Phoenix members that are Hufflepuffs and I'm quite sure that they've been responsible for the end of at least one life. If I hadn't been so preoccupied with Mother'sÖpassing, and all that came with it, I likely would have joined myself.

I'm am going to kill Travers tonight for killing my mother--no matter what, even if I have to die myself. It's all I can do for Mother, it's what she and I deserve. He took away what should have been the best school year of my life, regardless of the fact that there was a war going on. I should have been crying in my dorm room over a dumped boyfriend, not over a murdered mother. He took away my mother's life. She was only in her forties, she should have had two-thirds of her life left. My grandchildren will never know their grandmother and she'll never know them. Everything that she should have seen she won't be able to, everything she wanted to do she can't now.

He deserved to die and no idiotic stereotype about "Hufflepuffs being too nice to kill" would stand in my way.

I continued running everywhere, looking for that identifying black hair and long black beard. Minutes passed, maybe even hours. But I didn't let the time cross my mind--when I finally saw him cursing someone a hundred times over in a corner--yes, he was such a coward--and I steadied my breathing.

I was there. I was there where I'd wanted--where I'd needed--to be for a long time. Mother was looking down at me with a gentle yet firm face. She was telling me that she wouldn't tell me what to do, but to do what I knew was right for me.

Killing him was what was right for me, I knew it.

"Turn around," I whispered, barely heard over the surrounding battle. I know he heard me, though, because he stopped cursing whatever he was cursing at an innocent child and turned around. From the look on his face I think that he thought that I was my mother. I'd always been told that I looked and sounded like her, and I knew it to be true then.

Within seconds, he realized that I wasn't Mary Abbott, but her daughter. Terror-stricken, he raised his wand.

But I raised mine faster. "Avada Kedavra!" I yelled, my wand aimed directly at his heart.

He dropped to the ground, dead as a rock. I stared at him, not sure what to feel.

I didn't regret it one bit. I hadn't only had my mother's revenge for her, but I'd saved that little child's life. I'd rid the world of one more monster and for that I was glad. No, I had done the right thing, no questions asked.

I turned back, mission accomplished, ready to duel whatever came my way.

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